Smizik says Steelers should trade Roethlisberger

In perhaps the clearest indication yet that the tide that has turned against Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is becoming a tsunami, veteran Pittsburgh journalist Bob Smizik, a local voice as respected as any, makes the case for an outcome that not long ago would be regarded as radical.

“The Steelers need to reclaim their special brand,” Smizik writes.  “The best way to do
that is to trade Roethlisberger

Smizik makes a great case for it.  And the move would allow coach Mike Tomlin to continue to remake the team the way he prefers, with Dennis Dixon — whom we hear Tomlin loves — taking over at quarterback.

Smizik points to circumstantial evidence suggesting that the Steelers could be contemplating cutting the cord on the 11th overall pick from the 2004 draft, a man who delivered two Super Bowl rings in four seasons.  And he makes a great case for the possibility that the Steelers are preparing to give Roethlisberger a fresh start in a new uniform.

Though it would still be a surprise, at this point no one would be shocked.  In Pittsburgh, plenty of people may even feel free to exhale.

155 responses to “Smizik says Steelers should trade Roethlisberger

  1. “Steelers could be contemplating cutting the cord on the 11th overall pick from the 2004 draft, a man who delivered two Super Bowl rings in four seasons.”
    Again, he didn’t deliver either of the 2. His receivers and his defense did.

  2. Just read that he’s gonna be sent to the Bills for this years 1st, M.Lynch, and D.Whitner….

  3. Make a REAL statement – send him to the St. Louis, where the men are RAMS and the sheep run in fear!!

  4. I’ve never saw a fall from grace like the one the Steelers took this offseason. Amazing to see it all unfold before my very eyes.

  5. The Raiders would take him in a minute – I bet he would relish the idea of molesting a few Black Hole teenagers

  6. As much as Roethlisberger is a douche, Pittsburgh would be crazy to get rid of him. He is the main reason that the Steelers have been very good/great over the past 5 years.

  7. this would be the worst move in their franchise history. suspension? great, I agree. cutting him loose?! yeah, pass that stuff over here, I need a hit too.
    the guy is definitely a creep, but the bottom line is there is no evidence to support anyone’s claims against him

  8. It better to trade a player a year to early than a year to late. Get out of the Big Ben business, before his serial behaivor ends up getting him even in more troule in the future. Just move on.

  9. I must say…as much as I hate the Stillers, and went ape about them & Ben the other day after his scripted non-apology…if they trade Ben (having already traded Holmes), I will at least agree that they & the Rooneys now hold themselves to a higher standard than most every other team in the NFL…and that they should be commended for that, and Steelers fans should be proud.
    Even if the REALLY drop the hammer on him…like a team imposed 8 game suspension…I would feel that way.
    I expect the jackass sits out 2 games…maybe the team adds a game…and then they & there fans are the hypocrites I expect them to be. But give credit where it is due. If they do the right thing, this is one Ravens fan who will have a newfound respect for Steelers Nation. …but I’ll still boo the crap out of em @ M&T Bank Stadium this fall!

  10. big ben is nothing but a european thug he is worse than anybody in the league where are all the women rights group at?
    roger godell should suspend rapeburger atleast two seasons.
    what he did is worse than oj simpson

  11. I live in Pittsburgh and Smizik is generally viewed as–how to put this delicately?–a f–king moron. His cranky old man “Hey you kids, get off my lawn!” act is so hackneyed, he makes Andy Rooney look fresh and interesting. I don’t know what kind of compromising photos of Post-Gazette editors he has, but they must be shocking.
    You should see some of the things he says about the Penguins, they make this look smart. He has his head crammed so far up his ass he could perform his own tonsilectomy just by biting.
    (Wanna add that I hate the Steelers and everything about them, but that doesn’t change the fact that Smizik is a moron who should be ignored by all decent, free-thinking people)

  12. wow, they should have traded him and homels to the rams for the first pick and then they can get Bradford,
    not bad for high in sight huh?

  13. Welcome to the Raiders Ben. Feel free to act out in whatever childish manner you feel like on any given day. Pittsburgh staff, you better start planning on how to spend that 4th rounder you got for Big Ben along with that 5th rounder you got for Mr Holmes. What an offseason…

  14. I’d take him in Buffalo. The Bills need to do something to try and compete in the east.
    I really don’t think the Steelers will trade him, maybe if he was charged and convicted of a crime, but I can’t see them moving him just because he was accused.
    Where were all you haters when Rey Maulauga pleaded guilty to DUI with a couple teenagers in the car with him, one of them only 17? Do you think he was just trying to get them home in time for curfew?

  15. Steelers would be smart to do this. The Raiders would jump on the guy and give up plenty for the chance. He is a time bomb that will cost the Steelers a lot of hard earned local respect WHEN he nails the next girl and can’t buy his way out.

  16. Anything less than a Herschel Walker type trade…would be uncivilized. With that being said…. Let’s leave this decision to the organization. “In the Rooneys we trust!”

  17. My sources are telling me that for this trade to occur, the receiving team needs to be comfortable with selling the “Ruthlessonfurburger” burger at the stadium.
    Anecdotal evidence suggests that eating this burger lends itself to increased aggression so word out there is Oakland and Philly are out. Can you imagine those fans after an afternoon of eating these burgers??!! Ouch!! Maybe Jacksonville would be a good spot as those fans need a definite pick-me-up.

  18. I’m sure Chan Gailey in Buffalo would prefer Rothlesburger over Jimmy Clauson, if he even falls that far to #9 overall in this year’s draft.
    Do it Pittsburgh! I dare you! I want to see if you are who you try to make people believe you are.
    Let the Dixon era begin, you genius, Tomlin!!!

  19. I HATE to see Ben traded because I think he will win 2 or 3 more Super Bowls with tons of playoff appearances!! However 2 Number Ones and a third sounds pretty tempting though! I just don’t know if Sam Bradford is worth giving up a 2 time Super Bowl Champ! The Steelers will have to determine this and it wouldn’t shock me if they are talking about it right now!!
    Ben would immediately make the Rams a contender and I think the Rams and their Fans know this! I wouldn’t be SHOCKED if another midnight deal gets done between now and draft day!! It wouldn’t shock me! I just don’t know if Mccoy, Bradford or Tebow could replace Big Ben! I hear Tomlin and a couple of others are really High on Tebow and Bradford! I just don’t think they could replace Ben!! It’s Hell of a tempting offer though!

  20. And the move would allow coach Mike Tomlin to continue to remake the team the way he prefers, with Dennis Dixon — whom we hear Tomlin loves — taking over at quarterback.
    He loves Dixon so much at QB…..that Charlie Batch was recently signed to another extension. The Charlie Batch in his mid 30’s…..I might add.
    Clearly Tomlin is ready to hand the reigns over to Dixon!!

  21. The city has turned on him, no doubt. But I don’t see him getting a warm greeting anywhere else. Anyone who didn’t already think he was a total jackass sure does now.

  22. i believe this will come down to how confident the organization feels that he will change his ways. One more incident and the Steelers are going down with this guy. If they feel like all this has scared him into good behavior, he will remain in black and yellow.

  23. I seriously doubt that Smizik speaks for Steeler fans who remember the TORTURE of going 26 years (1980-2006) between Super Bowl wins.
    I am only writing what everybody already knows but ….
    There will be BOOS the first time Roethlisberger takes the field/ throws an incomplete pass/gets sacked/fumbles/etc.
    The first time he throws a TD pass – especially a game winning TD pass – he will be elected mayor of Pittsburgh again.
    Steeler fans only really care about the Steelers winning football games. DUH.

  24. I know that there are several teams that are very weak at the QB position, but what a public relations mess it would be to give up a first rd pick and bring him to town!
    I do think that Dixon is a star in the waiting. He is too valuable to keep on the bench.
    All the Steeler fans that have been supporting Rothlisberger, and that is a true test of loyalty, can be happy you have such an option.

  25. Yes Steelers, trade Roethlisberger. Do whatever it takes to reclaim your special brand …
    Patriots Nation (and quite possibly every other team in the NFL)

  26. That’s pretty drastic. Instead, why not dump him, Holmes, Burress, Pac Man, McKinnie and all the other miscreants on a slow moving love boat to Siberia.

  27. Roethlisberger is their “special brand”, as much as anyone on the team with the possible exception of Hines Ward. Before Ben came the team went through about 30 years of mediocrity alleviated only by the occasional criminal investigation into one of their players. Good luck with Dennis Dixon. Or Mike Tomlin for that matter.

