Already, the Big Ben trade rumors start

It’s one thing for the Internet to spawn sports rumors.  Many of them come from message boards or slapdicks like me who throw stuff against the wall.  Those rumors rarely register a blip.

When one of the established network affiliates in Pittsburgh addresses Internet rumors regarding the possible trade of a two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback, it’s eyebrow-raising.

Per John Fedko of WPXI-TV, the local NBC affiliate, one of the rumors features the Rams trading the No. 1 overall pick and next year’s first-rounder to the Steelers for Roethlisberger.

We don’t buy it, not for a nanosecond.  But it’s amazing that the anti-Ben free-for-all has gotten to the point where Pittsburgh-area media outlets that often regarded the local NFL team as if it were the disembodied, flashpot-flanked head of the Wizard of Oz are now openly discussing unsubstantiated rumors relating to the once-unthinkable notion that Roethlisberger could be traded.

At some point, the local feelings regarding Roethlisberger could get sufficiently bad that both sides would have no choice but to seek a fresh start.  It’s not there yet, but it could be moving in that direction.

185 responses to “Already, the Big Ben trade rumors start

  1. He’s not worth 2 first rounders.
    I’m not sure he’s worth an exchange of 1st rounders….

  2. the last 2 superbowls they won were MVPd by holmes and roethlisberger. i get trading holmes but theres no way theyre gonna give up the rapistburger. whod start, dennis dixon?? no, just no florio. stop the rumor mongering right now and let it be.

  3. I heard Burt Reynolds is just waiting for his eventual incarceration so that he can be a member of the “Mean Machine”.

  4. I love everyone calling the Steelers class for releasing Holmes.
    He had 1 year left before being a F/A and was gonna be suspended.
    If he had 3 years left he would still be a Steeler.
    The Steelers are like any other team, if they can play then can get into all the domestic abuse (Harrison) allegations and rape allegations (Fat Tits) and assault (Holmes) they want.
    Stop acting like you are so friggen moral Steeler fans.

  5. Yeah, but could you blame the Steelers? Not at all.
    I grew up in Cleveland and I admit they deserve better than his embarrassing ass.

  6. I’m sure Pittsburgh would like to get that kind of ransom for the guy but if they were really at the point of moving him, I doubt anyone would give up anything remotely close to the number one pick plus – what is in all likelihood – another very early pick. That’d be like giving up Sam Bradford and Ndamukung Suh for Big Ben’s headaches. … No way!!!!

  7. Slapdick: Someone who doesn’t know what the hell they are doing or what is going on. An idiot who never knows anything.
    Good work.

  8. Wut? I don’t buy it. If Holmes can be had for a 5th Then Ruthlessraper should be had for a 3rd. Plus ben has lost his sex appeal. All the late night partying and raping and the occasional face plant off of a motorcycle into car windshields has caused him to look slightly like an ogre. Won’t sell as many jerseys or draw in as many hot ladies. These two things factor in heavily.

  9. It’s funny that the Eagles could only get a 2nd rounder and a 4th in 2011 for McNabb, and already they are talking two 1st rounders for Ben…including the #1 overall in the draft.
    Where do you think you rank among QB’s now, #5?

  10. Mike you seem suprised. You have had Ben on his way out of town since Tomlin go to the Steelers stating the Ben was not his guy.
    You have beat a constant drum that this whole thing could get Ben traded or cut.
    Constantly stired the shit pot of anit Ben feelings on this board.
    And all over what? Two accusations. One from an apparent gold digger who waited a year to file a civil suite and another from a drunk collage coed.
    I’m not defending the big dummy for being so stupid that he lets the wrong head do his thinking, but what facts are out there the have come to light that warrent this treatment?
    As for that DA and his statements. The man live in the middle of the Bible Belt. He may be upset that this type of behavior was going on, not that is was a crime but a sin.
    And before any of you master minds on this board start in on me, how many of you have had sex in some non triditional places? Of got so drunk you did something stupid?
    I think Ben should be suspended for being a dip shit, because that seems to be the only real fact so far.

  11. Two first rounders for a system guy on a team where the parts are all interchangable?!?!? Yea right…

  12. Just make sure when they are trading for the turkey sandwich with wilted lettuce, they get swiss cheese with it, Ben obviously needs something with a hole in it.

  13. Big Ben ain’t going anywhere. The Rooneys are going to help Ben. They are a very charitable family. They are far from giving up on him. As for Fedko, he’s not that reputable. And that affiliate is very sensationalistic. They’ve come in a steady third in the ratings for about 30 years.

