Leroy Hill charged with domestic violence only days after starting probation

On April 1, Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill received a sentence of 12 months probation on a marijuana possession charge.  He already has allegedly violated its terms.

According to KING5.com, Hill was arrested Saturday night for domestic violence.

Per the report, Issaquah (Wash.) police responded to a complaint at Hill’s home.  They determined that his live-in girlfriend had suffered injuries.  She told police that Hill had inflicted the damage.

Though unrelated to the charge that resulted in probation, the deal is that the guy who avoids jail time must stay out of trouble.  Also, the standard of proof is much lower; though guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is necessary for a conviction, probation may be revoked based on a preponderance of the evidence, as determined by the trial judge.

Bottom line?  Hill could be heading for the slammer.

34 responses to “Leroy Hill charged with domestic violence only days after starting probation

  1. I blame it on the authorities. With the weed to make him mellow, Leroy would not have flipped out when she bought the $685 shoes that just sit in the closet anyway. He would have just thought it was ridiculous and laughed…and laughed….

  2. Bottom line? Hill could be heading for the slammer.
    Or heading for the Steelers.

  3. OK people, start slamming this guy like you all did with Ben! He needs suspended 4-8 games, if he does not go to jail! He hurt his girlfriend and is a pot user! Nice players in Seattle..

    Fudge… He is a SOLID linebacker too. Jesus… He’s like Big Ben and Santonio rolled up into one fat joint….
    Seahawks are doomed the next season or two anyway. I want Jake Locker next season!

  5. Pitt will take him for a 6th rounder then trade him to the Jets for a 5th rounder! Jets take all the trouble makers! Look at the team!

  6. @julieinduvall
    why cause he committed a crime? I swear all this seahawks fans all they want is players with good records no wonder why we can’t win, look at the rest of the team with players with bad records look at there wins compare to the seahawks

  7. Well with all these football players becoming boxers, he could take up boxing to release his pent up anger. Leroy “Hitting Hunnies” Hill.

  8. What can you tell a woman with two black eyes, you haven’t told her twice before?

  9. Understand, women get on our fuggin nerves, that is their main objective…weed is like a counter-agent 2 the getting-on of one’s nerves by your spouse/live-in/etc…. They took away the good kush,now when she says something foul there is no THC in your system hittin the “fuggeddaboudit” button…and violence ensues… LEGALIZE AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!!

  10. cincinatti will take him… better yet…. send him straight to hell to my Raiders !

  11. Wow….you can certainly see all the hatred for
    Roethlisberger just based on this article. This guy actually hit a woman, and was charged and arrested. Ben was never charged or arrested but yet people were calling for him to be suspended for a year or more. This guy hits a woman and barely anyone comments on it. Unbelievable!!!

  12. He is an NFL player. Players receive deference in the U.S. legal system. Something about special celebrity status and handling. However, locking a guy up and trying him for possession of weed for personal use is ludicrous. A waste of taxpayer dollars.

  13. I’m a Seahawks fan.
    yur a pretty sharp knife!
    i bet the trade market for him is unbelievably awesome!

  14. As the Holmes’ deal demonstrated, you can trade him. I don’t know how hard it is to switch to OLB, but Hawthorne played well last year. If nobody else has noticed, pacificamike is almost completely retarded.

  15. these idiot NFL players need to be taught a lesson. its acceptable if someone makes a mistake because everyone makes mistakes but goodell needs to drop the hammer on repeat offenders because they obviously didnt learn a thing from pacman jones, brandon marshall, santonio holmes, chris henry, etc.

  16. Guest what Florio Mr. Hill is from milledgeville ,ga. the same place big ben got into trouble.

  17. DeVoodoo says: April 12, 2010 7:28 PM
    Dude should smoke a joint and calm down. Oh wait.
    Sorry, even though I’m a Seahawks fan, that made me laugh out loud….

  18. Why does someone bring race up every time? “White guys get away with this all the time?” What in the world are you talking about? Is Big Ben how you’re gonna make your point? If you’ve got nothing else, take that crap somewhere else.

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