  28. Tomlin won’t last long as a head coach if he thinks that Dixon can replace Ben. I would be willing to bet that Ben keeps his nose clean for the rest of his career now. If he slips up one more time, fine, deal with it then. But if they get rid of Ben for Dixon, I will burn all of my Steelers shit right now, and become a Redskin fan. I hate this stupid “We’re a class above everyone else” crap. There is no such thing as “class” in the NFL these days.

  29. Smizik is an idiot. You don’t trade a top 5 QB with 2 SB rings…no matter what he does off the field.

  30. i would respect that team a whole lot more if they did..
    however.. i will never become their ‘fan’ for i bleed brown and orange

  31. The guy goes around getting young women drunk, then has some ape stand guard while he gets lip service in a bathroom. Why would you even want to be in the same room with this slime?

  32. What team would trade a bunch of picks to pick up Roethlisberger at his lowest point?
    They wouldn’t get anything close to fair value. It’s a losing scenario.

  33. While premature…what teams would be open to taking Roethlisberger? Other than the Raiders of course.

  34. People here in Pittsburgh would love to see this happen. They’ve been hearing these stories about Ben since he came here and they’re finally sick of it. Credit Steeler fans for being loyal to a fault, but credit them also for understanding that no one is bigger than the team. Please trade this punk to Oakland or Buffalo.

  35. Smizik is an idiot. The Steelers need to let this storm blow over and get real. “Wake and Bake” Holmes was the sacrificial lamb.

  36. “their special brand”
    HOLY JESUS! I’m a Steeler fans and they have been no better than anyother team throughout their history. This sanctimonious bull shit makes me want to puke. Really are you kidding me from Bobby Layne to Bam Morris, the Steelers have had their share of turds wear the Black and Gold. To suggest, the Rooneys and their gambling empire are any better than anyother owner is stupid. The only things these morons do NOW is trade away or cut their best players at first hint of issues with no sense of loyalty.
    Smizik must have forgotten the hot garbage that played QB there between Terry Bradshaw and Big Ben. Smizik is a moron

  37. Honestly, may sound crazy, but I wouldn’t mind a trade of Roeth. He’s been great for us, but he’s just an ass hole. Get a ransom of picks for him, and lets move forward with the Dixon era.

  38. Roethlisbeger to the Bills sounds like a good idea. They have QB needs and he’s probably less likely to harass women when his nuts are freezing.

  39. No way they do this. No way in hell. Sounds good for the holier than thou crowd, but no way it happens.

  40. “The Steelers need to reclaim their special brand,” Smizik writes.
    Yes,by all means. trade him and reclaim the special brand of having great regular seasons and losing the AFC championsip game.

  41. I wish that this scenerio or that McNabb scenerio would have been a year from now…cuz one of these 2 guys would already be wearing purle

  42. It way to soon to get rid of a guy that has brought 2 world championships to your city in the last four years . What needs to happen is Ben needs a two game suspension and then be told straight out , if anything like this happens again , youre career in Pittsburgh is over , no questions asked . If Ben was an average player then I would say consider trading him , but with what hes accomplished since being drafted in 2004 , you cant just write that off .

  43. What’s a Smizik?
    It is not a “journalist.”
    It’s an opinion blogger trying to stir up controversy.
    Like you.
    Enough said.

  44. BIGBEN is a clutch qb. A trade wouldn’t be advised but it would show that a city chose character over Championships.
    And if anyone thinks that Ben wasnt the reason they have those rings, you need to be watchin bowling on sudays in the fall. This dude steps it up in the playoffs and big games.
    Its a damn shame that smutty young broads can have such an impact on a guys life. These hoes knew what they were gettin into.
    I say been shoulda been like, i was hammered she was fat. I couldnt bring myself to smash-it , now she’s runnin her mouth tryin to destroy my career & get her 15 minutes of fame.
    Every guy woulda been on his side

  45. Actually if you read the article he never says the Steelers should trade him nor does he actually think it will happen.

  46. “As much as Roethlisberger is a douche, Pittsburgh would be crazy to get rid of him. He is the main reason that the Steelers have been very good/great over the past 5 years.”
    uhhhhhhh, what was your record last year?? And were you in the playoffs?

  47. Wait a year to trade Big Ben and this is why:
    Let him rehabilitate his image so his value goes up.
    In the mean time, Dixon can have another year of grooming.
    They way it looks now, the Steelers would probably get a 1st for Big Ben if they traded him. BUT if he stays out of trouble and has a great year, they could easily get 2 first rounders for him.
    And lets be realistic here, he has that 100 million dollar contract and is one more “accusation” from being losing it all. Teams know this and it would be shocking if they can get more than a 1st.

  48. Send him to the JETS! He could be reunited with Holmes! Then Ben, Holmes & Braylon “Hands of Stone” Edwards could go barhopping!

  49. Everyone that claims Ben had nothing to do with the Steelers 2 Superbowl is an absolute moron. He played terrible in SB XL but he was the reason they were even there due to his play in Indy and Denver…
    In the first drive of the Colts game Ben completed six consecutive passes for 76 yards, including a 36-yard completion to tight end Heath Miller and a 6-yard touchdown pass to Antwaan Randle El. Later in the first quarter, Roethlisberger’s 45-yard completion to Hines Ward moved the ball to the Colts 8-yard line, and they scored another touchdown with his 7-yard pass to Miller, increasing the Steelers lead to 14-0 to start the game. Against Denver in the AFCC game Ben completed 21 of 29 passes for 275 yards and two touchdowns and ran for a third.
    In Superbowl XLIII Ben redeemed his performance in his first superbowl passing 21 of 30 for 250 yards a TD and an INT that came on a tipped pass. Many argued Ben should’ve been the MVP over Santonio Holmes. How can people say that Ben didn’t deserve those rings? He orchestrated possibly the best drive in Superbowl history that ended with an incredible catch and throw to Santonio Holmes.
    So fans of other teams, you can talk about Ben’s off field issues all you want but look at the facts before you open your hole and say that Ben got 2 rings due to his teammates alone. He wasn’t always carrying the team on his back, but he showed up when he needed to and his teammates showed up when they needed to, that’s what makes a great TEAM.

  50. I hate the Steelers and Big Ben, but the next time Bob Smizik makes an intelligent comment will be the first time.

  51. # Chapnasty2 says: April 14, 2010 11:24 AM
    “Steelers could be contemplating cutting the cord on the 11th overall pick from the 2004 draft, a man who delivered two Super Bowl rings in four seasons.”
    Again, he didn’t deliver either of the 2. His receivers and his defense did.
    Yeah, it was a JUGS machine that got those receivers the ball, right?

  52. This latest ‘problem’ isn’t an isolated incident, but rather a reoccurring trend which extends beyond what’s been reported. If the Steelers/Rooney’s cut Roetheliberger, then they are true to their word about holding a higher standard with their team. If they keep him, but suspend him for being a bad boy…., then they are the same money first kind of owners that populate the league. Only the Rooney’s can demonstrate themselves as a first class operation at this point.

  53. I heard a far fetched rumor that Pittsburgh might trade him to St. Louis for this years #1 and next years #1 – if the Rams are willing to part with that type of compensation – IMHO Pittsburgh would trade Big Ben. But I don’t see the Steelers, who have always been very big salary adverse, drafting a player in the top 5 and paying a rookie a ton of money. So if they do acquire the #1 overall pick, look for them to then flip that pick, maybe with a team like Buffalo or Cleveland, and pick up the other teams #1 and #2 pick this year.
    That would give Pittsburgh (in the case of Buffalo) the #9 overall pick (Buffalo), #18 overall pick (Pitts), #41 overall pick (Buffalo), #52 overall pick and the #82 overall pick, in this years draft + an extra 1st round next year. That would be one hell of haul for a player who seems deadset on putting his NFL career in jeopordy . . . 3 years ago the motorcycle crach . . . last offseason the first alleged sexual assualt . . . this offseason the second alleged sexual assualt . . . this guy seems hell bent on either ending up dead or in prison.

  54. IF they traded him, Ben better hope that it isn’t to the Broncos or a team in the AFC that makes a yearly stop into Colorado. Now that I think of it, a permanent stay in Denver might put the fear of God into him.

  55. I’d have to agree with previous comments. I’m a die hard Bengals fan and I of course absolutely HATE the Steelers. However, if they trade Ben or slap a big suspension on him, I’ll gain a lot of respect for ownership showing that they do have high standards for their players. But I honestly don’t think it’ll happen. Ben will be in yellow and black next year and at most he’ll receive a 2 game suspension.