  14. the 1st overall pick and next years which will be a high draft pick!!!! what!!!! i would never do that if i were the rams, he isnt tom brady, manning, brees, etc. hes very good and a winner but not worth that much. mabey this years pick and they swap next years 1st round picks but nothing more.

  15. roethlisberger was never the superbowl MVP, the first one he was Trent Dilferish, the second one, he raped the cardinals defense, eh

  16. these rumors probably started on bleacher report. Last year around this time, Bleacher Report stated that Chad Ochocinco was traded to the Raiders for Michael Bush and a 2nd round pick. There is no credibility behind this as the guy won’t even be suspended by the NFL, he will be suspended by his team.

  17. The 49ers should get him and give his ASS to Mike
    Singletary done deal.
    WHERE IS THE 2010 SCHEDULE!!!!????

  18. I think it’s a no brainer for the Steelers. TWO number 1’s. If they are good as they think they are in personel moves this could be great. I’m not sure how much confidence they have in Dennis Dixon, but they could give him a shot if they didn’t want Bradford. Trade the first pick this year for multiple picks and truly be in the cat bird seat.
    For Rams, they get the QB they need and they’ll pay him essentially what they’d pay the #1 pick who’s never done squat. Give him a new contract with punitive measures for behavoir and this could be a huge WIN/WIN.

  19. No way the Rams make that trade. Spags said he wants character guys, and he’s stuck to his guns so far. I can’t see them trading two 1st rounders for a guy who’s (by all accounts) going to be suspended for at least 4 games this year, has as much brains as the scarecrow, and will most likely find himself in trouble again.

  20. @facts domino
    He’s a 2x winning SB QB in the prime of his may be the biggest jackass on the planet with that comment!

  21. They’d need something like 2 first rounders to do this. And why would St. Louis do this? They will likely suck this year, again, and need that high 1st round pick next year. They’d be taking on the most hated athlete since Michael Vick at the height of his problems.

  22. Send him to the Lions to be Stafford’s back-up.
    BWAAAA HA HA HA HA… Man, that would be awesome.

  23. Pittsburgh would do that in a heartbeat. Nobody is bigger than the Steeler franchise….and I’m a Pats fan.

  24. hes worth 2 first rounders and then some. if i was the steelers i would not give him up for 3 first rounders.

  25. Actually, this was started by Ed Bouchette in the local Pittsburgh media stating that this is a trade ‘he’ would do if he was Pittsburgh.

  26. Wowza – message board people need to take a step back. Big Ben isn’t a rapist, he wasn’t even charged. They’re not trading him. When the Steelers have their next 12 win season, most people who didn’t do an about face will then. Calm down folks.

  27. Hooby,
    Clearly you didn’t watch the Steelers vs Seahawks Superbowl, cuz that was one of the worst performances by a Superbowl winning quarterback ever–B.R. was never an S.B. MVP.
    Regarding this rumor–he is certainly not worth 2 first round picks, not sure he’s worth one first round pick.

  28. Hooby, Ward was the Superbowl MVP in 2005. And Antwaan Randel El, yes the wr, had a better passer rating than Pig Ben in that game.
    He wasnt as crucial to the first champion as people think.

  29. Wow the Steelers could take Su or trade the #1 pick for a crap load of picks and reload with all young talent.. Golden Tate wr, John Skelton as QB, and Iuapati as off lineman!!!

  30. Actually, Hooby, Ward was the MVP in the SB prior to Holmes MVP. You have had your fan card revoked.

  31. The only place Big Ben is going is to another party loaded with babes who like their bums squeezed.

  32. I’d be pissed if the rams did that but giving up a first next year, I’m all cool with that.

  33. I would not trade for him at all. He is like one of those players coming out of the draft that many teams take off their draft board due to character issues. The PR hit that a team would take if they trade for him and he turns out to rape another girl in their city would be a total disaster. Heck, I hope for his sake and Pitt that they suspend him for a season and require him to get serious therapy, and maybe he can change.

  34. I’ve thought of this all day, and wouldn’t it just make sense for him to go to the cardinals, were they need a quarterback and for him to play for coaches that he knows and had played for before, in whiz and grim when they were steelers. Just wondering but sounds really good and right. Right?

