Seahawks, Ravens wait on retirement decisions

The Seahawks are practicing football again this week, and left tackle Walter Jones isn’t there. It sounds like the Seahawks are preparing for the season as if Jones will retire

“I haven’t talked to Walter in awhile now,” Pete Carroll said Tuesday.  “But the last time I did, he
was really considering that he was going to retire, but hadn’t made the
final decision enough to come to you guys to make an announcement like
Patrick [Kerney] did. So we’ll just have to wait and see on that one.”

If Jones surprises them and returns — great.  In the meantime, they have to make due with Ray Willis practicing at left tackle.  (Something tells us a rookie will replace him soon.)

The Ravens, on the other hand, say they are operating as if safety Ed Reed is returning.  Reed hasn’t said anything official yet, but the feeling is that he will not retire.

“The way I look at it is up until they send a letter in to the league
saying they’re retiring, then they’re a Raven,” G.M. Ozzie Newsome said.

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  1. Seahawks are screwed no matter what
    Ravens can make due without Reed, their D is good enough to take a hit like him retiring.

  2. All Seahawks fans have been waiting for Walter Jones to “officially” announce his retirement for quite some time. The microfracture surgery he had has never been proven in someone of his age and size; he’s unable to take both painkillers and anti-inflammatories because of another health concern.
    There is nobody that can actually fill Walter Jones’ shoes, but we’re going to have to draft or trade for someone who has the guts and the skill to even attempt it.
    Despite the fact that Patrick Kerney’s skills were declining, he led the team in sacks last year until December. It is a bit disheartening to realize that a first-round draft pick DE that’s almost ten years younger couldn’t beat him out.
    I suppose it’s too much to hope for that the Seahawks might encourage both Jones and Kerney to mentor those still there. When Mack Strong was forced into retirement, he did such a great job of mentoring that Leonard Weaver is now a Pro Bowler.

  3. Great? Gregg, you ignorant slut, Walter Jones hasn’t been worth a sh!t for three years. The guy has been playing off of his reputation for three years, when he has actually been playing that is.
    The Seahawks should cut his wavering ass and save a butt load of cash.

  4. Ed reed you deserve a nice long retirement…cmon call it a career.
    AFC North quarterbacks

  5. it was obvious that Reed’s health concerned him last year. if he isn’t 100%, then he should retire. i will always think about John Mackey and Earl Campbell in retirement. all the money in the world couldn’t put them back together again!

  6. it was obvious that Reed’s health concerned him last year. if he isn’t 100%, then he should retire. i will always think about John Mackey and Earl Campbell in retirement. all the money in the world couldn’t put them back together again!

  7. It’s 3 months after the season and Ozzie and Harbaugh won’t call and/or text Reed. Ed isn’t talking. This is ridiculous behavior on both sides.
    The draft is 8 days away and the Ravens need to know if Reed is going to play or not. If he hangs them up, it changes the Ravens draft strategy entirely.
    Grow up guys.

  8. Stone,
    We prefer to allow the greatest left tackle in the history of the league to go out gracefully. Lest you think it’s just our bias, John Madden said it first.
    The organization has probably already talked with Walter Jones and his representatives; I look for an announcement fairly quickly now.

  9. czechm8-I heard on a Baltimore radio station from Ed Reed directly that he is very likely going to be back. By the way we don’t need to draft any safeties to replace Reed when he does retire, we have two great playmakers in Haruki Nakamura and Tom Zbikowski.

  10. The Ravens do not need to know if Reed will be back. Zibi stepped in and played very well in Reeds absence last year! Go Ravens.

  11. it affects the ravens,,,,not at all[draft wise],they take best available no matter what,sooo in closing tho,i really hope he stays for 2-3 more seasons,and then they come up with some crazy edgy surgery to fix him all up and he will go for another 4-5 years,but that is just a silly dream
    YEA REED!!!

  12. @julieinduvall
    I don’t dispute that he was great at one time, he certainly was. Of course, his best years also featured Hutchinson just to his right. However, that being said, he has been talking about retirement the last two seasons and was mostly average three seasons ago. The NFL is a business, if he doesn’t officially retire, I would cut him in a heartbeat. It’s time for Seattle to move on with new blood.

  13. As much as I love Ed and his freelance play, Zibi played VERY well in 20’s place. Do the research and you’ll see that Zibi was actually a probowl alternate this year and maybe started 8 games. Was he flashy…Nah, but he played within the system and stuck to his assignments and did his thing. The Ravens were statisticly(sp) better while 20 was out. I know it may be a pipe dream, but I think Earl Thomas would look good in black and purple if he somehow falls down draft and is there when we pick. He has that versatility(sp) that you have to have in a Ravens defensive scheme. Same with Chris Cook out of UVA. Haruki had that really really bad ankle injury last year, and while the reports are that he is coming along, I just don’t see him playing a whole lot of snaps other than on special teams unless he really outdoes Zibi.

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