Miles Austin staying away from offseason program

Hours after Super Bowl XLIII MVP Santonio Holmes was handed to the Jets for a fifth-round draft pick, the team that gave up a first-round pick, a third-round pick, and a fifth-round pick for receiver Roy Williams has another wideout who isn’t happy with his contract.

In any other year, Cowboys receiver Miles Austin would be making nearly $10 million under the franchise tag — or averaging $9 million on a long-term deal.  Thanks to the uncapped year, Austin will make $3.168 million for 2010.

As a result, he’s staying away from the team’s offseason program.  The guy who throws the passes to Austin isn’t concerned.

“Miles will be back, don’t worry, he’ll be back and around,” quarterback Tony Romo told ESPN Radio in Dallas.  “He’s just
getting things done, the business side of things that happens once and
while.  But I talked to Miles the other day, he’ll be on a bike.  He’s a
good kid, he’s going to work hard and he’ll be ready to go when the time
comes.  He does a lot of good things, and he knows what it takes to play
at a high level, year in and year out.”

Still, with only three days to go before the window slams shut on possibly leaving, Austin can exert leverage only by staying away from the offseason program until June 15, at which time the Cowboys can reduce his tender offer by well over $1 million.

So while he’ll definitely be back on June 15, we’d be surprised if he shows up before then.

32 responses to “Miles Austin staying away from offseason program

  1. I hope Miles doesn’t turn into an ungrateful THUG like Santonio!! Maybe he’d like to wear crappy green too!!

  2. Come on Plastiface pay the player.He’s only your best reciever. I mean you’re willing pay for a big name wash out in Roy Williams. What other team does that ….? Oh wait, can anyone say Redskins.

  3. Dear Jerry,
    MILES AUSTIN + Marion Barber
    to the
    – 1st Rnd (12/ Dez Bryant)
    – Will Allen (CB)
    + 10 Oranges
    thaaaank you

  4. Take the contract, buy some expensive injury insurance, and play ball. Austin will get a nice contract as soon as the owners and players stop both being stupid and come to an agreement.
    Who’s up for a lockout?

  5. That’s a blowboys WR for ya. Tony homo better hope he gets his wideouts in camp, because he’s the only good WR they have. Unless they give a 1st, 2nd, and jj’s underpants for brandon marshall.

  6. So the uncappe dyear didn’t bring a big windfall of cash like the players were hoping for. Now they want to complain that it wasn’t what they expected.

  7. Florio,
    Love the blog, but I have to say that you are starting to sound like a mouthpiece for the owners. The constant comments about how players are losing because of the current labor situation (even if the comments are true), combined with the relative dearth of comments about the negative aspects of the deal being offered by the owners, are starting to feel like a PR campaign to persuade players to just take the deal that the owners are offering.
    I may be completely off-base with this criticism, but as 5+/day visitor of the site, it’s the impression that I’m getting.

  8. “Schism” anyone? The ‘boys freed up all that money (cutting the hotel and Hamlin), but don’t want to pay their best wide receiver?!?
    He had a year to end all years for a wr, I mean he is probably one of the top 3 wr in the league, maybe even the best, and they won’t do what’s right?!? If they don’t sign him, I guess Romo could throw for 3,500 yards to Witten……..of course that’d be a record for TE and then he’d have to get paid…
    * please note the sarcasm dripping off the 2nd paragraph.

  9. What a punk. Not even a full season as a starter and he wants to get paid. And people say DeSean Jackson is out of line.

  10. “another wideout who isn’t happy with his contract”
    He doesn’t have a contract until he actually signs. As a lawyer, you should know that.

  11. “What a punk. Not even a full season as a starter and he wants to get paid. And people say DeSean Jackson is out of line.”
    They don’t just say that Jackson is out of line, they also say that he’s a one-trick pony that gets alligator arms if you pop him in his big mouth early.
    “He had a year to end all years for a wr”
    It would have been a year to end all years if he were an 0-3gles WR. The last 0-3gles WR to catch 11 TDs was TO. The last guy to do it before TO was… wait for it… Irving Fryar!

  12. Since Miles began playing this past year he got really cocky. The guy is a POS. Just because he came out of Monmouth and now appears to be a stud he thinks he is better than everyone. He’s another T.O. in the making

  13. Like it matters when HE comes back. Please.
    Cover another story, like more on that McNabb deal that we’re so sick of. At least there’s a story there.Your efforts to inplode the Cowboys arent working.

  14. @ Vox says: “It would have been a year to end all years if he were an 0-3gles WR. The last 0-3gles WR to catch 11 TDs was TO. The last guy to do it before TO was… wait for it… Irving Fryar!”
    AND the last guy to do it for the ‘boys, before TO, was………….Irvin…….in freakin ’95. Oh, wait a tick, he “only” had 10, so nope he doesn’t count.
    So, to summarize, TO was the best WR that both teams had, yet both teams got rid of him……interesting.
    You really should try to argue w/someone else.

  15. i feel like all of you guys need a
    whats wrong about him asking for money??
    i mean opposite of him plays a talentfree turd who gets paid big time.
    Austin was a UFA and fought his way into the starting line up, he played extremly cheap. so him asking for a fair salary is nothing than fair.
    and about cocky and one hit wonder???
    umm he to me looks like a team player.
    one time wonder? send him to Miami, reunite him with Tuna and ask me again in 2 years about one hit wonder.
    Austin plays really hard and will be a top 5 WR in 1-2 seasons.
    Andre Johnson
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Reggie Wayne
    Vincent Jackson
    Miles Austin

  16. Speaking of one trick ponies, how many kicks or punts has Miles Austin returned? Does he run the wildcat or effectively help his team in any other way?
    Did he amass more than half of his yards from ’09 from 4 games against Oakland, KC, Atlanta and New Orleans? Did he do anything worth even mentioning in the previous 3 seasons?
    You should just quit now, Vox.

  17. Miles doesnt need to help his team another way. He was hired to play WR and that he does. He’ll get his money. There’s no rush to do so. Ask DeMarcus Ware. He waited and got his due. So will Miles.

  18. Miles always goes back to Monmouth in the offseason to work out. Done it every year. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill, guys.

  19. Dont blame the kid for wanting more dough!! Roy wiliams is a weak link, Patrick crayton isas lame as they come, and sam hurd is never anywere to be found……. I hope jerry ” mush face” Jones trades Marion Barber, and Miles Austin cause the Cowboys dont deserve them

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