Attorney for Roethlisberger bodyguard tees off on prosecutor

In an odd display of gratitude, given the possibility that his client could have been charged with aiding and abetting rape (or, theoretically, kidnapping), attorney Michael Santicola has used an interview with WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh (an NBC affilliate) to hurl criticism at prosecutor Fred Bright.

Santicola told Alan Jennings of WPXI that the prosecutor used Monday’s press conference as a “political commercial” for a re-election campaign.  Santicola also called the alleged victim and her friends “highly inebriated individuals.”

Santicola represents Anthony Barravecchio, a police officer who was serving on the night in question as one of Roethlisberger’s bodyguards.

“In no way did Mr. Barravechhio escort or guide this girl down the hallway into the bathroom,” Santicola said.  (Based on the statement given by the alleged victim the morning after the alleged incident, that’s accurate; she claims that she was guided only into the hallway, and that she went to the bathroom only while trying to get away from Roethlisberger.)

Santicola also claims that the alleged victim’s blood-alcohol concentration was 0.20 percent.

But there’s no dispute that the alleged victim was highly intoxicated.  (She apparently acquired that condition due in part to drinks purchased by Roethlisberger.)  Her level of intoxication contributed to the decision not to pursue charges, since it helped create more than enough “reasonable doubt” to counsel against prosecution.

As to Santicola’s contention that Barravecchio’s job duties that night didn’t include placing the object of Roethlisberger’s desire in the appropriate position and then guarding the door after he entered the area where Barravecchio had taken her, we prefer to hear the denials not from Santicola but from Barravecchio himself.  Indeed, we’re more swayed by the accounts of witnesses who were drinking and present over the accounts of a witness like Santicola, who was sober and, you know, not there.

But we will agree with Santicola regarding his assessment of a portion of Bright’s remarks.  Hired only to prosecute crimes, his job ends once he decides not to pursue charges.  Though we’ll agree that in this case his job included explaining the decision not to proceed in order to counteract the notion that celebrities get special consideration, we think that Bright crossed the line separating the professions of prosecutor and, well, pastor when he opted to offer his own opinions regarding the manner in which Roethlisberger should engage in legal behavior.

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  1. Pretty dumb move, considering that the alleged victim could change her mind and decide to file charges (if a settlement wasn’t agreed on).

  2. “But there’s no dispute that the alleged victim was highly intoxicated. (She apparently acquired that condition due in part to drinks purchased by Roethlisberger.)”
    C’mon Florio.
    You know damn well the DA said there was no evidence BR furnished alcohol to whats-her-game

  3. Scumbag cop knew what was going on. This won’t be the last episode for this asshole.

  4. yes she acquired that condition by receiving shots from Roethlisberger…but let’s be serious here. She was in a bar. She was a sorority girl out with her friends to get drunk. Someone was going to buy those shots.

  5. I’m a Steelers fan and the first to admit that Ben is a tool and should be suspended or traded but I do have a few questions: Was the girl ever charged for underage drinking? Did she have a fake ID? Was the bar owner charged for serving alcohol to a minor?

  6. It might be better for Santicola to just shut up in this instance. After all, making the drunk woman = okay to rape connection does nothing but reinforce the original conclusion we all drew upon reading the investigative paperwork posted yesterday.
    If Bright is attempting to burnish his “reelection campaign”, it’s interesting to imagine what Santicola believes he’s doing.

  7. If it went down any way other than in the report, Big Ben wouldn’t be apologizing. He’d be saying the girl was a liar. He’d be calling her a gold digger. He’s proving it’s all true by how he’s acting.
    Saying Big Ben is innocent just because he wasn’t charged is like saying the Juice was innocent just because he was acquitted.
    Anyone with a middle school level education who reads that report can see that that girl’s level of intoxication is the only reason Big Ben isn’t going to prison for rape.
    Big Ben’s not stupid. He only goes after girls who are unreliable witness. If nothing else, he’s a brilliant profiler. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

  8. It’s amazing that people want to believe a bunch of falling down drunk college girls with ever changing stories but won’t believe sober off duty state police officers.
    Anybody that thinks police officers are going to jeapordize their careers being pimps for Ben has been “waking and baking” a little too much.

  9. Talk about blabbing away about something he has know first hand knowledge about. This grandstanding turd needs to just shut up and go away. I can provide as much eyewitness information as he can. And I say Ben raped her.

  10. Dude, your an officer of the law–your mere presence there illustrates lack of judgment. It also illustrates your lack of understanding of your charge to ‘Protect and Serve’. You could had done the right thing that night as a body guard, and said, “Ben I think its time we bounce, these girls are highly intoxicated and you have had to much yourself. Only trouble can transpire from this point”. No, you where living it up – you choose to be in that situation – now you get to sleep in the bed you made.

  11. Pretty smart move actually, otherwise the only statements are from other drunk girls. Certainly one could argue that it only took one to realize the potential for money in this situation and then whatever story they tell is repeated. It’s happening.
    Mike, why do you believe drunk witnesses over sober body guards. I don’t get that. Mostly, people want to believe the worst from the rich, spoiled athletes. Sometimes it’s true, but we have certainly seen cases where it is not.

  12. the only person foolish enough to defend anyone in the Rapistberger camp is Deb. is this really you Deb?

  13. “Though we’ll agree that in this case his job included explaining the decision not to proceed in order to counteract the notion that celebrities get special consideration, we think that Bright crossed the line separating the professions of prosecutor and, well, pastor when he opted to offer his own opinions regarding the manner in which Roethlisberger should engage in legal behavior.”
    The comment above is the first bright thing you’ve said about this case. That prosecutor knew he couldn’t prosecute the case so he decided to try it in the court of public opinion. I hope someone sues his @ss for defamation. Seriously… taking the sworn testimony of people who were obviously drunk, underage, and clearly embarrassed by their own behavior – and then broadcasting it as if it were fact… that guy deserves an @ss whipping.