  56. “He orchestrated possibly the best drive in Superbowl history….”
    I’ve got Joe Montana on line 1 for you. Something about Super Bowl XXIII

  57. Bob Smizik isn’t a sportswriter, he’s a comedian.
    Before the DA announcement, he wrote some column scolding anyone who “rushed to judgment” of Ben. Now, after Ben’s CLEARED, he comes out with “trade his ass outta here!”
    Yeah makes perfect sense.
    btw Smizik for years was Bill Cowher’s PR butt boy, writing an anual “don’t blame Coach for the team’s latest playoff choke” piece. That was, until Ben came along and they finally won the Bowl, and he could stop. Oh the irony!

  58. swervinmervin says:
    April 14, 2010 11:47 AM
    Oakland Raider fans….. Please welcome your next starting QB!!!!
    Black does make one look thinner.

  59. After spygate, there were post after post after post of Steelers fans, that proclaimed, that they would never stand for any shenanigans by their organization. LMFAO, 3 years later, the hero QB, embroiled in his 2nd (reported) sexual assault, and those “we wont tolerate it” Steelers fans have turned into “Ben wasnt found guilty of anything, which means he never did anything”…….. Not being charged, and being innocent, are not the same thing….

  60. Trade him to Oakland for 1st,4th & Nnamdi Asamoah or to the Rams
    for 1st, switch 2nds and Adam Carriker. Seattle 1st,3rd & Owen Schmitt

  61. With Bens 100 million dollar contract the JaMarcus Russel signing by the Raiders doesn’t look bad in comparison. Neither team made the playoffs last year, didn’t the Raiders beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh last year? JaMarcus may appear to be lazy but at least he’s not a total P.O.S. of a human being.

  62. let me get this straight, a young single guy goes to a bar picks up a woman who a year later decides to press civil charges against him when he comes back into town and does not call her. then single guy goes to a bar with buddies to celebrate b-day and pick up women then when he does is charged with rape?yea I see a pattern here alright and that would be the same one all single young guys have except in this case he has money. so I guess the lesson is he must stay at home and not have sex or hire a hooker right? as for the gir in georgia how the hell was he supposed to know she was under age?she was in a bar!don’t tell me he supposed to ask her age before he gives her drinks and hits on her,that is not his job!what did those girls think he wanted when they went into that room with only him and his buddies? sounds like she regretted what she had done when she sobered up and her “sisters” told her she was raped. yea that sounds just the same to me as running a dog fighting ring or shooting up strip clubs and being arrested for domestic violence and drug charges like everyone else who has been suspended. so yea he deserves to be suspended because he is white.

  63. Chapnasty2,
    Dear lord, did you even watch SB 43?
    I was in the crowd, and literally all the Steeler fans around me thought Ben was going to be MVP. We were actually pissed it was Holmes. (as pissed as you can be after you watch your team win the Superbowl in person)
    …Btw, his stats were 21/30, 256 Yards, a TD, and a INT, including a clutch 77 yard drive at the end of the game after his defense that “won the game for the Steelers” gave up 2 quick TD’s to the Cardinals.
    His stats for the whole playoffs?
    54/89 for 692 Yards, 3 TD’s and 1 INT for a rating of 91.6
    Those would have been much better stats if Limas Sweed and Willie Parker didn’t drop long TD passes against the Ravens in which they were open by at least 5-10 yards and Ben hit them in stride. (Actually a rare occurrence)
    I was in the house for all of the playoff games including the super bowl, and I can tell you, Ben delivered it, not the WR’s.

  64. This is getting nuts. It sounds to me like ben is only guilty of frat boy behaviour. he likes to drink and chase skirts. Now we’re gonna throw away the key to having a chance at a Super Bowl every year the guy is on the field? I like Dixon but he’s not a Super Bowl caliber QB. Look at every recent Super Bowl winning QB. They are all top tier caliber QBs. We’re not winning anything with Dixon anytime soon and probably never. I’m so tired of this moral high ground the Steelers pretend to have. Every other team in the league jumps on guys with off field troubles. I didn’t see the Ravens get rid of Ray Lewis and in my view his deal was way worse looking than Ben’s. While we’re at it let’s get rid of Harrison and Reed. they’ve had embarassing incidents. Let’s only have squeaky clean players and be 4-12 every year. It’s like the Tiger situation. Unless a law is broken I don’t care what a guy does off the field. it’s not my business or anyone elses. the guy hasn’t ever been charged with a single crime! This makes me mental.

  65. Not going to happen, PERIOD.
    Art ll is the reason Ben was drafted to begin with, he’s not trading him until he has NOTING left in the tank.

  66. You guys need reminded of something here.. Ben’s never been charged or found guilty of anything. How would you guys like it if it happened to you and you knew you were just tryin to get laid? Relax trolls.

  67. robert ethan says:
    Before Ben came the team went through about 30 years of mediocrity
    Wow, I think we’ve found the Glenn Beck of PFT. You do realize that he was drafted in 2004 and that “30 years” would have put that at 1974, which is the year that they won their first Super Bowl and they won in 1974, 1975, 1978 and 1979 PLUS they went and lost in 1995. Noll experienced a few years of mediocrity at the end of his career but NOT 30 years worth and Cowher reinvigorated the franchise and made the playoffs 8 of 12 years before Ben even hit town.

  68. Lamajet: apparently you didn’t realize before you commented that crapsburgh isn’t exactly Miami either. A euorpean thug? Let’s hear it for captain random.

  69. @Hap …
    That is the silliest question I’ve read yet. If you were going to an important business meeting, would you go in a pair of jeans, with your hair all scraggly? He was essentially going to a meeting with the Chairman of the Board, doofus.

  70. so lets think about this……in 6 years, Roethlisberger has had one major motorcycle accident and at least 2 sexual assault cases brought against him.
    what a waste of millions of dollars. yeah the guy can throw a ball……who cares if youre an idiot. its very hard for the majority of the Steeler fanbase to relate to Roethlisberger now.
    i think his time in Pittsburgh is running out. i wake up every day waiting to hear that someone else is accusing him of something.

  71. Almost every team in the league would take him despite what the TMZ posters and “puitans” in this blog “publically” state.
    Its the most important postion, he has two SBs, and he is an elite QB. The Steeler offensive line would maim and destroy most other QBs.
    He is not going to be traded unless its for another starting QB who has won as many games as he has since he came into the league and I don’t see Tom Brady donning the Black and Gold.

  72. mama tried
    No, the Steelers weren’t in the playoffs last year but it isn’t like they were that far off. What did it come down to, the last weekend? This isn’t hockey or basketball where everyone amkes it.
    The Steelers did win the SB two years and we have two SBs in the past four years.
    How you doin’?

  73. mama tried
    No, the Steelers weren’t in the playoffs last year but it isn’t like they were that far off. What did it come down to, the last weekend? This isn’t hockey or basketball where everyone makes it.
    The Steelers did win the SB two years and they have two SBs in the past four years.
    How you doin’?

  74. Come on people…including Florio who HATES the Steelers….
    Ben is 28 (and single) and tried to hook up with two women who ended up being head cases. His choice in women is the only thing in question.
    Did he do drugs? NO
    Did he deal drugs? NO
    Did he kill someone (aka Ray Lewis, Donte Stallworth, OJ Simpson 2x)? NO
    Did he murder dogs in a very inhumane way? NO
    Did he illegally own or carry a gun? NO
    Did he beat up a women? NO
    Did he rape a women? NO
    Heck, if I were 28, single, the QB of the Steelers and that rich I would be out trying to pick up the hottest thing to walk the planet as well. Get a life and move on, this story should have no legs now that we know the truth….
    And why is this girl not being charged with underage drinking? What about the bar for serving a minor? Those are the only crimes committed here……

  75. # The Real Shuxion says: April 14, 2010 12:48 PM
    swervinmervin says:
    April 14, 2010 11:47 AM
    Oakland Raider fans….. Please welcome your next starting QB!!!!
    Black does make one look thinner.
    Yeah, because the Steelers don’t wear black or anything.

  76. I wonder how many times Ben has thought back to the second he decided to take that girl to the back room and told his cop buddy to block the door. His life will never be the same again. New haircut and all.