  35. Hines Ward won the first MVP. Ben has played terrible and the Steelers won in spite of him, not because of him.

  36. If this trade is true both teams benefit. The Steelers can draft 2 young lineman and then move Dennis Dixon into the starting roll. Ben goes to the Rams and instantly does for the Rams what McNabb will do for the skins. Win-Win here.

  37. Don’t blame Florio on this. I talked to a Steelers reporter today and he brought up that exact same trade rumor – though he in the same breath admitted it probably won’t happen.

  38. John Fedko is, always has been and always will be a complete putz. He is the shining example of how anyone with 3 brain cells can bea “sportscaster.”

  39. PFT if it is not degrading to the Steelers it is not a hot topic. Pittsburgh Media has been all over this today. Ed Bouchette brought this up in his blog today. The morons on this blog all want the Steelers to trade him for the last pick in the seventh round and a bag of hockey pucks. They say the NFL is a copycat league what did the Bears give up for Jay Cutler 2- No 1’s. Now if you were building a franschise character issues aside Cutler or Roethlisberger. So if the Steelers get 2 No. 1’s Florio will puke write a scathing post then watch the hit counter go off the charts

  40. Oh yes…and when they deal Ben for the Rams 2nd this year and their 2nd next year, Mark Bulger will be the Steelers starting QB this season. Bulger will be signed by the Steelers before the draft.

  41. @ Hooby
    Super Bowl XL MVP was Hines Ward.
    Super Bowl XLIII MVP was Santonio Holmes.
    Ben played one of the worst games of his life in Super Bowl XL and the Steelers won in spite of his play.

  42. Wow, they need to learn how to deal with a little adversity in Pitt, we have been dealing with criminals for awhile here in Baltimore. It’s the NFL, grown men try to cripple each other every Sunday there are gonna be some bad apples. Also add in the steroids, drugs, and alcohol and there you have it.

  43. I’m sure San Quentin Prison would be interested in a trade. I heard they like rapist QBs.

  44. remember the “Kentucky Fried Movie” they did an enter the dragon spoof called “a Fist full of Yen” when the evil mr han sentences a spy to be exiled to Detroit.. the spy is kicking and screaming “no.. no.. anything but detroit” as they drag him away

  45. they can trade him 2 the raiders 4 damascus & this year’s pick (5 or 6, ain’t it?).. y’all get another burly fat a$$ with a poor work ethic.. oughtta fit right in.. no off-field allegations, though.. the raiders get the perfect man 4 their standards.. lots of young nubiles out in cal..

  46. I’m a Steelers fan through and through and @Hooby this isnt Florios rumor it was on the local news here.
    Anyhow, I say trade him because it’s not worth it anymore and I believe he really hasn’t learned his lesson (Especially when he is on the News smiling like everything is Ok)

  47. Here is how the rumor started. Steelers beat reporter Ed Bouchette was asked what the Steelers could get for Ben if they wanted to trade him like they did Holmes. He speculated “well, I’d imagine they could get the Rams #1 overall pick this year and their 1st next year”. That quote was regurgiatated by crappy reporters like Fedko a few times until it somehow went from a speculation to a rumor. Now Florio reports it and the legend continues to grow.
    What started as a reporter making an educated guess as to what Ben would be worth in a trade grows into a rumor. Horrible media reporting just gets worse and worse now with the internet age…

  48. Hooby, the MVPs in the last two Pitt Superbowl wins were Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes. Ben has not been an MVP.

  49. Is it just me or does Big Ben kinda look like Jesse James (especially before he got a hair cut… maybe why he got the cut *shrugs shoulders*)

  50. He may or not be traded. But there is no way they are giving up the #1 overall pick and a #1 next year! Maybe one first round pick (and that would mean that the Rams absolutely love Big Ben) but not two first round picks especially when one of them is the number one overall pick and the other one is likely to high as well. Just not gonna happen.

  51. Being a Pittsburgher and a Steelers fan, I love that Ben has won us 2 Super Bowls…but have grown tired of his antics. I would be thrilled with this years number one and next years number one. Ben is worth it and would turn the Rams into an instant contender.
    Than the Steelers can take Suh and make one of the better defenses in the league, downright scary!

  52. Im a steeler fan and i hope they do it….. Im going to miss big ben but i would be glad to take sam bradford as the number 1 pick and take another first next year….

  53. @ Hooby…Ben never won Super Bowl MVP. The last two were Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes.