  14. Well, at least someone only peripherally connected with the case is returning some fire. We continue to hear only one side of the story. And the statements from Skanks Anonymous continue to surface as to seeing something somewhere, etc.. You can trash someone publicly but don’t want your name in the papers. Ballsy!
    Well, the prosecutor used his 15 minutes very effectively. Ben has been judged guilty in the court of public opinion. The majority of posts on this subject are overwhelmingly negative. Since all the salvos have been fired only the passage of time can help in some small way.
    Ben needs to shutup, do his job, keep a low profile and hope that he is still a Steeler when all this is over.

  15. So Florio since you’re an attorney maybe you can answer this question.
    Let’s say that the people of Georgia are mad at this DA because he didn’t prosecute and someone runs against him and says they will prosecute.
    Without any new evidence can another DA prosecute him?

  16. If Ben had been an African American he would have been done for life! Period! Another example on how the White Man changed the rules for one of his own in an articulate manner making sence of a RAPE. Classic!

  17. The owner of the Bar stated that the victims girlfriend came to him and told him they would not let her through to get in the back to her friend. The owner of the Bar stated he told the girl to try and get from some other way around the back.
    The scumbag does not like it being put out that they are out taking advantage of kids fresh out of High School. Hey, what does this x-cop flunky do when Big Ben drops his pants and starts running after these kids yelling, “you can do what you want with it” lol
    What a thing to try and live down, PERVERTED WHITE TRASH. You tell the scumbag he does not know how lucky he was that it was not my daughter. The last thing the PUNKS would need was a Lawyer.

  18. The guy should be di-barred. They didnt press charges. That should be it. Release the skanks name, as she is not a “victim”. The only person taking heat for this is Big Ben. Its wrong to continue to damage his image by taking this to the “court of public opinion” after he decided he couldn’t get a legal conviction. What? He said to himself, well I can’t put him in jail, so lets see how bad I can damage his carrer. Screw him and the “victim”. In her own words….”were you raped?” “No” “Did you have sex with him?” “um…I am not sure”.

  19. He kinda confirms the inebriated girls statement of what alledgedly happened. Don’t know what happened behind closed doors, but it’s nice of him to confirm everything to that point.

  20. There had to of been a payoff. Nothing else explains it. So much evidence of a sexual assault. Then for this guy to get up and puff his chest out. He must know there’s no chance of this thing coming back. I wonder if the Feds could investigate for kidnapping?

  21. As a law enforcement officer myself I think the officer might be wise to tell his mouthpiece to shut up. Before you are Ben’s bodyguard.. first and foremost you are an officer of the law. This in no way helps Ben or the two officers with him.

  22. I agree with you Florio that Bright crossed the line. I watched the presser & was surprised he even answered some of those opinion questions.
    And the appropriate additional charge you theoretically suggest he could be charged with would be false imprisonment, not kidnapping.

  23. i thought the DA’s demeanor was plain suspicious.. he was sort of dismissing the whole thing as an act of mischief.. “people doing stupid things” just half grinnig.. and the paternal arm on benny’s shoulder “you should know better than this, ben..” guess he really did not believe that there was a criminal intent of luring the girl into the back so ben could whip and hit.. something very wrong here.. deb.. come and explain the actions of your man..

  24. So, let me get this straight. “Highly inebriated individuals” should just spread their legs for horny, rich athletes, and they had better not say “no.”

  25. It’s up the prosecutor to file charges, not the alleged victim. I know about the letter from her attorney, but we can’t assume that was the controlling factor in the decision to not bring charges.

  26. Ben is a sick bastard…I won’t ever look at this guy the same after this news has started coming out. It seems quite obvious he hits the college bars, get’s these naive underage women plastered then his bodyguards funnel them into a bathroom or whatever convenient place where Ben is waiting to rape them.
    The sickest part is what money does in todays society this girl was raped obviously with premeditation and she lets him off because he implants several hundred thousand dollars in her bank account. She is just as bad as him at this point because she is an enabler, much like the NFL still allowing him to play is an enabler and the friggin Pittsburgh Steeler are the worst offendor of all by continuing to give him the millions of dollars every year to continue his criminal escapade unabated by the law.
    This kind of crap really disgusts me especially when a team like the Steelers enable it, if they can be blinded by the game and the $$$ then any team can. I used to hold them in a high regard however that is gone forever. It is really a sad state of affairs in the NFL.

  27. “she claims that she was guided only into the hallway, and that she went to the bathroom only while trying to get away from Roethlisberger”
    The bathroom is marked ‘EXIT’?

  28. A D.A. ‘s job is to prosecute … gather the facts and determine the possibility of prosecution. It is not to give politically correct statements for the consumption of a willing press. It WAS a grandstanding political commercial. BenRoth is an idiot, I agree, for putting himself in the position but it not Bright’s place to insert social commentary into his factual information. If you think you have a case go for it if not then shut up. As drunk as those chicks were walking around with DTF badges on if this was some regular dude in a similar situation the accuser would get laughed right out of the Bright’s office so spare the self serving fatherly advice.

  29. Hey, at least Georgia dealt with it’s crooked cop after Barravecchio threw him under the bus.
    Now it’s time for the state of Pennsylvania to deal with their crooked cops. Hold onto that retainer Consiglere.