  77. Football says:
    April 14, 2010 11:27 AM
    As much as Roethlisberger is a douche, Pittsburgh would be crazy to get rid of him. He is the main reason that the Steelers have been very good/great over the past 5 years.
    You do realize that your running game has been your biggest asset?
    Pittsburgh loses more than not when big ben throws more than 25-30times…

  78. ben is an awesome qb. he gets it done, and is amazing. off the field, he will get it right. who are we to judge, we don’t know what really happened, alot of gold diggers out there my friend

  79. Shipping Doucheberger would solve a few problems:
    A) Considerable compensation for Pig Ben
    B) Get them out from under of a huge contract
    C) Immediately eliminate the unwanted scrutiny of the organization
    D) Dixon looks solid IMO, someone to build around

  80. Although he is grumpy, Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is correct about 95% of the time. He’s been covering the Steelers back to the early Noll days and knows a few people inside the Steelers organization.
    In yesterday’s chat, he stated the Steelers are not at the point yet where they want to get rid of Ben. In addition, Ed mentioned Santonio’s trade 2 weeks ago. He’s in “the know”.
    If you want the best take on Steeler rumors, read Ed Bouchette.

  81. is everyone going crazy YOU DON”T TRADE sb winning qbs in their prime this is the NFL not rec center church league. these goody too shoes better start lookin’ hard at who they think is so perfect they could be next .the guys never even been arressted and they want to ship him out if thats the case why even worry about winning WAIT that all anyone talks about during the season ………………. that first case from reno for big ben is so obv bs golddigger you read anything about that its obv to 95% of the pop. wait i take that back its fairly apparent most people dont look anything up for themselves they read a blog……………………….thats it all they need to know gg what a waste theirs so much more to this than a blog here a blog there

  82. @GoBrowns19 …
    Did you listen to Fred Bright’s entire press conference? A reporter asked the DA to clarify the role the bodyguard played. Here’s what he said:
    The girl asked the bodyguard to show her the way to the bathroom. He did–then he came back. He didn’t even know Ben went back there. The bodyguard was NOT blocking the way to the bathroom. He was blocking the way to the VIP room. One of the girl’s sorority sisters had been ejected from the VIP room by Ben though no one remembers why (the DA stressed that EVERYONE was highly intoxicated except the bodyguards). She and another girl say they told the bodyguard her friend was too drunk to be in there and says he didn’t respond. She told the club owner and and he showed them another way to get back there and check on the girl. He said they never went back to check on her.
    So please stop spreading that stupid story about the bodyguard blocking the bathroom. According to the girl’s own statement, the incident with Ben began in the hallway and continued in the bathroom. According to all the other witnesses, the two of them were only alone together in the bathroom area for 10 MINUTES.
    When the first cop asked her if she’d been raped, she said NO. When he asked if she’d had sex, she said she wasn’t sure. The rape kit could not confirm penetration had occurred.
    And the DA stressed that Ben NEVER admitted any sexual contact whatsoever.
    The DA said they both were intoxicated and the witnesses agree they were engaged in highly sexualized conduct and conversation all evening. He said there was no point in going into the salacious details. He said there was plenty of blame to go around.
    Does that really sound like a rape to you?

  83. “Trade him to Oakland for 1st,4th & Nnamdi Asamoah”
    …lol. Yeah right. That would NEVER happen. That’s one of the most retarded trade propositions I have ever seen.
    Big Ben is not worth nearly that much.

  84. Reclaim their brand??? Blaaaahhahaha!! A bunch of urine colored flag waving idiots cheering on a serial rapist. Sometimes there’s no going back to the way things were. Good luck.

  85. Here we go again with the Dennis Dixon BS. Florio, the guy was DECENT in an extremely small sample size. Please, put away the annointing oil. You can take it out again when he consistently shows himself to be a good starting NFL QB over the course of several seasons.

  86. I once had an infected Smizik.
    I got it from a coed I forced myself on in a club VIP mop closet.
    Serves me right, I suppose.
    Luckily, a shot of Erythromycin cleared it right up!

  87. Ok, I got about as far as this comment from white caveman:
    “what he did is worse than oj simpson”
    WTF…? You are freakin’ nuts! Honestly, this guy is a douche, but he’s no more a douche than 95% of the male population who can actually get a date (whether it be by wealth or good looks). You’re not going to tell me that nearly every single guy on this board (who drank in his youth) hasn’t tried something similar to what BR did. Seriously…! C’mon… let’s be realistic here. The guy and the girl were drunk, hooked up, and she was embarrassed to be perceived as such a tramp by her sorority friends. It’s a common story… on every single college campus across the U.S.
    The fact that this guy is a wealthy football ‘star’ is the ONLY reason this made the news. Otherwise, we’d be talking about someone else.
    Let me be clear – Ben Roethlisberger is an @ss, but he’s no more an @ss than every other red blooded male who thinks he can get a piece from a drunk chick.
    What he did is NOWHERE NEAR what OJ did.

  88. Yea, good thinking. 6’5″ stud QB’s that have multiple super bowl rings and they are still young are a dime a dozen. Good thinking. Stay retired on your soapbox Smizik.
    In the NFL, a big-time QB is everything with regard to success.
    Roethlisberger has still not one criminal charge hung on him, nobody has seen anything except the gold diggers and Smizik wants to tie a chain to him and drag him out of town.
    Roethlisberger is only 28 and without a doubt needs to grow up and mature. But he is no frankenstein (although Bradshaw may think he resembles one).
    This thing grows legs every day and is way out of proportion.
    It would be different if they were crimes committed. They are not.

  89. Myeeh…..I think this is just a steaming pile of Smizek myself. Don’t step in it.
    So the girl “wasn’t sure if sex occurred or not”.
    Man that probably is the most damaging information about Roethlisberger to come out.
    “Was it good for you?”
    “Was what good for me?”

  90. stiller43 says:
    April 14, 2010 1:36 PM
    # The Real Shuxion says: April 14, 2010 12:48 PM
    swervinmervin says:
    April 14, 2010 11:47 AM
    Oakland Raider fans….. Please welcome your next starting QB!!!!
    Black does make one look thinner.
    Yeah, because the Steelers don’t wear black or anything.
    ————————————————-The yellow pants expand the thighs. The silver ones constrict the thighs. Did you not learn anything in High School?

  91. It’s time for people to stop with their “Ben never got charged” bull. He’s even more of an embarrassment to this league than Pacman Jones because of his status. He “Aw, shucks” himself into the hearts of the locals and everyone takes him to heart and in 4 years, he’s proven that he no more cares for the locals and the team than Michael Vick cares for dogs. That may seem like a harsh statement but if he really gave a damn, he’d have stopped all of this after his last incident. Three apologizes and NOT ONE of them rings sincere to me (I almost expected to hear him say “I did not have relations with that girl” during his press conference).
    Whether he’s guilty or NOT, he needs to be suspended to show him that he’s not above the rest of the league or even the team and he needs to think twice before he does something stupid again.
    BTW, I would like to add that after Philly suspended TO, the haters came out of the woodwork and said that the team had a perfect right to suspend him because of how his conduct was affecting the team and yet, I’d be willing to bet that many of those same people are here saying the opposite about Ben (At least 3 people (Not on PFT) that I’ve known for years that are in that categor). Seriously, what did TO get arrested for when Philly suspended him….

  92. @edgy1957 …
    The league didn’t suspend TO. The Eagles suspended TO for a violating team discipline. The league has no cause to suspend Roethlisberger, but the Steelers can take action and I’d like it to be something creative with the potential to impact his character. This is my suggestion:
    Make him clean the toilets at Heinz Field every day for the rest of the off season. It would be humbling, which seems to be the thing he needs most. He’d probably be too busy from practice and cleaning to go out at night. And it would remind him that cavorting in bathrooms is a stupid pasttime.
    Then he should be forced to participate in community service on behalf of the team.

  93. Seriously, the girl should probably charge Roethlisberger with fraud or false advertising or something. He shows up in a lewd and suggestive shirt, engages in “language of a sexual nature”, then takes the girl to the bathroom “for less than 10 minutes”. After which she is unsure of whether penetration actually occured or not, and the “male DNA sample” is so small they can’t even examine it.
    “Big Ben”, my ass. I bet that’s not how they do it in Zierlein’s porn videos.

  94. Here is something that really bothers me. If people want to speak about Pittsburgh QB’s that are accused of sexual assault, why don’t I remember anyone like Ochostinko or Chadhia or any other double standard bearer calling for Charlie Batch (with Lions at the time) to be suspended when he and his two buddies were accused of drugging and gang-raping a girl in Las Vegas. Hmmmmmm, I guess that girl was lying, but Ben’s accusers are telling the truth………… Right. Not a peep.
    I mean, there was no conclusive proof since she was drugged up, but hey, I think the league frowns on gang rapes, drugs, etc. Hmmmmm.
    Kind of funny how things work.

  95. Absurd. Dude can flat out ball. There are only a few better at his position. Dennis Dixon?
    Now we’re getting racial. No way Dixon is on the same planet as Ben. Tomlin is nuts…..he just prefers the brotha.

