Walter Jones is still a Seahawk, for now

In the hours prior to the Super Bowl, long-time Seahawks left tackle Walter Jones expressed an intention to retire.  Since then, no official word has come.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times reports that, while the team doesn’t know what Jones ultimately will do, he’s not expected to show up for a three-day minicamp that opens today.  The sessions are voluntary.

The team, per O’Neil, is operating under the assumption that Jones will not return.  Per NFLPA records, he’s due to earn a base salary of $7.3 million in 2010.

Though coach Pete Carroll has been trying to foster the notion that the team hopes to land a quarterback with the sixth overall pick in the draft, Carroll’s under-the-radar (or so he hoped) visit to Oklahoma State for a look-see at left tackle Russell Okung has prompted increasing speculation that the Seahawks will seek Jones’ eventual replacement.

With four arguably elite players at the position — Okung, Trent Williams, Bryan Bulaga, and Anthony Davis — one or two of them will remain at No. 6.  The key for the Seahawks will be the Lions; if they take Okung at No. 2 instead of one of the top defensive tackles and if the Redskins then take Williams at No. 4, the ‘Hawks would have to choose between Bulaga or Davis.

Or maybe Carroll simply spent an hour with OSU coach Mike Gundy to talk about receiver Dez Bryant.

9 responses to “Walter Jones is still a Seahawk, for now

  1. People are going to freak out about idea lions not taking a DT,Well the BPA is DT when you have a Elite QB and a Wide Receiver who could be the best in the NFL you need someone protect that blindside so the bombs can be thrown.

  2. What a prima dona, Jones just wants his name in the news. I can’t believe he is holding the Seahawks hostage like this.

  3. Don’t be a clown, BroncoBourque.
    Jones is holding nobody hostage, nor would he. He has a passion for the game that is still giving him reason to return to practice, even after major knee surgery.
    The Seahawks are simply carrying on without him and making plans to replace him. If it turns out he can play games this season (very unlikely, but possible), then it’s merely a bonus, if he retires it’s no surprise and everyone will wish him the best of luck. No one loses.
    And if John Madden can refer to him as possibly the best left tackle ever to play the game, then I think you can afford him a bit of slack.

  4. vets take alittle extra time with there decisions,plus he did have surgeries on his knee,so give him some time

  5. Okung is a top 10 talent, but the others are simply late first rounders at best. They wouldn’t even be considered top half of the first round talent in any other year.
    So, does Pete Carroll continue to show why he was never given full control in his previous stints as head coach by selecting the 3rd best tackle with the the 6th overall pick? Probably.

  6. Seahawks should plan to the season to not have him, but if he does decide that he can tough it out to play then that’s a bonus to the line.

  7. yo uncle fester
    i believe the guy picked 5 spots in front of walter jones in the draft is better, orlando pace, u know the guy with a sb ring

  8. @uncle fester
    I was joking and making a reference to all the clowns on this site who complain every time something is reported about Favre. Jones can take all the time he wants to decide, the guy has been a great player and has earned that right, much like Favre. This is the second offseason in a row that Jones has been on the fence and the media and fans give him a pass yet a lot jump at any chance to criticize Favre.

  9. This article has outsider all over it. The Seahawks brought in Alex Gibbs, anyone know his history about tackles in the draft. The OT worthy of # 6 and a possibly replacement to walk is Okung. Eric Berry will be there and maybe even McCoy if the Lions take Okung.

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