  30. Blash only expressed an opinion, however stupid, tactless and uncalled for.
    Big Boar’s two little pet pigs lied to impede a serious criminal investigation in the course of saving their own stinking bacon.

  31. Anyone else think that someone should get Santicola really drunk, go all “Pulp Fiction” on him, and then call him a “highly inebriated individual.”
    Or are all these attorneys too old to have heard that “too drunk to consent = rape” in college orientation?

  32. At least he didn’t bring up the hanging mushroom.
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  33. I cant believe all the dopes on here and in the media cant see this for what it is, a money hungry grub looking to cash in on a celeb…

  34. Here we have an attorney sermonizing on a prosecutor’s sermonizing – and then we naturally have Florio on his own pulpit sermonizing about both of them.

  35. Agreed, RaiderMight.
    Also, wouldn’t a “political commercial” with a little more bravado included CHARGING him, regardless of the evidence. We all know this has happened before to pursue personal agendas, like re-elections.
    This asshole attorney should be thankful no charges were brought, instead he’s pissed Bright got his 15 minutes, and because no charges were brought, he won’t.

  36. In a statement written the morning after, the victim says Roethlisberger cornered her in a bathroom and wouldn’t let her leave.
    “I still said, ‘No, this is not OK,’ and then he had sex with me. He said it was OK. He then left without saying anything.”
    But this differs from her initial statement to a police officer.
    “But he said quote, ‘Did he rape you?’ and her response was, ‘No,'” Bright said. “Next, the first officer asked did they have sex and she said, ‘Well, I’m not sure.'”
    “If they believed her or believed this story, they would have filed – they did not – so they did not file,” Michael Santicola, an attorney for the Coraopolis police officer who was serving as a security guard for Roethlisberger that night, said.
    Santicola disputes several accounts in the police files, including one from a friend of the victim who says Roethlisberger exposed himself on his way to the bathroom where the alleged assault occurred.
    Sheehan: “What about Ben having his pants down?”
    Santicola: “Absolutely, untrue. Not one single shred of truth in that statement.”
    Sheehan: “He didn’t walk down the hallway with his pants down?”
    Santicola: “Absolutely not.”
    So are you going to post this one Florio? I know it is totally against the agenda and all….

  37. Isn’t this bodyguard a cop, himself?? Yet he had no problems with Ben buying drinks for an underage girl?
    No $hit they were “highly inebriated individuals.” He helped them get that way!

  38. God forbid somebody start shooting down the accuser and her friends’ stories. Next thing you know some media outlets might want to start reporting things from Ben and Co’s perspective. That wouldn’t be fun, right? Who wants to break up a perfectly good lynch mob?
    This guy is being accused in the media as being a kidnapper and an accessory to rape. He’s not a public figure, so he would have a much easier time winning a defamation case than Roethlsiberger would. I wish him luck. Maybe Florio will end up being this guy’s butler.

  39. Very interesting, blood test to the victim and no to the offender. And the police protecting the suspect.

  40. You got part of the story right, Florio: prosecutor Bright had won the day until he started preaching. The moralizing just cheapened and somewhat confused what was otherwise a cogent explanation as to why charges were not filed.
    However, your discussion of the bodyguard’s legal situation was somewhat surprising, considering that you purport to be an attorney: “his client could have been charged with aiding and abetting rape”. Huh? How could Barravecchio be charged with aiding and abetting rape if Roethelisberger was not charged with rape?
    We know that there was some point that you were trying to make; whatever it was just must have escaped you.

  41. Raider Might – even if she decides to press charges, after what the prosecutor said – there is no case

  42. much like the line YOU(Florrio) cross every time you “report” a story then provide your two cents…. Florrio has come full circle- right back up his butt.

  43. @RaiderMight – You seem to be confused, no she cannot change her mind and decide to file charges. Whether or not Ben is charged is up Bright, the DA, not the drunk college girl. Unless you were hiding in the black hole all week, that was the whole point of the Monday press conference. You know – that Ben will not be indicted/charged.

  44. Come on haters!
    Come out, come out, wherever you are!
    Do not dissappoint me on this!
    You can do it!
    Oh and by the way: GO STEELERS!

  45. Forget Rapesagirl, the DA should level charges against the cop, contribute to the loss of his job, pension and future and then we will see what the lawyer has to say about that. Sleazeball, both cop and lawyer.

  46. @RaiderMight …
    DA said that even with her cooperation, he didn’t have enough for probable cause for an arrest, let alone conviction, and case is closed permanently. But given the number of times she’s changed her mind already, she could certainly come up with another story.
    @Florio …
    She’s 20. She acquired her intoxicated condition by bending her elbow, lifting glass after glass of alcohol to her lips, and swallowing. Haven’t you heard? You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Applies to women and alcohol, too.
    @My slow and simple fan club …
    Not defending Roethlisberger.
    Sleazy Ben + Sleazy DTF = Mutual Sleazefest
    Not rape.

  47. “Anthony Barravecchio”
    a guinea from Pittsburgh who gives a shit….hes a scumbag like his boss ..Roethesliberrapiust should die

  48. #1 didn’t this dub whore(dum dum #2) follow Ben(dum dum #1) to the bar in question, fron another bar?
    Second, until I see a bar tab listed, I reserver judgement!

  49. “I’ma tella you, this a my friend Tony Brav whosa bein drag through the mud. He’sa lika brother to me. Like blood. You know whad I’m talkinaboud?
    Joyner he’sa brother too. Eddie Joy we call im. And Big Benji. What can I tell you. Heartagold that guy. Everybody loves Benji.
    Those bitches drink like fishes, they gonna be sleepin with the fishes too. Lay off Tony B and Eddie. I’ma tell you one time only.”.

