Report: Goodell meeting with Roethlisberger this week

2004159582.jpgAs Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger awaits the 2:00 p.m. E.T. announcement from Ocmulgee (Ga.) Judicial Circuit District Attorney Fred Bright regarding whether Roethlisberger will be charged with sexual assault, Ben has another item on the calendar that could cause considerable sweating and fretting.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Roethlisberger and will meet this week with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Two weeks ago, Goodell said that he plans to meet with Roethlisberger at the “appropriate time.”  The fact that the meeting has been set for later this week could be interpreted as an indication by the league office that it believes the criminal case will indeed be closed on Monday.

ESPN reported on Friday night that Bright will not be charging Roethlisberger.  The abrupt and unexpected trade of receiver Santonio Holmes raises the stakes for Roethlisberger, considerably.

If Roethlisberger isn’t charged, it’s unclear whether the Personal Conduct Policy authorizes a suspension.  We recently broke down the relevant language, concluding that a suspension more likely would come from the Steelers.  The fact that the Steelers have launched a new approach to bad behavior via the Holmes trade only strengthens our opinion in this regard.

46 responses to “Report: Goodell meeting with Roethlisberger this week

  1. Face it… he’s a serial date rapist. Girls don’t like to come forward with this sort of allegation… because they take too much abuse for it. If there’s 2 talking then there’s 20 others not saying anything.

  2. So Roethlisberger can get accused of raping 2 women and Holmes get accused of throwing a drink in some girls face and smoking weed and Holmes is the one who gets traded. Don’t get me wrong, as a Jets fan I’m grateful for the gift, but seems like Roethlisberger should be getting similar, if not more severe treatment.

  3. Ben should have a couple of drinks before meeting with Goodell…just to steady his nerves.

  4. charged or not, ben is a sleeze. we all know that. good riddance santonio. you are not a top 5 wr. however, no matter how much weed to smoke you were worth at least a 3rd 😦

  5. Absent any criminal charges I don’t think Ben will miss any games. His bank account will be lighter. I can see 2 game checks being sent to an NFL charity. That and the riot act read to the big dummy.
    I do think he is down to his last change with the Steelers.

  6. I think the Georgia DA is going to send this to the Grand Jury. That would take all of the pressure off of him. I don’t expect a real decision today. If Fred Bright is smart, he leaves this up to a jury. He avoids being the Duke Lacrosse guy all over again and also avoids accusations of payoffs, he let a celebrity go etc etc.

  7. The fact that the meeting has been set for later this week could be interpreted as an indication by the league office that it believes the criminal case will indeed be closed on Monday.
    what kind of reasoning is that? There’s no logical way to conclude that from that.
    It most likely just means since there has been some sort of decision that it is now the “appropriate time”.

  8. ruh ro, Shaggy. He better not lie to him like Vick did. I mean, how embarassing is this going to be? It’s going to be like a teenage boy getting “the talk” from his dad.

  9. If Ben is charged, it’s still a relevant time for Goodell to sit him down and explain that he will be suspended indefinitely!
    However, I agree that the very likely outcome here is that he’s not charged, & Goodell merely tells the fat, toothless dipshit that sex with anyone in a bar bathroom, let alone an underage college girl, is inappropriate conduct. Steelers will sit him down for a game & tell the whole world how they abide by a higher standard…having taken action on thier own & having traded Santurdio…
    …and the fat, tootless dipshits known as Steelers Nation will actually believe that big steaming pile… of course, the only thing they think Ben did wrong was to do it with someone other than one of his relatives…

  10. he probably won’t be suspended because there are alot of double standards in the nfl with regards to discipline.
    and alot of it doesn’t have to do with him not having any melanin to his skin
    he’s there franchise QB, if he was just a receiver, or defensive end, then he would be suspended

  11. It has to be a hard time to be a shitsburgh fan, your QB is facing a league suspension, your best offensive weapon got shipped out for a ham sandwich, and all of a sudden you’re the 3rd best team in the AFC North.
    I actually feel significantly better about the Browns watching the stealers dismantle what’s left of their successful franchise. Your starting WR’s for next yr are Wallace, 73 yr old Hines Ward, and Limas “greasy palms” Sweed. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

  12. I think the timing has much more to do with the draft than today’s announcement. I think the commissioner wants the Pittsburgh management to know what if any sanctions will be levied against Pig Ben prior to the draft so as not to blindside them after the draft. I believe this indicates that Goodell will punish Pig Ben in some form or fashion.

