Reggie Bush will finally give deposition in Lloyd Lake case

Four years ago, days before the 2006 draft, reports emerged that presumptive No. 1 overall pick Reggie Bush’s family had been living rent-free in a house owned by a man who had hoped to represent Bush.  The story quickly grew tree-trunk sized legs, the Texans got cold feet, the Saints took Bush, and the next Gale Sayers became one of the most overhyped and overpaid average players of all time.

Since then, the story has languished but never died, thanks to a lawsuit filed by one of the two men who claim that a bunch of money and other stuff of value had been given to Bush and/or his family.  (Bush settled with the other man, Michael Michaels.)  Now, according to the Los Angeles Daily News and other media outlets, Bush finally will be placed under oath and questioned about the situation.

On Tuesday, Bush was ordered by a judge to submit to a deposition next week, on April 23.  The forced testimony is significant not because it gives Lloyd Lake a chance to prove his case but because it would give the NCAA a clearer picture of whether Bush lost his amateur status while still playing college football — which could result in penalties for the USC football program and, more importantly from Bush’s perspective, could cause the Downtown Athletic Club to request that Bush place his Heisman Trophy in a large box, ensconce it in Styrofoam peanuts, and mail it to the Nashville address of a guy who likes to party with his shirt off.

As a practical matter, Bush could decide to avoid the deposition by spending some of the $8 million in base salary he’ll earn in 2010 on finally buying peace from Lake.  Ultimately, Bush will need to ask himself how much it means to keep the Heisman Trophy — and to avoid converting the vague public sense that he was being paid while in college into a full-blown acknowledgment that he was playing “pro football” long before September 2006.

Even then, avoiding the oath to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you Favre” doesn’t guarantee that Reggie will be in the clear.  The NCAA has investigated the case without Bush’s cooperation, and it has spoken at length with Lloyd Lake.  Bush could be found retroactively ineligible even if he never says a single word about the situation.

38 responses to “Reggie Bush will finally give deposition in Lloyd Lake case

  1. USC…prepare thyself for massive sanctions from the NCAA…lost scholarships for starters. Your run of dominance is on shaky ground already with smiling Pete gone. But these sanctions will seal the deal.
    No soup for you!

  2. Good, Im glad this didnt go away. USC needs to be on suspension, should have happened under Carroll. Reggis Bust.

  3. A guy with the name Michael Michaels and no joke? I thought you were losing it Florio until the “so help you Favre” part.

  4. Oh no, they will try to discredit his whole entire USC career. What we he do when fans delete from their memories that he won the heisman trophy and a national championship. Kiss his SB ring?

  5. There ya go Mike. Proving once again that your pissed because the Saints kicked your viking wussies a$$……deposition or no deposition, Heisman or no Heisman, the Saints are World Champions and beat the purple girls that pretend to be a real football team enroute to that Championship……as a Saints fan i don’t care if Reggie loses his stinkin Heisman trophy and his college championship…..that’s school boy stuff….kiddie stuff……The Saints will still be the World Champions and Vikings will still suck,,,,forever the Vikings will suck….ha ha….and Mike Florio can’t man-up and take it….like a man……cuz really deep down you are a wussy girl just like the Vikes…….i laugh in your face…ha ha ha…..and by the way, the Saints had never even went to a Super Bowl without Reggie Bush……we draft him, become a much better team, and go to and win a Super Bowl……meanwhile the Texans who passed on Bush still have never even made it to the playoffs yet……these are facts Mike….Facts…….and, although Bush ain’t what he was hyped to be, he ain’t no average player either…….the average players are on the vikings team……you know, the team that ain’t never won a Super Bowl……they can get the pretty girl they just can’t get her off…….and, you couldn’t get Kim K to give you a double take much-less 2 years of wonderfull a$$…..i continue to laugh in your face….Reggie is the man… are the wanta-be man…….ha ha….

  6. Well maybe if someone would punish the ones that gave him things while in college it wouldnt happen anymore. Why is it ok for this guy to say I helped him break the rules and now I want my cut? If USC is fined for this I think they should sue the guys that created this problem in the first place

  7. Get over it. His heisman isn’t going anywhere but in a case next to his Super Bowl ring.

  8. When Bush finally tells the truth and he has been lying about this, he needs suspended 2-4 games for conduct unbecoming of an NFL player!!!

  9. If the gifts were made, then there is a tax bill.
    So, wouldn’t Bush be within his rights to take the 5th and try to avoid federal tax evasion laws?

  10. This story belongs on CFT. What does this have to do with the NFL? Who cares about the Heisman trophy or what those crooks in the NCAA are doing. F them.

  11. As a lawyer Florio, you should be aware that the plaintiff (Lake) must give his deposition before the defendant (Bush). Depositions have been scheduled several times in this case and each time the plaintiff found an excuse not to go on record. I expect no different this time, since in order to support this case moving forward Lake would have to give testimony that he committed a felony. Since Lake is on probation that would mean a return trip to prison. Nobody in this case wants to give a deposition, plaintiff, defendant, or others involved (i.e. Michaels and Bush’s parents) but until the plaintiff gives his deposition, no one else will either.
    Since you printed that Bush is ordered to give his depo on April 23, you should also provide your readers with the fact that Lake was ordered to give his depo on April 19 & 20 before Bush. If Lake does not give his depo again then Bush will not be required to give one on the 23rd.

