Vikings eyeball Tebow

B.Childress-1.jpgIt was reported on Thursday that Vikings coach Brad Childress would travel not to South Bend on Friday for Jimmy Clausen’s Pro Day but to Gainesville for a speaking engagement Friday and a private workout of multiple former Gators on Saturday.

Peter King of reports that the main attraction was Tim Tebow.

The kicker is that, per King, V.P. of player personnel Rick Spielman attended the session as well.  As a media source explained last week, Spielman is the one to watch in these instances.  He has acquired plenty of credibility and respect after presiding over solid drafts and trades in the past few years (Adrian Peterson, Sidney Rice, the Jared Allen trade, John Sullivan, and last year’s five-for-five class of Percy Harvin, Phil Loadholt, Asher Allen, Jasper Brinkley, and Jamarca Sanford).  On draft weekend, Spielman has plenty of say regarding the Vikings’ plans.

This one gets more interesting in light of whispers that Spielman isn’t sold on Tebow.  Last year, Spielman by all appearances wasn’t sold on Brett Favre, but Childress made it work.  Thus, if Tebow is on the board when the Vikings pick at No. 30, Spielman possibly will be inclined to defer to Childress — if Childress decides that he can do with Tebow that which to date Childress has been unable to do with Tarvaris Jackson.

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  1. Isnt Childress the one who thought he could turn T Jack into a star QB? How’s that working out? Spielman should stick to what he knows and tell Chlly to take a steamy dump into a large hat. If Clausen or McCoy were there at 30 for the Vikes, they should jump on him, but Tebow is at least 2-3 yrs away from starting at QB.

  2. Quarterback development is’t one of Childress’ strengths. For Tebow’s sake I hope he goes before Minnesota. Guy wouldn’t have a chance to succeed there.

  3. Could see them reaching a little for this guy maybe, and only if the other QB’s are off the board. Or maybe this is just smoke?

  4. Tebow is going to pray over Favre. His resurgence will then be called a miracle… and not just a byproduct of all those PEDs. Very clever Vikings… very clever.

  5. I can only hope and pray that the Vikings take Tebow with their first round pick. I think the kid has plenty of talent, its Childress’s ego and inflated sense for developing QB’s that I find so amusing. Ya, that T Jack Off draft choice paid off so well, let’s try it again.
    Keep on giving Childress credit for recruiting Farve, as if bending over and grabbing one’s ankles were a guarantee for success, then most of the Viking fan base would be millionaires.
    I don’t see Spielmen deferring to Childress at all, unless his wife wants advice on which dress to wear.

  6. Childress thinks he’s god’s gift to QB’s because of McNabb. Nevermind that McNabb was good or better after Childress left, and Chilly thought he could do the same thing with Tavaris. Looks like you can only coach people up so far, and they need to have the talent and brains for the rest.

  7. Does it really matter what Speilman or Chilly think? Everyone knows Favre calls the shots for the Vikings now, and there’s no way he allows this, he’d feel far to threatened.

  8. Everyone seems to rip on T-Jack. I agree he has not played very good in the past he has shown some promise at times.

  9. Childress has such a big ego when it comes to his evaluation of QB’s that I’m sure he thinks he can turn him into an All Pro just like he did when they drafted T-Joke from a Div 1aa school in the 2nd round when nobody else in the NFL planned to take him before the 5th. This ought to work well…….. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  10. the haters out in full force….
    the guy is just a great football player. that’s what everyone who hates on him because of his religion/corniness/overexposure needs to understand. you can hate on the guy all you want, but if you start saying he can’t play football it is you who will look foolish in a couple of years.
    i am a fan of another SEC team. i watched this guy play probably 25 games over his career. he is literally Eddie George with an arm. he was the best power running back in college football the last couple of years and completed over 60% of his passes with a td/int ratio of 7/1, 8/1, something like that. no question an NFL team will have to incorporate his running ability into their offense for him to reach his full potential, but that’s the case with any “running” qb. it was the case for Steve Young when he first broke in to the league. and people who think Tebow will get lit up repeatedly in the league better think again. most times he’s the one delivering the punishment, his size is comparble to an outside linebacker. will he run over Ray Lewis? no. will he run over ANY safety in the league? yes. i’m telling you haters, on the football field the guy’s a beast.

  11. @ LBPACKFAN:
    I don’t even understand why Packer fans want the Vikings to leave. Because of this year the Vikings are the Packers’ main rival. Why would you want to lose that great rivalry? The NFC North would just suck with St. Louis and Detroit in the same division. Come on Minnesota legislature, think of something that will pay for their new stadium!

  12. Smoke screen alert.. If you’ve have had the opportunity of watching Chili work, you will understand that you never take what he says and does, at face value. He may be a coach but he is also a psychologist and loves his mind games. You need to read between the lines to gauge what he is actually doing. Vikings have a draft board and will stay true to it for the most part. If someone of value falls farther than their slotted position, Childress will draft them regardless of position. Many draft experts are saying that the Vikings are going to draft a CB or SS.. Here are my feelings as to why I think they are wrong. This draft is deep at the Defensive positions, and the Vikings should have a good opportunity to pick someone of value up in round two. For their first round pick I think they will end up drafting Colt McCoy. If Clausen is on the board he will without a doubt be their choice, but he is unlikely to make it past the teens. If you were Childress and wanted McCoy to be there at #30 what would you do. Pretend you have interest in another pick. That way teams ahead of the Vikings will let McCoy slide thinking they can pick him up in the Second round. McCoy will fit well with the West coast offense that the Vikings run. Short passes, yet able to make the deep throw when available. Tebow is an excellent player and is loaded with talent, but would not fit well into the system that Chili runs. But if a blue chip player slides expect them to jump on that.