  96. Bob Pomeani reporting that @ practice today Ben looked sharp and had a few long pass completions. News you won’t find @ PFT

  97. # i’m president charlie! says: April 14, 2010 4:42 PM
    Bob Pomeani reporting that @ practice today Ben looked sharp and had a few long pass completions. News you won’t find @ PFT

  98. Preposterous idea. If any of the other 31 NFL teams were to want to take on the media circus that comes with Ben, they would be looking for a steal. Ben’s reputation as a sexual predator – whether or not deserved – has substantially devalued his trade worth. Perhaps the Steelers could squeeze a 2nd rounder, but more likely a 3rd or even 4th in a fire sale to rid themsleves.
    Someone mentioned two firsts, or a first and start players to boot? Never, ever going to happen after the Milledgeville incident.

  99. @edgy1957 …
    I agree that Ben should not get special treatment–but that’s what you’re advocating. The Eagles suspended TO for internal disciplinary violations. But NO NFL employee has been suspended by the league without an arrest, failing a drug test, receiving a warning, getting fined, etc. Not one–black or white.
    You are advocating that Roethlisberger be treated differently because you don’t approve of his behavior. Neither do I, but I’m more opposed to lynch mobs.
    The league HAS NO CAUSE to suspend Roethlisberger and doing so will set a dangerous precedent. He is a single man who had sex with a single woman in Nevada. The court filings show the sex was consensual. He had a motorcycle accident while following the rules of the road. He was cited only for riding with an expired learner’s permit. The DA in Georgia made a point of saying both parties were to blame and he hoped both learned from their mistakes. That does not sound like a prosecutor letting off a rapist due to lack of evidence.
    I agree that Ben is an immature egomaniac who needs to be taken down several pegs. If he’s not, he will self-destruct due to his own arrogance. But at the end of the day, all he has done is annoy and embarrass his team, fans, and the league with his off-field behavior. His on-field behavior has been exemplary.
    Like it or not, this is a matter for the Steelers to handle internally.
    And Ben has been no more of an embarrassment to the league now than Michael Irvin and Leon Lett were when the Cowboys were the champions in the 1990s. The difference is that Ben has not broken any law.

  100. BR played for a talented team while winning super bowls but became very ineffective when the teams talent faded. Trade him to the Raiders and he will prove he is a very average QB. The Rooneys spent to much time and effort to have this clown taint the Steeler legacy. “Little Ben” is an embarrasment

  101. Deb says:
    @edgy1957 …
    I agree that Ben should not get special treatment–but that’s what you’re advocating. The Eagles suspended TO for internal disciplinary violations
    Again, NOT true. They suspended him for what he SAID and not what he did. He wasn’t arrested, he didn’t go out and shoot up a nightclub, he wasn’t beating his wife or girlfriend – all he did was make some remarks about McNabb and THAT is why they suspended him. Just WHERE do you see how TO being suspended for 4 games by the TEAM is anything less of an OVER REACTION than if the Steelers did it to Ben. Also, you’re WRONG to say that the league had no cause because they do. He’s embarrassed the league, the team, the fans and 1300+ players with his actions and you can bring up the Cowboys all you want to try to make this “yeah, but look at your Cowboy players” when you don’t even have a clue. I was as harsh on them as I am on Ben AND FYI, Lett WAS suspended for his troubles and Irvin’s came AFTER their Super Bowl years (And given the kind of trouble coming out of Pittsburgh, I don’t think that you have the credibility to admonish anyone on THEIR team’s actions, especially since when those actions are 10 years old). If Pittsburgh doesn’t suspend him for 4 games AND if the commish doesn’t make up for any games that they didn’t give him up to 4 games, they can both expect to lose the players in the league. They’re looking hard at them both because they’re tired of their being a code of conduct and it seemingly being applied with different standards. I don’t care if you and 9,000 PFT contributors think that the commish and the team have a right to do what they want because THOSE PLAYERS DON’T AGREE. If you followed the link that I put up earlier, you saw what a retired player thought about it AND I can guarantee you that a lot of the active ones, feel the same way (Believe me, Tedy Bruschi had more to say about Ben and it wasn’t the kind of coddling that he’s been getting from people here).
    BTW, Ben DID break the law or do you think that he didn’t do anything wrong with his motorcycle stupidity? I know that you want to defend the guy but he IS an embarrassment. There’s no doubt that if there wasn’t a code of conduct before, he’d be the poster boy for one now. He has proven so far that he is TOO STUPID to learn on his own. He needs to be taken down and made to understand that there are consquences to his actions. Are you going to be there if there’s a third time? Will you be defending him to the death, even if he’s found innocent because he was too stupid to stay out of trouble again? He might not be a serial rapist but he sure has proven that he’s a serial moron. Maybe they should start call him Ben RetardedBerger……

  102. To all the Roethlisberger apologists who may live in, say, Timbucktoo, Fla., Bob Smizik was a highly-respected sports columnist for both the Pittsburgh Press and the Post-Gazette before he retired recently after nearly 30 years of service.
    Bob Pompeani, by the way, is the biggest homer in the Pittsburgh sports media.
    Glad to hear Roethlisberger threw six touchdown passes in practice today. That’s wonderful. Too bad he was unable to throw just one last season against the woeful 1-11 Browns. Oh well.
    He probably didn’t want to show off.
    Big Ben never did like drawing attention to himself.

  103. tkebean
    You’re an idiot.
    You actually posted something with less than 1000 words!
    Ben’s gotta go! Dixon played well againt no less than the Ravens and even got us to OT. He is a diamond in the rough. Ben is the biggest loser I’ve ever seen. SB XL – the worst stats for a QB in SB history! Look it up! SB XLIII – one run in downs is what it took to win. One throw – admittedly thrown too high. One great catch. Let’s take a look at Ben ‘s interception and sack ratios. One of the worst QBs ever! That’s ok. Let Ben play and get sacked another 150 times till he has worse brain damage than he already has! Bu-bye Pig Ben.
    Art Rooney has steam coming out of his ears after that press conference by the DA. That DA did not clear him 100%, nope it did not. Ben bought his way out of it with the girl. I am sure Goodell asked him that very question too.

  104. I don’t care if he bodypaints himself and walks on his hands naked in the San Fransicko St. Patty’s Day parade. When Bradshaw left, I suffered though the likes of (till 2004)
    Mark Malone
    Cliff Stoudt
    Kent Graham
    Kordell (Cost us at least 2 super bowls, sorry Rod W)
    Bubby (Midnight Mayor of Shadyside)
    Mike Tomzcak
    David Woodley
    Tommy Maddox
    Jim Miller
    There were more, I am sure that I am blocking right now.

  105. @edgy1957 …
    First, please find the enter key on your computer and use it to create paragraphs for easier reading.
    Second, you are arguing emotionally. I am not, regardless of what you think. I have no personal affection for Roethlisberger. I think he is a great QB. And I think he is an ass. I am and always have been arguing a principle.
    I don’t care why the Eagles suspended TO. The point: The EAGLES suspended TO. The league did not.
    You also missed the point with Irvin and Lett. They were a BIG part of the public face of the NFL in the 1990s. And the reports about Irvin assaulting or screwing women while Lett watched were as sordid as anything said about Roethlisberger. Lett was suspended for substance abuse. Roethlisberger has no substance abuse violations. He would be the FIRST player suspended by the league with NO arrests, NO substance abuse violations, NO fines, NO warnings, etc.
    That edgy1957 thinks riding a motorcycle without a helmet, having consensual sex in Nevada, and drinking with Georgia college students tarnishes the shield is not cause for suspension.
    I am appalled by Ben’s idiotic behavior and reports of his rudeness to fans. But this is an internal team matter. Frankly, since you are not even a Steelers fan, it is none of your business.

  106. .RebaT says:
    You actually posted something with less than 1000 words!
    Good one!!!

