Javon Walker may have been caught in an odd lie

According to court statements in Las Vegas Wednesday, Javon Walker said he had a scheduled tryout coming up that would have to be rescheduled because of his trial.
It looks like he wasn’t telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Our buddy Mike Dempsey at 1010XL credits a Jaguars team source that says there is “zero truth” to the reported tryout. We could speculate what would possess Walker to say otherwise, but it’s really not worth it.

Walker’s trial is expected to last more than a week.

11 responses to “Javon Walker may have been caught in an odd lie

  1. He has already shown he can lie look at last year.
    1) My surgery was a success
    2) I’m 100% and ready to go
    He was lost it.

  2. People always make this mistake.
    Much like George Costanza looking for work, Javon was not going to a scheduled tryout. He was “listening” for scheduled tryouts.
    The listening is always overlooked and is much more important than actually scheduling one, anybody can schedule one.

  3. While it seems likely that Walker lied, a team source that can’t be indentified is as suspect as Walker’s statement. All this cloak and dagger stuff for such unimportant items seems silly.

  4. What do you think this stupid lie does to his credibility in the trial?
    The guy is as dumb as it gets.

  5. During his short stint in Green Bay, he was sued in a civil case for basically lying and lost that too.
    He was generally regarded as a steamy pile of $hit, a real low life so it makes sense that he finishes his career with the Raiders, or what’s left of his career. Given his ex Packer status, I’m surprised the Vikings don’t sign him, they usually do once the guy is past his prime.

  6. Gregg…you write interesting stuff about EAST coast nfl chit….believe us, we could use a talented person like yourself to review the West Coast teams….there is actual talent and…controversy out here where the sun shines and the living is….tough! right now….give us a look.

  7. really, tryout with the Jags? As much as we’re into the character thing?
    You sure he didn’t mean the Jacksonville Sharks Arena Football team?

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