  54. Holmes wasn’t on the first superbowl team. Any team would look at the #1 Pick for two seasons in a row…

  55. last time i checked.. roethlisberger had one of the worst games of his career in SB XL… Hines Ward was the MVP

  56. He’s worth an 2nd and a 4th rounder to someone I’m sure. However I’m not sure he’d work in most offenses.

  57. Two 1st-round picks for a guy that tarnished?
    We’ll give you JaMarcus and 7th rounder.

  58. With his recent issues and what the Steelers were willing to take for Holmes, I would say Ben would garner no more than a 2nd, MAX…. Most likely a 3rd, considering his issues with assaulting women sexually! 😉

  59. the last 2 superbowls they won were MVPd by holmes and roethlisberger.
    Dumbasses shouldn’t be allowed to post. The last two superbowls they won were MVP’d by Holmes and Ward.
    A Rapist has yet to be named a superbowl MVP.

  60. The punishment should fit the crime.
    Trade Ben to the Raiders…..Wait, it was only rape, not murder. The Rams it is then.

  61. For no apparent reason, a scene from Slap Shot came to mind…
    Denis: Call Detroit, tell dem BOOL SHEET!
    Ned: Tell ’em, “Trade me right f**king now.”
    Denis: Trade me right f**king now!
    Ned: Now hang up.

  62. Here is what was said:
    Ed Bouchette: I said if the Steelers DID want to trade Ben, I thought the Rams would be more than willing to take him. But I do NOT think they want to trade him.

  63. I wouldn’t give the Steelers my left nut for Roethlisberger…and that’s saying a lot (I have 2.)

  64. Have to agree with Fats Domino. He isn’t worth 2 first rounders.
    Time to leave Pittsburgh loser. The city and the team deserve better.

  65. The only way I see this happening is if the Steelers’ brass thinks he will get in trouble again. That seems like a judgment call for someone who knows him personally, so I won’t speculate on that, but were it to happen, seems like sweet compensation.

  66. They would start over this year, by either taking Bradford with the 1st pick or Colt McCoy with their other 1st rounder. Then they would have another high 1st rounder next year. Then for the Rams of course, it would sell tickets and Pig Ben is still pretty young for a QB. I think it makes sense if the stillers want to start over. BTW- WHO-DEY.

  67. He’s not worth the 1st pick of the draft, let alone 2 picks. Especially not for the Rams, a team that will be drafting top 10 for another 2-3 years. Plus he could be suspended next season. No, I think the Rams are smart enough to hold onto their picks and stay away from the rapist.
    @Hooby If the Steelers had the first pick, they would probably be used to take Bradford smart guy. And Florio is just saying what is already circulating on the internet and his opinion on it. not exactly rumor mongering

  68. No, Hooby, the last 2 Super Bows they won were MVP’d by Holmes and Ward. Nice try, though. I’d love to see Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh in the Burgh!

  69. Facts Domino, how is he not worth 2 first rounders?
    This site is so anti Steelers and anti Ben, I dont expect people to look at this objectively, but putting aside these allegations, he is most certainly worth two first rounders.
    Jay Cutler is not half the QB Ben is and he got 2 first rounders. Donavan McNabb is 7 years older and injury prone, and at most, he is on the same level as Ben. If he can get a high 2nd, Ben should at least draw 2 firsts.
    That all being said, I guarantee this is just a BS, pre draft rumor. With all the questions surrounding Ben, no team is going to give up that much, and more than that, the Steelers arent going to trade a QB in the middle of a huge deal because of some allegations (and despite what some ignorant rednecks on here say, thats all they are at this point). And they definitely wont be looking to trade up THAT high. Trading him for the number 1 pick, they would have to eat some of Ben’s salary PLUS pay the number 1 overall pick and ANOTHER 1st rounder.
    Not gonna happen.
    Dont believe everything you read.

  70. I’d love this trade for no other reason than as a football fan I’d expect it to be a great lesson in how QBs in general and Ben in particular is/are over-rated when he wins two fewer Superbowl rings playing on a lousy Rams team than he did playing on a really good Steelers team. (I mean, seriously, the Steelers ranked 5th in D last year and plenty people ranted and raved about how bad it was. Many QBs would kill for a team where a #5 D is a down year.)

  71. Now…….Wait a minute……You mean the Steelers and their faux pas classy organization is entertaining offers for their hero?….I find that hard to believe, if he was a second stringer or black, I could see it….But no way, I mean he’s only a complete creep, but he’s the face of the organization, funny how that works out…..

  72. There is no way they will trade him. Trust me. Fedko is the biggest self-promoting dick in the history of television. Anything to be heard. A real tool.

