Ginn looks like odd man out in Miami

Miami’s attempts to trade Ted Ginn don’t figure to slow down following the acquisition of Brandon Marshall.

You could question the Dolphins’ top-shelf receiver talent before the trade, but not their depth.  Davone Bess is a great slot receiver, Greg Camarillo has been productive, and second-year player Brian Hartline showed promise as a rookie.

The Dolphins also have last year’s third-round pick, Patrick Turner, who was taken ahead of Hartline.  Add it all up, and Ted Ginn looks like the odd man out. A few things stand in the way.  

Will any team give up anything more than, say, a fifth or sixth-round pick for Ginn?  We doubt it.

Ginn also brings something the rest of the group lacks — vertical speed. 

We’ve heard Marshall called a “field-stretching” receiver, but that’s a misnomer. He’s a physical player that makes noise after the catch.  He’s closer in style to Hartline and Bess than Ginn.  (Of course, Marshall is the only one keeping defensive coordinators up at night.)

It’s hard to see where Ginn fits in this group, but it’s also hard to see another team giving up much for him.

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  1. He looked like the odd man out last year too. The Dolphins screwed up big time when they wasted that pick on him.

  2. Redskins should make a play for Ginn. They could use an impact player on special teams. I’d give up a 5th or a player for him.

  3. Not that the Browns have anyone to throw to him, but hometown-boy Ginn would be a natural refugee for Cleveland to pick up. And they luuuuv spending the picks.

  4. Ginn would be a decent fit in Washington. They need a fast punt returner that can break away…

  5. Bess isn’t a “great” anything. He’s a good slot receiver who seems to work really hard. Hyperbole isn’t necessary.

  6. Keep Ginn Jr. If nothing else, he’s a Jets killa’
    He beat Revis deep on MNF last year for a long TD and busted two KR for TD in NY last year that caused Rex to crap his pants.

  7. Ginn has mostly been awful. Another team might give up a dinner at Burger King for him, but not more than that.

  8. Although I cant stand Ginn over the middle or on any other route than a fly, doesnt make sense to dump him for a 5th or 6th rounder. Keep him now that you have Marshall as your vertical threat… let him do what he does best, catch a bomb, where no one will hit him, as Marshall will command the attn of the corner, safety and OLB.

  9. Throw a 6th round pick at them Angelo and let the track meet begin in the new Martz offense…

  10. Steelers, please flip the pick you just got from the Jets & get this guy for the return game & an extra receiver.

  11. The dolphins will be better off keeping Ginn. Why give him up, he might be a poor excuse for a wr but he is the best kr/pr on the team. Now he can run those fly routes one on one due to teams game planning for Marshall or Ronnie.

  12. Marshall is a downfield threat because of his tremendous when matched against much smaller CBs… that is why he is able to stretch the field. He is nothing like Bess. Bess is a extremely quick, but slow little guy that does all the dirty work, he’s nothing like Marshall either. Bess is a major-league overachiever and team player.


  14. Doesn’t Marshall’s acquisition make Ted Ginn that much more dangerous? It’s much easier to get the ball to the deep threat when you have a big, high-profile possession receiver on the other side. If the Dolphins get rid of Ginn, then they just don’t like him.
    Bess and his 9.5 YPC sure as heck isn’t the deep threat.

  15. The Ravens would be happy to trade:
    Mark Clayton (former 1st round pick)
    Ted Ginn (former 1st round pick)
    Make it happen! hahaha

  16. 2 things:
    1. Ginn could end up in Cincinnati. Played at OSU, and even with the Antonio Bryant signing, the Bengals still need a WR to stretch the field.
    2. Didn’t someone on this site mention last week that BOTH Ginn jr. and Ronnie Brown replica jerseys were in the discount bin?

  17. If I was the Giants I would give a fifth or sixth rounder for Ginn, his kickoff return skills are worth that and then let him work is way up from WR #4. Ginn would be a major upgrade from Sinorice Moss.

  18. The Dolphins just busted the year they picked Ginn. They were heavily criticized for not picking Quinn with the pick used on Ginn, but it turns out that they could have chosen either with the same result.

  19. I have not been a fan of Ginn as a #1 receiver, but with the acquisition of Marshall, Ginn just got alot better. The pressure to be #1 is no longer there, learning from Marshall how to be aggressive, and lastly this allows him to focus more on kick returns and deep routes. I say keep Ginn!
    Oh, and by the way, the Phins secondary just got alot better as well. Now Sean Smith and Vontae get to practice against Marshall day in and day out. Next time they line up against anyone other than maybe Andre Johnson, gonna feel like a walk in the park.