  13. Favre and Tebow. That would create the perfect storm of media frenzy. If there is a lockout season, the NFL can just replace it with a reality series following those two, and probably earn more money than they would playing.
    Tim visits the farm. Brett takes Tim hunting. The son he never had. Tim falls for the visiting Elin Nordegren, then finds out she is doing Brett. Single mom Brittney falls for Tebow watching him throw hay bales with his shirt off. Who will he choose?
    Brett makes Tiger Woods watch while he does Elin, to teach him a lesson. This causes Tim to have a crisis of faith over his hero Brett. He gets a visit from Jesus who confides he is a huge Favre fan and asks if Tim can bring a #4 Viking jersey with him when he dies. God has been wearing his and he is afraid to ask for it back.
    Then things get really strange….

  14. icedawg –
    I dont want them to leave…I want them to stay. It’s just a cheap annoying shot to get Vikes fans worked up. 🙂

  15. “Come on Minnesota legislature, think of something that will pay for their new stadium!”
    You could always whore out Michelle Bachmann at teabagger events. (Of course, she’s already spread her legs for every Stormfronter and bunker buddy in the country, so it might just be a case of gilding the “lily”.)

  16. You know what, I’ll give Chilly his due – he drafts well (for the most part). Remember the head scratching with he selected Percy Harvin? Then the equally baffling defense, by Chilly, of “Bill Belichick was about to draft him”? Turned out pretty good, no?

  17. Some of these comments are just ridiculous.. stick to Football people or get off the page…
    Any QB that comes on to the Vikes will learn a ton.. let’s not forget the 3 backups to Favre that have gone to the Superbowl.

  18. Please god no Tebow, I have to believe the Vikings are smarter than that, although they cant draft QBs.

  19. Please don’t consult Chilly on QBs. How many has he gone through again? The only success is one he never had the chance to taint, Aka. Brett Favre.

  20. I think its smart. Tebow may not be ready but a year under Favre would do him some good. Plus the guy brings a lot of interest and viewers to him which would be even better for the Vikings in a year that they need to plan for a new stadium.

  21. Favre will not be upset if the vikings draft a QB.
    He knows he isn’t the long term solution for the Vikings. He has already been working with T Jack and Sage. You people who keep ragging on Favre…. just get over it. Again he proved in 2009 he could play. He had a great …. Great ….. season.
    talk about something else.

  22. Please god no!! Put his ass at linebacker, but QB hell no. He cannot throw to save his life. He is worthless.

  23. FavreTastic says:
    April 12, 2010 11:29 AM
    .. let’s not forget the 3 backups to Favre that have gone to the Superbowl.
    ….and a fourth Favre back-up going to the SuperBowl very soon…Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.

  24. “… a year under Favre would do him some good…” Wasn’t that what Chilly’s wife said?

  25. Oh for the love of god….how many articles like this will we be subjected to?
    Anyone who lets this out publicly is NOT DRAFTING HIM

  26. Anyone who actually buys this load of crap is dumber than Childress. How does Peter King even still have a job? He hasn’t been accurate on anything not involving Favre for years.

  27. you can’t even compare drafting Tebow to drafting Jackson, Tebow is one of the greatest college players of all time and Jackson was a virtual unknown until the vikings took him. not to say that Tebow’s success will translate to the NFL but he can’t be compared to Jackson either

  28. Lmao i don’t really understand where packers fans think they can get off trying mock and laugh at the vikes, when favre did the same exact shyt to the packers for 3+ years. with every word the packer hypocrites type it makes the saints fans look somewhat….. intelligent

  29. thanks robert ethan, that was awesome…
    i can’t stand tebow and would have a tough time if he actually were drafted by the vikings. but i think, regardless, they need to create some new packages that utilizes the players they have with backfield talent. why can’t tavi be a wildcat QB? i would love to see him spell favre from time to time on 2nd and short or third and short, running a double option with percy and AD and if they draft tebow this would be an area that i think he could get punched into immediately while he is learning to actually be a QB.

  30. Tebow will not be available when the 30th pick comes around, but I’m sure the Vikings would love an upgrade to Tarvaris Jackson (38% passer in the SEC, backup to Matt Jones at Arkansas before transferring). If Josh Freeman (9th best passer in the Big 12 HAHAHA) went top 20, this kid is a top 5 pick. 49ers are an underrated destination, considering they are not sold on Alex Smith and Mike Singletary would give Tebow a foot-rub. The most likely teams to take him are BUF, OAK, NE, MIN, SF, CAR, CLE in order.

  31. uhm, if Rice, Harvin, and Berrian can come close carter, reed, and moss, AP can best smith, the Oline with a HOF’er the D-line with 2 potential HOF’ers all thats missing is cullpepper and a 15-1 season. Favre might get tebow to relax a bit, but if earlier posters are to be believed that he’s eddie george with an arm, I’m sold. Bring the kid in, let him sit for a year, and then get to work after Favre is done. it’ll be a change back to late 90’s in game plans, but if the D stays solid, every other piece fits just fine. plus it would put percey in year 3, rice in his prime AP with a grip on the ball and the secondary tough as nails for tebows first start.
    and the character is always a good thing.

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