Jeff Fisher says he hasn't talked to Redskins about Haynesworth

Though rumors that the Redskins are willing to trade defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth haven’t subsided, Titans coach Jeff Fisher has gone on the record to make one thing clear.

He hasn’t talked to the Redskins about working out a deal to bring Albert back to Tennessee.

“There has been some speculation that I’ve had conversations with Mike
Shanahan, which is false,” Fisher said, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “I have not had
behind-the-scenes meetings with our people.  There have been no
discussions.  He is under contract with the Redskins and we are dwelling
on the draft right now.”

Though the headline in the Tennesean indicates that Fisher said Haynesworth won’t be back at all, we see nothing in the article suggesting that the door is closed.  Instead, Fisher says only that there have been no talks, that Haynesworth is under contract with the Redskins, and that the head coach “doesn’t deal in hypotheticals.”

The position makes perfect sense.  Last year, the Titans instigated a tampering investigation regarding their belief (and the belief of everyone with a beating heart and an ounce of common sense) that the Redskins were talking to Haynesworth’s agent, Chad Speck, about a contract before the free-agency period opened.  Fisher hasn’t remained the head coach of the Titans for 16 years without being really, really smart.  And he’s smart enough to not give the Redskins (or anyone else) ammunition to argue that, in the end, the Titans are hypocrites.

Here’s the deal.  If the Titans truly have no interest in Haynesworth, they can say so, loudly and clearly, without running afoul of the tampering rules.  Fisher didn’t.  And that means the door is still open, even if by only a crack.

11 responses to “Jeff Fisher says he hasn't talked to Redskins about Haynesworth

  1. Haynesworth’s one of the few former Titans who I stopped caring about once he left the organization. The only reason he did so good in 2008 was because that was his contract year, he proved in 2009 what he really does. I for one don’t want to see him back on our D because he’s going to do the same thing that he did in Washington and in Tennessee for 6 years.

  2. I hope the Titans aren’t interested in him. I think he made his decision now he should live with it. He’s proven that the only times he will go all out are when he is trying to correct a bad impression (like when he kicked Gurode in the head) or when he is up for a new contract. Other than that, he plays all out only when he feels like it.

  3. At this point… who cares! Either way the Skins are bound to lose!
    If Fat Albert stays in DC, he is going to be a fat blob of cancerous poison for the team.
    If the Skins deal Fat Albert, they will not get what they invested in him.
    Way to go Vinny! Another of your blockbuster moves gone south. We should nick name you Vinny “KY” Cerrato! You leave a legacy in DC of hiring high-Price, over-rated, over-the-hill, primadonna players where the Skins ended up getting reamed!
    Now we have the pleasure of listening to your incredible insight durring the ESPN draft coverage. It should make for good comedy! Thanks “KY”!

  4. Funny you refer to common sense Florio.
    Common sense would tell you that what’s left on his contract makes it incredibly improbable that any other organization would trade for him. & no, Mr. Buttersworth is not going to give any $ back so he can be traded.

  5. Typical Field Goal Fisher; I haven’t, but it’s possible/probable someone with the Titans has

  6. Who wouldn’t want the most domainant defensive lineman in the NFL?
    My goodness, if you say otherwise; you are in denail.

  7. this guy is overpaid who was only motivated by $ and once he “got paid” he gave up.

  8. THE FIRE STILL BURNS: Washington should trade Haynesworth to the Atlanta Falcons for DE Jamaal Anderson, a 3rd round pick (#83), and an additional pick this year or next. The Falcons were yearning for him last year but not his price tag, so 25 year old Peria Jerry was the fallback option in round 1 in ’09 and missed 14 games and is still on the road back to recovery. F that, get Albert in here, he’ll command attention whether giving 100% or not unlike a “nice” player like Thomas Johnson. Plus J. Babineaux will miss some games this year so make the move. It ain’t rocket science, it’s common sense despite the risks (which are overrated).

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