Dolphins shopping Ted Ginn

Ted Ginn’s days with the Miami Dolphins could be numbered.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network is reporting that the Dolphins are shopping Ginn.

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that Ginn might be headed elsewhere in 2010, considering that Ginn himself referred to 2009 as his worst year playing football.

The Dolphins’ 2007 first-round pick, Ginn undeniably has talent, and in November he was named the AFC special teams player of the month. But while Ginn has played in all 48 games since the Dolphins drafted him, starting 35, he hasn’t contributed nearly as much as the Dolphins hoped he would on offense. In 2009 he caught just 38 passes for 454 yards and one touchdown.

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  1. Hmm … going to be interesting to see what his market is. While the Santonio issue was a unique circumstance and doesn’t relate to any Ginn market directly, I have a hard time seeing Ginn Jr. getting more than a 5th in return.
    As a Bears fan, I wouldn’t be against us adding him as another asset if the price is low, but I doubt the Bears will pursue it. Teams needing ST help may … I half wonder about the Jags if the price is right (could use another WR, could use return help with Thomas likely in offensive sets more … don’t recall, off the top, any serious character issues with Ginn Jr. but my memory could be slipping).

  2. Send him to the ravens. His family too. Cammoron is the one drafted him. The least he could do is not take him.

  3. Thats interesting. But I can’t imagine they get enough in return to justify giving up one of the best KR in the league. I mean Holmes only brought a 5th back to the Steelers.

  4. Why isn’t this guy more touted as the “Bust of the Century?
    Oh yeah, he isn’t a Raider. Stay below radar there Teddy, you are safe.

  5. Ginn wouldn’t seem to have much value other than as a kick returner. Arguably, his career has been less successful than Az Hakim or Antwan Randel-El.
    I would guess he might fetch a 4th or 5th Rd pick. Otherwise, a team might be inclined to draft the similar, and much less expensive, WR Jacoby Ford of Clemson.

  6. He’s a good football player, but the expectations were just too high considering Miami’s absurd decision to draft him ninth overall or whatever it was.

  7. Why is this guy not touted more as the “Bust of the Century”?
    Oh yeeeeah, he isn’t a Raider. Stay under the radar there Teddy. You are safe. No need to hate on Godcells.

  8. Chargers get him for a fourth, maybe 3rd round. Chris Chambers didn’t work out but they could use a speedster in the slot to assist in their already potent passing game.
    Could be what they need to put them over, if they grab a worthwhile runningback (I predict Toby Gherhart in the middle rounds, MAYBE late 2nd) to pound the rock.

  9. I feel sorry for Teddy Ginn especially when they booed him at the home game last season. Not needed! I am glad to see him go if they replace him with someone that can catch a ball. Ginn is a return guy that doesn’t like to get hit.

  10. Wont get even close to a 1st round. Best to keep em, coach em up. Worst case hes Desmond Howard 2.0, best case you get a 5th rounder.

  11. Who cares about Ginn when a pedophile rapist is on the loose in New York. Hide your wives and daughters, New Yorkers.

  12. Dolphins shopping Ginn
    Dolphins shopping Brown
    Dolphins wont cut Gibril Wilson
    Dolphins will use Ernest Wilford as a TE
    Dolphins QB situation, Henne not set
    loool i love it
    media still hasnt figured it out how they operate
    to a Dolphins fan like me that all points to
    – making as much noise and chaos before the draft
    with the 12th pick in the 2010 draft
    the MIAMI DOLPHINS select
    WR, Dez Bryant, University of Neon Deon

  13. Oh please…oh please let this be a precursor to some big news concerning a bigtime WR i.e. B. Marshall. Ted Ginn is about as sorry a wide receiver the league has ever seen. He’s soft, cant catch and has no big time play ability. Then again you might wonder if Cameron would have picked Brady Quinn in 07 where would this phins team be right now. Not in that much great of a position i believe. frustrated dolphins fan. OUT!

  14. just give Denver the 12th pick and get Marshall – end this already. Screw Byrant with that pick ..would much rather see them get Marshall, let Ricky guide him and show him how its done. With Marshall, Bess , Hartline & Camarillo – they would have a great set of WRS – that would set the O up for a long time………..

  15. michael jenkins, david boston, anthony gonzalez, santonio holmes, brian robiskie…..THE ted ginn jr

  16. Is this a prelude to drafting Dez Bryant? I hope so. Any offensive picks ahead of the Giants ensures a quality Defensive player falling a spot.