  73. I was going to suggest they trade him to Green Bay where there are no attractive women for him to assault…..
    Then I remembered his Las Vegas girlfriend’s appearance.
    I guess he’s damned no matter where he goes.

  74. I heard he asked to be traded to the Las Vegas Locos in order to be closer to his girlfriends…

  75. “When one of the established network …addresses Internet rumors …it’s eyebrow-raising”
    ESPN does this on a constant basis, and your claiming it’s more “eyebrow-raising” when when a local market network does this? Are you kidding me?! You and the chumps around here buy into rumors from Yahoo and ESPN all of the firggin’ time, yet it’s eyebrow raising when a smaller station does the same thing? Give me a break, man!!
    @ Hooby: A lot of Raiders fans wouldn’t mind Dennis Dixon starting for our team. He would be one hell of an upgrade over JaTubby.

  76. Hooby…
    I’m sorry but ben never won the MVP, so that statement is quite wrong…As far as the trade of big ben goes…it’s quite possible that the steelers being a very community oriented franchise may look to part ways if he is not accepted by the pittsburgh community.

  77. Please Mr. Rooney, do us all a favor and get that scumbag out of town while he is still worth something.

  78. Roethlisberger never won a Super Bowl MVP. Hines Ward won it against the Seahawks, after Ben played the worst Super Bowl a winner quarterback ever had.

  79. dang the place must be hopping- it says 117 comments on the other page and let only 3 show at this time…

  80. This is a good trade for the Rams………………St.Louis have alot of bars and clubs for big ben.

  81. Hooby–
    Super Bowl XL MVP: Hines Ward
    I think this was a valid article to post especially considering the source. It’s important to consider the perspective of the Pgh media in all this.
    It’s also important to consider how well Dennis Dixon played behind our shitty offensive line. That line could get a hell of a lot better with a few first round talent lineman.
    It’s also important to consider that Roethlisberger may not be the same QB after one or two more concussions…

  82. If you knew John Fedko this wouldn’t surprise you at all. He’s claim to fame is covering high school football from a helicopter and really awful hair plugs. He’s one the most annoying and least respected sports guys in the city on the worst station in the city.

  83. Dixon is from the Bay Area, The Raiders and their fans would love to have him.
    However, The Steelers will not trade him, the Steelers should get rid of Benji and start Dixon..

  84. This proposed deal would be worth it to the Steelers, but the Rams would be foolish.
    That is why he isn’t worth two first rounders. There aren’t many players in the game that are worth that, and Rapistburger isn’t one of them. Neither was Cutler, but it’s proven every year that dumbasses control football teams too.

  85. If the deal is on the table – Take it Steelers! Damm! You would almost certainly have 4 top 20 1rst round picks in two years, including this year’s #1?? Crazy!!
    Take the picks – dump Ben’s a$$ while he’s still worth something. Bring Ndamukong Suh to the Burgh!!

  86. # Mike Z says: April 13, 2010 8:28 PM
    The punishment should fit the crime.
    Trade Ben to the Raiders…..Wait, it was only rape, not murder. The Rams it is then.
    Considering the Rams have had a murderer(convicted of vehicular manslaughter in 98) on the roster for the last 12 years. I can’t see any reason why the front office would have any problems with an accused sex offender.

  87. 2 1sts like? I wouldn’t give up a 2nd for the bum he was always a product of his team half the QB’s in the NFL could have won those 2 superbowls with Burghs Defense.

  88. Doubt it would happen…but I’d be happy with the first overall pick this year and an extra #1 the next…
    If they offer…take it and run!!!

  89. daveomcd says:
    April 13, 2010 8:16 PM
    Is it just me or does Big Ben kinda look like Jesse James (especially before he got a hair cut… maybe why he got the cut *shrugs shoulders*)
    I don’t think he looks anything like Jesse James. He does, however, look like a fatter, more retarded version of Will Ferrell.

  90. # Nick says: April 13, 2010 7:41 PM
    Hmmm, why would St. Louis agree to something like this?
    why would Pittsburgh agree to something like this considering they didn’t do anything in the James Harrison case
    the Rooneys may talk about character guys and what not but at the end of the day they are smart businessmen & smart businessmen don’t trade away their franchise quarterbacks
    expect a 1-2 game suspension, end of story … unless Big Ben cannot keep his dick out of another drunk chick
    a wide receiver can still be found, it may take multiple drafts to find a franchise QB like Big Ben

  91. Time to add a Rapistburger accuser counter below the police blotter?
    Will have at least one more before football starts again.
    Throw enough sh*t against the wall some of it will eventually stick.

