Report: Seahawks have discussed Marshawn Lynch

M. Lynch2.jpgThe mystery Pro Bowl running back on the trade block we mentioned a few days back is indeed Marshawn Lynch.   But he won’t come cheaply.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Bills “would be open to moving [Lynch] if a package included a second-round pick.”

(I’d like $1 million for writing this post, and may have a better shot at getting my price. )

There’s no chance anyone would give up that high a pick for someone with Lynch’s off-field baggage and salary, unless they were getting something like a third-round pick back.

Robinson notes that the Seahawks have had “internal discussions” about Lynch, but it’s unclear how serious their interest is.  The Bills and Seahawks have not yet talked, but the trade would make sense if Seattle passes on C.J. Spiller and Ryan Matthews in round one.

If the Bills are stuck on wanting a second-rounder for Lynch, they are misjudging his value or they aren’t really that interested in moving him.

42 responses to “Report: Seahawks have discussed Marshawn Lynch

  1. He’s pretty good. He just sucks up the middle. He’ll gain yards every time when he goes outside. He’s worth a second rounder in my opinion…..but I am a Bills fan, so I’m biased.

  2. You can see these train wrecks coming from SO FAR away, it constantly amazes me that teams still lay themselves down on the tracks.
    Santonio Holmes. Gee what a huge surprise he turned out to be a chronic perp. No one woulda guessed when he came out of college with 3 illegetimate kids that he pawned off on his own mother.
    Marshawn Lynch. I’m as stunned as anyone. There were NO warning signs. Baffling turn of events from this upright young man.

  3. Dude…Looking at that picture above, I would not tackle him for all the wings in Buffalo…He looks like a brick shithouse…Or at least what I imagine one would look like…

  4. I like the talent of this guy, love the talent of Marshall…but I really don’t want to turn in to Pitt or Dallas of 2 yrs. ago.

  5. Or they took negotiating 101. Always ask for more than you want. It’s that simple

  6. I’d be surprised if they could pull a 2nd rounder for him, but a 3rd would make sense. He’s pretty good if his head is on right.

  7. Seattle is a good fit … Marshawn is infact a Brick~$hitHouse
    (RT: Gary Clark) … and yes he is well worth a 2nd …

  8. Is this really that difficult? He’s worth a 3rd round pick and Buffalo has started the negotiating at a second rounder.
    So in a week somebody settles on a 3rd rounder with barely reachable incentives that could make it a 2nd and you call it a day.
    Honestly, he’s a back taken in the top 15 a few years ago with low usage on a team with a TERRIBLE offensive line. He’s worth a risk for a number of teams out there.

  9. ever think the Bills might be asking for a second in hopes of getting a third? i dont think they will but isnt that part of negotiating? wasnt the asking price for McNabb a first early on?
    i can see teams being concerned with his off-field baggage but his salary? come on…did you even bother to look it up? the guy was the 12th pick in the draft not the 2nd
    its an uncapped year and his total contract was 19 mil over 5 years with a base salary of $630k in 2009
    nice research guys

  10. @Meldog
    how you ever even watched Lynch play? going outside is not his game yet thats all he tries to do…he is a north south runner that spends too much time dancing in the backfield instead of just hitting the hole and running…the best part of his game is short yardage going straight ahead
    gain yards every time when he goes outside…thats just funny

  11. SD should make a move for this guy. They had a poor running game with LT. But that’s still better than no running game, which is what they have now.

  12. @JD
    99% of the trades fans post are completely ridiculous but thats not a bad one
    i dont want Clausen even a little bit but i wouldnt have a problem with the Bills trading Lynch and the 9th for the 6th pick especially if Okung is somehow still there
    I also have no doubt the Bills are going to go into this season with the QBs they currently have on the roster…so much has been made with the success Gailey has had with subpar QBs that I think they are going to give Edwards one more shot or Brohm his first shot…I would prefer Brohm in the scenario
    but if they do draft a QB i dont see them taking one before round 3 (Pike)

  13. @SterilizeTHenry
    we all know LT is not the runner he was but he wasnt the only problem with the Chargers running game
    i watched a lot of their games and their line simply couldnt open holes for him or Sproles to run through not to mention they are a pass first team now

  14. Beast Mode.
    There isn’t a RB outside of CJ Spiller that is better than (Behind)Bar-Shawn in this draft.
    IF the Dolts or Seahags trade for him, he is a #2 RB next year easy!!

