Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells talk it out

Once ESPN decided to cover Deadspin’s video of Jerry Jones disparaging Bill Parcells, the network had to follow the story to its natural conclusion.  Even if this is all a little silly.

Ed Werder reports that Jones called Parcells Wednesday and Jones “finished the conversation believing that Parcells was never offended and
that they will continue to share a good relationship.”

Parcells said as much to the Bergen Record.  “I know how he really feels about me,” Parcells said.

Tim Tebow is waiting by the phone.

39 responses to “Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells talk it out

  1. why would Tim Tebow need to wait by the phone? Jones never insulted him- he just said “he’d never see the field”. That’s not disparaging Tebow, it’s just saying that with Romo as the QB, Tebow would never get a chance to play. If I’m wrong about that, please point out where Jones specifically said anything bad about Tebow- I sure didn’t hear it.

  2. He added that he and Jones have a good relationship. “I think he was just pulling some guy’s leg. I’m not upset with it at all. He didn’t mean it,” Parcells said, according to The Record.
    Failed to include that part Greg?
    What a joke

  3. he said nothing derogatory about Tebow dummy. he just stated fact. why should he draft him?

  4. Jones, “Bill, You knew all along I thought you were shitty!”
    Tuna, “Yeah, Just like you know that I thought you were an Asshole”
    (Long Pause)
    Jones, “Bill, I cant Quit you!”

  5. Jerry needs to re-direct that anger at his plastic surgeon. That’s the guy that isn’t worth a ____.

  6. nothing bad was said about tebow,or parcells really,but with tebow all he said was he would never see the field,and barring injury to romo,he wouldnt see any playing time,nothing bad in that,besides,who hasnt ever got blitzed and said dumb stuff while loaded,way too much made of it

  7. I agree with turkish91.. Jones didn’t say anything to directly insult Tebow. All he said was the kid wouldn’t touch the field.. basically saying “why would we take a QB?” .. now if he said Tebow is a piece of shit, that would be different.. but it’s strange to me how can can talk shit about parcells, which was obvious, but not say anything directly bad about Tebow, and everyone is going to treat it like he said the same things about both.. That’s why I hate the media

  8. I don’t know why they talked, Jones doesn’t owe Parcells anything. The only thing that video proved is Jones is bitter about Parcells walking away without a second thought. As for Tebow, I didn’t take “I can’t get him on the field” as an insult really. If I was the Cowboys, I wouldn’t take Tebow either they already have Romo and it’s not like they run a ton of wildcat or any other hybrid offense anyway.

  9. I have a felling Tebow only cares what the magic man up stairs thinks, not a drunk oil man.

  10. This melodrama evokes memories of the touching Shaq and Kobe relationship, which involved the only two people in the Milky Way who are almost as tedious as Jones and Parcells.
    How about an update on the status of President Ulysses Grant and his wife, Julia. I certainly hope they have smoothed over whatever differences may have been coming between them.
    If I were the Cowboys, I would draft Terrance Cody in the first round and Jenny Craig in the second.

  11. Tim Tebow is the new Chuck Norris.
    He once threw a feather through an armored truck at 1000 yards.

  12. OMG, I only wish someone would catch Dan Snyder out at a bar drunk and running off at the mouth about how this one time at band camp………
    I hate Jerry Jones and the Cowturds but I do not see where he did ANYTHING wrong.

  13. Jhebo76 says: April 15, 2010 2:57 PM
    Jones sounded like he was drunk to me.

  14. Whoa….Hold on a minute.Is this really true? Why would he call Parcells to clear the air, if according to cowgirl commenters in the know (they usually live far away) it wasn’t Jerry in the video? The video didn’t look like the home page image they have of Jerry on their computer, and the speech pattern didn’t match their ringtone. It was nothing more than a propaganda exercise the world hasn’t seen since the Nazi regime.

  15. The only reason all this matters is that it shows how stupid Jones is for going out to a bar, getting loaded, and shooting off his mouth. A man in his position should know that remarks like those should be saved for close, trusted associates behind the closed doors of the team’s boardroom.
    It’s an embarrassment to the league and to the Cowboys’ organization. But, I don’t think it really surprised anyone.

  16. Jerry Jones is like most every Cowboy fan I have ever met. Obnoxious and mouthy. They (the fans I know) live in the area of another team and do nothing but trash it instead of rooting for their teams. Failure and a lack of recent success does nothing to negate their arrogance.

  17. Oh good grief, Jones didn’t say anything that bad and it is obvious he is just kidding
    It really isnt that big a deal

  18. That’s because Jerrah “Facelift” Jones, like Dan Snyder, is more concerned with selling his product than actually winning Championships(or playoff games for that matter).
    All his success came with Jimmie Johnson and the team that JIMMIE put together(we all know Barry inherited a winning team). Jerrah’s ego is too big for him to have another “alpha dog” in the house! Thusly, Jerrah is paying the price over the last 15 years of being a subpar team.
    The silver lining in all this is: Dum Dum Dallas fans will fork over top dollar for an inferior product, just like Dum Dum Washington Redskins fans!

  19. Well, so much for all the Kool-aide drinking Cowboys fans who said that the guy on the video couldn’t possibly be JJ.

  20. If “you aren’t worth a [expletive,]” is a term of endearment, I’d hate to hear what Jones calls you if he doesn’t like you.

  21. A little off-topic but funny anyway — Here’s an ESPN headline that you don’t normally see–except in Philly, of course – MAN ACCUSED OF VOMITING ON GIRL AT GAME. Stay classy, Philly.

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