League won't comment on Kroenke's reported plan for NHL, NBA teams

FOX 2 in St. Louis reported earlier tonight that Rams minority owner Stan Kroenke is prepared to transfer ownership of the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche and the NBA’s Denver Nuggets to a family member, in order to allow him to purchase the portion of the football franchise he currently doesn’t own.

We’ve asked the NFL whether such a simple maneuver will be sufficient to circumvent the league’s cross-ownership rules.  The league declined to provide a definitive answer.

“The proposed transaction will be reviewed by our office and the Finance Committee,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told us via e-mail.  “Until then, it is premature for us to speculate on the outcome.”

Here’s the bottom line.  The league can approve any transaction that it wants, as long as a total of 24 owners are willing to give it the thumb’s up.

3 responses to “League won't comment on Kroenke's reported plan for NHL, NBA teams

  1. It should be. It was enough for the Rooney’s to say “oh, it is my brother that owns the horse track, but I own the Steelers.”

  2. “A lot of players will go out and say, ‘Well, Ben did this,'” Logan said. “‘He’s been in bad situations and he didn’t get suspended.’ So I think there might be a little uproar if he doesn’t get a suspension.”
    This is because Pig Ben is white, plain and simple.

  3. One thing about Kronke, he’s nobody’s fool.
    He’s been an NFL for 15 years now, albeit a minority partner. But he knows all these good old boys and they know him. You can rest assured he’s been told through back channels that his plan will be approved.

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