  15. This guy is a bust. He had problems at his college (Berkely College) and it was covered up. Then his off field issues were widely known. This guy is worthless.

  16. I want winners not guys coming from the Bills who are used to losing. Winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing. Lynch is not a winner.

  17. Great News! This means the Bills will not just give away Lynch. He has only played three years and in his first two he went over 1,000 yards rushing, had many receptions and went to the Pro Bowl. He has one down year, due primarily to a lousy O-line and fewer carries, and fools act like he is over the hill (as he is about to reach 24). Then people who do not know anything about the guy write that he is some sort of habitual criminal. Well, he has been charged with and found guilty of ONE (can you people count to one?) misdemeanor (an unloaded gun in the back of his vehicle), for which he was sentenced to community service. Other than that, he basically got a traffic ticket for a drunk staggering into the side of his vehicle. He gives of his time and money to the poor, but this is ignored. Almost since the moment the Bills drafted him, he has been under constant attack by ignorant fools who are not concerned about the truth. I hope no one offers a second round draft pick, because without so many injuries destroying the O-line, he should easily be good for over 1,600 yards from scrimmage this year for the Bills.

  18. id rather sandpaper a Bobcats ass in a phonebooth than have marshawn run into me.that being said,he is still a jackass who will probally be out of the league sooner than later.

  19. bobinpuertorico- i agree with all of that, the guy runs as hard as anyone, great work ethic, i want the bills to keep him. if they trade him for a 2nd than i guess they would have to take it. theres no one in the 3rd round of the draft thats worth his talent. he could easily be a top back in league with a good oline.

  20. florio is there anything we can do to stop you from saying stupid things……you look like john clayton’s illegitamit child

  21. I’m just grateful the draft’s next weekend. I can’t cope with another dragged-out-no-news situation with another Pro Bowl cast off. Get the deals done or don’t bother at all.

  22. Just another punk with so much talent and barely enough brains to get dressed in the morning. Get his “posse” the hell away from him and he’d be much better off…as most of these kids would. If nobody gives up a 2nd rounds, keep him and hook him up with some decent surroundings and maybe he gets a clue. But , Jesus, dude, get rid of the grill. You look like freakin Jaws from James Bond.
    (I’m surprised the Raidahs haven’t inquired. His smarts & attitude fit right in…)

  23. This guy is worth a 2nd round pick in my opinion. The trade should be conditional. AFC East fans know Marshawn is lightening in a bottle when he wants to be. Make the trade conditional. I do agree that the Bills might not be interested in moving Marshawn because he is exactly the kind out RB Chan wants to draft (rb who can catch the ball and get outside and make people miss) Maybe Marshawn can change?
    Conditional pick, or don’t trade him. He could be gone on draft day.

  24. Rumor has it, the Bills & Dolphins are currently working a trade: Edwards, Lynch & Parrish for Pennington, Brown & Ginn.

  25. If the ‘Hawks are going to go out and trade for a running back, doesn’t it make more sense that Carroll would put together a reasonable package for Lendale White? Tons of mileage left. Loves playing for Carroll. Durable.

  26. mikepiazza- ur dumb, would never happen
    Nashvilleandy- lendale doesnt nearly have as much talent

  27. Marshawn has as much talent as most other backs in the NFL . Do people forget he has had 2 1000 yrd seasons outta three? The only reason why he is considered being traded is because Fred Jackson is better. Also Gailey wants a “water-bug” back like Spiller. If the 4 tackles are gone before they pick, Bills WILL take C.J. Spiller mark my words

  28. Please stop talking if you have no idea who Marshawn Lynch is. Dude rushed for over 1,000 yards in his first 2 seasons and made it to the Pro Bowl. Beside Adrian Peterson I believe he was one of the best rookies taken in that draft and was in talk for Rookie of the Year. Dudes a beast the only reason he didn’t produce this year because he was suspended and Fred Jackson was running like a kid late for dinner and putting up Fantasy numbers!
    So please don’t talk about who is Marshawn Lynch like you don’t know a year ago everyone had him ranked in the Top 10 for fantasy backs in the NFL. He’s a great runningback and is only worth a 2nd rounder if you don’t get it keep him and let Fred Jackson be the Waterbug.

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