Eagles want to trade up for a safety

With four of the first 70 picks in next week’s draft, the Philadelphia Eagles have the ability to put together a package to trade up. And that’s reportedly what they want to do, if they can trade up to a spot where one of the top two safeties will be available.

Peter King of SI.com reports that the Eagles want to move up into first half of the first round, and that they’d like to get either Eric Berry of Tennessee or Earl Thomas of Texas. (Our mock draft has Berry going seventh and Thomas going 21st.)

King writes that the Dolphins, who have the 12th pick, could be the Eagles’ trading partners. Dolphins boss Bill Parcells would like to have a second-round pick, but Miami currently doesn’t have one after the Brandon Marshall trade.

For Philadelphia, moving up would likely involve the Eagles giving up their own first-round pick (24th overall) and one or two of their other picks, which include the 35th, 55th and 70th overall.

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  1. i wouldnt mind giving up out 24th and late rounder to move up to 21 to select earl thomas. giving up a 1st and 2nd seems a high price to pay for berry.

  2. Eric Berry will probably be around at 4 if they want to help the Redskins get more bodies for their OL.

  3. I don’t know much about Berry, but I’ve seen enough of Thomas to know that I’d be happy if the Eagles could get him. He always seems to be in the right spot and usually makes the play. Good ball-hawker.

  4. Seattle’s second 1st rd pick could be a logical trade so they can get an early 2nd rounder back.

  5. The only one worth trading up for is Eric Berry. Otherwise they should stay put. they can get a great safety at 24. (Like Mays)

  6. I dont think the birds will be willing to give up that 1st & the Washington pick with the good corners and Pouncey most likely still being available at the top of round 2.
    If someone knows the point system, would both of their second round picks be enough to get another high level 1st rounder, while keeping their first round choice as well.
    I know safety is a need but i feel they need a stud LB as bad or even more than safety. I’d love to pick up Kindel or that beast Weatherspoon.
    & who will be the other starting corner. Hobbs Really???

  7. They should give the Browns their 24th, 55th, and 70th so they can get Berry instead of Thomas. They should trade with the Dolphins though if they think Carroll will take Berry.

  8. No way Earl Thomas lasts to the 21st pick. If the Iggles want either him or Berry, they’d better expend enough ammo to get into the top ten.

  9. If the Dolphins pull this one off and draft the right guys. Then their off season would be one of the best in recent memory. Last I remember someone having this great of an offseason was when the Patriots brought in Randy Moss. I shat myself twice before cleaning up knowing that Randy & Tom would be running shop in the AFC east. So if this happens I expect for the rest of the AFC east to either claim its a brownie in their pocket or that they sat in yoo hoo.

  10. This is a great scenario for the niners, having the 13 and 17th pick to get Charles Brown @ 24 and pick up an extra pick in the 3rd round. I think Charles Brown is a much valuable pick @ 24 than Davis at 17th. Who knows, Davis might even drop to 24 as well.

  11. 12th pick does not make sense for a safety. Berry won’t be there and it’s too early for Thomas.

  12. Who wouldn’t love to have Berry. The problem is that if he drops past teams in the top ten that don’t want him…what team outside of the top ten would actually trade out of being able to take him there? And if some team is going to take him in the top 7 it would take too much to trade up to there.

  13. the Redskins 4th pick overall for the Eagles 24th &35th picks… they get their safety, guaranteed…

  14. A first and a second would be understandable. A first and two seconds wouldn’t be worth it to me. That seems like too much to give up for a safety.
    If this is as deep a draft as everyone says it is, than I think the better move would be to utilize those picks for lots of defensive help, and Oline help.

  15. If the Skins dont get OL it wont matter who they have under center.
    ????/ do you think that Cole will take it easy on Donny Mc when he comes around that corner??????
    Its gonna look so nice

  16. Possibly Denver @ 11?
    They are looking at an OL, but around the late first and with the Eagles 2nd rounder, would have three this year in a deep draft.

  17. Falcons are other trading possibility. Dimitroff wants a second rounder and was interviewed yesterday on atlantafalcons.com as stating he’s willing to move up or back, but also mentioned the 2nd round specifically. I’ve already looked at the trade charts and it works out nearly perfectly, too, and Thomas will slip on draft day; safeties inside the top 15 are rare, and the Falcons #19 is right in the sweet spot for Thomas’s value.

  18. The Jags will trade down with Clausen gone and Berry available, they’ll get Pouncey or Iupati at 24.

  19. This makes me nervous, as a Bucs fan…
    Whenever someone around the Bay swears the Bucs will trade back, I ask them “WITH WHO?”…

  20. How about the Seahawks at 6, they can take the 24th, 35th, and 55th. More picks to help fill all the holes they have.

  21. I could see the Browns interested if Berry is still available at 7. I think that pick could be had for the 24, 35 and 55. Personally, I would rather see Berry in a Browns uniform, but would not be surprised by anything.

  22. So trade with the Dolphins? Too early for Thomas and too late for Berry? From the way it looks right now at least…

  23. Just no way in hell i’m moving that far up and giving that many picks away for a rookie who is unproven. Rather keep the 3 picks and take best safety, corner, and lb at each slot. This draft is deep, the 2nd round is basically another 1st round. 24th – Taylor Mays
    37th – best LB , 55th – best Corner, 70th – Dend, next pick Center. That would cover every single hole on this team. I know they have tons of picks so using some of these 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th rounders to move up is what we gotta do b/c those picks won’t make the team anyways. A possible backup QB option could be Jevan Snead

  24. I’d LOVE to see the Eagles trade up for Earl Thomas. Not so much Berry, because any safety at the spot Berry will go is an iffy value at best. I don’t want any part of Taylor Mays.
    And whoever suggested a 2nd for Donte Whitner…what are you smoking?