  17. Dont Trade Ted Ginn Jr!
    Just Use Him On KR/PR!
    I Would Only Trade Ted Ginn Jr For A 5th Round Pick And A WR!
    Dolphins Trade:
    Ted Ginn Jr
    Bengals Trade:

  18. I was going to put together a list of players the fins could have had just to antagonize their fans. But when I went back over it, I gotta admit it wasn’t that great a draft.
    The only one that really has to hurt was Darrelle Revis at 14. Of course, 13 other teams are feeling that pain too. I’m sure there are a few others, but no great shakes.
    The fins got bailed out slightly when the player most fans thought they should pick- Brady Quinn- didn’t exactly light up the league.

  19. Do you think Cam Cameron will take him in Baltimore? I guess if they need a returner he might.

  20. The trick is finding someone who will give us anything worth while for him.That would be first step towards bringing in a talented reciever.Dez Bryant/Brandon Marshall.

  21. thought they would keep ginn being that his best games are against the jets .
    what direction is my fins going iam getting dizzy

  22. As Cam Cameron would say, “We’re not just shopping Ted Ginn, We’re shopping the whole Ginn family”

  23. geez, for a low enough pick, line Harvin up in the backfield, and put Ginn in the slot, with Rice and Berrian? I think the Vikes could do worse. Then again, I have not seen Ginn play much…

  24. Miami didn’t pass on matt ryan for ted ginn. They took Jake Long 2 time probowler instead of Matt ryan. Long is as solid a pick as you can have

  25. The Titans would probably take a look. He was high on Fisher’s board, and Fish might be the right kind of guy to turn him around.

  26. For those of you who think he’s a good kickoff and punt returner, you’re wrong. Long before the end of the season he was no longer returning punts and if you take out the two long returns against the Jets in the same game, instead of being 13th in the league in KO return average he would have been 30th.
    When I got back to my car in the Dolphin Stadium parking lot after the last game I said to my friends, “I wonder if Ginn has been cut yet.”

  27. Tcostant says:
    April 13, 2010 2:39 PM
    Passing over Matt Ryan for Ted Ginn, how that looking now?
    dude, you really should pick only one…take only the red OR the blue pill in the morning…
    enter the matrix soooon
    i dont like the idea of trading ginn… its tuff being a dolphin fan from time to time…first of all you play twice a year the worst franchise in all sports (incl. lingerie football, baseball and sumo wrestling) the Jests + the fans are really really weak between the ears
    Ginn got issues….but that guy isnt half as bad as they make him. Ask Revis “Island” how he looks from behind
    he needs the Reggie Bush treatment to get more agressive and playing with a mean swagger but that dude can fly, he does drop some balls so does Braylon “it wasnt me, it was my helmet” Edwards, wait bad example….
    make him pay a penalty everytime he steps outside, lock him into the gym and get him Serena or Venus Williams als girlfriend and he will be a top receiver.
    Dolphins fans can cry about Ginn as much as they want but the truth is besides Ginn…all we got are posession guys who cant outrun Rex Ryan (i mean THE rex ryan, not the rex ryan on the way for a all you can eat dinner)…he is the only guy who can get behind the defense and forces opponents to double cover/play the safety deep.
    would i trade him? – yes
    but not for less than a 2nd

  28. I heard that the Dolphins were giving Ted Ginn and Ronnie Brown to the Jets, for a 7th round pick in the 2011 draft. Is this true?

  29. Can we trade him for a bag of Lays ( prefer ) BBQ flavored, a 2-liter of Rootbeer and a pack of Hubba-Bubba???

  30. tconst…read before you post…Ginn and Ryan were in two DIFFERENT drafts…we took Long over Ryan, which so far doesnt look like bad decision at all

  31. Interesting move by Miami. Ginn probably still has a lot of upside. And, its probably not wise to blame 100% of his lack of offensive performance on him. I can’t see how the front office can justify not giving him a legit shot now that they have a decent QB at the helm. Got to believe its worth at least one more experimental season.

  32. I would take him in Cleveland. Bet he can be had for a late 4th or early 5th. He’s still young and has some upside, maybe a change of scenery would do him well.. He’s not a number 1, but he can stretch the field and make some room for some other guys to make plays..

  33. I think the Marlins need a base stealer, would make a great pinch runner and doesn’t have to catch.

  34. On the rite team this Kid could shine the fins need a #1 WR that he’s not rite now or he may never be but he can get some work done as a 3rd or 4th WR opt. And he has some skills with return’n kicks n punts he can be used let’s keep it real the fins have a lot of hole’s and the D was the problem for yall last season I don’t hear anyone bad mouth’n about that Ginn was a very small part of the problem I’m sure cam will take a good look at him for Bmore and might not be a bad idea cuz our Special teams sucked last yr here in Bmore Go Ravens! I can’t wait tell the season starts it’s going to be a good one !