  50. One question, Ben was buying this girl drinks, who is 20 years old, how is he not being charged for supplying alcohol to a minor?? Also how did the girl get into the club/bar?? And if it is an 18 and up club, then why didnt they kick her out if she was noticeably drunk?

  51. If I were Roethelisberger I would sue this mutt prosecutor. There either was or wasn’t evidence too support prosecuting Big Ben,you can’t have it both ways. Also unless all you holier than thou writers were in the room, or have a tape to prove otherwise Ben is not guilty of anything more than drinking with an under age minor,then would come the question of age knowledge. All this D.A. did was smear Ben Roethelisberger after the fact. The girl shouldn’t have been in the bar. The D.A. shouldn’t be re-elected.

  52. I hope big ben gets traded and carries that team to the sb while the steelers sit at sub 500 for the next decade!
    Now that would be a pleasure to watch after listening to the pit media lynch this dude for not even being charged of a crime!
    God I hope this happens, I am so sick of being a steeler fan and cannot wait for the day ben leaves this piece of crap organization so I can get the hell away from that dump!

  53. @Tampa…Bay…Bucs …
    ACCORDING TO THE DA, Ben was buying rounds for the room, not drinks for individuals. The waitress was setting the drinks on the table for whoever wanted them. The people in the room were people who were allowed into the club–it’s the club’s job to card them. Many of them were over 21.
    ACCORDING TO WITNESS STATEMENTS, the women had been drinking prior to their arrival at the club and had been following Ben from bar to bar, trying to get his attention. They came into the club after Ben.
    ACCORDING TO THE DA, supplying alcohol to someone underage is a misdemeanor but the mirror charge is underage drinking. They could not prove Ben bought the drinks FOR her or that he knew she was under 21. And they could not charge him without charging her. They decided not to pursue it.

  54. nice gangta’ slang dere, roboitto.. shoo evrybdy luv da ben.. y’all r boght & paid 4.. bunch o’ goons.. y’all gonna gitit..

  55. “So I getta call from Tony, see. ‘Tony! How’s it hanging compadre’, I say, “You still catchin’ all those strays from Big Benji? Ha ha you dago dog!’
    ‘Consigleire’, he says, ‘I think maybe I gotta problem.’
    So we meet up on 57th, nice pasta place, Enrico’s. He knows us, we help each other out some times. Tony has spaghetti with Meatballs. That’s what he always gets. I have a little something special Enrico fixes for me. Gnocci with Slimeballs. Enrico knows already. Meatball and Slimeball he calls us, he he.
    ‘Some little putana blew the whistle on Benji’ Tony Brav tells me. ‘I gave them the Georgia cop for credit, little black guy, nothing much. But I think some crap might filter down. Here’s 10 large bambino..'”.

  56. Deb,
    Buying rounds for the room IS buying rounds for individuals. Also he bought for underaged women too. DUH Who wouldn’t you defend if they wore black and gold? You would defend Ted Bundy if he wore black and gold. “Oh, he’s a Steeler with 6 lombardis – and he’s aweful cute too.”
    Your other defense… Name one player suspended who wasn’t arrested? Ben Roethlisberger!
    You should be castrated.
    Ben needs to register!

  57. Exactly how would this attorney know anything about Ben’s penis?
    According to this attorney’s own client Ben told him to show the girl where the bathroom was and he led her in the back and she sat on a stool. He knew nothing from that point.
    So this attorney is FOS, he wasn’t there and his client knows nothing according to his statement.
    His client is also a liar. He said he couldn’t be recorded because he was working undercover, yet when the GBI called his superiors they said he had worked undercover a few times before but he wasn’t now and they saw no reason why he couldn’t be recorded. He also claimed he had received death threats. lol
    This wasn’t the first time he had lied either when Ben was involved. He lied about his position to a zoning board as well so Ben could get his security fence that was against code. Ben needed protected from those kids trick or treating who he is rumored to have shot with paintballs. Ben got his fence and the neighbors property lost value, but it’s all good he’s a star QB.
    It seems like an injustice that the victim had to submit to a BAC but not the accuser? One bar tab though was over $200 but I’m sure Ben didn’t contribute to it.

  58. @the 9th plague …
    Okay, here’s what happened:
    A guy and his friends walked into a bar. A girl and her friends, who’d been following him all night pinching him and doing other things to get his attention, followed shortly afterward.
    Despite having a rape accusation and civil suit hanging over his head, the guy chose to throw a frat party and invite only his friends and a bunch of half drunk sorority sisters he’d just met. He bought lots of rounds for the room. Everyone chose to imbibe. The girl chose to imbibe to the point that she was falling-down drunk. The guy chose to imbibe until he was pretty buzzed. The pair engaged in sexual conversation and conduct all evening. It was “salacious.”
    At some point, they wound up in the bathroom area. They were out of sight for 10 minutes.
    Afterward, she said she was not raped. She said she didn’t know if she’d had sex. Later at the hospital, she said, “a boy kinda raped me.” 12-13 hours later, she said they’d been outside the bathroom, apparently on the floor because she’d gotten up and gone into the bathroom. He’d followed her in and had sex with her over her objection. Then he left without talking to her.
    Afterward, the man said he did not have sex with her but told her she was too drunk to be back there. He said she fell down.
    The rape kit did not confirm intercourse and found only a speck of semen so tiny it could not be tested.
    That’s the story from the DA’s press conference and witness accounts.
    To me that’s two adults choosing to get drunk and behave like idiots in a mutual sleazefest. I’m not defending him. But I’m not going to play along in painting her as a victim, either. I’ve known too many women who didn’t choose their situations–and didn’t have to revise their stories five times or be prodded by their sorority sisters before finally deciding they’d been raped–even though there’s no evidence of it. DA said there’s plenty of blame to go around. That covers it.