  25. The eagles would probably have to give up their 1st and probably their late second to have a chance at either of them…no team would take a 3rd or lower to switch w/ the eagles to get into the 1st

  26. The move rumor many of us have been waiting for. Hopefully this time they won’t pick S. Andrews.

  27. Berry is generally considered one of the three highest rated players in the draft and some have him at #1. Of course since QBs and OTs are in greater demand, he will not be picked in the top three. Actually, if the first eight teams take Bradford, Clausen, Suh, McCoy and four OTs, he would be there at #9. Since the Bills have many holes to fill, the Eagles could offer #24, #37 and their first pick in the fourth (#105) for #9.

  28. Giving up the 37th pick to move up 10-15 spots could be steep but with another 2nd and two 3rd and two 4th round picks, it is worth it. Would rather give up the 55th and one of the 4th rounders. I’d rather have Thomas than Berry but would take either one.

  29. Hey look Florio, you know how to spread rumors. Good job. First of all if you read the article it is purely off of opinion. When Peter King of Sports Illustrated becomes the GM of the Eagles, then let me know.
    Secondly you say that the Eagles moved up in 3 of the past 7 drafts….yeah and they also moved down in 2 of the past 7 drafts (2 years in a row) and stayed put another 2….so what’s your point?
    There is no credibility to this rumor, it is just a writer’s opinion based on what they view as the weaknesses the Eagles possess in their lineup. The fact is not even Brian Dawkins was drafted 1st round and safety is something the Eagles hold low in their value system as it regards to the draft. The only thing I see them drafting (unless its one of those years with an exception) is OL, DL, or CB.

  30. hizzle1281 says:
    April 16, 2010 12:19 PM
    Brian Dawkins>any rookie in this years draft
    LOL yeah in 2003. Get over it or go root for the Donkeys.

  31. You guys need to check the pick value chart. It’s a lot more expensive than you think to move up. Besides… at #24 there’s going to be a good safety or 2 available anyway.

  32. Hey Eagles, here is your trade partner..
    The Denver Broncos at #11.
    11=1250 24=740 + 56=340 + 88=150
    Now at #11 the Eagles select Earl Thomas

  33. Eric Berry will be gone with the 4th pick overall by the Redskins. They are trading LOTS of decent guys and will aquire more picks for lineman. Watch

  34. The Eagles best trading partner could be the redskins again if they want Berry! lol give us our pick back bastards!

  35. I think if this trade happens, it’s Miami who will be Philly’s partner. Opposed to what some of you say/think, if Thomas is there at #12, he’d be a pretty good pick. Remember, this guy can play either safety spot, as well as having the talent to play corner.
    Miami gets #24, #37, #87
    Philly gets #12, #73, #179

  36. Everyone suggesting Mays as a draftable safety is wrong. The guy is a freakishly good athlete that I think will be a probowler eventually but it will be as weakside LB. He is going to make the same transition as Brian Urlacher. He just does not have the ball skills or cover skills to be an effective NFL safety.

  37. Forget Berry he costs too much and we have too many holes. Anyone thinking that they are going to give more than a 1st and the latter 2nd rounder or one of the 3rd rounders for Thomas is crazy!
    That being said, I want Earl Thomas! He’ll be able to immediately step in but the real reason he is an asset is because he can play CB too that way Marlin Jackson can take the safety roll and his knees will be less of an issue and possibly let Macho develop.

  38. @myeaglescantwin
    Both second rounders would be worth approx 880. We could possibly move up to 19 with those.

  39. Should’nt have never let Dawkins go. Nobody knows who the Eagles are going after. They may go after a QB

  40. I think its funny how people still use the draft value chart as a tool and act like its accurate. Has nobody noticed that the trades rarely match up close to the chart? Last year there was a prime example of the charts irrelevance. The 5th pick is supposedly worth 1,700 points but the trade was made for the 17th (950) and the 52nd pick (380) which is a total of 1,330 points. If the chart was accurate then they should have only been able to move up seven spots instead of twelve. Look up recent draft trades and they’ll be just as inaccurate. People are going to say its just supposed to be a guide but anyone can arbitrarily issue picks a value if you allow the difference to be so great from chart to reality.

  41. The person who thinks the Redskins would trade the 4th overall pick for the 24th and 35th pick must smoke crack allll dayyyy!

  42. TO: “hizzle1281 ”
    DAMN RIGHT! That is the best thing I have heard in a while. We would be in any predicament if our Defensive boss Dawk was still here. Our defense has seemed shaky with Dawkins’ departure. He was the heart and sole of our nasty D. Players around him would step up an extra level out of respect to WeaponX. The mentality of our defense pumped through his veins every single game. He was the Leader out there making our players stay into it and get after the wins we obtained. Case in point, Dawkins’ last game at dallas during the regular season. Unforgettable performance to get the win.
    He will be missed

  43. Redskins already blew their offseason. They should have waited and traded for Rothlesberger. Dealing for McNabb was silly and impulsive.

  44. The Eagles need a DT that can crash the middle of the pocket. If the pocket is collapsed then the CB’s and S’s start looking like Pro Bowlers. Look at those Cowboy teams of the 90’s and the Eagles defense ’00 to ’04. The same thing that made Brown and Shepard look good is not there anymore. I say trade the 1st and late second to the Lions and or Rams and draft Suh to pair with Bunkley.
    This will force teams to pay more attention to the middle of the line and allow the Eagles to get QB pressure without having to blitz. It would also allow for more INT’s and drive kills. Suh is also better against the run than every DT on the roster and we all know that teams just run all over the Eagles. Stop the run and the Eagles would not have lost 3 straight to the Cowboys last year.

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