Roethlisberger to address the media at 7:00 p.m. ET

Only hours after being cleared of sexual assault charges in Georgia, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will address the media at 7:00 p.m. ET at the team’s headquarters in Pittsburgh.

Roethlisberger has been silent throughout the process, undoubtedly on the advice of counsel.

Stay tuned.

46 responses to “Roethlisberger to address the media at 7:00 p.m. ET

  1. oh gawd- here comes the crocodile tears and me sooo sowwy’s…
    i’ll make sure to have my puke bucket next to me, just in case.

  2. He should show some real humbleness and regret and ask for forgiveness.
    Not that fake, angry, defiant BS he did last year.

  3. He should stay silent. how’s he going to make this better? He’s not smart enough to know the right thing to say and it will be readily apparent when he tries to read (or remember) what someone else wrote for him. Ben, lead your team and stop doing dumb shite.

  4. Nice job…………I sent this to you about 15 minutes ago stating that he will address the media from the locker room and will NOT be taking questions………….

  5. I hope he has learned how to read since his last public apology. And did he ask the media if they wanted to hear from him, or is he pushing himself on them?

  6. I’m sure he’ll thank God he’s white. In Pittsburg, blacks only get two strikes.

  7. Hahaha, here comes the i am sorry to my fans, i need to be a better role model, i will make amends to the city of pittsburgh and the steelers, speech. Tiger woods part 2. Who cares, he is not guilty of anything, what did he do that needs apologizing for, fingering chicks? He is rich and horny, let him live his life. i also hate the steelers and big ben, but if he is not being charged, he has nothing to apologize for.

  8. Wonder if Ben will be wearing his Satan Penis Nose shirt? Probably not.
    On that note, Phil Knight of Nike is reportedly trying to buy up all copies of Ruthless wearing that little ball cap with the Swoosh insignia on his fat head the night of the crime. He intends to have them destroyed.

  9. Ben, be smart. Just thank everybody and STFU…U won in the court that matters,so STFU. The court of public opinion consists mostly of people who more than likely would do the exact same thing,sh!t,they probably have done it already anyway,the hypocrites most people are. So thank who ya gotta thank, say something about gettin back 2 work, and throw in a little PSA about living out your Humpty Hump dream scenario is bad 4 U or sumsh!t like that,and U should be cool…

  10. And Florio will be posting it in it’s entirety , backwards, so he won’t miss all the hidden meaning.

  11. Hope he doesn’t claim that Buddhism has helped him through these trying times………….

  12. Thanks for the heads up. This time I’m watching from the start online. That way I won’t miss a few minutes scrambling to find it online after ESPN and the NFL Network cut it off–the way I did this afternoon with Fred Bright. Guess it never occurred to them that some of us might just want to hear the guy ourselves instead of hearing them give us THEIR take on what he said. Oh yes, it was soooo much more important than we return to the Football Follies (she rolls her eyes).

  13. FLORIO, just wondering since you’ve milked this story for all it’s worth & then some,… WHERE ARE THE STORIES FROM YOU ABOUT TIKI BARBER LEAVING HIS WIFE WHO’S 8 MONTHS PREGNANT W/TWINS FOR A 23 Y/O NBC INTERN? I just want to see IF you have a shred of integrity to report on that story, w/the same overkill you did on this story about Ben. Since you both work at NBC, you can’t claim ignorance on that story. I don’t think you have the nerve to comment on the story about TIKI b/c you both work for NBC.

  14. Ben,” I here to lie to you about my sexual deviancy, why?
    “Because I want your money and for you to continue to buy my jerseys and make me rich!”
    “I think I am better than you and can hump any female I choose!”
    Because I am Big Ben—the great!!!!!!
    Aslo, the Steeler franchise is a model of perfection..

  15. “Roethlisberger has been silent throughout the process, undoubtedly on the advice of counsel.”
    Amazing. Up till now, you and all of your lackey stooges here been saying he wasn’t talking because he was hiding something – Now it’s because that what his attorney advised him to do?
    Stupid is as stupid does I guess.

