Jared Odrick, Colt McCoy visit Cleveland

The Cleveland Browns are taking a close look at a couple of players who might make sense for them in the first and second rounds of the draft.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Penn State defensive lineman Jared Odrick visited the Browns on Monday and Texas quarterback Colt McCoy is visiting Tuesday.

Odrick has accepted the NFL’s invitation to attend the draft, and the Browns are reportedly considering taking him in the first round, although he might be a bit of a reach with the seventh overall pick.

Browns front office boss Mike Holmgren is believed to want to draft a quarterback, and the top prospect, Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford, is almost certain to be off the board before the Browns choose. Holmgren doesn’t like Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen as much as he wishes he did, so McCoy could make sense for the Browns in the second round.

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  1. A slight trade down, maybe to 13 w/ SF moving up to grab Claussen or whats left of the top OT’s (Will need to get ahead of Oakland and Buffalo for both positions), grab a 2nd in return, and get Odrick at 13, use a 3rd + 38 to move up in position to grab McCoy, still have an additional 2nd and 2 3rds, could be a rewarding day for Cleveland. I really hope that they get creative and grab some additional 2-4 rd selections!

  2. McCoy will be taken by the Browns before the end of the first round. It will resemble the trade up for Brady Quinn.

  3. If Berry, Mcclain, Spiller or Clausen are not on the Browns radar at #7, they need to trade down. Colt McCoy will be eaten alive in the AFC North with defenses like Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Cincy. McCoy will be no better (if not worse than Quinn). Odrick and an extra pick or two would be better than taking Bryant or Haden though.

  4. A possibility is they package Shaun Rogers and D’Kwell Jackson to a 4-3 team that needs help upfront like Atlanta for their No. 1.

  5. We NEED help with the defense secondary. We don’t need a DT unless “Bang Bang” Rogers is traded. But then, that’s why I’m sitting at my pc while the Big Show is getting PAID to make these decisions.

  6. If Berry falls to # 7 they have to take him. I’m a Browns fan but come on…they had Mike Furrey playing safety for half the year. If he fall I think they take CJ Spiller. Dudes’ a beast. I would love to grab Colt McCoy in the second round.

  7. The Browns have lots of needs. They shouldn’t be able to blow their first round pick. I personally like Rolando McClain. I don’t think their is as big need to fill the QB spot this draft. But then again if Colt McCoy is available in the 2nd round I don’t know what I would do.

  8. It’s all smoke…Berry is the man unless KC grabs him. If he’s gone we’ll trade down to wherever we can get the guy they’ve deemed “plan b”.

  9. Like Browns_Why said…”They have lots of needs.” Screw plan B. Take the best available throughout the draft. Maybe get a Taylor Mays in the second or third. I think people are sleeping on him.

  10. The Browns should take the best available 300+ pounder on either side of the ball with the first pick. They need to get someone in the front of the defense that can rush the passer, or a road grader for the running game.

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