Tony Scheffler signs his tender

Brandon Marshall signed his one-year contract tender Tuesday afternoon, and was a Miami Dolphin before the sun rose in Denver Wednesday.

Hoping the pattern repeats itself, Broncos tight end Tony Scheffler will follow suit by signing his tender Wednesday afternoon, making a possible trade easier to facilitate.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post writes that the Broncos are hopeful of getting a third-round pick back for Scheffler.  If they are successful doing so, they would have five picks in the first three rounds.  And a lot of holes to fill.

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  1. he’s next to get traded…hopefully it’ll be to a team like KC, they need a TE badly

  2. Hmm, me thinks the Eagles and Broncos will be dominating the beginning of this draft
    Wow, the Broncos are really cleaning house.
    Who do they have left to catch the ball?

  3. With all of those 2nd round picks. I could easily see the Patriots sending their 3rd round pick for Sheffler if the price for Olsen is too high.

  4. Here’s to hoping we trade our coach to the Raiders so we can make them worse (is it even possible for the Raiders to get worse?).

  5. TS will be a Lion (interesting timing with Casey Fitz retiring today as well) or a Bear (they do have a 3rd right???) by the end of the week…

  6. So does the Bengals and we have 2 3rd picks….
    MIkey Boy Brown,
    No excuses Mike we got 2 3rd rd picks!
    WE want to keep winning so MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  7. Cincy has 2 third rounders and 2 fourth rounders. If Mikey does not make this move its a big mistake. Plus I think this gives the Bengals a better chance at drafting the best player available with the 21st pick.
    Come on Mikey!!!!

  8. I like Josh’s off-season personnel moves. Replaced a below average QB (Cutler: an arm does not a quarterback make) with one who is proven to be above average. Picked up 3 draft picks to boot. Got a fair deal for Marshall who is one domestic problem (cops have been called to his door many times) away from a major suspension. Add Dawkins, and the D line help this year. His draft is dubious but he only had a few months to prepare and it takes a few years to be sure how it works out. Good job for a team that really needed change.

  9. Anyone know what round he was tendered? Marshall was 1st and 3rd, so two 2nd’s was the average. Cincinatti and Carolina could use a TE, but something is telling me to watch New England on this one!!!

  10. I would be fine with this guy coming to Miami too. He’d be ideal for our offence and he seems to be good friends with Marshall. I’m thinking maybe Fassano and a late pick.

  11. I would have to believe Cincy would be in the market for this guy. They have No one but a rookie contract…and some training camp fodder in Coats…

  12. @rydendonkeys
    The hell?!? What does this even mean? How are Clady, Champ, and DJ gone?
    A 3rd for Scheffler would be nice but I’m not optimistic. I would’ve guessed we’d use him just to trade up a few spots in the draft somewhere. But if he signed his tender there’s probably a deal in the works somewhere.
    So far I’m happy with the extra picks we’ve gotten from the Marshall trade, but it only matters if you draft well—we shall see.

  13. Calm down people. The TE is not a main target in the NE style of offense. The TE are a block first catch later position. Losing Scheffler does NOT create a hole.

  14. @1137vine:
    You’re a moron. Shanny could have gone 8-8. What’s the point? Moving furniture around the room; that’s all Joshie has done.
    Oh. And he’s let everyone know he’s the smartest guy in the room.

  15. I dont beleive cincy will go after him,they look like chase coffman and probably the soon to be drafted jermaine gresham is the route the have chosen.

  16. @GiantsDefenseRules
    Scheffler was tendered at the 2nd-rd level; Nobody expected any team to jump at that though.
    Marshall was actually only tendered at the 1st-rd only level.

  17. @GiantsDefenseRules
    Marshall was tendered at just the 1st round level not a 1st and 3rd round level. I believe Scheffler was tendered at a 2nd round level so getting a 3rd for him wouldn’t be too bad. McDaniels likes to use his TEs primarily as blockers so Schefflers really wasn’t a good fit anyways.

  18. GiantsDefenseRules – Marshall was valued only at a 1, not a 1 and 3. Scheff got a 3. New England likes blocking TEs, and that’s not Tony’s strong suit.
    And I think rydendonkeys meant all the talent McDaniels inhereted MINUS (-) Clady, Bailey and DJ Williams is gone. Lets not forget Dumervil or Royal, too.
    Keep in mind Tony can be used as a WR just as easily as a TE, and that opens the field of interest. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets traded for a player though or as a part of a larger trade package.