  13. Total sham. They’ll laugh and talk about old times, and how Goodell used to rape random women and get it away with it as well. Take a few shots of Jack, call some hookers, and call it a night.
    Meanwhile, a talented WR like Holmes gets dealt for a 5th round pick because he likes to burn some 100% natural, from the Earth herb that has been declared illegal for opening people’s minds a tad too much.
    American justice at it’s finest.

  14. This all but confirms that there will be no charges filed. I cant see Goodell scheduling a meeting otherwise.
    The PCP may well not authorize a suspension but I would not be shocked were the Rooney’s to suspend him nonetheless.
    It might not be announced as such but listing him as the 3rd QB for the first 2 games of the season could send the same message but without running afoul of the CBA.
    Yes he would still be paid but…
    That said with the Holmes trade it could be a highly interesting week.

  15. The really scary thing is that if Goodell treats this like the SpyGate tapes, he may decide to have Ben destroyed to ensure that no other team could gain a competitive advantage.

  16. The Steelers are better off trading him now and actually getting something for him in return instead of watching him leave after 2010 for a prohibitive, lucrative contract that another team surely would have paid to him. That would be the MAJOR reason for the trade. The MINOR reason for the trade is the 4-game suspension he faces for the violation of the substance policy. I just wish they would have gotten a little more out of the trade and sent him to Tampa or Seattle. Meh. Ward, Wallace, El and Miller will be fine, regardless.

  17. If I were commissioner Goodell, I would take Redneck Ben under my wing and encourage him to take a long, reflective look at who he is and where he’s going, and grow the hell up. Ben really wasn’t aware, I suspect, that he is in a very bright global spotlight, and, because of the flaws in his character, he is vulnerable to exploitation by any good citizen with whom he interacts. If I was Goodell, I would give him one final warning to get it together. To not stupidly place yourself in compromising situations. Find a nice girl to settle down with and have some kids. Ask Tom Brady to set you up with one of Gisele’s friends. He is 10 years too old for sophomoric antics on college campuses.

  18. Goodell is the NFL’s Tea Party Movement……………
    Black players are all Socialists!
    HA HA HA

  19. Really, who we should be comparing Big Ben with is Pacman Jones.
    If he doesn’t get a least 2-4 games suspension, Goodell is Racist like a mofo.
    Thats not saying Pacman isn’t a nucklehead. he is. But he was suspended before any charges were brought.
    Ben hasn’t been suspended in the midst of 2 rape allegations. Plus the motorcycle incident, you think that should mean something.
    Reality is, Ben isn’t black, he’s white. And he’s a QB. So Goodell will be less inclined to make an example of him.
    Even so, 2-4 games seems due. 2 Would still be racist. 4 Would be about right.

  20. The big question is how the ugly rapist lumberjack will be able to handle the signs, the constant tormenting, and the stigma that goes along with being a 2-time accused sexual criminal. You don’t have to be found guilty to create awkward moments when Suzy Kolbert interviews him. Fans are going to be merciless to the guy, and the people in Pitt probably won’t forgive him. I think we’re witnessing the back end of the ugly lumberjacks career. And no, he’s not a HOFer.

  21. To those using the skin color debate, I would have to argue that, while you have a valid point in many cases, I don’t see that being an issue here.
    They don’t care what color you are. It’s all about the position you play and/or the number of jerseys you sell. Look at Vick. He was handled with white gloves and brought back in with a perfect situation by a team who didn’t need him. Why?
    For some idiotic reason, many fans love him and he makes a ton of money for the league. So they had to bring him back and make him look like some kind of changed man, even though he probably still drowns newborn puppies in a kiddie pool in his garage.
    That’s the way of the modern world. If you make them money, you matter. If not, you don’t. As good as Holmes is, he is not a marquee name and I would guess not a top jersey seller. So make an example of him.
    Sad, but true.

  22. # Cleric John Preston says: April 12, 2010 10:50 AM
    Ben hasn’t been suspended in the midst of 2 rape allegations. Plus the motorcycle incident, you think that should mean something.
    Reality is, Ben isn’t black, he’s white. And he’s a QB. So Goodell will be less inclined to make an example of him.
    “Plus the motorcycle incident”, are you saying, that getting into a motorcycle accident is grounds for getting suspended???? Or should even be considered in the conversation about rape allegations?

