Sale of Rams could be long process

As we wrote yesterday, the potential bid of Stan Kroenke to buy the  60 percent share of the Rams franchise up for sale is going to  be complicated.

The league isn’t commenting on a report that Kroenke will transfer his NBA and NHL teams to family members, but spokesman Greg Aiello told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch it could be months until NFL owners vote on Kroenke’s bid.

Jim Thomas writes it could be “several weeks” before Kroenke can even put together all the documents needed to hand over to the league before the NFL begins to evaluate.

At one point, it looked like a vote on a Rams sale could come in May.  Now it figures to drag well into the summer.

3 responses to “Sale of Rams could be long process

  1. At some point, the league is going to have to either approve Kroenke’s bid or find another suitable owner willing to buy the Frontieri estate’s shares.
    The Frontieri estate wants out of owning the Rams badly and the country-club of the other 31 owners is making it very hard for them to exit by turning up their nose at the prospective buyers in a down economy.
    If the other 31 owners keep turning away buyers, they’re going to end up stuck buying the team from the Frontieri estate, much like the Expos were owned by MLB for several years until it was decided to sell them to the group that moved them to Washington DC.

  2. “Not a big market for s’hit.”
    Hence why I was opposed to the player’s union and Dan Rooney dismissing the chances of an ownership group involving Rush Limbaugh.
    The Rams are the worst team in the league, even more putrid than the Lions or Cryptkeeper Al’s Raiders, and someone willing to pay good money for such a horrible franchise and leaving it in St. Louis shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand.

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