  59. … and of course this proves that while chicks are hot they are also nuts … and sometimes very dangerous …

  60. I thought it was the juries job to decide reasonable doubt… I thought it was up to the prosecutor to decide if there was enough evidence to pursue a case in which the jury will decide guilt. Sounds like that didn’t happen here. I mean… I am pretty sure there are plenty of rape cases with reasonable doubt before the trial began. I am soo mad at this and I seriously hate Roethlesburger with a passion. I hope he gets castrated!!!! This makes me sick to my stomach. After I read the article with the statements in it I seriously got mad. He deserves to be punished by the law.. not by the Rooney family!!!!

  61. So because her BAC was .20 she couldn’t have been raped? I guess any chick with a .20 BAC is fair game for anything a guy wants to do to her, huh? BS!
    Roethlisberger has proven himself to be a sexual predator and should be incarcerated. If it were you or I, we’d already be in jail.

  62. Thing is, regardless of the legal intracacies, NO ONE BELIEVES ROETHLISBERGER.
    ..and certainly no one believes Santicola.
    Their statements stink of lies and corruption.

  63. Both Barravecchio and Joyner were described as surly, vague, and unwilling witnesses by the investigators. Santicola was the “leak up in the Pittsburgh area” that GBI investigator Bankhead was so furious about. All three are lying in some fashion or other.
    Santicola’s pompous remarks about “inebriated co-eds versus sober cops” doesn’t hold water. The girls made their statement openly and on the spur of the moment. What they said rings true. The cops were reluctant and calculating in their statements. The fed the GBI poor dumb Jerry Blash on a stick to try to buy their way out of the shitpile. Their demeanor reeks of coverup and misinformation.

  64. nflqb…..
    you are a moron. your post isn’t even believable.
    No fan of any team even talks like that. Not even a good attempt to stir up the shit.
    Are you capable of having a real thought princess?

  65. Florio i’m drunk and your verbiage is too superfluous for this late in the night. Though I do appreciate how you’re an attorney that moonlights as a football news-breaker, why am i not with a woman right now (Would have used alternative phrasing if this topic wasn’t so sensitive)

  66. For the frat brothers here, sorry to disappoint you but,
    1)No, is no. I don’t care if she’s drunk. If you think that’s ok, sorry, it isn’t.
    2)Twice in a year makes one think the Pittsburgh Steelers multi-million dollar QB possibly has a problem with aggression and not on the field. Sexual assault isn’t about sex as much as control.
    3)No charges doesn’t mean innocent.
    Since when does being a sports hero make you immune from the laws the all of us live under?

  67. In college at Miami, Ben was always the “don’t you know who I am?” kinda guy. A total douchebag. Witnessed it, firsthand. Now apparently, since that act doesn’t work anymore, he has to get young girls extremely drunk with free booze(yes Deb, the booze was to get the girls hammered. The rest of the bar got free drinks to ease suspicion.) and then force himself on them while his entourage keeps friends and prying eyes at bay. Class act Ben. I bet your parents are proud of you. As a fan of the Bengals I am very familiar with the Steelers and the Steeler faithful. A great franchise with a giant black eye. I hate to see what this has done to arguably one of the best sports franchises in the country.
    Ben, you are truly an asshole. Guilty or not, we all know you prey on young, drunk, girls who are enamored by your star status. If not for your money, fame, and strong-armed bodyguards, you probably would be dateless. Look what you have done to your team. Do you even care?

  68. not only does he look like the worst of Pittsburgh he acts like the worst of Pittsburgh ( this is not aimed at everyone ) Just the trash that live there and obviously hang out with Ben.

  69. I notice that most, if not all, of the female Steeler fans are always real quick to defend Rapistberger.
    I thought about why this is, and thinking of other things as a whole, I arrive at one sensible conclusion that has been proven through history.
    Women are stupid, and find it easy to live in denial.
    I’d be rich if I had a half-penny for every woman I’ve met who stays by the side of a man who beats or cheats on them. Their smaller brains can’t cope with the notion that someone they like/love so much is capable of doing horrible things, so they block it out.
    It’s too bad that Rapistberger is the only QB in the NFL. If there were others, girls might just try and “target” them too. Think about that. Oh, wait, you can’t. Sorry.
    I’ll bet you ladies still can’t believe all those kids targeted Michael Jackson.

  70. Wow, I am utterly amazed at the number of people here who would have us apply the twisted logic of a “sober bodyguard” is to be believe over a bunch of “fall down drunk sorority girls.” I have not heard such a pathetic rape defense since “she was just asking for it, wearing that provocative outfit.”
    Maybe we should take a look at the bar’s security camera tape to see if Barravechhio had any role in escorting the girl into the hall, or if he was merely focused on “protecting” Ben from nearby threats. Oh, that’s right, the tapes managed to escape despite the steadfast efforts of law enforcement officials. (Like the investigator who resigned in shame, for instance).
    It amusing to me how glibly Ben’s defenders cling to the “drunk girls vs. sober cops” argument. Based on what evidence are you concluding that Barravechhio was sober? Was there a blood alcohol test taken at the scene that I missed that establishes Barravechhio’s reliability as a witness? I guess we could just rely on Santicola’s second hand accounts to settle that question. And please, don’t tell me that an off duty cop from Pittsburgh acting as the birthday boy’s bodyguard while they bar hopped through the back woods of Georgia would never indulge in a couple stiff ones.
    There are simply too many stiff ones throughout this story…and not enough reliable facts, luckily for Ben.

