Ozzie Newsome says there have been no Jared Gaither trade talks

medium_ravensbigguy1.jpgThe Ravens tendered restricted free agent tackle Jared Gaither at the first-round level.  Amid rumors in early March that the 49ers could be considering signing him to an offer sheet, we picked up indications that the Ravens would happily take the 13th overall selection in round one.

With neither the Niners nor anyone else making a play for Gaither, the Ravens reportedly are willing to move the big guy for only a second-round pick, which could be a little high in light of other recent trades.  It’s no surprise then that, to date, no team has made a play for him.

On Tuesday, Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome said that he has had no trade talks regarding the fifth-round pick in the 2007 supplemental draft.

“No, I have not had any dialogue
with any ball clubs about Jared,” Newsome said, according to Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times.  “When it comes to making trades of our
players, then we put a value on what we think that player is worth.  The same thing that Arizona did with Anquan [Boldin], they put a value on
what they thought he was worth and we were the team that met that
value.  So, that is what we would do if it came to that.”

In other words, Gaither is available.

Presumably, Michael Oher would move to left tackle if Gaither were dealt.  The Ravens then would need to replace Oher on the . . . wait for perfunctory reference . . . non-blind side.

12 responses to “Ozzie Newsome says there have been no Jared Gaither trade talks

  1. perfunctory…yeah, you can call me DJ Perfunctory.
    Time to expand beyond the Seinfeld references, Florio.

  2. Nobody is going to trade valuable high picks for him, because Gaither will hit the open market at a young age and with deep starting experience. The Ravens want to move Oher to the Left side and Gaither won’t move to the Right, because it’s not as lucrative for him. After this season.., he’ll leave the team and become a rich man somewhere else.

  3. Well if the 49ers don’t make a move for him then they value those 2nd round picks too much

  4. Ozzie an old pro as a GM…He doesn’t need to actively shop Gaither until the draft starts.
    If someone like Daniel Snyder, Jerry Jones or Al Davis called right now he would certainly listen, but I don’t think the Redskins or Raiders would give up their early 1st rounder picks and Jones is still probably having nightmares after the whole Roy Williams fiasco with the Lions.
    It is likely the Ravens will see who isn’t picked in Day One of the draft that they have on their draft board as first round talent (Especially now with Round One and Round Two on two different days).
    Then Ozzie will work the phones when round two starts and see if they can get a high second round draft pick for him.
    Too many teams needing a LT not to be willing to give up a second rounder.

  5. Love Seinfeld. Keep them coming, Mike.
    If Detroit traded their 2nd for Gaither, then took Suh in the 1st, not bad. Personally, I would tell them to trade for Gaither and take another one of the tackles with their 1st. Gaither at LT, Backus at LG, Raiola at C, Sims at RG and Okung at LT. Churilus to the bench or to guard if he is any good there. Brand new and very good line. Hello Stafford.
    Alas, we will still get to laugh at them as they take Suh in the 1st and then take an offensive lineman in the 4th or 5th. Backus will continue to be nicked up and turing 33 in September is at the end of the line.
    Now, if my Green Bay Packers were to trade for Gaither, then we are talking.

  6. “The Packers believe RB Ryan Grant performs better when he’s pushed by a teammate.”
    Is that a polite was of saying he’s a slacker?

  7. Way to read to much into a comment. He said he hasnt fielded any calls about Gaither. Not that teams havent contacted the Ravens about him. Which could very well mean he’s not available.

  8. Everyone’s really been playing it cool in these trades. Guys you’d think would be worth a first rounder are going for much, much less.
    Right now it’s a “buyer’s” market.

  9. The “blind side” jokes are about as clever and entertaining as the Ray Lewis murder jokes.

  10. If I were Al Davis, I would be on the phone right now offering our second round pick for him. He would fill a huge need for the team
    …but wait, that would just make too much sense.

  11. Don’t put it past Ozzie to use Gaither as bait in a swap of 1st rounders with somebody, allowing Ozzie to move up big from pick #25 and get a rookie he covets. He traded up in the 1st to get both Oher and Ngata (and Boller, tragically). It’s coded in his DNA to move forward in the 1st.

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