NBC could be picking up an 18th game

As the NFL inches closer toward announcing the contents of the 2010 regular-season schedule, we’re told that NBC’s 17-game slate could be expanding.  By one.

We’re hearing that NBC will have an 18th game this year. 

And this means that Bud Selig likely will be upset, again.  Because we think it means that the NFL no longer will be standing down during the World Series.

If so, bravo.  We’ve hated — actually, despised — the NFL’s reluctance to play a game against baseball’s championship round.  Besides, if Selig was prompted to say “goodness gracious” regarding the trade of Donovan McNabb on the day that the baseball season started, we have a feeling that his words will be slightly more colorful as it relates to the possible infringement on the season’s climax.

So here’s hoping that, if the NFL does indeed go against the World Series, the league and NBC give us the kind of game that will result in a ratings landslide.

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  1. Ha… it’s probably because they know.
    “Man… I don’t wanna flex with you in front of all these girls, little bro. I’m just going to make you look stupid.”
    It will be funny to see a regular season game draw in more ratings than a championship game.

  2. I haven’t watched an MLB game since 1994! Baseball is just irrelevant in sports world! My 2 favorite sports right now are MMA/UFC and the NFL!!

  3. F Baseball…. That Sunday Night is the most depressing Night in the Football Season…
    Who cares about Boring Baseball… let them switch their schedule…
    Oh Yeah And The Patsies Still Suck….

  4. “If so, bravo. We’ve hated — actually, despised — the NFL’s reluctance to play a game against baseball’s championship round. ”
    Totally with you on that one Mike. MLB lost me almost 20 years ago and except for a handful of games I watched with my Dad the year before he died so we could have something nice to share, I haven’t watched or cared about baseball in 2 decades.

  5. a regular season game versus the WORLD SERIES.
    OMG, this will kill the NFL ratings (tongue firmly in cheek)

  6. MLB can go screw, they ruined the World Series when they started using the 8:45-9PM start times. A Sunday World Series game should START no later than 7PM, that’s if baseball wants to continue to grow their fan base.

  7. As much as I can’t stand your smug remarks… I must agree that baseball deserves to lose ratings to football.

  8. Agreed, to many fans like me once you remove the football game you go from watching the game to going to bed early. The next thing they should look at is the stupid rule that prohibits them from a national telecast on Saturday or Friday due to certain circumstances (for instance inclement weather in South Florida). It sucks when you pay for Sunday ticket and a Dolphins game is moved to Friday or Saturday and it can only be televised in the local markets.

  9. Okay, I understand that we won’t get the FULL schedule until the NFL wants us to.
    But shouldn’t team’s have already been informed of some of their games?
    Don’t we normally get a few match-ups leaked by now?
    Where are all those infamous “anonymous sources” when we REALLY want them?
    Come on, leak SOMETHING!

  10. FLORIO you SLAPPY! If the World Series was on NBC you would not be dishing it. If you would pull your head out of your butt you would see that not going against the World Series is the smart thing.
    If the World Series has 2 teams from big markets (NEW YORK/CHICAGO). The NFL does not to lose those Markets for it prime time showcase game. If the NFL is banking on have two small markets (Tampa Bay and Washington) then it would pay to go against the World Series.

  11. You can’t use the words colorful and Bud Selig in the same sentence.
    The guy is about as colorful as a black hole.

  12. It’s a good move by the league, but risky too. They need to gamble on which cities will not be in play for the World Series. Remember a few years ago the NFL got burned on a Monday when they had the Bucs at home up against a Rays home game. [I believe that was an ALCS game, but there was a lesson to be learned]. Expect the League to have the game in a city without a MLB franchise and have the away team be either a city either without an MLB franchise or a really weak one.

  13. You despised it Florio because you treat the NFL like a god.
    Once again the NFL doing what ever it damn well pleases, regardless of the impact on their partners.

  14. NBL will expand to a 180 game season next year, but will take a break for the Christmas holidays.

  15. OK, you like Football and don’t enjoy watching Baseball. What I don’t get is why you have such a HATRED for the national passtime? And, yes, regardless of which sport is said to be more popular baseball will always be the passtime because it’s on everyday during the best weather this climate gets. Not to mention you don’t need to take out a second mortgage to take your kids to a game (or in some cities…you can actually GET TICKETS to games unlike football.)
    Am I the only one that sees this as annoying and unfounded?

  16. @Bubby Brister –
    An NFL regular season game will NEVER out rate a world series game…especially if one of the big market teams are involved like Yankees, Sox, Mets, Cubs, ect…

  17. Oh please be true.
    If some want to watch b-ball go ahead.
    For the rest of us give us a choice. And when b-ball gets crushed in the ratings no one will care.
    Or to quote my 18 yr old “baseball is so boring, I’d rather watch golf than baseball”
    Ouch, though I agree w/ him.