  92. Frankly, “eyebrow-raising” is not a big deal. I tried it in front of the mirror, and things went smoothly. I auditioned before the wife, and she said, sure ’nuff, I raised my eyebrows. So Florio’s fascination with eyebrow-raising doesn’t much interest me.
    On the other hand, if I’m a weirdo in the eyebrow department, and this is actually a valuable thing, please sign me up at your earliest convenience.

  93. OK maybe you should get all the facts first. The Ed Bouchette discredited this rumor right away in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

  94. I don’t believe he will be traded. He will probably be suspended by the Commissioner and/or the Steelers. 2 games a piece is not out of the question. But the suspensions won’t reset the foul up counter. Ben has no more foul ups left and remain a Steeler.
    I have a more realistic trade scenario. Will the Steelers give up the 18th pick for Brandon Marshall and a lower Denver pick(3rd or 4th) in this year’s draft?

  95. Two #1s sounds a little high, especially when one is the first overall pick. But not THAT high. Guy’s won two Super Bowls and before this all went down, he was always the next guy mentioned after Brady/Manning/Brees. And he’s only 28.
    This nonsense is dominating people’s thinking at this point in time because there aren’t any games right now. People are forgetting what kind of player he is. Once the season starts this will blow over to a degree, especially if he doesn’t do anything else stupid. All the people calling for his head now will be thinking “Wow, did you see that play??” This is why the Steelers won’t trade him.

  96. >>First the STL rumors are just ridiculous.
    Ben needs to go to a team that is better than STL.
    And 2 #1 picks is a pipe dream.
    The best fit among teams that need a QB is the
    Arizona Cardinals. A lot of ex-Steeler ties there, they are a good team right now and they lack a front line QB they believe in.
    A more sensible trade rumor would be this:
    Arizona gets Roethlisberger
    Pittsburgh gets Arizona’s #1 pick in this years draft(pick #26) + either M.Leinart or D.Anderson
    Dennis Dixon becomes the starter and the team and the city rally around him.
    While the talent level clearly decreases, the moral and focus of the team should skyrocket.
    Plus with 12 draft picks to work with, the Steelers could actually address some of there needs like Off-Line and the secondary.
    Only an Opinion. Thanks. Jerry

  97. What would the Rams do with Pittsburgh’s biggest headache. Take Bradford or Clausen and start fresh, and you don’t have BR’s next transgression hanging over your head followed by a 4 game suspension or worse.

  98. Anyone who thinks this is a good deal for the Rams should not be allowed to post here anymore.
    Do you realize how valuable the #1 overall pick is? And yet another 1st rounder next year on top of that…that is a king’s ransom for a QB with a lot of baggage. Big Ben was not worth that much at the peak of his career after winning the SB last year, let alone now coming off his 2nd rape allegation.

  99. St Louis would be a notch better but you have to understand Ben’s stats were based on others than himself. His 2 SB appearances were the worst for QB stats in it’s history. Randle-El threw for a TD in XL, none for Ben. However Ben did throw 2 ints. He’s GOOD at INTs.
    No humility, no integrity, no brains and a MORON. Not good traits for a Steeler Player. Actually it is quite a joke. If Ben comes out and goes into therapy, you know it is a lot of hogwash! Therapy for what? Treating women like dirt? Having a sense of entitlement? Terry Bradshaw is right. Ben would not be the LEAST interesting if it wasn’t for his $$. Ben is freaking UGLY!! Tell me ANY woman who would be proud to stand next to him at any event, much less just going to dinner. Eww. NO. He’s a Ho!!!

  100. Draft Day trade… when Claussen slips to #7, they trade Rapistberger to the Raiders for #7…. There’s your punishment, Ben…

  101. Too bad Happy Valley doesn’t have an NFL franchise, ben digs college chicks…it would be the perfect fit.

  102. You haters are stupid! Stats don’t lie:
    Ben currently ranks 9th all-time in NFL passer rating (91.7), 5th in yards per attempt (8.01), and 8th in completion percentage (63.29%) among quarterbacks with a minimum of 1500 career attempts. He has the 5th highest winning percentage (.698) as a starter in the regular season among quarterbacks with a minimum of 80 starts.
    But he’s not worth a first rounder! Hahahaha!