  107. Deb says:
    @edgy1957 …
    I don’t care why the Eagles suspended TO. The point: The EAGLES suspended TO. The league did not
    You continue t0 change the subject. Whether the TEAM or the LEAGUE does it, doesn’t mean a thing to ME. Do you get that? If it’s THAT important to you then Ben should be suspended by the team. I don’t care if it’s the NFL, Pittsburgh or the Radio City Rockettes, SOMEONE should be suspending him. I would have thought that you got the idea when I talked about PHILLY- the TEAM – suspending TO but you continue to harp on the LEAGUE. I would prefer that Goodell does it to gain credibility, which is something that you keep overlooking but if he doesn’t then I hope that the team does it. Is that clear enough to you?
    Oh and you continue to get this WRONG again. I mentioned Lett because YOU mentioned Lett. Leon had NOTHING to do with Irvin and his problems, it was SUPPOSEDLY Eric Williams and those allegations were FALSE.Michael had his problems and he paid for them but that wasn’t one of them and again, UNLIKE YOU, I supported league action against him and don’t feel a need to coddle him or apologize for him. YOU missed the point because I didn’t make excuses for them nor did I go around trying to make excuses for them.
    Let’s get this straight about the boob. His mom was killed in a car accident and STILL he chose to ignore that and risk his life. He was warned by several people NOT to ride but he didn’t listen to them. Despite the fact that he nearly died, the MORON continues to ride a bike.
    Add in the fact that as a rookie, he had orientation that laid out several scenarios like he was in and he put himself into that position NOT ONCE but TWICE (It may take a couple of years but you can bet that rookies will be recognizing Ben’s actions when they’re told what they shouldn’t be doing).
    BTW, you’re WRONG again. I can name SEVERAL players that were suspended for conduct that didn’t result in fines or arrests before Ben: Paul Hornung and Alex Karras, who were found to be gambling on NFL games.
    Oh, now you go into indignation and tell me I should mind my own business just because I’m NOT a Steelers’ fan. Now YOU have entered reached the height of ARROGANCE that we’ve all come to expect from Ben.

  108. @redsquare: I can assure you that Bill Cowher would NOT welcome a reunion with Roethlisberger. Roethlisberger’s antics were a big reason he left the Steelers.
    For those who feel Roethlisberger was the missing piece to the Steelers’ Super Bowl puzzle after 25 years, ever hear of Troy Polumala? When this guy is healthy, the Steelers win titles. When he isn’t, they miss the playoffs.
    In this day and age of rules heavily favoring offenses, most, if not all, elite quarterbacks throw between 30 and 35 touchdown passes EVERY season. In his six-year career, Roethlisberger has had only one such season: He threw 33 TD passes in 2007.
    Last season, he threw for more than 4,000 yards, but had the fewest TD passes among the 9 other quarterbacks who surpassed the 4,000 yard mark.
    Go back and check the scores of the 2008 regular season. The Steelers scored 30 or more points only once: A 31-0 win against Cleveland. Byron Leftwich was the Steelers quarterback for 24 of those points.
    Last preseason, Sports Illustrated conducted a poll among NFL players, who were asked to vote for the league’s most overrated player. The winner was Ben Roethlisberger.
    Roethlisberger was paid $27 million last season. I am pretty sure someone a whole lot cheaper could’ve found a way to score a TD against the 1-11 Browns.

  109. steeelfann says:
    April 14, 2010 8:36 PM
    I don’t care if he bodypaints himself and walks on his hands naked in the San Fransicko St. Patty’s Day parade. When Bradshaw left, I suffered though the likes of (till 2004)
    Mark Malone
    Cliff Stoudt
    Kent Graham
    Kordell (Cost us at least 2 super bowls, sorry Rod W)
    Bubby (Midnight Mayor of Shadyside)
    Mike Tomzcak
    David Woodley
    Tommy Maddox
    Jim Miller
    There were more, I am sure that I am blocking right now.
    Steeelfan, I just pissed myself laughing. Thanks. Bubby Brister-Midnight Mayor of Shadyside… I can’t stop laughing.

  110. Ben did nothing wrong, period, end of story.
    Deb, sorry, but you just sound like a women scorned or a member of Code Pink. Don’t know you for jack, you could be a great person, but since when is being a jerk or acting like an ass cause for being removed or suspended from a football team?
    If it was a crime for drunk people at bars and parties to hook up, most of us here would be in jail (at least those of us who do or had a life). All he did was pick yet another bat s$#t crazy women, so his judgment in women is awful, but again, that is not a crime.
    Ben wins, period. Check the stats on 4th quarter comebacks. If he wants to get drunk and laid in the off season, more power to him. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate (Hell, Two and a Half Men is my favorite show….wouldn’t all men want Charlie’s life from that show?)
    So again…why is this even being discussed??? Oh yeah, Florio, the Steeler hating WVU grad enjoys dragging the Steelers through the mud time and again. Love the site, but man do I hate the bias….

  111. @edgy1957 …
    The only subject is whether or not the league should suspend Roethlisberger. My answer: NO because he hasn’t failed a drug test, created a disciplinary problem, been arrested, been in a barroom brawl, etc.–or been caught gambling on NFL games as Hornung and Karras were. No player with Roethlisberger’s clean record has ever been suspended by the league. To me it’s ALL-IMPORTANT whether he’s punished by the league or the team. The league MUST NOT appear to be kowtowing to irrational mob mentality and the race-baiting of calculating attention-seekers like Ochocinco. If they get away with it on this, they’ll try it on other issues. And it’s wrong.
    I don’t care if every black player in the league says “If that were me, he’d already be suspended.” Goodell KNOWS that’s not true. He KNOWS no African-American player has been suspended in these circumstances. If he caves on this, he’s making a race-motivated judgment. You don’t think there will be sports journalists who’ll look up the records and find that no black player has been suspended in those circumstances? Do you want Roethlisberger to become a martyr? What do you think that will teach him?
    Goodell should have the courage to stand up and state plainly that no player has been suspended in these circumstances and he’s Pittsburgh’s problem. The Steelers should make him do something both humbling and community-oriented. Perhaps he should work at a soup kitchen.
    As for the motorcycle accident, I get it. You’re VERY upset Ben was going 26 mph when a car ran a stop sign and hit him. You think he should have known better than to ride because his mother died in a car crash when he was about eight and others warned him against riding. And you think somehow that accident tarnished the shield. Right. The Steelers should have contractually forbidden him to ride without a helmet. If he’s still riding, and the team hasn’t contractually forbidden it, they are bigger idiots than he is.
    You still don’t get the Lett thing (apologies if I confused Lett and Williams). My point was that they were accused of doing sordid things with women (tarnishing the shield). It’s nice you capitalized FALSE accusations. The accusations against Roethlisberger are also FALSE. Nevada isn’t worth discussing. In Georgia, he put himself in an incredibly stupid situation. So did Irvin and whichever Cowboy accompanied him. But nobody was raped.
    I’ve never made excuses for Ben’s bad judgment or immaturity. But I separate legal and moral issues. I’m not letting emotions rule my noggin the way you are. And I’ll support whatever steps the team believes are warranted.
    I’m not indignant (but you’re performaning indigance to the hilt). I was making a dispassionate statement. You’re getting carried away about something that has nothing to do with you. Calm down and try to get a little perspective. But in retrospect I see how it sounded arrogant. I didn’t mean it the way it came out, and I apologize for that.

  112. Draft Tebow (hard to question his moral ethics. Matches Steeler style.)
    Trade Rothlesberger for Jason Campbell.
    Between Charlie Batch and Jason Campbell, the short term needs of the team can be met. With Jason, the team might have immediate success.
    And the coach could train up Tebow for the future.

  113. where the hell are the steelers going to find another qb that gets up after all the sacks they give up?

  114. Deb:
    You just want some out here but I’m not going to give it to you. The guy NEEDS to be suspended. If that means that Pittsburgh does it then so be it but he NEEDS to be suspended.
    Now, that being said, Goodell has a lot of credibility issues with the players and it’s increasingly becoming the white ones as well because they have to deal with what they see as a double standard and how it’s affecting the locker room. Whether YOU or any of the other people here who don’t think that there’s a double standard don’t agree is of no real importance to the players (Just like they don’t care if you guys believe that they’re overpaid and take no risks). It doesn’t matter what Goodell knows because he’s already gotten the clue from the back channels that he’s under a lot of scrutiny. Contrary to what you think, it won’t make it worse because it will show that he’s willing to apply the policy equally and it will actually strengthen his position because it would mean that ANY actions that reflect badly on the league will be dealt with harshly. If he doesn’t, he will lose ALL credibility and you can bet every player will go kicking and screaming to court to challenge his authority.
    As for something humbling, give me a break. He needs some real consequences and a soup kitchen is what white offenders get instead of jail time. Did you see him recommending that Pacman Jones or anyone else spend some time being humbled by some bull like that? The answer is NO because he KNEW that it wouldn’t do any good and it won’t. Unless he’s forced into missing games and shown that there are REAL consequences to his actions, he’ll continue to feel that he’s above the law and he’ll just do the same thing but he’ll just get sneakier about it.
    His accident has NOTHING to do with tarnishing the shield and you know that. It’s about how it shows a PATTERN OF STUPIDITY. All of this shows a pattern of stupidity because everyone has told him what could happen but he KNOWS better and even after he’s gotten a close call, he continues to do what he did before. Maybe he’s wearing a helmet now but he’s still ridiing a bike and as Kellen Winslow Jr has shown, it’s more than just a head that can be hurt during a bike accident. Maybe he learned his lesson after his close call in Nevada but wait, he didn’t. He’s like a puppy that you keep saying “No” to and he finally doesn’t get it until you rub his nose in his excrement.
    I get your Irvin thing but again, that was 10 YEARS ago not 10 days ago. That was dealt with and over 10 years ago and unlike you, I was all over Irvin for his crap becaue innocent or not, he put himself in the position that he was in. It’s because of crap like that that the NFL started rookie orientation. If you’re going to go after the Cowboys in order to give me some kind of retribution for what I’ve said for Ben, pick something that’s within 5 years.
    Again, how many times do I have to say that I didn’t care whether he was guilty or not. Do you think that it’s worth the embarrassment day after day after day after day in Pittsburgh when he does crap like this. When things got out of hand in Dallas, the city was up in arms and they were calling for the team to get rid of the guys that were making the city, the team and the league look bad.
    I have perspective, you don’t. You’re letting your Steeler loyalty blind you to the fact that letting him off with a slap on the wrist hasn’t helped. He needs to be suspended without pay so that he gets the idea that there are consequences for his actions. He doesn’t appreciate his $100 mil contract OR that he’s the head of a $1 bil franchise whose fanbase will kiss his butt because of the two Super Bowl rings but seem to have tired of him and if not now, certainly the next time, will turn against him and run him out of town. Coddling him hasn’t proven effective, it’s time to rub his nose in it.

