Brandon Marshall signs his tender

Brandon Marshall is now under contract to the Denver Broncos. Which may mean he’ll soon be under contract to some other team.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Marshall, a restricted free agent tendered at the first-round level, signed his one-year, $2.5 million tender offer today. The signing comes hours after Marshall and Broncos coach Josh McDaniels were scheduled to talk on the phone.

For the Broncos, having Marshall under contract means they have the ability to shop him and see if they can find the right trading partner.

The Seahawks are interested in Marshall’s services, but they weren’t interested enough to sign him to an offer sheet which, because the Broncos surely wouldn’t have matched the offer and then the Seahawks would have been out the sixth overall pick in the draft.

It will be interesting to see whether the Seahawks make a trade offer for Marshall, now that he can be had for whatever the two teams can agree is a fair price.

70 responses to “Brandon Marshall signs his tender

  1. This is good news. Time to lance the last remaining boil from the Shanny experiment.
    I hope we get *something* for him. Anybody? Anyone? Any takers?

  2. Send Broncos Ted Ginn, Chad Pennington, and 5 rounder pick for Marshall. Bess, Hartline, and Camarillo would be better receivers instantly

  3. Bucs have two 2nd rounders. I’m just sayin. Maybe they trade for him…, they were going to draft an unproven WR with one of those picks anyway. Then again, having Kellen Winslow and Brandon Marshall on the same time is as awesome as it is terrifying.

  4. I’ll probably get bashed for this…but I would LOVE to see him in a Redskins uniform.
    Swap first rounders with the Broncos and give us Marshall.

  5. they’d do it for the 2nd rounder and a bag of popcorn, Limas Sweed isn’t worth the cost of the paper they pay him to drop balls.

  6. You think Pit is gonna trade for a guy like Marshall, after trading away Holmes and dealing with this Big Ben stuff…..I don’t think so

  7. SteelCurtnDee says:
    April 13, 2010 4:21 PM
    Pitt should offer Limas Sweed and a 2nd rounder
    HAH for what a bag of Denver’s practice balls?

  8. “nato2424 says:
    April 13, 2010 4:21 PM
    settin him up to sign him long term”
    Perhaps some team is going to sign him long-term, but it’s not Denver. Why would he sign his RFA contract when refusing to sign it gives him more leverage with the team? I figure he’s traded within the week.

  9. there is not one receiver on the Broncos roster who can replace him, and there is not one receiver in the draft who can fill Marshalls shoes
    the best option for them is to keep him and they better hope Brady Quinn pans out when he eventually replaces Orton by week 2 that he can actually throw him the ball

  10. Goodbye, farewell, alfersein![sp?], goodni…
    My first Sound of Music / Brandon Marshall refetence…

  11. If the Broncos get their ‘value point’ then a trade may be done. Thats a 1st or a high 2nd with player or multiple picks with player.
    I think that Brandon and his agent found his current value point in the current market and it turned out way lower then they expected.
    Nay, I still think Denver sign’s him.

  12. What is Marshall worth under the NFL revised player trade compensation compensation scale??
    Former Pro-Bowl QB = (2) 1st rounders & a 3rd rounder
    Future Hall of Fame QB = 2nd round pick and future 3rd or 4th round pick the next year
    Turd former First round WR = 5th round pick
    So Marshall would be worth a 4th roud pick and a half-eaten Kit-Kat!?!

  13. you know whats crazy, when i think of teams that could use a good receiver like marshall, the broncos come to mind hahaha. you have a qb competition going into camp, go into it with the stud wide receiver. i dont think that getting a first round pick for him is worth it because so many picks end up being busts. stick with the proven player, the kid can play.

  14. the dolphins really should get this dude, and i hate on the fins all day cause im a jets fan. but id want this guy over dez bryant

  15. I have long been wanting a Ravens-Broncos trade.
    Ravens trade WR Mark Clayton, LB Jason Phillips, G/T Tony Moll, 2010 2nd Rd pick (#57) and 2011 conditional 6th Rd pick (which could into a 4th) to the Broncos for WR Brandon Marshall and 2010 4th (#114).
    A receiving corps of Boldin, Marshall, Mason, and Stallworth would be an absolutely nightmare for opposing defenses.

  16. The Dolphins should trade for him. That will put some interest back on the East & the fact that the Jets wont go to the Super Bowl…again. Stir it up Tuna.

  17. Miami offers Ginn, Smilley and their 4th rounder this year for Marshall and acquire his services within the next 72 hours.

  18. Seems everyone is forgetting Seattle has 2 first rounders. He goes to Seattle for #14. Seattle was just waiting for him to sign his tender.

  19. SteelCurtDee,
    You forget..Limas Sweed can’t catch. Every fan and GM in the league knows that. You will have Limas Sweed FOREVER.

  20. My team must have not looked at our offensive rankings these past couple years. I have been saying this for the past 2 moths, if Spiller comes off the board before we pick at #13. We should take the best OT available and then give Denver our 17th pick 4 Marshall. This dude is clearly one of the best reciever’s in the NFL right now. Not too mention, Gore,Davis,Crabtree, and Marshall, that would be insane offense.

