Marshall gets $24 million guaranteed

Brandon Marshall wanted $10-million-per-year, and he got it.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports Marshall will get $50 million over the next five years as part of a four-year, $47 million extension tacked on to his scheduled $2.5 million salary in 2010.

The deal includes $24 million in guaranteed money, and close to $29 million in the first three years of the contract.  It’s not backloaded, although we’re looking forward to seeing more details to learn if there are any natural outs for Miami if things don’t go well.

This deal essentially matches Larry Fitzgerald’s last contract, although not in guaranteed money.  Still, it arguably makes Marshall the league’s highest paid receiver, depending on how you want to count the money.

65 responses to “Marshall gets $24 million guaranteed

  1. “depending on you count the money”
    should read – depending on how you count the money

  2. He is as good if not better than Fitz. He never had a Boldin as a number 2! Fitz is great, but how great will be determined this year…

  3. WOW, that is a lot of cash to give a WR with a troubled past. Only time will tell if he lives up to the contract.

  4. good for him, its well deserved… 300 catches in 3 years speaks for itself, no one can cover this guy

  5. Why can’t these players for just $1 million?
    Thats $100,000 for 10 years, that should be plenty!!

  6. Holy dollar signs batman! I bet that will buy a nice beach house in this economy. I wonder if he can throw the ball in the wildcat?

  7. LMAO 24 Million for a jerk. Fantastic for the Dorks. Oh well scum goes where scum is. (Even if its expensive scum). Yes………..way to go Dorks!

  8. Imagine that. The Dolphins have now overpaid two people this offseason.
    Marshall and Dansby making more than Andre and Demeco.
    What a joke.

  9. And with all that $$$ up front in the contract watch for him to scream in a couple of years that he is underpaid and make an ass of himself. But who can blame him, IT WORKED THIS TIME!!!

  10. Stunning. Not the money. The “sentence”:
    “This deal essentially matches Larry Fitzgerald’s last contract and arguably makes Marshall the league’s highest paid receiver, depending on you count the money.”

  11. 10 Million a year in South Beach. A couple hours away from the crazy ex.
    Good luck with that.

  12. Wow…that’s a ton of money for a extremely talented yet troubled young receiver. I hope he can pull himself together now that he’s out of Denver and live up to his potential. Although I would imagine it’s much easier to get into trouble in Miami than it is in Denver.

  13. As a Lions fan I can tell you with certainty that throwing the bank at the WR position isn’t the best way to improve. Millen drafted top 5 recievers for a decade and was finally rewarded with an 0-16 prize.

  14. Gotta pay to play this game. If he can produce with the likes of Kyle Orton throwing him the rock, Chad Henne should be a definite upgrade for him. Don’t care about his off-field issues, this guy is a player. I’m Very happy with this deal.

  15. ‘..depending on you count the money.’
    I’m starting to think you purposely don’t proofread posts to get comments.

  16. Anyone think Marshall, South Beach and $24 million guaranteed is a toxic combination?

  17. Brandon Marshall + millions of dollars + Miami nightlife = overtime in the Miami Police Dept.

  18. Way to go Miami!
    Mike Nolan, Karlos Dansby and now Brandon Marshall! Now we will trade down from 12 and recoup the second round pick.

  19. Worth every penny… Great things are usually not cheap and cheap things are usually not great… Neither is a top 3 receiver in the NFL.

  20. Good. .. its about time a REALISTIC trade occurred. This whole offseason has been filled with dumb ass trades. Pro bowl players for LOW draft picks; a chance at a player who might not even make the teams.
    With McNabb, Sims, and Holmes all getting dealt for almost nothing in return but low level picks.
    ITS LIKE, SOMEONE HAS BEEN CHEATING AT MADDEN with the way people were gettin moved for next to nothing.

  21. This move is very un-Parcells-like. Now we need to see iof he refers to Brandon Marshall as
    “the player” like he did TO.

  22. Now if we can just go one season without hearing him bi%ch and cry, progress will have been made.

  23. damn the afc east is gonna be the new nfc east. glad the skins aren’t in that mess.

  24. Aren’t the dolphins on a so-called steeler trip?? we’re above the rest of the league!!that’s why we cut Peezy type of team? so they go and trade for Brandon Marshall……….lmao hypocrites good luck with that head case prima donna. just remember what he did against the dolphins last year .2 catches for nothing, and he calls peezy “popcorn muscles” he better do something better to pad his “popcorn stats” cuz he wont be plain kc and oakland twice a year anymore!
    p.s. watch out for those big mac wrappers on the floor in the locker room

  25. Lets see how he performs now that he’s got the big $$.
    So whats the prediction??…What week will he be screaming at Henne and Sparano (aka the Hamburger guy from Popeye) on the sideline? Week 3…4?

