Heckert: Browns have spoken to Rams about top pick

The Browns want you to know they are open to all draft day possibilities at quarterback.

Speaking at his pre-draft press conference, G.M. Tom Heckert said the team has talked to the Rams about possibly trading up for Sam Bradford, according to Mark Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

“We’re playing a little phone tag,” said Heckert. “But we’ve talked to

Before anyone gets carried away, the Browns said they’ve talked to every team in front of them.  President Mike Holmgren cautioned the cost of moving up would likely be prohibitive.  “In the real world, we’re probably going to go in a different
direction,” Holmgren said.

One direction Cleveland could go, the team says, is Jimmy Clausen.  Holmgren says not to read much into his previous statement that he wish he liked Clausen more.

“I would not read too much into that statement,” said Holmgren. “Prior
to the draft, I’ll say any number of things for any number of reasons.
When Jimmy came in, we talked about that little statement. I’m not going
to tell you why [I said it]. I had my reasons and we’ll leave it at

So basically don’t listen to anything decision makers say preceding the draft. Got it, thanks.

40 responses to “Heckert: Browns have spoken to Rams about top pick

  1. Bradford is not worthy of a first pick..
    People are brainwashed. The guy is not a top tier NFL QB..
    He devoured the Big 12 and then got hurt TWICE, and never won the big games..

  2. Wouldn’t “going in a different direction” from moving up suggest moving down. Or is that just me?

  3. I’m sure the price the Rams would ask for the No. 1 pick in the draft would be way too high. Something along the lines of “Send us the best 5 players you have right now…” …No thanks.

  4. As long as his name doesn’t start with Tim Couch, I’m fine with a trade up for a franchise QB.
    Just sayin’…

  5. Trade picks with the Redskins, please. We’d only ask for your 1st this year, your second this year, your second next year, and a hot ham & cheese sammich — hold the lettuce.

  6. God only knows with The Browns. I cant imagine Holmgren wanting that spot. Everybody else wants to get rid of the 1st. The CB’s want it.

  7. “Chiefs2010”
    Dead on-spot. Bradford will be a “hurt all the time” bust. There is no QB in the draft that should go No.1 or even top ten. Browns should just wait and take McCoy if he’s there in round 2

  8. I am one of the converted crack-pots that wouldn’t mind seeing Tebow to the Browns in the late second (via trade) or third.
    (I feel dirty admitting that)

  9. Seems like the drafting of ND quarterbacks has gone fairly swimmingly for the doo-doo stains so far. I say keep on keepin’ on…

  10. The guy is no dummy. He is keeping everyone puzzled. He is the QB guru of the FO’s in the league. When he talks QB’s everyone listens. So, for those that have written off Claussen, they now may rethink their original thought process. If he is in play @ 7, anyone below interested would have to move to 6 or talk Cleveland into moving down, which requires picks. If not, he takes him and is fine with it.
    He is far from stupid and just put Claussen back into stock with one paragraph.

  11. @Robert
    Sounds like it to me. Getting Earl Thomas later and an extra 3rd pound pick would be money

  12. @marktg30
    You got that right. At this point the Browns could go in a 100 different directions.
    For what its worth (admittedly nothing at all) I think the Browns have passed on Clausen and are confident in getting McCoy in the 2nd and maybe even the early 3rd. I think they’ll wait to see if Eric Berry is still on the board at no. 7. If he is they’ll make a trade with Philadelphia for their 1st rounder and the 2nd rounder they got from Washington. They’ll use those picks on Jared Odrick and Jerry Hughes. They’ll then either take McCoy in the 2nd or, especially if Clausen falls completely out of the 1st round, they’ll take another DE like Tyson Aulua and pick McCoy in the third. Also look for draft day trades involving Shaun Rogers and possibly D’Qwell Jackson.

  13. Gamesmanship is afoot!
    Rams are stuck, the fan base is worried about a move, Rams MUST hit a home run with this top pick to at the very least sell tickets.
    I’d trade that number one now!
    McCoy is as good as anyone out there – which honestly, isnt saying much.

  14. So basically don’t listen to anything decision makers say preceding the draft. Got it, thanks.
    Unlike the Bears, good organizations have a tendency to NOT telegraph their every intention to their competition. If the Browns are now using some cloak-and-dagger techniques prior to the draft, it’s probably a good sign for their fans.

  15. Gamesmanship is afoot!
    Rams are stuck, the fan base is worried about a move, Rams MUST hit a home run with this top pick to at the very least sell tickets.
    I’d trade that number one now!
    McCoy is as good as anyone out there – which honestly, isnt saying much.

