PFTV looks at the future of Jason Campbell

On Tuesday, former Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall signed his restricted free agency tender.  He was traded the next morning.

On Monday, Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell signed his tender.  Does it mean he’ll be traded?

PFTV explores.


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  1. Didn’t this guy have a different offensive coordinator like every year for his first 4 years? That’s ridiculous. (Although, so did Brady Quinn for my Browns, and I don’t hear alot about him not getting a “fair shake”). And although Campbell’s supporting cast is suspect, I would bet my Browns supporting cast was worse. That being said, Holmgren, do your magic with this guy, and stay at 7 and either get Berry, or trade down for more picks to who ever wants Clausen the most.
    Please, please, don’t do as the rumors I hear swirling and trade up to 1 and take Bradford.

  2. Which Teams in the League do NOT have an Entrenched Started at QB….
    Buffalo Will Draft a QB
    Clev-town Will Draft the wrong QB
    Denver can not really stick with Kyle can they.
    St Louis Maybe
    Al Davis Hearts Jamark’s ass
    Jacksonville ??
    Miami is not looking for a Pocket passer

  3. Campbell needs to be traded for draft picks this year! Skins have to many needs and these cant all be addressed in 4 picks….Hail

  4. Campbell should go to a team thats at least average like…7 or 8 wins each year…
    The dude was never given a good shot at being in a consistent system/coaching scheme.
    I’m an Eagles fan but i still feel bad for the guy…Seattle…Cleveland…Jaguars…Raiders..i dunno but i’d hope he gets a starting job somewhere

  5. Cant get much better of a back up than Jason Campbell his stats were pretty impressive behind all the mess in DC. I actually hope no one picks him up and he stays. For playing 14 games he was really the only bright light on the team last season. They better sign some lineman though if they expect to have Mcnabb put up better numbers than Campbell. You dont put up over 3600 yards through the air and 20 TDs being a check down QB.

  6. For someone who spent a lot of his time on his backside, Campbell still put up decent numbers. Like to see him play behind a line that doesn’t use 10 or 11 different players over the course of a season.

  7. Tampa will take him because he is black. As soon as Raheem Morris took over he got rid of the white QBs and replaced them with black QBs.

  8. he’ll be a ram, that way it’ll give Bradford time to learn so in’a about a year or two Bradford will take over
    because if they draft bradford first they will have no choice but to throw in the game as a starter week 1
    Boeller and that other guy i think his name is Brohm are there only 2 remaining QBs and we all know Boeller is a poor mans Matt Linehart

  9. Let me set the record straight on Jason Campbell. All this talk about him not getting a fair shot and being treated poorly in Washington is absurd. The guy was a projected 3rd round pick (with a 16 Wonderlic score) when Joe Gibbs mistook him for Doug Williams and inexplicably traded up to take him in the 1st round. So Jason Campbell has been making 1st round money. Doesn’t sound like a guy who’s been mistreated. Second of all, during Jason Campbell’s tenure in Washington, it was Mark Brunell and Todd Collins who took the ‘Skins to the playoffs. Can anyone even ever remember a game where Campbell led the ‘Skins on a game winning touchdown drive? Me neither. I certainly remember game losing interceptions in Dallas and elsewhere. Sure Campbell’s numbers look ok, but he never throws down field. He’s possibly the most laissez faire qb I’ve ever seen.
    We’ve had a stout defense in Washington for years, but the offense can never score more than 17 points with Jason Campbell at the helm. I’ve seen it week in and week out. And sure he isn’t playing behind the Hogs, but that is a luxury that very few qb’s enjoy.
    Last year Jay Cutler would have been traded to Washington, but Denver chose Kyle Orton over Jason Campbell. Plain and simple. This year, Campbell is available, and no one has made any offers. What does that tell you about Jason Campbell?

  10. Washington provided Campbell a toxic atmosphere; too many poor options. That being said, he has the character and fortitude to succeed in the NFL.

  11. JC is a good back up in this league…Hence, the Todd Collins emergence a few years ago…If we just had a passer….HAIL! Now we do!

  12. I think that either Oakland or Buffalo will be Jason’s ultimate destination. Shanahan can trade Campbell for Fat Guy straight up, and sit him on the bench for a few years behind Donovan while he tries to teach him how to be a real QB. As for Campbell, he could lead Oakland to a playoff spot.
    If Buffalo trades for him, they could send Brian Brohm and a draft choice to the Skins for Campbell, and Shanny could help Brian out while he sits on the bench behind #5. As for Campbell in Buffalo, he probably would win that job, but Trent Edwards would give him a run for his money.

  13. _mick_ says: April 14, 2010 4:50 PM
    Campbell needs to be traded for draft picks this year! Skins have to many needs and these cant all be addressed in 4 picks….Hail
    Picks? …as in two or more? Oh my, I am laughing my ass off! I live in Skins country, and I’ve seen enough of this kid to know that I wouldn’t give up more than a 4th or 5th for him, and the 4th part is being nice. Yes, he probably is better than what my Raiders have now, but I wouldn’t give the Skins anything higher than I mentioned. The Skins are in a bad spot with this kid and no team should be willing to give up anything more than I mentioned. The Skins have no leverage, especially if they end drafting a QB in the first few rounds.

  14. Offensive line or not, coordinator changes or not, you can tell when a kid is gonna be good. Romo very quickly showed “it”. Lots of other Qbs quickly showed they had “it”. coaching, surrounding cast, etc or not, you can tell if a kid is going to be good. If you ain’t sure by now, he’s not. period.
    It’s a shame because he has REALLY handled himself like a well behaved true pro since day one.

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