  23. I don’t think you can say Santonio got a raw deal “just because he liked herb.” The dude attacked/assaulted his former (girlfriend? mother of some of his kids?), and now faces allegations that he blasted some woman in a club with a glass (enough to cause injury). Those are two very serious cases of domestic violence, which is a total no-no in today’s NFL. Combine that with the long history of breaking the NFL’s banned substance policy, and you have a repeat offender with violent issues. THAT is why they shipped him off, IMHO.
    Back to Roethlisberger, I’m still waiting to see what is going to happen in the legal and criminal proceedings; until then talk about all of this is just pointless babble.
    Jeff Reed, if you haven’t signed your tender yet, pack your bags. Time’s up.
    Sad to see Santonio go, but also glad to see the Rooney family back in normal operation.

  24. ItalianArmyGuy says:
    April 12, 2010 10:30 AM
    The really scary thing is that if Goodell treats this like the SpyGate tapes, he may decide to have Ben destroyed to ensure that no other team could gain a competitive advantage.
    That’s no problem at all.
    All the Rooney’s will have to do is get back in touch with Doctor Henry Frankenstein and contract him to raid some graveyards, then stitch, bolt, etc. together another Roethlisberger! They had best be sure to tell him to be a bit more careful where he picks up the brain this time!

  25. Excellent–he will get his first chane to lie to the Commish.
    Here we go on our way to a suspension.

  26. No, the suspension would be for poor conduct. Just because he didn’t break the law doesn’t mean he didn’t violate the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy. Having sexual relations in a public restroom would fall under that personal conduct. With a girl who cannot drink legally who happened to blow a .20 BAC. Just because he falls in the grey area of the law doesn’t mean he can’t be held accountable. I’d expect a 2-4 game suspension.

  27. Goodell: “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son”
    The Holmes trade = a shot across the bow.
    Ben’s laison = a shot across the gums.

  28. Profanity in ALL CAPS says:
    April 12, 2010 10:10 AM
    Cleveland would take Big Ben. ha
    They’d take Dennis Dixon too… start.

  29. Too bad they cannot sentence to him playing for the rams or buffalo but of course that would be cruel and usual punishment! Then again, playing behind Pittsburg’s O-line, he should get the beating he deserves.

  30. Its Thought Balloon Time!
    (Goodell): “Its time to put the fear of God and Sonny Jesus into this smarmy little punk. The time has come for someone to put his foot down. And that foot. Is me.”
    (Roethlisberger): “Nice ass, wrong sex.”

  31. There’s a new Rooney rule about to be introduced by the Steelers and Roger Goodell it basically states if you’re a player of color they won’t tolerate any bad behaviour like throwing drinks or wake n baking without being suspended or traded. However this of course wouldn’t apply to white franchise QB’s who could literally get away with being a serial rapist with nothing more than lecture from the team or commishioner. Rogers and Rooneys legacy

  32. @js136202
    They were already “the 3rd best in the AFC North”
    Maybe now that their personna has changed the Refs will quit giving them breaks. Then they will have to win on their own.

  33. tombrookshire says: . Ask Tom Brady to set you up with one of Gisele’s friends.
    Lol- yeah umm okay- good luck with that. I’m thinking ben’s options right now are either a modern day helen keller (before her learning how to communicate) or a blow up doll.

  34. The Santonio trade holds less water if the team at a minimum doesn’t do something whether or not he’s charged.

  35. dabarber says: April 12, 2010 11:31 AM
    “Excellent–he will get his first chance to lie to the Commish.”
    Wouldn’t that be sort of, uhm, pointless AFTER the DA has already cleared him?
    What’s he gonna lie about after the fact?
    “Gee, Roger, I really DID do it.”
    dabarber = dumbass

  36. @Krow …
    Are you a girl? Have you ever been raped? Do you understand the definition of the word “serial”?
    My guess is the answer to all of the above is “no.”
    You have no idea about how women feel after they’ve been raped. “Serial” implies a series. The woman in Nevada–who is several years older than Ben–made a false accusation. The police in Nevada say there’s no evidence the event ever happened. ALL the evidence filed in the case–including the accusers own text messages, contradict her story. The woman in Georgia did not accuse him of rape. Since there is not a series of rapes he would not be a serial rapist.
    Krow is an ass. Now there’s an accusation we can prove.

  37. I can’t believe that the Steelers front office is dumb enough (I’m talking Big Ben dumb) to think that the Holmes trade somehow lets them off the hook for Uber-Stupids behavior and necessary consequences.

  38. “…a modern day helen keller…”
    Q: Why did Helen Keller masturbate with one
    A: So she could moan with the other!

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