Titans add Chris Simms

The Tennessee Titans have a new backup quarterback.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that free agent quarterback Chris Simms has reached an agreement with the Titans on a one-year contract.

An unrestricted free agent, Simms visited the Titans last month. Simms had previously drawn some interest from the Washington Redskins.

In 2009 Simms played in three games for the Broncos, with one start. He didn’t play well, completing five of 17 passes for 23 yards.

Simms previously played for the Titans in 2008 and for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 2003 to 2007.

22 responses to “Titans add Chris Simms

  1. Holy crap didn’t they see Simms play last year in Denver? Denver could have had Marshall stand on the uprights and have Simms throw at the pad on the goal post and Simms would still over throw Marshall.

  2. I wish Chris well. He took a BEATING from the Panthers in the game where he had to have his spleen removed afterwards. He’s never been the same since.
    Here’s one Buc fan cheering you on Chris!

  3. Simms?? They couldn’t find a back-up better than SIMMS?!?!?!
    There is hope for us all………….

  4. He’s HORRIBLE! Hopefully, Vince can keep his head together, because if Simms gets in the game, it’s gonna be batted balls, incompletions, and ruptured organs.

  5. Sweeeeeeeet! Another monumental signing by the organization! Great day to be Titans fan!

  6. Well , I guess this is much like when we took a chance on Alex Mortensen – This is really just for Jeff to get a bit closer to the TV camera . Chris has never been a “solid” football player , however he does have a good football mind and his daddy tends to make coaches want to say they helped his boy out . This is a decent pickup being that we’re not giving up anything other a spot off the 84 man , but I’m curious if we don’t take a shot at a 5th or 6th round QB and see if Chris can beat him out . ……………………………….Now here is a question I doubt many of you will get – Who was the last Heisman trophy winner to be SIGNED by the Titans ?

  7. Should have just signed a ham sandwich. Much cheaper, and would probably get more production.

  8. He just proves you need a working spleen to be a NFL QB…
    Bad luck for him, he wasnt as bad before the injury.

  9. I guess this is how a team makes a statement that the starting QB is definitely “the guy”. Not even JaMarcus Russell would be looking over his shoulder with Simms at the #2 spot.

  10. How soon they forget this kid has more heart then 99.9% of all the other players in the NFL
    He almost died during a game in Tampa I wish this kid good luck I hope he can return to his old form and be a great player like his dad was.
    OK time to start bashing Phil
    Only has two SB rings so go on take your shots
    And yes he only played in one but there would not have been a second if he did not have a good season before he got hurt
    #11 in your program #1 in your heart Phil Simms

  11. Is KC gone ? He wasn’t bad (at the end) before he got creamed at The Bucs. I did take him a while to get there, though. I dunno.

  12. He stinks and is an a-hole. He made his little stand in Tampa and got his wish. You have stunk it up everywhere you have been Chris.

  13. I actually feel bad for the kids of good pro players. They never seem to live up to the expectations, and have to live in the shadow. The Manning’s may be the one exception.

  14. Heck, I’ll just go suit up…If they cut me this year…I’ll be back next year. I just don’t understand the Titans constantly going through leftovers. How bout some more big names???

  15. i didn’t like him when he was at UT, and i don’t like him now. why don’t the Titans just draft Colt and make it 3deep with former Univ. of Texas QBs fer cryin’ out loud ?!

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