  16. “Hey Rams, we’ll give you the 7th and Brady Quinn’s old Uniform for the Top Pick.”
    “Oh, not interested?” “Ok, don’t leak this to the press or anything.” Wink Wink Nod Nod

  17. Chiefs, why do you even post on here?
    You’re right, the Browns should just burn their 2nd round pick on McCoy if hes available…

  18. Nobody knows what the Browns are going to do, nobody knows if Bradford will be any good, and nobody knows if Claussen will be a bust or not. Just relax.

  19. speaking of “doo doo” stains slapsbrats…the best part of your dna definately went into the wrong hole.

  20. Chiefs2010, I couldn’t agree more.
    Trickbunny, besides Joe Thomas, do the Browns have 4 other good players? I thought they traded them all away.
    Honestly, if the Rams can get value (say 1.7, the Browns 1st next year) and maybe a 2 or 3, then do it. You still most likely can get Clausen at 1.7 and can pick up some more assets. Or, pick up another player at 7 and draft McCoy at 2.1. Look at what the Giants gave up to get Manning or the Falcons gave up to get Vick and this is close (I think that was a move down to 4 and 5 respectively, so more value is needed). Let’s face it, the Browns and Rams will be picking in the Top 10 again next year, so having two top 10 picks in 2011 would give the Rams a chance to get better in a hurry.

  21. Buyer beware of QB’s Bradford and Colt McCoy.
    I saw Jimmy (Santa) Clausen on ESPN defending whether or not he was a leader on the damn football team. HINT–If you have to make mention the word ‘leader’ in reference to yourself, you were not much of a leader anyway. Plus the rumors of Jimmy Boy being arrogant holds weight……I’m just saying…8-)

  22. Incase you dumbass Rams’ fans missed it, the Browns also talked to EVERY team in front of them and presumably a few behind them. They won’t trade their whole draft for some bum with a bad shoulder(Bradford), no matter how much you want our picks! You can expect to see them trade BACK (with either Seattle or SF) and get Earl Thomas and that teams 2nd rounder, which they will use on McCoy or Tebow. They simply have too many holes to give away a bunch of top 100 picks!

  23. NOT going to happen.We need to many more pieces to trade up and give away a few more draft picks.Classuen is horribly overrated…Wait till the 2nd and take mccoy or just dont take one this yr at all!

  24. I think regardless of who the browns take at 7, delhomme will start. The smart move would be to use all the picks they have to build a team that can win 8 games with a veteran QB, then bring in the rookie in a year or two. Jake Locker or Ryan Mallett will be far better QB’s next year. Don’t settle for whats there. Get Eric Berry at 7, take a defensive lineman in the 2nd, then with the 3 third rounders you get receiver, running back, and linebacker. Eric Decker and Toby Gerhart would be nice 3rd round depth. browns need a power back to compliment harrison.

  25. Dear God, are you kidding me?
    I guess things really haven’t changed that much in Cleveland….why in the HELL would you trade up to get Bradford…..wow

  26. I swear to god ill lose my f***ing mind if the browns do that. All that does is cause more qb controversy. If(HUGE IF) delhomme plays well, 60 mil dollar qb rotting on bench, if he sucks another 2-3 years of qb controversy. I Want Berry or Bryant and maybe mccoy,tebow,pike or a developmental guy in the later rounds.

  27. This is all a bunch of conjucture and hype. There is no way the Browns trade up and give away for high draft picks to draft Bradford. They may stick at 7 and take Berry. I dont see them having as much love for Earl Thomas. If he isnt there, they will trade down.
    They arent willing to take the chance on Bryant or Clausen. I think they are thinking Odrick and trading down.

  28. You can say what you want about the Browns new management but they ARE doing one hell of a good job of masking what the Browns real intentions are in this draft.
    I still say the first round pick has to be Berry especailly since the Browns organization does not seem to be mentioning his name in interviews. They are doing a lot of talking about a lot of players that I don’t even think are on their draft radar. Hopefully all of that talk will convince a team to trade up into KC’s position to insure that Berry will fall to number 7.
    I also still say that you have to go defense in the second round also. This years draft has depth at the QB position in the sense that there isn’t much difference in talent level between the third and fourth projected QB’s and the seventh and eighth projected QB’s. The Browns could take LeFevour or Pike in the third round or Snead in the fourth round rather than blowing that second round pick on McCoy or Tebow. I personally would love to see the Browns take a shot on Mike Kafka in the fifth round. Just don’t waste either of the top two picks on a potential QB bust.

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