  12. Finally….been waiting for this since he came outta college.
    I now wont have to watch sportscenter or check this website, my sports news needs are satisfied.
    WHO GIVES A @#%& ABOUT THIS!!!???

  13. Finally. The wheels of justice turn slowly. Sometimes, like this case, very, very slowly.
    Of course a guy named Michael Michaels took a few bucks and ran. [What, is he the morning-drive guy in Dayton? “Michael St. Michaels”, eh?].
    But hear the drum, Reggie. It bangs for you. Finally, you’re gonna have to talk, under oath, under the penalty of perjury.
    While they can’t take your Super Bowl ring, they can and will take back your Heisman, a USC National Championship, and the black mark that will follow you the rest of your life. You took money in college, we all know it and come the next few weeks, you’re going to have to take responsibility for it. You sold out your whole college team for a few bucks. Nice going.

  14. Vince Young is great at football, college that is. Not much of a pro QB but what do you expect?

  15. The same idiots who say “who cares” are the first people on here ripping roethesberger, vick, etc. If you do something wrong (Which he did) then you should pay the price. Take back his Heisman. USC should lose 15 scholarships for the next three years.

  16. I am thoroughly outraged that a college player took money. Did you know that taking money increases your speed, agility, and overall skill. I have even heard that his paycheck improved the overall skill of the team. Without Reggie getting paid they are clearly a .500 ball club (USC).
    Man c’mon – are we serious. If he did accept money, it is a violation and yep take the trophy and the Championship etc. (No argument there) Once all of that is done – guess what? Reggie won the Heismann and USC the National Championship. They beat everybody they needed to. The people who should be concerned are the fans of the player/team that would accept the consolation prize. The one thing about retrospective penalties – they just can’t seem to erase facts.

  17. @iusedtobeteddybayer
    –Well said my man, with the exception of the Dayton morning drive guy. I have no clue who he is.

  18. Ummmmmmm Why are all these people expecting him to be an every down back in the NFL when he wasnt even that in college?? What he lacks in downhill running he makes up for in receptions and hands….and return game…and we like him for that.
    He averages like 8 td’s a year
    Is Deion Sanders the biggest bust bc he could not tackle??? He draws more attention on every play ala Pamela Anderson walking with a white shirt on in the winter.

  19. @ salmen76 says: April 14, 2010 4:20 PM
    You can only be world champions if you actually, you know, play teams from the rest of the world. Silly Americans with your egocentrical point of view.

  20. stnmmc
    who else plays at the level of the NFL in the world? the rest of the leagues are players that are sloppy 2nds, if they are lucky.

  21. What other countrys have a football team that could compete in the NFL playoffs? NONE!!

  22. Why do you guys think Ole Pete left the building?
    I think USC is in some real hot water right now! They will lose some scholarships.
    Honestly speaking; these guys play college football for nothing! Think of how much money these universities make off of these kids. And yes, most of these college players come from low income families. People that never really had too much growing up. So if you were offered some nice, lavish things you’ve never had b4; you are gonna take that! Espesially at the age that these guys are!
    I agree with the person that said the guys that’s extending these special gifts, should be the ones that suffer some type of punishment too! Was what Reggie did, if he did it, was wrong? Yes! Should he be punished for it? Yes, to some degree!
    College football players should recieve way more that just a scholarship. A lot of those guys only see that as an avenue to get to the league anyway. That’s why they leave school early. If they were getting more compensation from the universities, we probably wouldn’t be having this problem.

  23. leeweezy, players have came from poor backgrounds since the dawn of time. Nice job trying to justify it, but no I’m sorry you haven’t convinced us.
    Full Scholarship is what they get, the school makes the money, that is how it always will be. If they don’t go pro then they should graduate and get a job like the rest of us. If they don’t graduate or go pro then they can take themselves back to where they came from.

  24. “I don’t recall.”
    “I have no memory of such events.”
    “I believe my attorney handled any such transactions as far as I can recall.”
    “I do not remember such a meeting or what was discussed.”
    “To the best of my recollection my business advisor handled anything along those lines. I don’t recall when or what we may or may not have discussed.”
    “I don’t recall going to my parents home that they allegedly did not purchase or rent. I was not involved.”
    “I don’t remember if the trojans had a booster club. If I met with any it any they did not identify themselves as members.”
    “I can’t recall any conversations I had with Pete Carroll.”
    My memory fails me as to which building that class was held.”
    “I don’t know.”
    “I’m not familiar with that.”
    It is going to be a very boring deposition.

  25. In response to: YEA THIS ME says:
    April 14, 2010 7:18 PM
    Go Spartans!
    You’re the first person to figure out my Salmen76! Too cool. I’m a very proud Spartan. My nickname at Salmen was Stick! Salmen rocked. Four of the best years of my life. Thanks.

  26. There is no such thing as an un-proud Spartan…
    Unless you live in Michigan…
    It’s easy to be proud when your school is a powerhouse!!!

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