  35. I dont know what you should expect out of a WR in Miami, look at their style. And then you wonder why Pat White would rather play baseball then move to WR for the Dolphins. You just dont get many chances, and admittedly Ginn screwed up the few chances he did get.
    He still has talent, and if he can get traded to a team that runs a normal offense I think he will do a bit better, and if not, he will always have a place in the NFL as a returner.
    As a Steeler fan, Id take him. Maybe for a 5th rounder?………

  36. Ted Ginn is a complete waste. He runs out of bounds all the time to avoid being hit or he will just fall down to avoid being hit. That garbage plus the fact that he can’t catch a cold means he needs to be sent packing. And a big thank you goes out to idiot Cameron for drafting this turd

  37. Living in Columbus I watched him his entire career at Ohio State. He’s nothing more than a track guy. Maybe the best straight line speed I’ve ever seen on a football field. But he is not a football player. Will not take a hit, and for as fast as he is, he’s really not very elusive. If he makes it to the corner, he’s gone, but everyone on here who’s saying he’s a great return man has not seen him play much. Doubt many Dolphins fans are going to miss his returns.

  38. if santonio holmes only brought a 5th, ted ginn should bring a 15th. too bad the draft doesn’t go that long.

  39. “I doubt we could get a box of M&Ms for him.”
    Let’s see. On my desk I have a half-empty box of M&Ms and….hmmm….I think I’ll keep the M&Ms.

  40. why are you guys talking about Holmes situation with the trade…that was a different situation being they didnt was going to release him anyway. however, Holmes is a beast…and Gin was garbage since garbage was named garbage. not to be a hater…but call it how it is. to be honest…i dont think he is a good punt returner either…football is about making people miss…he just runs fast straight…get that cat out of miami…free up some money…bring jayson taylor back…defense could use some leadership

  41. I wonder if his family is on the trade block as well. Cam Cameron did draft the entire Ginn clan.

  42. realitypolice says: April 13, 2010 2:45 PM
    I was going to put together a list of players the fins could have had just to antagonize their fans. But when I went back over it, I gotta admit it wasn’t that great a draft.
    The only one that really has to hurt was Darrelle Revis at 14. Of course, 13 other teams are feeling that pain too. I’m sure there are a few others, but no great shakes.
    It’s not like the Dolphins could have used
    Patrick Willis

  43. HELLOoooo He/she is a DorkFin! Completely worthless. Once you become a Dorkfin, you are ruined for life, but in this case, the Dorks drafted an Idiot to begin with. Not worth a 7th round pick. A BUST!
    Word is she likes being on the sissies of Pink and Aquamarine. Makes her feel well, feminine.
    Also picked up the Dorks are going to change their helmet logo from a dolphin, to bunch of balloons on a string. lmao.

  44. # Tcostant says: April 13, 2010 2:39 PM
    “Passing over Matt Ryan for Ted Ginn, how that looking now?”
    Looks great. How far did Atlanta get last year? Why is everyone running variations of the Wildcat?

  45. Hawks will take him. No telling what this guy can accomplish with a QB throwing the ball in a professional offense….not a RB scampering around in some stupid college scheme.

  46. Pray the Raiders do something dumb and trade us a high draft pick instead of the 6th rounder he is worth. For Crazy Al it’s not how you catch the ball, but how fast you run before dropping the ball. I could also see Ted Ginn Jr. landing in Chicago to stretch the field with Martz and all his other fast returners I mean WR’s who can’t catch.
    Tcostant says:
    April 13, 2010 2:39 PM
    Passing over Matt Ryan for Ted Ginn, how that looking now?
    Umm?? Different drafts champ. We drafted Jake Long over Matt Ryan and phrased so that you can understand it, looking that good now.
    Ginn Jr was drafted a year before by Cam (what an idiot). Nearly as bad were the idiots the year before drafting Jason Allen at 16 before jumping ship back to the NCAA (thanks Saban you a55hole).

  47. Raiders need to snatch him up! Ginn lining up across from DHB with Russel at QB? That’s offensive gold!

  48. They’ll be looking hard at Dez Bryant if he’s available. Also, they’re better off releasing Ginn. Nobody is giving up more than a 5th round pick if Holmes was only worth that much. Unless they desperately need a return game. Ginn is not a good receiver

  49. SeeUInTheSuperbowl says: April 13, 2010 5:47 PM
    Hawks will take him. No telling what this guy can accomplish with a QB throwing the ball in a professional offense….not a RB scampering around in some stupid college scheme.
    Professional offense? QB?
    What are you smoking?
    Seattle avoids the cellar thanks only to the Rams.

  50. The dolphins need 2 keep ted ginn because he will be a great receiver ( they will regret this move

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