  71. typical lawyer scum.
    ” I have not heard such a pathetic rape defense since “she was just asking for it, wearing that provocative outfit.”
    You are exactly right shaslers. It does not bode very well forthe future society when people think this way. Why do people line up to blame the victim and excuse rape? Ben should be going to jail for a very long time and we all know it. When he does get to prison I can only hope Ben is raped so he can know what its like.

  72. I have been a Steelers fan since birth. I have seen many good years, a few bad years. I have lived through Bubby, Cordell and many questionable personnel moves that turned out well. I supported the Steelers through 20 years of the Navy. I have thousands of dollars of memorabilia and clothes. If the Steelers do not get rid of Ben I will no longer be able to support them. I look at it this way. I can not support a player that treats women that way. How do I tell my daughter that his actions are wrong and immoral and then cheer him on. I cant! I sure hope the Steelers front office is getting the message.

  73. First – this is a football site. This story takes nothing away from what the Steelers accomplished on the field with Ben.
    Second – You have to remove the word ‘proud’ from the term Proud Steeler fans.
    This is Ben’s legacy. He was horrible in his first super bowl win and ok in his second win.
    The team can – and should – move on without him.
    What other franchise QB behaves like this? He should join Tiger on the Pro Am tour.

  74. OK, a grown man of 28 boarded a party bus in Pittsburgh with a bunch of other grown men wearing Ben-a-palooza T shirts and drove to Georgia drinking all the way (for those who question that statement, it’s a friggin’ PARTY BUS). Then they go and get a VIP room and hit on college chicks. Mr & Mrs Roethlisberger must be so proud of their son Benny!!! If he was my son I’d kick his ass from here to Thursday. The more I think about it, someboday may kick his ass, if he’s ever man enough to go out without his “body guards” aka “thugs”. Who else in the sports world displayed similar behavior?….Mike Tyson. I think he served some time…..

  75. blitzburgh1 says:
    April 16, 2010 9:04 PM
    It’s amazing that people want to believe a bunch of falling down drunk college girls with ever changing stories but won’t believe sober off duty state police officers.
    Anybody that thinks police officers are going to jeapordize their careers being pimps for Ben has been “waking and baking” a little too much.
    Right… I am certain no one has every heard of a corrupt cop before, and Internal Affairs is just a hollywood fabrication.
    I think you neglected to mention that your rapist hero contributed to the underage girls inebriated state.

  76. Utterly amazing that some Steeler fans continue to defend this human piece of garbage(not the INTELLIGENT Steeler fans…the rah rah footie pajama ones). calling this girl a slut…or drunk……shows what MORONS you are. People drink..especially college kids…they do get drunk…..yep……….great observation. that does NOT give people like Captain Caveman the right to have sex with them against their will. Ben did buy shots for “his bitches” …HIS EXACT QUOTE.
    So this girl is a “money grubbing whore” because she went out drinking and got raped in a bathroom by a hornball while his bodyguard posse blocked her friends from getting her out of there? Ok…got it…whew….my mistake. I guess the rules dont apply to MORONS in Pittsburgh who don’t understand the laws

  77. Raped? She didn’t scream, fight, or even report it until her friends told her to do so.
    Sounds like a drunk college girl who regretted having sex afterwards. It happens every week on college campuses. But I doubt many of you haters went to college.

  78. @C.Bass
    No C.Bass, it sounds nothing like that at all. It sounds like a serial predator who has yet to be held accountable for his reprehensible acts. Two more women have already come forward to tell their stories of how Ben forced himself on them. This is infortunately only going to get worse for Pittsburgh…

  79. Deb – I’ve read a lot of your posts…I’ve seen you take a lot of heat for trying to defend your QB. The last one where you provide a proposed narative of what happened was pretty revealing to me. Revealing in the sense that you are simply biased and cannot see the forest for the trees when it comes to your Steelers. I respect your passion and your sincerity & your honest attempt to be objective. But in the end, I hope you can one day realize that you really are not objective & your attempts to present “just the facts ma’am” are really slanted by your burning desire to believe that Ben is not the predatory scumbag that he really appears to be. I’m not meaning to slam you…I really understand that you are sincere. But you can’t believe you’re truly objective in this, can you? I would love to communicate with you off this board to go over the evidence and try to identify for you just how biased you are…how you downplay bad facts, highlight good facts, and ignore certain facts altogether…but I don’t know how I could hook up with you (not in the BR way, lol) to have that discussion. I think you are sincere and well-meaning…just missing the mark on this (and yes, I realize you probably think I’m way off base as well…I understand I’m not the arbiter of truth…I just think your bias is quite obvious & you just dont see it)

  80. Mr. Bright, the district attorney, said during his news conference that when the accuser first approached a police officer outside the nightclub immediately after the incident, “The police officer asked ‘Did he rape you?’ And her response was ‘No.’ Then he asked, ‘Did you have sex?’ And she said, ‘Well, I’m not sure.’ “

  81. “money hungry whore”
    Really Dan? That’s exactly what I thought about the one in Tahoe, but when it happens again, it tends to change your perspective. How many more times does it have to happen before it changes yours?