  18. One more comment: Maybe instead of saying the NFL “stands down” the MLB you should look at it as doing their fans a favor. What if the Giants and Yankees are both on? That would suck for a New York fan. Or if the Phillies make the series again and the NFL schedules McNabbs return to Philly for the same night? That would just F’n suck right!?
    Normally you are a thoughtful writer (sometimes overly thoughtful as it leads to conspiracy theories), but you seem pretty black or white on this one.

  19. One more comment: Maybe instead of saying the NFL “stands down” the MLB you should look at it as doing their fans a favor. What if the Giants and Yankees are both on? That would suck for a New York fan. Or if the Phillies make the series again and the NFL schedules McNabbs return to Philly for the same night? That would just F’n suck right!?
    Normally you are a thoughtful writer (sometimes overly thoughtful as it leads to conspiracy theories), but you seem pretty black or white on this one.

  20. One more comment: Maybe instead of saying the NFL “stands down” the MLB you should look at it as doing their fans a favor. What if the Giants and Yankees are both on? That would suck for a New York fan. Or if the Phillies make the series again and the NFL schedules McNabbs return to Philly for the same night? That would just F’n suck right!?
    Normally you are a thoughtful writer (sometimes overly thoughtful as it leads to conspiracy theories), but you seem pretty black or white on this one.

  21. I’m not so sure they havent been showing games in competition with the World Series because of getting Bud Selig mad but more of the fact that the know there ratings would be down. Think about it if you are a fan of both sports and you have a football game with two teams you dont care for and dont effect any of your teams and two baseball teams you dont care for in the WORLD SERIES, which one are you going to watch? I’m certainly watching a championship game…your at least going to be flipping back and forth

  22. Hey, it’s not a big deal. If the Yankees or Red Sox are in the World Series, it’ll only be the third inning by the time the football game is over.

  23. We’ve had a few leaks, the Jets are supposed to be hosting the thanksgiving night game, both the Jets and Giants are playing home week 1, Jets are having the first MNF game. As for baseball, maybe if the sport wasn’t so damn boring there would be more to this. Football is the better sport here. There’s more going on, easier to get into, much more entertaining, and much more impressive. Bud Selig needs to come to terms with the fact that hes the Commissioner of an inferior program.

  24. Colts versus Pats doesn’t have the same ring that it used to. I really am not that excited to see them play anymore. I think its the fact that these teams change so very little over the years that the matchup has become repetitive.
    I’m not a baseball guy, well not when it comes to spectator sports. Baseball is a great and fun game to play especially when you are younger but watching it is pretty boring. Watching a football game live if you are not a fan of the team can be boring but at least on television where you get a nice close view even teams that aren’t interesting provide to be more exciting then watching a baseball game.
    I’ve always been exclusively a football fan. More recently the sport I have been following to a certain degree more then anything is hockey. Also follow UFC/MMA as well if people deem that a sport. Helps the capitals actually have a good team. I might be inclined to follow the Nats if they field a good team but the problem with baseball is since their are so many games each specific game means very little.

  25. NFL regular-season MNF games beat MLB playoff games in head-to-head ratings every season, so I don’t see why the NFL should sit during the World Series.

  26. Playing Baseball = standing around in a feild, watching the pitcher, waiting for a ball that probably wont be hit to you, running pointlessly to back up plays, then after three outs, going to sit in a dugout and waiting to hit, (repeat 9 times)
    Unless youre a pitcher its a boring game to play, let alone watch.
    Why do you think fans have so many stats on everything? got to find something to kill the time.
    Please let the NFL go against it.

  27. If they want to counter-program a game to the WS, the following teams should be considered:
    Cities with no MLB teams- New Orleans, Carolina, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Buffalo
    Cities with weak MLB teams- Kansas City, Seattle, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Houston, Washington DC
    If they wanted to have the Saints-Steelers game in New Orleans as the 18th game, it shouldn’t be a problem considering there’s no MLB team within 500 miles of New Orleans and it’s arguable whether the Pirates still count as an MLB franchise.

  28. The story means nothing to some of us because we can’t keep track and don’t care which network covers which nights, days, etc. We watch with the sound off, or if we leave it on, we don’t learn which commentator is making which offensive, meaningless noises, and who cuts their paycheck. We watch football. So what does this story mean? Sunday night, right?

  29. Maybe Bud Selig should be more worried about making baseball more fun to watch than what other leagues are doing. If people wanted to watch baseball then it wouldn’t be an issue.

