Santonio suspension covers four games, regardless of bye week

As the NFL prepares to eventually pull the sheet off the 2010 regular-season schedule, there’s an issue that we need to address regarding the interplay between the Santonio Holmes suspension and the possibility that the Jets will have a bye in Week Four, traditionally the first weekend on which teams get a break.  Given that all four of the teams that received byes in Week Four of the 2009 season had qualified for the playoffs the prior year (Cardinals, Falcons, Panthers, Eagles), there’s a chance that the Jets, who made it to the AFC title game, will be one of the first four teams to take a week off in 2010.

If that happens, Holmes would still be suspended until the Jets play their fifth game.  However, he’d be paid for the bye week, ultimately losing only four game checks at a total cost (per NFLPA records) of more than $177,000.

The only down side would be that Holmes would miss another week of practice.

Also, keep in mind that the Jets will be subject to fines if another player is suspended.  Under a procedure the league adopted within the past couple of years, teams who have players with multiple suspensions must forfeit a chunk of the salary that isn’t paid to the player during the suspension.  The fine process commences with the second suspension, and continues for each additional suspension. 

As to the Jets, the next guy on tap for a possible suspension is receiver Braylon Edwards, who pleaded no contest to assault after joining the team.

18 responses to “Santonio suspension covers four games, regardless of bye week

  1. Is there anyone out there who actually believed prior to reading this post that Santonio would only miss three games if his fourth fell on the bye week?

  2. If the JETS were the Bengals, they’de be getting killed by the media for acquiring all these troubled charactered players.

  3. When someone asked Holmes what he thought of going to the Big Apple, he asked “Wtf is an apple, mofo?”. Then he found out it’s the stuff they mix with sugar in the little McDonald’s pies.

  4. The media will jump on this when the JETS are 4-8. They are all still fooled by the phony run by an 8-8 team.

  5. What if the 4th game is suspended because of lightning,earthquake/tsunami,a storm of Canada geese pelting the the field/players/fans, or the toilets not flushing at the new stadium?

  6. Santonio Holmes really hasn’t done enough to be suspended four games,maybe two max.
    just an incident at a orlando nightclub (as if he’s the only player in the NFL to run into trouble in a nightclub)
    And, he claims he didn’t throw the glass and there is no evidence to say he did throw it. What else, his account got hacked on twitter? He likes to wake-n-bake? um, didn’t Randy Moss say he smokes once in a blue-moon? Did Moss get suspended for it? Did Ray Lewis get suspended for being tried in court?
    This is stupid, Holmes really shouldnt be suspended at all. He ain’t no pacman

  7. Has there ever been a more desperate team trying to sell tickets than the Jets?… they will do anything at this point to sell those PSLs

  8. Is this the next Bengals? No offense Bengals fans, but Marv has a soft spot for ignorant asses that frequently get in trouble. I am sensing that Rex Ryan is sitting in the same tree stand as Marvin Lewis and going after a decent amount of thugs and troubled personalities.
    As proven in Cincy, it is not a highly touted formula for W’s, Playoff Appearances, Super Bowls, or even the perception of fans towards the franchise.
    Good luck Rex, I personally think your running down the wrong road!

  9. Holmes agreed to the trade because he thought his agent said he was going to the New York Joints- not Jets.

  10. The Jets are going to be better this year. Add a year of NFL experience to Mark Sanchez’s resume, a future hall of fame running back, who now has a better offensive line and millions of people to prove wrong, Santonio Holmes in the slot with Cotchery and Edwards, Kris Jenkins back to stuff the run, and a head coach who loves to talk trash to get his team to rally behind him. 2010 AFC East Champs!

  11. This is such a stupid article. As someone else mentioned, who believes that a bye week would shorten a 4 game suspension.

  12. The Jets are doing a better job creating a good reality show for Hard Knocks, than doing what is best for the team… HBO must be thrilled.

  13. yeah rex obviously doesnt know whats best for the team? so arrogant some of you are. they acquired a damn good young reciever for a 5th round pick. one of the best YAC recievers in the league and a legitimate deep threat. YES HE HAS HIS PROBLEMS. but players will go through hell and back to play for rex ryan which some of you do not see. Cromartie nor Holmes willl be a distraction on or off the field

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