  26. As a Denver Fan I’m torn to see him go, but overall i think Denver will be better for it. Eddie Royal is the man, and can rightfully get the star status in Denver he deserves without Marshall casting a shadow on him… and without all the cryin’ and fussin’ Marshall brings to practices, etc.
    It’s almost a ‘good ridance’…. now on to trying to do well during the draft…..

  27. Yea…Marshall and Fitzgerald are about the same…
    Fool! To pay this malcontent that much $ is beyond stupid.
    You let every idiot in the league know that if you mess up some team will pay you so long as you can play.
    Desperate teams acting desperate will face the music eventually.
    Last…sending him to crime capital USA Miami with all the drugs, women and clubs there. Marshall has NO SHOT at being the model citizen they want.
    Have fun Miami…guess all those umbrella drinks and sun have fried your ‘logical’ brain cells.

  28. The Fins are going to regret this when his off field problems continue. He’s one incident away from a long suspension.

  29. I hope no one gets whacked after his first trip to south beach.
    How about a trust fund for Darrent Williams kids, B-Marsh? After all, its your fault that he won’t get a chance to sign a big contract!!!!

  30. He got a huge extension in a state without income taxes…this trade worked out very well for Marshall…

  31. People forget that Parcells is not the GM. Clearly the way things are being done are more Ireland-y than Parcells-ish. Miami had been planning this move all along. You guys laugh when th e Jets get Santurdio, and now look. Isn’t this much better than Holmes or Edwards or Boldin???
    Exactly. F the Haters! Go Fins!

  32. hey free ryan leaf, this is your quote, “I hope he can pull himself together now that he’s out of Denver and live up to his potential” what exactly do you think hes been doing in denver? he has been a monster every single game! what more can he do? he was lights out with kyle orton! and you say he needs to live up to his potential? I say he has exceeded his potential

  33. Miami should have learned from the Jets….Give a contract mid season or after and wait to see how he acts before you give him $24M up front…WOW!!! What if he gets suspended? You now put money into trouble for 5 years

  34. Miami should have learned from the Jets….Give a contract mid season or after and wait to see how he acts before you give him $24M up front…WOW!!! What if he gets suspended? You now put money into trouble for 5 years

  35. all of a sudden the AFC East gets a whole lot more interesting..
    if they get rid of Ginn, this could be an excellent offseason for the Phins..

  36. “JetChris says:
    April 14, 2010 1:21 PM
    Miami should have learned from the Jets….Give a contract mid season or after and wait to see how he acts before you give him $24M up front…WOW!!! What if he gets suspended? You now put money into trouble for 5 years

    I can see your point, but by not giving him an extention now he may start his whining and bitching about that. Now, his focus will be on playing football.

  37. Say Florio, wasn’t there supposed to be some kind of 30% rule in place in the event of an uncapped year or did the Dolphins find a way around it?

  38. does anyone think this will honestly end well? LMAO a guy who has problems presenting himself in public, or disputes, etc….ends up in MIAMI of all places!? here we go again, i’m gonna shoot for an average of about 1.2 dui’s a year.

  39. WR and RB are overrated. You pay big money to offensive and defensive lineman. They win games, not overrated divas who whore up all the glory.
    The 5-6 guys blocking and the QB are the reason you are successful, not because of your “game changing” ability.

  40. Paul_R. – great point!
    Can you guys answer his question about THE 30% RULE

  41. wow, alot of you guys are just unreal. He has 3 straight 100 catch season. Just last season he had an NFL record 21 receptions in a game. He has single handed won games for the broncos. And with all the legal issues he had most of the time his charges have been dropped and he was even found not guilty in august 2009 for one of them. He has never been suspended be the league and isnt close to a suspension. He had a horrible contract with Denver and they refused to pay him, even after 3 consecutive 100 reception years. Don’t knock the Dolphins for paying what he is worth

  42. he is not even close to fitzy’s skill level, over paid pre-maddona. He will get shut down against the jets. Revis or cromartie can cover him, You will see this fall. As they say on mnf, Come on man. AND HE IS NOT CLOSE TO FITZY’S SKILL LEVEL FOR THOSE WHO DID NOT READ IT PROPERLY.

  43. alan this website is full of arrogance its embarassing. i am a diehard jet fan and i will be the first to say that this move scares me a little bit, cause if he can stay out of trouble and stop being a baby about certain things he is incredible. i believe revis will be able to slow him down, im not sure he can shut him down like he has done to the rest of the league, he is just too much of a physical talent. i look forward for Revis/Marshall for years to come

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