Regular-season schedule coming later this week

With the various Steelers items that have popped onto the radar screen of late, we’ve forgotten that the 2010 regular-season schedule has yet to be announced.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells us that it’s possibly coming later this week or early next week.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that it’ll be coming later this week.

So there you have it.  Spend the day or two finishing up your tax forms and then get ready to read over something much more interesting — the official 2010 regular-season slate of games.

21 responses to “Regular-season schedule coming later this week

  1. The schedule is obviously influenced by Goodell’s suspension decisions. Willing to bet the Steelers and Jets have no meaningful games in the first 4 weeks.

  2. @Florio – it’s good to see you finally admit it. You care more about bashing the Steelers than you do about the games themselves.

  3. The Mcnabb trade and now the Holmes trade has sent the rewriting it again. Must get those Steelers v. Jets and Eagles V. Redskins games moved to primetime.

  4. About time. We can rule out Friday as the NFL network and/or ESPN 2 are scheduled to have a schedule release show so we know it won’t be on Friday night. ESPN 2 still has the schedule release listed in the tv guide ot be aired tomorrow at 7:00 P.M.
    My qiestion is how has the NFL kept such a tight lid on all of this. Usually, we would have known at least few games for one or two teams (more than the first week and Thanksgiving week), but I can’t to see full slate of games and starting planning a roadtrip.

  5. Breaking News:
    Brett Favre will also be announcing whether he will be coming back for the 2010 season or not right after the schedules are released…
    These two stories are NOTHING but waste of space and my time reading them!!!

  6. The league is smart to wait until after the DA decides to charge Rothlisberger or not. Don’t tell me that the league doesn’t have two schedules: one with Ben playing, one not.

  7. So…the schedule gets finalized after Big Ben’s situation gets cleared up. Who knew Ben had that much influence on the NFL and Networks?

  8. Please football gods…please let The Saints play Minny on opening night. I am tired of all the old excuses as to why Minny lost the NCCCG and I am so looking forward to a new batch of excuses and conspiracy theories!

  9. Steelers out of primetime Egals out of primetime
    With both PA teams not having a QB these teams will be playing at 1 every sunday

  10. GobiasIndustries…
    Not sure what you mean by “meaningful games” but it has already been announced that the Jets will host the first Monday Night Football game of the regular season. They will also host a Thanksgiving game.
    The schedule is taking so long because the NFL can’t believe their golden boy Peyton Manning lost the Super Bowl last year. They are making sure they have everything in place this year to give the Colts every advantage possible.
    It has nothing to do with Santonio Holmes. It might have a tiny bit to do with Roethlisberger and putting the Steelers on 6 prime time games where they will not probably only get 4 prime time games.

  11. GobiasIndustries – We already know that you’ll lose that bet with Jets opening the new stadium on MNF on opening weekend. League won’t make that a “meaningless” game. There is no way that today’s suspensions/trade will have any effect on the schedule whatsoever.

  12. if the turds keep getting suspensions or DUIs and what not, the announcement will keep getting postponed

  13. Thanks for this post. It reminded me that I needed to make my Roth IRA contribution for 2009 before tax day.

  14. “who cares. we already know what teams play each other. ”
    Those of us who have season tickets care. It’s always nice to know what games are going to be on Monday Night or Sunday Night in advance. It really doesn’t matter to the fans who don’t actually attend the games.

  15. Oh man I cant wait to see the 6 games on primetime that the SAME teams get EVERY year. Like the Steelers, Colts, Pats, Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, Chargers.
    I have to listen to people complain about the Lions having ONE primetime game a year at noon on TDAY, which is a tradition the Lions started. Yet noone complains when we watch the Colts play every week on primetime. Yet some teams havent had a primetime game in 5 years. And dont tell me “you have to earn it, people only care to watch good teams play at night”. Yeah cause watching the same team play every week on Sunday night is AMAZING.

  16. dlions8708, do you actually happen to watch the games ? Have you noted how woeful the Lions turn out to be when playing that game on Thursday ?
    And so many of the primetime games were decided by 6 pts or less, only 2 of the Lions’ game were decided by that less a margin
    will always prefer Peyton Manning launch a 4th qtr comeback over the woeful Lions

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