  30. see pauli the hook ” the patsies still suck” is exactly what i was talking about when i posted yesterday.. is every other team fans consumed with the patriots.? or is it just the Jets, Steelers, Colts, and Dolphins.. ( and much like the alphabet.. sometimes Buffalo) like come on man… get off the patriots nuts.. you dont like them great.. but move on

  31. It’s not Colts/Patriots because:
    1. They’re not making a potential conflict with the Red Sox.
    2. I don’t think the first weekend of the World Series is during November Sweeps. They are not putting Colts/Pats anywhere but November Sweeps.

  32. Baseball doesn’t need to change it’s rules every year to fix an imperfect game, and when someone gets a GWRBI, or other game changing hit, it isn’t called back by a yellow flag that is completely under the control of a faliable (or worse) human.
    I love them both, but I crack up at you people bragging about not having the mental aptitude or the modicum of patience, required to enjoy AMERICA’S PASTTIME.

  33. birdmancometh,
    Football be it college or the NFL IS the most popular sport and pastime in the U.S., are you still living in the 60’s? MLB is irrelevant.

  34. From a person who likes both of these sports a lot the BIGGEST reason the NFL is so popular because it is along with the NBA the easiest sport to “throw down” on. Baseball is a hard sport to bet on but the NFL and NBA is EASY! Take away gambling and the NFL would suffer greatly on television.

  35. To Florio & every other idiot on this board:
    The baseball playoffs are a bigger draw than the NFL. OMG, I know, but it’s true. Here are some facts from last year:
    Sunday, Oct. 25
    Cards/Giants: 9.1 rating, 14.9 million viewers
    Yanks/Angels ALCS: 9.3 rating, 15.5 million viewers
    Sunday, Nov. 1
    Yanks/Phils World Series: 13.5 rating, 22.8 million viewers
    NBC topped that rating ONCE all year — Pats/Colts.
    Ratings courtesy of Sports Media Watch. So how about Florio and you dolts realize that NBC & the NFL ceded that Sunday because they were LOSING in the ratings.

  36. NBC’s football coverage is so lame, that I really don’t care about this issue. to be exact, NBC Sports is a pathetic joke. It’s time they gutting everything and started over again.

  37. Why is Florio still running this site? He has the right to his opinions but his baseball comments are totally disrespectful. I wonder what classless comments he would make at the NHL if NBC didn’t air their games. News flash, football is not the only sport. Time for NBC to make a change here. Someone who will show some class & only allow civilized conversations here. This is exactly why I don’t come on this site as much as I used to. I’ll find better sports forums sites to visit.

  38. There to me was only one reason the NFL was even considering this:
    The NFL knew if Conan o’Brien signed with FOX, they likely were going to have to give ESPN a much stronger than normal MNF schedule (including moving several games from NBC to ESPN) to offset ratings losses for having a November MNF game from 8:40 to 7:00 PM ET to assure such finished before Conan premiered.
    Obviously, that won’t happen since Conan signed with TBS, but I’m suspecting the schedule release delay had to do with waiting to see what Conan did first.

  39. Following up the last post:
    In turn, in order to offset ratings losses on NBC, the NFL then would have likely given NBC an extra game to compensate for the NFL moving marquee games to ESPN.
    I suspect that was why the NFL was considering this.

  40. Interesting that the NFL and NBC think that the World Series might no longer be competition.
    In 1986 World Series Game 7 was scheduled for a Sunday and rained out. The next day the Mets and Red Sox played game 7 on NBC opposite the Redskins-Giants on ABC and the result was one of the lowest rated ABC MNF games ever.

  41. Wally, you’re out of your gord if you think Conan O’Brien has any effect on the NFL schedule. Your logic didn’t make sense before and it doesn’t make any more sense now. And when there’s an article out there speculating that NBC might broadcast a game the night of the World Series, it shows how unbelievably wrong you are that you assume that NFL Network might so the 10/31 game and NBC gets a Thanksgiving night game. Give it up with this sick and twisted logic that you should know better has nothing to do with anything!

  42. Quaker:
    Then why is the NFL so late in announcing the schedule? Usually, we know all of the big national games by now, with the rest of the schedule also usually announced by now.
    I suspect the NFL was waiting as long as it could because the NFL knows it owes FOX for what happened with the playoffs in January, and had Conan signed with FOX, the NFL might very well have been in a position where they would have had to acommodate a Conan premiere with no Monday Night Football opposite it (and the NFL offices probably are breathing a major sigh of relief that Conan signed with Time Warner/Turner to do a show on TBS).

  43. Wally, I think it’s the Giants/Jets stadium coin flip situation that caused the biggest issue. The timing of Conan’s announcement is pure coincidence and you’re crazy if you think otherwise. The NFL didn’t consider for more than half a second the ramifications of Conan. If Conan had signed with Fox as you were sure a couple of months ago was going to happen, the NFL would have done absolutely nothing to accomodate Fox. You were insane when you suggested that after the playoffs, you’re equally insane to still think it means anything now.

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