  21. Ravens will trade Mark Clayton and their 2 for Marshall.
    They will then trade back in the first round to pick up additional picks.

  22. I can’t see the Skins not snatching him up next. As an Eagles fan, the thought makes me cringe.

  23. Everyone wants Brandon Marshall, but as soon ad he signs with Seattle, you guys are all going to say you never wanted him.

  24. Hey I am a seattle fan I and i want him he and T.J would work out really good than seattle can draft a OL and that offence would be good again.
    But who ever gets him he is going to do great.

  25. Dolphins fans must be high with their trade proposals.
    The funniest is Dolphinsig, Ginn , Pennington(haha) and a 5th??? rounder for Marshall.
    There is a bridge for sale in Brooklyn, HURRY.
    And the Steeler fans, Limas Sweed???
    Limas Sweed is what teams call future considerations because he doesn’t mean anything in the present.
    Josh McDaniels did not fall off a turnip truck or study under Al Davis!

  26. This could mean a deal is coming soon or it could mean nothing. McDaniels probably told him the obvious, nobody is going to sign him to an offer sheet and the Broncos can’t trade him unless he signs the tender. I don’t think that means the Broncos will take anything less than first round value for him now but they wanted to have the ability to pull the trigger if a deal came up that they liked.
    Miami 12th pick and Seatle 14th pick are probably the two most likely deals at this point.

  27. i can hear it now mcnabb to marshall touchdown!!!!! that just sounds good ,now go get him you oarnge elf

  28. Hey Uncle Rico,
    Your website is pathetic. I am soooo tired of whiney bronco fans. I suppose you know more about professional football, winning super bowls, and hiring head coaches than Pat Bowlen and the Bronco brain trust? I take it you are an NFL personnel expert, and could show McDaniels the proper way to run a team? And you think one season is adequate for a first year coach to prove his worth?
    I disagree with many of the decisions he made, but I have no illusions that I know better than the coaches do. We look at things from the narrow perspective of fans, and have no real grasp of the inner-workings of the organization. Did you think the transition from the hall of fame worthy, Mike Shannahan reign, was going to be easy? Grow up, and let the guy do his job before you crucify him.

  29. Not surprising. He will be traded once they start losing games and BM starts kicking balls at practice again

  30. Junior says:
    April 13, 2010 5:22 PM
    Seems everyone is forgetting Seattle has 2 first rounders. He goes to Seattle for #14. Seattle was just waiting for him to sign his tender.
    what makes this funny is that Seattle got that pick from Denver…

  31. TheOne: You are an idiot. Perhaps you’ve forgotten that Dallas already has Miles Austin and Jason Witten. Is BM going to magically change Romo’s status as a choke artist? There are plenty of teams that could benefit from having BM, Dallas is certainly not one of them. Cowboys fans are moronic.

  32. So BroncoBourque,
    When Marshall is traded for a 2nd and a later pick will you be around so we can say “told you so…”?
    No way any team will give a 1st rounder for Marshall. Especially not Seattle’s #14.

  33. fins trade brown, gin (immediate family included) and possibly smiley or a 5th round pick for Marshall. Then we take spiller 12 over all and go heavy D the rest of the way..

  34. # milehiclown says: April 13, 2010 4:25 PM
    This is good news. Time to lance the last remaining boil from the Shanny experiment.
    I hope we get *something* for him. Anybody? Anyone? Any takers?
    Shanny experiment? The dude made your team actually matter for a stretch of time, more than you can say for any previous coach.

  35. @Calgaryhawk
    Sure I will be arround, can the same be said about you if the Broncos either keep him or get the first round pick for him?

  36. BroncoBourque,
    I’ll be around. And you have a better chance of keeping him than you do getting a 1st rounder for him.

  37. OK, Skins fans, remember Shannahan may have drafted him, but also wanted to cut him.
    If Seattle was willing to part with the 14 and Denver was OK with it, Marshall would have signed his RFA weeks ago.
    Anyone proposing picks next year forget that Josh is on a timetable to win now. He wasn’t given a rebuilding project (though he’s making it into one) and Bowlen knows it. He expects results, which means McDaniels has to get value for him this year.
    And once again I will say that there isn’t a fire sale on Marshall like there was on Holmes. Broncos will be just as happy with him here as they would be with him gone. While the call today may have indicated a possible trade, it also may have been to simply shed light on the fact that the RFA is just about the best Marshall’s going to find right now.
    Again, the Broncos hold all the cards here, Marshall knows it, and if any team REALLY wants his services, they know it too. We’re talking a top #1 or equal value, I think, nothing less. Otherwise, Marshall stays a Bronco. Plain and simple.
    Then again, maybe McDaniels and Xanders don’t like their jobs that well…

  38. “overkil2 says:
    April 13, 2010 4:33 PM
    Fins should offer 2010 2nd round and 2011 3rd round

    Damn, I was off by a pick. Good job Miami!!

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