  82. Huckle says:I’d be rich if I had a half-penny for every woman I’ve met who stays by the side of a man who beats or cheats on them. Their smaller brains can’t cope with the notion that someone they like/love so much is capable of doing horrible things, so they block it out.
    As a woman, I feel compelled to say your whole post is full of ignorance.
    What exactly do you quantify as rich? You’d have to personally know 200 women who stayed with their husband after getting beaten or knowingly being cheated on to even make $1. For some reason, I skeptical that you’d have enough to buy more than a single piece of bubble gum much less something on McD’s value menu – in other words you’d still be poor.
    By the way, I am not a Steeler fan and I do hope Ben gets at the minimum a big fat suspension.

  83. @Ken1313 says:
    April 17, 2010 7:51 AM
    Utterly amazing that some Steeler fans continue to defend this human piece of garbage…
    You must mean Captain FantasDick, he’s pissed because his Big Rapist boyfriend is dipping his wick in the non-male gender.
    Captain FantasDick, you may want to start thinking about getting that tattoo removed off your ass. You know, the one that says “Property of Big Ben”.

  84. “Klytus says:
    April 16, 2010 9:27 PM
    Well, at least someone only peripherally connected with the case is returning some fire. We continue to hear only one side of the story.”
    There is more out there about this case than you think! You’re just getting the media’s version – the one they want you to see!
    Try going over here and reading what they have pulled from the case files (that are available on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette if anyone would bother to read more than this blog!):

  85. Mean D says:
    April 16, 2010 9:04 PM
    “Talk about blabbing away about something he has know first hand knowledge about. ”
    Yeah, because that hasn’t stopped Florio or anyone on here, has it?

  86. Florio said: “…. we prefer to hear the denials not from Santicola but from Barravecchio himself. Indeed, we’re more swayed by the accounts of witnesses who were drinking and present over the accounts of a witness like Santicola, who was sober and, you know, not there.”
    C’mon man, you’re an attorney (or were): “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”
    Seriously dude, you ignore explaining what is common sense to frequently get down in the mud and muckrake.
    Of course it works – inflaming the passions of both sides draws mega hits to your benefit, so congrats there.
    But in this instance for example, if you were Barravecchio’s attorney who legitimately has your client’s interests at stake — would you want him opening up his piehole at his own discretion?
    Of course not. Barravecchio is just following his attorney’s directives and good common sense.

  87. Simple Solution. Have all the parties involved including Pig Pen and his cop buddies take an independent polygragh test to find out what happened that night, including who purchased the alcohol for those underage girls. If Mr.Santicola and his client are telling the truth they should not object to this. I would think this would be part of internal investigation of the police departments involved. Ambassador Rooney must be proud.

  88. thank u, msw.. but she doesn’t understand the word bias.. u know why? cause she is it..
    here’s the picture 2 me: ben has a camp out by the lake.. he is a frecuent visitor.. a high roller, party animal.. everybody knows him.. the owner of the bar.. the sargent at the police station.. (hm..)
    his bodyguards are hired by him.. not just personal friends like colon.. but they are on the clock.. the DA gets the collected evidence in front of him.. reads thru it while he’s rolling him a joint and decides none of the drunken, slutty girls are worth him making a big stir.. hell, u got to be swinging a chainsaw & get caught on tape before u could prove an assault of anykind.. the “he said/she said” is alot better for everybody.. (washing his hands a la pilate..) “let’s move on boys & girls, they were just acting a little stupid..”
    he took the bodyguards’ words, even though the would have had an obvious conflict of interest & would have exposed themselves to prosecution if the had said: “yeah.. well ben told me to take her back there.. then act like u know nothing.. the girl changes his mind about the charges, end of the story.. deb is happy.. a little reprimend from the club and/or comish and we back in business by late september.. there u go..

  89. @tryagain
    So your argument is not that I’m wrong, but that I should have listed a piece of currency that has higher value?
    I rest my case.

  90. “In no way did Mr. Barravechhio escort or guide this girl down the hallway into the bathroom,” Santicola said.

    Barravechhio? Santicola? You think we’re gonna take the word of some shyster named “Santicola” about the antics of a brainless lummox named “Barravechhio?”

  91. I don’t know what’s more disgusting. An Ape who would be nothing but a bouncer except for a short-term ability to fling a football raping a 20 year old or the off duty cops who acted as body guards and placed a vulnerable drunk woman in a position where she had no chance. So much for ‘protect and serve’. If it was my daughter, absolutely nothing would keep me from getting to Bluto Rothlisberger. There are some things that are more important that sports, Pittsburgh. Banish this criminal for a year, Goddell, along with mandatory work as a flunky at a battered women’s center. Who knows? He may have put some of the patients in there!

  92. This skank was drunk and her friends can’t remeber anthing? She was pissed that me did not say thanks to her afterwards!

  93. khall says:
    April 16, 2010 10:27 PM
    Sheehan: “What about Ben having his pants down?”
    Santicola: “Absolutely, untrue. Not one single shred of truth in that statement.”
    Sheehan: “He didn’t walk down the hallway with his pants down?”
    Santicola: “Absolutely not.”
    Dude, I believe all that was alleged is that Ben had his “beef jerky” hanging out. So…this guy Santicola could still be telling the truth about BR’s not having his pants down…but yet that does not mean that BR’s “beef jerky” wasn’t exposed.

  94. @MSWRavens …
    My scenario of what happened that night came straight from DA Bright’s press conference. The unedited press conference:
    I also pulled some material from other witness statements:
    Statements posted on PFT reflect only what the woman and her sorority sisters said. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation interviewed dozens of witnesses. If the woman’s account were the only evidence, Ben would have been charged.
    No one knows what happened during the 10 minutes the woman was out of sight. Based on results of the rape kit and her initial statements to police and hospital personnel–plus the 10-minute timeline–I do not believe a rape occurred.
    From the beginning I’ve said Ben is a sleazy jackass whose actions did unimaginable harm to his family, his teammates, his employers, the league, and the fans. I believe the Steelers should act on that and will support any action they take. But the DA said he did not have enough evidence for probable cause for an arrest, let alone a conviction.
    The EVIDENCE does not support rape. I’m not defending Roethlisberger. I’m defending the principle that a man is innocent until proved guilty.
    If you are biased, one side will think you are objective. If you are objective, everyone will think you are biased. Pretty much everyone is pissed off at me. Enough said.