  115. Bozo the columnist is not respected in Pittsburgh, that is why they offered him early retirement. He distorts teh facts to serve his agendas.

  116. @edgy1957 …
    You don’t care if he’s guilty or innocent. He’s stupid so he needs to be punished. Well, I’m sorry. I don’t work that way. I didn’t work that way when I was passionately defending Tom Cable, either. And Cable probably did break Hanson’s jaw. And I hate the Raiders. That wasn’t the point. There was no EVIDENCE useful in a court of law that Cable broke Hanson’s jaw. That’s the only thing which matters to me. So Mr. High and Mighty, you can stop telling me I’m blinded by the colors. I’m blinded by the same blindfold Lady Justice wears. And I don’t intended to take off my principles after all these years just to accommodate some Web site blowhard.
    “You just want some out here but I’m not going to give it to you.” That has NO meaning. I’m a pretty easy woman to read edgy1957. That’s because I saw up front what I think and what I want. If you try to read between the lines and come up with some BS male ego theories, that’s your doing. I’ve said what I want: equal justice–NOT the perception of equal justice. What you THINK I want is irrelevant. And you can’t give it to me.
    I have never said players are overpaid. I’ve always been on the side of the player and the union, and you know it. Now you’re just arguing for the sake of arguing. It’s petty.
    I do not care what the black players think of Roger Goodell or what he thinks of them or what the world thinks of Ben Roethlisberger or whether he tarnished the shield or whether Michael Irvin did or how long ago that happened and how you felt about it at the time. None of that is relevant. The ONLY relevant information is that:
    Roethlisberger has not committed a suspendable offense based on prior league action.
    Equal justice demands that the league leave this matter to the Steelers, who have said they have every intention of imposing discipline. I will be satisfied with what they choose.
    I believe community service is warranted because the ONLY proveable strikes against him are offenses against the community–rudeness and arrogance to fans. Pacman Jones was guilty of crimes, so community service would not have been appropriate–though he did once receive a sentence of 200 hours’ community service. No player in Roethlisberger’s circumstances has been suspended, but if that’s what the team decides, that is fine by me.
    YOU are the one who keeps bringing up the motocycle accident. Ben was abiding by the rules of the rode. Kellen Winslow, who was contractually prohibited from riding, was performing stunts in a parking lot. The two situations are no comparable.
    You’re bitterness toward this individual runs so deep that you are incapable of listening to any factual information–such as the differences between his situation and Winslow’s or Jones’s. You don’t care that the league has never suspended in this situation, only that black players are angry because they think Goodell favors white players. At every turn, I provide facts and you provide perceptions. Yet somehow I am the one blinded by team loyalty who has no perspective.
    I would be arguing the same position regardless of the uniform. I know this because I argued the same position when it was Irvin in the 90s. And I argued the same position on PFT with Cable. You are increasingly resorting to personal attack and the tired: “You’re blinded by the uniform.” Grow up.

  117. @tommy997 …
    For weeks, I’ve been blasted for arguing PASSIONATELY that Ben is innocent until proved guilty … for arguing there is NO evidence that he raped anyone … and now for arguing that he SHOULD NOT be suspended let alone removed from the team.
    But you’re calling me a scorned woman who wants the guy suspended and kicked out of the NFL.
    It’s amazing that you have the brainpower to turn on a computer.

  118. Deb, you heard that right. The problem is that you want to let it fester until he DOES do something to warrant jail time. Like it or not, community service does NOTHING to change anyone’s behavior and if you think that it does, you’re being naive. The punishment for DUI has gotten gradually worse because admonishing them didn’t work and neither did community service. It’s this kind of coddling that’s made Ben into what he is today and until he’s made to pay for it, he’s never going to learn.
    I bring up the accident as MORE proof of his stupidity. He was been told by MANY people to stop doing it and just because it wasn’t in his contract, that doesn’t make it any better. Instead of trying to understand what I was talking about, which is that he continues to put himself in harms way with his motorcycle, YOU try to take this to a conversation that’s about why it’s different from Winslow’s situation. Regardless of whether he was contractually bound or not, he continues to ride the bike despite the fact that he’s putting himself and a billion dollar franchise in jeopardy. If you want to continue to try to change the subject then you’re showing that you really don’t want to understand WHY I keep bringing it up. Here’s a hint: my best friend was stationed in Florida and a couple of weeks after he was there, he put his bike up because of all the bikers that were getting killed or maimed by the old people in his area. Because he was in the Navy, he was REQUIRED to wear his helmet and he still didn’t think that it was enough to keep him safe. A helmet is good for the head but it doesn’t keep him from losing an arm or a leg and as long as the team let’s him get away with it, they deserve everything that comes to them if he ends up having something happen.
    There is NO DOUBT that he’s like a puppy who keeps crapping in his owner’s shoes because all they do is say “No.” The league, ownership and the fans have coddled him and all he has done is to go back and crap in their shoes some more.
    Look, Ben has a chance to be a HOFer but he’s blowing it big time. You can bet that if he were to retire today, even with his 2 rings, the media WON’T put him in right away and they may even use it to keep him out. Whether he’s innocent or not, he’s embarrassed the city, the team, the league and the fans and the writers consider themselves as the guardians of the Hall. There is no doubt that Bob Hayes deserved to be in the Hall as a first ballot selection but his off the field problems kept him out until after his death.
    You may think that I hate the guy but I don’t. What I do hate is what he’s doing to the league and how he’s hurting everyone that he touches. You’re letting your Steeler loyalty get in the way of the truth and that he needs to be reined in. The fans, the league and the team are all equally guilty of his behavior because they’ve allowed it to fester and he considers himself above the law. I can tell you that if he were in the military, he’d be the subject of more than one blanket party AND he probably wouldn’t come back from the field if he were to continue to act that way.
    You’re also wrong about the black and white thing. Again, you continue to take it out of context. I don’t know if you’re arguing this point just to argue or you really don’t get it. I don’t care if he’s black, white or native, he needs to be suspended – PERIOD – END OF DISCUSSION. Do you get my position, now? Other than spelling it out letter by letter, with hyphens, in between, I don’t know how I can make it any clearer. The BLACK or WHITE issue is having Goodell do it OR for the Steelers to give him the full 4 games. He needs to be suspended PERIOD and if he were Donovan McNabb or Sam Bradford (Cherokee), I’d say the same thing. He has proven THREE TIMES that he doesn’t listen to anyone and he needs to be shown that there are consequences to his actions. Was it facts or perception that cost Ben his beef jerky sponsor? Oh, BTW, what DID his sponsor have to say?
    “You want the offseason to be quiet. You have to put yourself in good positions. And Ben unfortunately hasn’t,” Ballou told USA TODAY on Monday.
    You even go back to the motorcycle accident. Whatever happened down there (in Georgia), I hope this will truly be the last time something like this happens. Ben’s a good person. He does a lot for charity. But for his career, his fans and his family, you have to make good decisions.”