  103. Trade him to the Raiders Jamarcus Russell’s Skittles and Rape Kit….let the punishment fit the crime.

  104. Its a shame those who claim to be Steeler fans dont know shit about them.
    Ben didnt do well in his first Superbowl appeareance.. but u have noone as young as he was to compare to either.He did alot to get us to the Bowl so that counts for ALOT.
    He played to win in the second Bowl..and we did JUST that…despite a latego ahead giveaway by the defense.
    I know many here dont know the game..but it takes all facets of a team to win championship games.. Ask Elway. It takes a good running game…a good passing attack and a good defense.. Also special teams play a huge rule.Alot of this starts with your quarterback!
    anyone who thinks Dixon or Batch can take over ..are certifiable NUTS.

  105. This story is a complete joke. WILL NEVER HAPPEN. By the way, Hooby…. morons like yourself should do research before you post. Ward was the SB XL MVP

  106. Any Steeler fan that is in favor of getting rid of Ben is insane. The guy has never even been charged with a crime!…ever! People can speculate all they want but those are facts. The legal system ran its proper course. I just missed the 70’s glory days and I have horrible memories of 25 years of bad quarterbacking. it’s not easy to find a great QB and that’s what Ben is. You always have a shot to win if he’s upright. Mark Malone, David Woodley, Bubby Brister, Kent Graham, Neil O’Donnell, Mike Tomczak, Kordell Stewart, and Tommy Maddox. Oh man I can’t go back to that caliber of QB-lol Just imagine if you were accused of a crime. Assume for a second it was a bogus claim(which is a possibility here). Now assume you were never charged and then someone wanted to take your job because of the appearance of inpropriety. Last time I checked this is still the USA.

  107. This would be the worst trade the Rams ever made happen. Pig Pen will be in a pennsylvania penn before we know it.

  108. I think many people have pointed out that Ward was MVP of SB XL. Ok, we got it. Write about something else.
    It is too good to be true if they really do trade Ben. PLEASE be true!!!

  109. This is pure fantasy. Even without his two pending, the other is sure to follow, he is not worth 2 first rounders, especially when you factor in the number 1 overall pick.

  110. It won’t happen. The Steelers will keep him. They’ll give him every thing he needs to repair his image, and so on. I don’t think anyone would want to pick up that contract at this point either… He’s got 2 Rings too… Plus, at this point in time, he’s a PR nightmare… He’ll never be traded…

  111. steeler-lady,
    You should have respect for a QB who has won 4 SBs for the Steelers in 6 years and his opinion of Ben. He hits it on the head. How does Ben sleep at night? Based on his actions, like a baby as he has NO conscience. We all know what you would call a person like that? Or do we even call him a person at all? NO.

  112. This article is a joke, right?
    Ben will get his 2-game suspension, but he’s still a Steeler as long as ownership believes this is a playoff team.
    Finish under .500 and, yes, he might be traded.
    But, nothing he has done is so awful that giving him a “time out” and letting him come back to the playground thereafter can’t be done.

  113. the steelers should include a box of condoms in the trade to help him out with any other future cases.
    maybe even a porno, he should take up masterbating

  114. Dang! You guys are working overtime aren’t ya?
    All just hoping and praying that somehow, you’re teams will get to play the Steelers without him.
    1) Sorry, no charges = no jail time
    2) Sorry, not suspended (yet, but 4 games max is my prediction )
    3) Sorry, not cut from the team
    And now a report from the Fedko Zone of all places, has y’all just clinging to that last hope, that either Ben is no longer a Steeler, and MAYBE, he could be on YOUR team for the right price.
    4) Sorry, he won’t be traded.
    The Steelers will let the rest of the teams fight over his carcass after he’s all used up, or is just too much trouble to clean up after.

  115. Ponder for a moment what his teammates think.
    Do they want him as their quarterback? If they arent on board with him as their leader, he is useless. At this point, its better for the Steelers and Ben to go their seperate ways.

  116. Wow, jump to conclusions much? This will never happen. Ben is going to get a short suspension (2-4 games?) and carry on like nothing happened. This whole “rumor” is taken from a purely speculative statement from Bouchette, it has no merit or fact behind it at all. Look the guy is a dolt, but there is no denying that he is the best QB this team has had in many many years, and they have far too much invested in him. They are not going to trade him because he acted like a retard. He has not and is not being charged with any crimes, therefore he can only be punished in the court of public opinion, and possibly by the leage for violation of its conduct policy. I only hope he takes all of this as a wake up call and realizes that even though he is a single, 28 year old guy, he is an NFL superstar worth millions of dollars, and he is not just a regular guy – every move he makes is being scrutinized. He has to have more sense than this. A guy cannot be so incredibly dim and be a successful QB in the NFL.