  95. @Deb,
    Let me get this straight. The woman was asking for it because of how she was dressed? That’s your take-away?

  96. @shaslers …
    Let me get this straight. The woman was asking for it because of how she was dressed? That’s your take-away from what I wrote? Really? Then let me make it REAL SIMPLE:
    1. There was no “it.” No intercourse, therefore, no rape. That was the finding of the rape kit. That was the woman’s initial statement to investigators and doctors.
    2. Any contact was consensual. According to witnesses, she followed him from bar to bar behaving in a sexually provocative manner. The DA said they were engaged in sexual conversation and conduct that was MUTUAL. The DA said there were plenty of mistakes to go around. The DA said it was definitely a TWO-WAY STREET. The DA said he hoped BOTH learned something.
    Jackass + Jackass = 2 Jackasses
    Jackass + Jackass does not = Rapist + Victim
    That’s not defending Roethlisberger and wanting to have his baby as the brilliant minds of PFT have discerned. That’s expecting BOTH a 28- and a 20-year-old adult to take responsibility for their behavior.
    That’s my take-away.

  97. Every one needs to get this straight! All of the drunken sorority girls new exactly what happened by the time the next day rolled around, and they were no longer had BAC’s of around .20.
    Even when the accuser answered “no” to the question – “Did he rape you?”
    She was obviously lying. Right?

  98. Ben is part of that “Free Mason” stuff and that’s another reason he got off! When the whole incident went down he had one of those “Devil” shirt representing his group! Go to yahoo and look up “Free Mason” or Jay-Z and others with this organization. You will see Ben giving signs to his counterparts. DA was supposed to take this to trial! Period!

  99. Huckle says: So your argument is not that I’m wrong, but that I should have listed a piece of currency that has higher value? I rest my case.
    No, my argument is that the one example you used in your post was flawed which doesn’t bode well for your whole ignorant theory.
    Wake your case up.

  100. Whatever became of the presumption of innocence? Every poster here is guilty of some type of indescretion at one time in their life and all would expect their “day in court”. While it may be hard to ignore the old adage, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Ben deserves due process just like all of us do.

  101. With the DETAILS we HAVE now (WITH MULTIPLE WITNESSES!!!!!) To something shady going down with that HALF PASSED OUT 20yr old white girl!!!! Ben “Take the PU$$%” Roethlisberger would be in orange jumpsuits right now and you know it. THE TAPE GOT ERASED? AFTER THE POLICE HAD IT AND DIDN’T MAKE A COPY…….. YEH RIGHT!!…….. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3 women? Man I know if this were TO or Mike Vick there would be a lot more rage about this! I’m just sayin!
    And before you e mail me saying that it’s people like me who keep racism going just take a moment to think about it! A black athlete possibly committing three sexual assaults against young white women? Please!
    The “GRAND JURY OR JURY” decides on reasonable doubt. Not the DA?
    “Big ben” got off this time, the other time…and lord knows how many other times he’s been given a pass. It’s time to call a rapist, “a rapist”. This guy belongs behind bars!
    I have a good friend from school who is from Pitt. He goes to some of the same watering holes as Ben, and told me point blank to my my face that Ben is an obnoxious drinker. When he’s wasted he says anything that comes to his head to women. A lot of the times they are so offended that they don’t even care that he’s a star.

  102. I’m not pissed off at you Deb. I appreciate anyone who tries to have an unbiased view. Way too many haters/losers as it is.

  103. Thanks GirthyOne. Way too many haters. Some of the hate I’m getting from Steelers fans is unreal. And I just love the vulgar names and comments I’m getting from men who claim their concern is the welfare of women. Right.

  104. @ realityonetwo. A “SHYSTER” attorney is a slur typically reserved for a Jewish attorney, not an Italian. But, let me ask you this, what does his ethnicity have to do with the fact he was hired to do a job? Hmmmm, let’s keep our eye on the ball here ‘reality’…
    My idea would be to force all new, professional athletes to go through a training program with classes such as “Do you think a motorcycle is the best form of transportation?” “Don’t wear clothing with big, ugly devil faces on them!” “Hey, she’s 20 years old, what are you thinking?” “You make a lot of money, what do you plan to do with it?” “Do you really think it’s a good idea to hang out in a college bar?” or how about, “Things you can do when you’re a famous athlete that won’t put you in ridiculous situations where trouble will find you!”
    …just a suggestion…

  105. The shame here is that the overwhelming majority of Police Officers lead normal, upstanding lives outside of work. But a minute number – like these two clowns – can bring undue tarnish to the badge. At least the State Police superiors are investigating the incident. The Coraopolis Police Chief’s inititial attitude – that the officer was on vacation, end of story – pretty much screams that the Chief is unqualified for such a sensitive position in the community. I understand now that the Mayor is getting involved. But is he only bowing to public outcry or genuinely interested in fact finding? And the defense attorney for the Coraopolis Officer has made statements that are consitent with a “my client is guilty, so I’ll go on the attack” defense. Both Officers should be thoroughly investigated and dealt with…the hundreds of thousands of decent Police Officers deserve that much.

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