Jon Gruden wants Colt McCoy to improve his accent

We’ve had some fun with some of ESPN’s decisions lately, so let’s give the network credit for a show that looks fantastic.

Based on the clip we saw on Sportscenter today, Jon Gruden’s “Quarterback Camp” airing tomorrow night should be cool television. We kill networks for dumbing down coverage, but this looks aimed at fans that love x’s and o’s.  Gruden knows quarterbacks and he knows how to get on their case with humor.

In a segment that aired Wednesday, Gruden chided Colt McCoy for his height.  “What are you, 5’11, 5’10 1/2?”

He also said McCoy may need to change his diction in the pros.

“You’ve got that southern drawl, man,” Gruden said.  “You’re a hard guy to understand.  . . . You gotta speak clearly, man.  You gotta lose that accent.”

He asked McCoy to go through a long play, as if he were calling the play.

“I missed about 30% of that,” Gruden said after McCoy was finished.

McCoy laughed, but the point was made.  And we can imagine Gruden saying the exact same thing to McCoy if he drafted him.

45 responses to “Jon Gruden wants Colt McCoy to improve his accent

  1. I saw this one and when he did Bradford earlier. It is a great sneak peek at the QB’s and how they react to some good pressure that Gruden applies. I’m looking forward to Tebow tomorrow.

  2. This show does look good… unless ESPN does something stupid to make it a shibacle… like advertise Mike and Mike during it… those shibacle heads make me want to rip my ears off.

  3. YES!!!!!!! You actually do read the comments i cant believe it !! (Your welcome for my suggestion of addressing this topic)
    Thank you Florio, i will not call you any names or complain until next month.

  4. Remember when on a kneal down play Colt McCoy had a game/season/college career ending injury during the game against Alabama?
    He’s weak

  5. It actually does sound pretty decent! Do us a favor next time and also put what times it airs, some of us are lazy.

  6. Haha saw that earlier today but all in fun with McCoy…I think 😉 Though not all Texans talk like that!

  7. Firing Gruden was the 2nd stupidest thing the Glazers ever did. Replacing him with Raheem Morris was the stupidest.

  8. What would Gruden say if he ever heard JaThargic Russell talk??? Russell sounds straight up retarded when he attempts to speak.

  9. If Tebow will be on tomorrow, would some please notify ItalianArmyGuy. The Steelers do not need a Full Back because Arian’s offense does not use one and Tebow will not be an NFL Quarterback so why draft him?

  10. If Marvin Lewis isnt signed to coach the Bengals next year,Jon Gruden will be the next Bengals coach,and I already heard the Bengals have contacted the Dolphins about WR Ted Ginn Jr,the thinking here is use Ginn as a slot reciever.

  11. Gruden also suggests that the way for McCoy to lose that southern drawl is to chug multiple pitchers of screaming orgasms at Hooters. McCoy will then sound like Belichick in a press conference.

  12. I don’t think Bradford… McCoy or Claussen will
    be the best QB in this this draft.
    There are guns out there that will flex.
    Look at Flacco.
    He will get a ring before The PittsRothlisrapers
    (he paid her off) get another if they stay healthy.

  13. Gruden the Guru…..
    “Kid will be a decent quarterback once he sounds like he grew up in Iowa, and grows another three inches.”.

  14. Wow. This show actually looks awesome. Gruden is the man.
    BTW, this show air tomorrow (Thursday) at 7 PM EST, after Sportscenter on ESPN.

  15. Grudens great it will almost be a shame to see him back on the sidelines with that classic Chucky scowl.

  16. Jon Gruden is absolutely right. Being from the Upper Midwest(you know,where educated people speak clearly) there is nothing more irritating than Texas Twang(Colt McCoy) or Deep South Jive(Chris Johnson). 1\2 the NFL needs speech therapy.

  17. Jon Gruden X’ & O’s QB camp? No about about it, Grudes could take any young gifted QB and grind him right into dust within a season or two.

  18. Gruden is an ideal person to look to when you want to see someone develop a young QB thru the draft.
    Just look at his success in this. Rich Gannon, Brad Johnston, Jeff Garcia…………….

  19. Gruden demonstrating proper diction to McCoy:
    “Twenty-three f**k, a-left sh*t, sixteen right m*****f***er!”…and make sure to say it f***ing clearly g*dd***it!