  117. @RebaT:
    How does he sleep at night? He is a single 28 year old rich NFL QB….I am fairly positive that given the same opportunity, 99.9% of guys in his shoes would not be sitting at home knitting with grandma during the offseason. He obviously lets his guard down too easily and opens the door for all kinds of trouble. But let’s be serious here….he does not have to “rape” or “assuault” these women to get in their pants. I am of the opinion that he is a promiscuious man-whore who is an easy target for litigious women looking for a payday (and it appaears that so far a couple of them have succeeded). I am no Ben apologist, I am just looking at this from what I believe to be the most realistic point of view possible. WHY would a guy who obviously doesn’t have to try very hard to get women (despite his ogre-like appearance) assault, rape, or otherwise force himself on ANYONE when he could just move on to the next willing participant? He is a public figure and I just don’t think even he is that stupid, he knows what he stands to lose. Unfortunately, he is just a typial guy who thinks with his penis and doesn’t look at the big picture before he has these little escapades. I read a post on here yesterday that was the most intelligent thing I have seen on this board about Ben (although I can’t remember who posted it or which article is was posed under)- he needs to start paying professionals for sex, and stop going after drunk bar whores.

  118. In a QB driven league two first are not a lot and the 1st will demand a lot of money the Rams could be paying to a top 5 QB instead

  119. According to reports out of New York,Ben Roethlisberger said he will no longer sexually assult young women , instead he will turn his focus to sexually assulting young boys. This statement has enraged NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

  120. RachelTN
    Ben IS the whore here! Ben would have less than a 20% chance of a woman wanting to date him now. He’s DISGUSTING! Terry Bradshaw nailed it when he said in his interview wanting to know how he sleeps. Ben is a MORON that thinks the world revolves around him. I would also bet that he hasn’t saved a lot of the money he’s made either. He’s too stupid to figure something out as simple is that!

  121. I would send Ben packing for that offer in a heartbeat. But I seriously doubt any team would give a 1st in the draft pick and a 1st rounder that is likely to be top 5 next year for a player who has had an up and down career, (albeit with a couple of flashy pieces of jewelry to show for it), with a string of serious off-field issues in tow.

  122. @cmich06………i absolutely could not agree more.
    @sterilizeThenry………I respectfully Disagree.
    Not a Steeler fan at all ………but big durable 2-time super bowl champion QB’s aren’t exactly falling out of trees. Plus this dude is only 28. Regardless of who he had around around him he is 10-2 in the playoffs. The Steelers are NEVER trading him.

  123. Ben’s value couldn’t be lower right now so teams may be itching to get him but I doubt the fans of the new team will be THAT excited to get someone accused of sexually harrassing a young woman
    Ben is a SB winning QB but on a bad team, he wouldnt be a good QB

  124. Big Ben has 2 super bowl rings in his first six seasons. He is the most clutch quaterback in the league and the steelers wouldn’t even think about getting rid of him and why would they. They are the best franchise in football and they have the best quarterback. The only manager that would be dumb enough to make a move like that would be al davis. And also he ain’t no rapist, he doesn’t have to rape girls becasue the guy gets more than eveeryone on this website.

  125. What got me really pissed at the sanctimonious DA and his dressing down of Ben was that the bar this happened in exists to provide the opportunity for…
    1. Young women to get drunk – legally in some cases illegally in others.
    2. The chance for young men to try and take advantage of said drunk young women….
    I would wage that Ben was not the first to meet a young lady in a restroom THAT WEEK – let alone ever…

  126. @johnnyhose: Roethlisberger was critical of Whisenhunt and his offense five minutes after Whiz left town. Roethlisberger has a habit of distroying relationships.
    In today’s press conference, Art Rooney II gave no indication that Roethlisberger is or isn’t on the trading block, but he certainly didn’t vehemetly deny the possibilty of a trade. He said he would listen, but no talks thus far have taken place with a potential trade partner.
    However, ESPN’s Adam Schefter put things in perspective when he pointed out that Roethisberger has already been paid a large portion of his $100 million contract, and that he is now “only” owed $66 million over the next six years.
    Last season, Roethlisberger was paid $27 million, which means the Rooneys probably have invested way too much money in this guy to get rid of him.

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