  16. He will be checking into sex rehab. He is sorry for all the trouble and embarassment to the Steelers.

  17. maybe instead of assaulting little girls, raplisburgere will get in shape one of these off seasons?
    the dude is not fit whatsoever. he’s got a fat face and double chin, and holds onto the ball wayyyyyyy too long

  18. Will he apologize to the victim for raping her or did he already do that when he paid her off to keep her silent?

  19. Roethlisberger has been silent throughout the process, undoubtedly on the advice of counsel.
    Is this the same Florio who has been feeding the bloodlust here for the last 4 weeks, asking what Roethlisberger was hiding?
    And now he was just following legal advise by not talking?
    You suck Florio, you POS

  20. Hopefully someone gives Rothelisberger what Evander Kane gave that typical Pittsburgh cheap shot artist Matt Cooke.

    Finally someone from Pittsburgh gets what they deserve.

  21. Is he going to say how much “hush money” he paid to keep her credit. It was at least 6 figures, maybe 7. The truth will com out soon. What a creep.

  22. Hope Ben chooses his words well. Or has a good script.
    If Fred Bright had another couple of hours with the media today, all the Steeler fans could just change the name on the back of their #7 jerseys to “DIRT”.

  23. “And did he ask the media if they wanted to hear from him, ”
    —@BuckFigBen: You have this wrong, you don’t ask the media if they want to hear from you. You call a press conference and if they want to show up they show up. Which they will show up.

  24. Was he cleared?!?
    I thought the statement was there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute?!?
    Maybe the NFL should retest him for testerone levels…
    …then again, there was a lack of evidence…

  25. blitzburgh1 says:
    April 12, 2010 6:21 PM
    And Florio will be posting it in it’s entirety , backwards, so he won’t miss all the hidden meaning.

  26. Why, so he can spew the following?
    “I’m glad the DA found what I have been saying all along, which is that I am innocent.
    I want to apologize to my teammates, coaches, owners and especially the fans for the media scrutiny.
    I’m just glad this over and I can focus on football.”
    Until the next kegger, right Ben?

  27. lets see? ben is free again. 2 cross dressers are richer now. next time ben take your hand and put it down between the other persons pants to see if it is a male or a female before you make them do oral on you ben you are GAY

  28. This is a travesty of mockery of a sham. If any of us did this, we’d be 6 feet under the jail. Just another example of buyi

  29. With a trial Roethlisberger could have hoped for a verdict of “Not guilty as charged”. As it is he has been dealt a verdict of “Guilty, but not charged.”.

  30. Steeler franchise has always been the spolied little brat brother that projects himself to be good and better than others.
    This franchise is full of thugs —bullies and sex abuse.
    They have duped the NFL into believing they are holier than thou.
    Just like in the 70’s with Chuckie Knoll.
    Pittspuke you are bunch of pricks.
    Your QB is a sex offender that should be in prison.
    If Big Barf worked at Taco Bell, he would be locked up.

  31. The long road back begins with the first step. If anyone thinks that Ben has been forgiven by Steelers fans for what he put the Rooneys through, think again. The best thing for Ben is to keep his private life private and play football like a man on a mission.

  32. (Roethlisberger statement)
    “Ladies and gentlemen. Good afternoon. Thank you for coming. I would like to say that I am very sorry for all the trouble this incident has caused me. If I hadn’t been caught, I’d be back at the Capital City club tonight with a wild, coed stuffed t-shirt in my lap while taking body-shots off another! But, alas, I WAS caught in the VIP crapper attempting to polish Little Ben’s helmet, so now I must undo all the heartache this has caused me.
    I have an addiction problem. I am addicted to pickled, 20 year old Snappin’ Gyro! Upon leaving this press conference I shall be seeking intensive treatment for my disease. Part of this therapy is being weaned off the addictive substance. Therefore i shall be persuing that first portion of my regimen at the UGA Alpha Omega Sorority Friday Night Gin and Ecstacy Bender / Hot Tub Skinny-Dipping Party.
    I would appreciate that you respect my privacy at this time as I am undergoing treatment. I wouldn’t want to stroke another big check so soon. It would be very troubling to me.
    Oh, I almost forgot. Sorry to the team, fans, the… well, you know the drill.
    Thank you very much”

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