  20. Good thing the Raiders Al Davis fired Jon Gruden. Afterall, the Raiders have accomplished so much since Gruden left, like becoming the first team in NFL history to lose at least eleven (11) games in six (6) straight seasons. Kudos to you Al Davis! Kudos to you!

  21. Gruden has always been funny when chastising his QBs. When Bruce Gradkowski was a rookie QB in 2006 training camp, he once made the wrong offensive line call that got Cadillac Williams–just off of his Rookie of the Year season–crunched in the backfield.
    “GRADKOWSKI!” Gruden bellowed. “You make one more mistake that dings up my Cadillac, your ass is going back to Toledo in a Ford Pinto!!”

  22. @ joegalvan- Yah, you right. North as in East is about as nauseating. Boston,New York etc…. nasal douche bags…

  23. Yeah, because as the bucs coach Gruden showed how much he knows about qb’s.
    Gruden, one of the most overrated coach ever, i can’t believe there is still people wanting him to be their team’s coach, I’m happy he is out of Tampa, -still no happy with Morris either-.

  24. Gruden has replaced Madden on espn. He should not want to coach again. He looks to be having fun and is perfect at what he’s doing. Great entertainment.

  25. I honestly think Gruden is an interesting funny guy, I wish some more of that would show through in his game analysis. He has taken a lot of heat for being too complimentary and will never say anything critical of anyone (presuming he doesn’t want to piss anyone off – if he may be searching for another head coaching gig). He could be so freaking entertaining if he just let it loose during his game broadcasts…

  26. This did make me chuckle.
    Something about McCoy though. I think he’s got the heart of a lion, and pure stubbornness is going to make him a great QB.

  27. # Pervy Harvin says: April 14, 2010 9:09 PM
    Jon Gruden is absolutely right. Being from the Upper Midwest(you know,where educated people speak clearly) there is nothing more irritating than Texas Twang(Colt McCoy) or Deep South Jive(Chris Johnson). 1\2 the NFL needs speech therapy.
    People speak clearly in the upper Midwest? Maybe I’m in a different part of the upper Midwest, but I moved out here a year and a half ago and still can’t always tell the difference between someone saying “block” and “black,” “gad” and “god,” or “hag” and “hog.” People out here pronounce “ar” in a rather pirate-like manner, too (as in “car” or, my personal fave, 40-year-old women with the name Barbara), although I suppose you can’t criticize that for being unclear.

  28. I love Gruden, but he didn’t have a bad damned thing to say about the new Golden Boy Tim Tebow. I understand this statement, though. It is important that players be able to understand their QB. If Gruden missed 30% of Colt McCoy’s call then it is something that needs to change, and usually, players aren’t going to call a QB on this and the QB probably wouldn’t change it. Now, knowing is half the battle…G.I. Joe!!!

  29. “Jon Gruden is absolutely right. Being from the Upper Midwest(you know,where educated people speak clearly)”

  30. “You’ve got that southern drawl, man,” Gruden said…..”You gotta lose that accent.”
    Didn’t seem to hurt Matthew Stafford, last year’s #1 pick in the draft, played college ball at Georgia, and is from Texas – like Colt McCoy. Consider some of the great QB’s in NFL history: Fran Tarkenton, Bart Starr, Ken Stabler, the Mannings: Archie, Peyton & Eli, Drew Brees (from Texas, too), and so on….
    All from the South. They seemed to do pretty well.
    Maybe the person that needs to change is Mr. Gruden. Maybe he also needs to lose some of his loud mouth bluster. In football, like in life, it’s performance that counts, not loud talking.
    I think he also needs to look at where a large part of the football talent in this country comes from – Texas, Alabama, Florida, LSU, Oklahoma….
    Colt McCoy will do well wherever he goes. He was underrated coming to UT, and he became according to Alabama coach Nick Saban “the best football player in America”. He’ll do the same at the next level – no matter how long, or what, it takes.

  31. He’s a jerk!!! Plain and simple…he almost got Chris Simms killed, and then treated him like shit afterwards!!

  32. entertaining or not honestly how many successful QB’s has John Gruden developed? It’s like hiring Matt Millen as an expert on how to build a successful football team (oh wait….stupid NBC and NFL Network)

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