    What do some other people think?
    “After the first allegation, he gets the benefit of the doubt. Now he just looks stupid,” said Bob Dorfman of San Francisco-based Baker Street Advertising, which publishes Sports Marketers’ Scouting Report. “Even if this latest case proves to be some kind of entrapment or nothing happened, it just doesn’t look very smart for him to be even close to some kind of situation like that.
    “You would think he would be careful where he’s hanging out, who he’s hanging out with, what he’s drinking. That sends up a warning sign to advertisers who are already scared to death right now using any athlete in their advertising, given the Tiger Woods situation.”

    The one thing that you should take note is that the sponsors don’t always pull their deals right away. Some will let the notoriety die down and then quietly let them go, even if they are proven to be innocent. Ben has used up his goodwill and even the ones he keeps now, will send him packing if it happens again – innocent or not.

  119. Deb, have you seen what I’ve said about Jerry Jones, BOTH Roy Willamses, Flozell Adams, Mark Colombo and on and on and on? I don’t have a problem with telling the truth about the Cowboys OR anyone else for that matter. You may not like my brutal honesty but THAT is what you’re going to get.

  120. Okay, edgy1957, I’ll concede that I’ve been reading you wrong if you will PLEASE do me the courtesy of trying to recognize that you’re reading me wrong as well. I’m not arguing my points because he’s a Steeler anymore than you’re arguing because you’re a Cowboys fan.
    You’re coming at it from a hardline military perspective of what needs to be done to make the guy see the light. Okay, I’m coming at it from an equally hardline civil rights perspective. I did argue the SAME points with Tom Cable–to the degree that I had to laugh at myself because I think he probably did hit Hanson. I don’t think Roethlisberger raped anyone. But I do think he’s an ass.
    I don’t want the league to punish him on principles having to do with presumption of innocence and equal justice, okay? Let’s just leave that there.
    But I do think the team can and should punish him the way a family could punish a kid who did something stupid even if he didn’t break the law.
    Here’s the reason I keep mentioning community service. It’s not for the reasons you’re thinking. Here are the proveable things he’s done:
    1. Continued to put himself in stupid situations like Georgia and like the motorcycle riding (which I thought he’d given up).
    2. Been arrogant and rude to the fanbase.
    I believe they punish him for #2 by making him engage in year-round service to the fanbase. That’s the only reason I mentioned community service. If the stiffing-restaurants stories are true, he should also have to make restitution to local eateries. And it might not hurt for him to have to wait tables either.
    As for #1, I will accept whatever punishment the Steelers elect NO MATTER HOW SEVERE. If that includes suspension, I am fine with that–as long as it comes from the Steelers and not the league. I also feel he should be contractually FORCED to give up the bike. If the Steelers choose to trade him now, so be it. Bye. If they keep him, it should be made clear that further infractions will result in his separation from the team.
    I’m not trying to give the guy a free ride, edgy. I’m just trying to see that he’s taken in hand by the TEAM–the family–and that the league isn’t party to appeasing race-baiters, bloggers, and pitchforked mobs.

  121. Deb, if you think you’ve had it bad from me, let me tell you, my sister will disagree. You see, she’s raised a “Ben” of her own and yes, he was a star football player in high school. She was constantly calling me and telling me how she’s so tired of him driving so fast down their dirt road because of how bad the traction can get and that the ditches on both sides were so deep. Every time that she said it, he’d say “Yes, Mom, I know” in that teenage voice that grates on you and the next time, he’d do the very same thing (and the fact that one of his friends went off into the ditch on the way to visit him, did nothing to persuade him because as he put it, “I’m a much better driver than him).
    I finally got tired of her complaining and told her that he wouldn’t learn until there were consequences and that she should take his truck away and make him ride the bus to school but she said that she couldn’t do that to him so I told her that she needs to stop complaining because if she isn’t going to do anything about it then he’s the one that’s going to suffer (Or so I thought).
    A little time goes by and my sister calls me and tells me that they had just pulled my nephew out of his dad’s brand new truck and they had to use the jaws of life. They had ordered take out and he volunteered to go pick it up and took his dad’s truck without permission and on the way back, he hit the gravel just right, slide off the road, tumbled over and landed on the wheels and the roof and sides were crushed in.
    Because of that, he spent the last 7 months of his senior year going back and forth to school on the bus because they took away his keys to his truck and he was told that he would have to pay for the insurance, which really went up. He’s now in college and he gets back home whenever any of his friends has a whim and he goes off campus only when he pitches in for gas. It’s been almost a year and a half since he’s driven his truck because he doesn’t have the money to pay for the insurance. All this because my sister wouldn’t put her foot down. Oh and I gave her a week to get over it but I did tell her “I told you so” and while she didn’t talk to me for a while, she realized that I was right. She didn’t appreciate it when I told her that while I agree that he was reckless, she bore some of the burden because she didn’t take the truck away from him to show him that she was serious about him slowing down.
    As for the league, what YOU want and what the PLAYERS want are two different things and let’s be real, Goodell needs this one badly, which is why the Steelers seem to be hedging because I think they understand that as well.
    No matter how you slice it, community service isn’t the answer to anything. One of my uncles has several DUIs and all he got for his first 5 – that’s right, 5 – was community service. After a 6 month stint followed by a 2 year stint in prison, he got the idea.
    If you want to combine a 4 game suspension with out pay and a year of community service in the Pittsburgh area then by all means do it but the one that’s going to get his attention is the suspension.
    As for the dine and dash. I’ve heard that he’s tried but I don’t know if he was successful or successful all the time.
    The reason why I say that I don’t care if he’s guilty or not (and I do on this one), is that he’s tarnishing so much of the league like Pacman Jones. It’s the perception that’s hurting because it’s kept this event in the news for a long time, just like the last incident. One more time and he won’t even be able to get Go Daddy to sponsor him. He needs to spend time on the bench without pay and maybe even as his community service, be forced into signing autographs before, during and after the games.

  122. Deb says:
    April 15, 2010 8:24 PM
    Well, edgy, I’d love for you to get mine, too … whenever PFT gets around to

  123. @edgy1957 …
    At last, a little levity!
    I came back to see if they’d posted my reply to you because I finally kind of saw where you were coming from and wanted you to see where I was coming from. But all they’d posted was your post-script saying “You may not like my brutal honesty but THAT is what you’re going to get.”
    So I typed “Well, edgy, I’d love for you to get mine, too … whenever PFT gets around to it.” LOL
    Ah, life on a red dirt road. I miss that. I was a lil like your nephew 🙂
    Maybe the commish will do it. I don’t think that’s right, but I see a PFT headline that the commish is paving the way for suspending without arrests or charges. To me, he’d be caving to mobs and race-baiters. But maybe Ben will just be the poster-child for warning players that Goodell isn’t fooling around. Either way, I think a suspension is coming. Florio’s inventing trade theories, but my take from Art II today is that Ben should expect some time on the bench. And I’m okay with that if the Steelers are okay with it. He’s burned up his goodwill with me.
    You weren’t hard on me, you were frustrating because I kept feeling like we were so close to being on the same page but just missing each other–and I knew that was as much my fault as yours. Finally, I got it. But gee whiz, other people are just hammering me. I don’t know how many names I have to call the guy before people cop on that I’m not defending him personally. But I guess the idea of defending the ethereal principle is hard for some people to grasp.
    Yeah, I definitely want him doing some community service on top of whatever suspension he gets. He’s got dues to pay in Pittsburgh. Big time.

  124. Deb, I can’t help but feel sorry for what’s been happening with you because I know that you’re taking a stand that some people don’t agree with BUT I think it’s also a little Steeler hatred.

  125. Thanks, edgy. It’s getting a little rough out there. But you’re right–most of it’s Steeler hatred.
    That guy ECS Brougham Boys 74–he’d been critical of Ben (and me) right along, but it was manageable. Then he made a big speech about how he was objective, not an AFC North fan. No, he’s a Seattle fan. Uh-huh. I said that explained a lot and the guy went BALLISTIC, calling me a f***ing lowlife. Nothing else had changed. I just pointed out that he had an ax to grind.
    Being the lone voice against the mob is the story of my life. It’s not easy, but believe it or not, I’ve been doing it since about second grade. LOL You get used to it after a while. Kinda. It’s a lot harder when it’s live and in person and they’re screaming in your face. I’ll survive 🙂
    Thanks so much for your supportive posts! They really help.

  126. I wouldn’t be suprised if they did trade him. The Steelers should trade him for about the same price the Bears gave for Cutler. Steelers need help at so many positions especially CB and OL. The Steelers are high on Dennis Dixon and after seeing him play so am I. As long as Tebow doesen’t wear Black and Gold I’ll be happy.

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