  19. For those who didn’t pay attention, of the three big guys who/will be traded this year, the only one who did anything was Marshall. Scheffler is the wrong type of TE for the system, and Hillis, while a fan favorite, puts the ball on the ground and doesn’t fit the system either. The broncos have not given up much for those guys.
    Marshall’s play making ability will be sorely missed, but I hazard to think if he will be suspended or not. Miami is close to his home, which could be a good thing or a really, really bad thing. One thing is for sure:
    4 yrs/47.5 million is WAY STEEP for him.

  20. Don’t read comments by @Ryden – he clearly smokes something before he posts and he lives in Kansas City.
    People in Kansas City have a real “Denver Complex” so you have to ignore their comments.

  21. The reason that Scheffler “does not fit” Denver’s system is that McDaniels imposed his system on personnel, rather than creating a system that fit the roster. This is the telltale sign of bad coaching. When your second best receiver is sitting on the bench because he “does not fit” the system, then you’ve got yourself a stupid head coach.
    How about adapting your precious system to fit your personnel, Coach McGump?

  22. McDaniels is like 2012 movie for the Broncos. We’ll need 10 to 15 years to repair all the damages this idiot has done and is doing to our team. The only hope is somebody in downtown Denver can run over this idiot with a big SUV.

  23. Ginn for Scheffler str8 up…lol…and then package smiley, fasano and r. brown for a two’2s and 3 then draft cj spliller and go D the rest of the way!! damn that would be

  24. I’ll bet the Broncos get nothing more than a fourth rounder for Sheffler. You don’t get premium trade for an unwanted player, particularly one who doesn’t stand out in a crowd. Likely landing spots are NE, KC or Cincy… outside shot for him to be traded to Philly or Detroit.

  25. Based on McDaniels drafting prowess, or more acuraetely lack thereof, last year it makes no difference how many draft picks he acquires by trading productive starters like Cutler, Marshall & Scheffler.
    If he replaces them with the likes of Alphonso Smith, Richard Quinn and Konowhon Moreno (in the first round instead of the 2nd) it’s a net loss for the Broncos.
    and @# winklebean says: April 14, 2010 4:10 PM
    good riddance to bad rubbish. Go Broncos!!
    You’re the worst kind of Broncos homer. You must be reading and believing too much of what you read in the Denver Post.
    All Scheffler ever did is show up and play to the best of his ability which is sizeable. He’s a good player who gave it his all and never had any problems(?) until coach McEgo showed up.

  26. broncos are screwed for years to come. brandon marshall is way better than dez bryant (8-20th) pick. And marshall for a 2nd rounder. what the shat is bowlen and the broncos thinking. marshall acounted for 1/3rd of the broncos “O” this year. CHILD PLEAAAASE!

  27. Going with Brewster on this one.
    When Bowlen fired Reeves, who was a successful coach, he replaced him with Phillips. That was a disaster.
    Firing Shanahan – which had to happen – and replacing him with Botch McDips**t is merely history repeating itself.
    Here’s to the next coach, whoever he may be.

  28. @ magsdad1 :
    “Hillis, while a fan favorite, puts the ball on the ground”
    in a small attempt to stop all the revisionist history we hear about the players that have been
    shipped out I just want to let you know that Hillis fumbled once in Denver…on a KO return

  29. As an avid Bronco Fan I san honestly say we won’t miss a beat with Tony leaving but that can’t be said for Brandon. It was a shame to see him go but one thing is for sure, he was certianly a huge distraction to the team as was Cutler. McD is only trying to develop a team with chemistry and you can’t do that in one year, it takes time so for those fair weather teams out there, wake up. Denver was a powerhouse for the first 8 games with the crew we had and if the players selected last year improve and we’re able to address some holes, I like our chances to win the division and no I have not been drinking, we just happen to play in a weak division.

  30. spliffbunker:
    Yep, he did. He also gained 397 yards in his career with Denver. So before anyone anoints him as the second coming of Jim Brown, it may be wise to consider that, while he was a fan favorite, Shanahan and McDaniels both had him buried on the depth chart. One fumble* is all it takes. Especially on a kick off return.
    *He put the ball on the ground at least three times in ONE of the open practices I saw last year. Not exactly confidence inspiring.

  31. magsdad1:
    while I may consider him the second coming of Mike Alstott & am sure we dont agree overall on the changes in Denver I appreciate your clarification

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