  20. Oh, but you all forget: Miami didn’t just draft Ted Ginn. They drafted the whole Ginn family! That’s got to be worth a fourth rounder!

  21. let’s see.. I can get Santonio friggen Holmes for a 5th… nah, let me get GINN. Yeah, that makes sense.

  22. keep ginn see how he produces with marshall on the field. if he doesnt do anything trade him next year. its not like were gonna make anything out of the guy we get for him (5th or 6th pick) in a trade this year

  23. Keep Ginn, draft Bryant, and drive all opponents crazy! Ok, NOT going to happen but sounded fun for a minute.
    I love the Marshall trade for Miami. If they can trade down in the first and get back that second rounder it would be fantastic. I think this draft just went all defense other than a TE and/or OL.

  24. My Niners will be glad to have him….just in case we can’t draft C.J. Spiller to fill in our special team needs.

  25. As a Dol-fan I am so glad to see Ginn on the way out. What an over rated bag of nothing he has been. Hey Marshall – welcome to Miami.

  26. If you can’t get something good in return, just keep him around. He’s your best return man and he can be a thread as an occassional deep thread. He’s a solid #3 WR and a good KR, but nothing more. I would rather trade Camarillo than Ginn because of his unique skill set (speed and running out of bounds).

  27. I hope Parcells doesn’t let Ginn go for a 5th. He beat the JEts twice last year by himself and he’s really fast. With Marshall there he could even be better. Please at least a 4th for ginn

  28. Keep Ginn! I think he could flourish with the attention Marshall is going to draw. Only saw 1 WR run right past Darelle Revis last year, it was Teddy Ginn. Turner seems like a wasted pick, part ways with him. This way you have your physical #1 WR, burner, slot guy and a couple of possession guys.

  29. I’d bet the Steelers are interested. He would be an obvious replacement for Holmes. At OSU I think that Ginn was widely regarded as the more dangerous of the two.

  30. Trade Ginn to vikings for a 6th rd.pick. Use him on returns and use Percy Harvin on offense only.

  31. Maybe the Raiders will cough up a pick or the Jets should trade for him, that way he won’t beat them twice a year. lol

  32. Thank god… I’m sure we can get a pick outa the Ravens… Considering Cam-moron drafted him.

  33. A few of u get it, cant say the same 4 the rest. Marshall just made Ginn better. Ginn’s 1st 3 years were similar 2 Devery Henderson’s 1st 3 years numberswise,with draft position (Henderson went in rd.2) as the difference. It looks like Tuna is cleaning out all non-Tuna affiliated players anyway so somebody,hopefully SP and the B&G,chalk up a 5th rounder 4 him…or Lance Moore,who seems to be the odd man out here…

  34. I am as sick of Ginn as the next Fins fan, but the signing of Marshall may do wonders for him. If no one is willing to part with a 4th or better, we might as well keep him.

  35. Whether or not Cam Cameron is still in love with Jr. is irrelevant. Why would the Ravens give up one of their remaining five picks this year or even one next year for a guy that is probably going to be cut?

  36. Ginny would be a perfect fit in Cincinnati, where they are in need of a speed receiver. I would think the Bengals would be willing to give up a 5th or 6th rounder for him. That woul allow the Bengals to focus on Safety, Oline, and TE!,,

  37. with the vertical threats that Norv has then Ginn could fit right in in SD. The problem is he works in space and is not much of a slot guy. He would have to compete for the slot for playing time. If not he could be a change of pace guy subbing for VJ or Floyd.

  38. Bring him back home to Cleveland. Not just for the hometown hero status, but also that we NEED a vertical threat. Massaquoi and Robiskie will be fine possession guys and only be better with a threat like Ginn.

  39. The TUNA knows what he’s doing… He has a ligit #1 and a bunch of complimentary role recivers… Last year the Dolphins would mix and match depending on what they were trying to accomplish but could only threaten in certin ways… Now the fish can mix Marshall with a deep threat (Ginn), a Slot Bess, crafty possession guys (Heartline, Camarillo)… It becomes like basketball… Studs allow role players to be more efficient… Why would the TUNA trade Ginn Now for nothing… He isn’t expensive, and his value is as low as it gets… TUNA has one year to find a role for Ginn or better yet increase his value…

  40. Rosenthal there is no misnomer with Brandon Marshall. He is a receiver that you do not compare to most in the league. He’s big and fast……One who can stretch the field but also use his speed, size etc. to create separation, catch and then run for yards. It just may play out that Ted Ginn will benefit because he will not get double coverage anymore. Ginn’s burning straight ahead speed could work out for the Dolphins with he and Marshall on the field at the same time.

  41. All you idiots that think Miami would trade Ted Ginn for a 5th or 6th rounder need to go elsewhere

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