Jaguars make it known they want to trade down

Two years ago, the Ravens traded down from the eighth pick in the draft, and later picked up quarterback Joe Flacco.  The Jacksonville Jaguars had a front-row seat for the transaction, given that they were the ones who traded up to get defensive end Derrick Harvey.

In hindsight, they should have gone for Flacco instead.

There’s a chance they’re considering a similar drop-down-and-draft-a-quarterback maneuver.  Though they’re wisely not talking about the back end of the potential transaction, G.M. Gene Smith has made it clear that the Jags are looking to move down from the No. 10 position.

It’s still too early to tell whether the Jaguars will be able to pull it off.  “You can’t anticipate anything at this point,” Smith said at a pre-draft luncheon, according to Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union.  “Teams have
said they’re willing to be trade partners, and we think it’s a good
thing if we can help each other, but there hasn’t been a lot of
substance to our conversations.”

They’d like to add more picks, since they don’t have a second-round selection.  And, presumably, the organization has a business interest in at least considering quarterback Tim Tebow — if, that is, the business truly wants to find a viable way to stay in the town where it currently is headquartered.

Asked about Tebow, Smith gave a generic “he’ll be treated like everyone else” answer.  Asked about receiver Dez Bryant, whom the team reportedly has taken off the board, Smith said that players won’t be yanked from the stack until Wednesday, when owner Wayne Weaver gets a rundown of some questionable players.

The fact that Weaver has a finger in the pot increases the chances that a play will be made for Tebow (if Weaver wants the team to thrive in Jacksonville), and it could be that Smith wants teams potentially interested in drafting Bryant to believe that the Jags could take him if they don’t move down — possibly in the hopes of luring them to jump into tenth position, which would be one spot in front of the Broncos, whom many think will be ready to pounce on Bryant at No. 11.

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  1. Imagine the Jets landed this guy. I don’t know how I feel about Braylon Edwards. I feel like with a guy like Santonio Holmes in town now, he’s gotta perform. I only see the Jets keeping one of them next year, as they’re both going to want big contracts.

  2. Putting aside needs since the Jags are not playoff contenders and basically what they need is a great player, there are two obvious future Hall of Famers in this draft. Suh will be long gone, but Pouncey will likely be on the board when Jacksonville drafts, and he may be the lowest risk/highest reward player in the draft.

  3. Don’t know how you feel about Edwards? You should feel angry and cheated! This guy is over-rated and won’t make the clutch catch when you need it. You should be angry that your team went out and traded for him. He’s still getting by on his college stats. Let’s see how good he and Holmes make out for Sanchez in his sophmore season.

  4. I think it’s going to be hard for them to trade down this year because it looks like almost all the teams from #4 to #12 are looking to trade down.
    The reason? None of them want to be saddled with what looks like the last ‘windfall’ Rookie contracts since there will most likely be a Rookie wage scale next season, either as part of a new CBA, or imposed by the owners by fiat.

  5. Pouncey is a great pick for the Jags. He is also a Florida Gator and from a business stand point should help fill the seats. They should still be able to get Tebow in the 2nd round if they do some trade manuevering.

  6. i understand they dont have a second round pick but on a team that doesnt have a ton of talent out side of MJD.shouldnt ya want to get the most talented player you can get at that choice

  7. So all us Buc fans are just waitng for the headline stating their intentions to trade down from the third pick. The Glazers just can’t afford the 32 million it will cost them . Since they have not done anything in free agency or trades so far it looks like they want to go for quantity not quality and see what sticks.

  8. There is zero evidence that drafting Tebow will have a significant impact on ticket sales. Polls on the teams’ website and on the local newspaper’s website both show that fans don’t intend to buy season tickets if they draft Tebow.
    Drafting Tebow only has a significant impact if he turns out to be a quarterback better than David Garrard who leads them to consistent wins. It’s very unlikely that happens in his first year even if they do draft him and he is as talented as many hope he is.

  9. The notion that Tebow being a Gator will make any real difference in ticket sales is absurd enough, but Pouncey? Who the hell buys a ticket because the *center* played for your favorite college team?
    Nobody, NOBODY, buy a ticket because of where a player used to play. They buy a ticket because of HOW a player plays NOW. Reggie Nelson was a big-time Gator hero, but the fans in Jacksonville are howling for his head now.

  10. Let me get this straight –
    1. if they draft Tebow that means they will stay in Jax but they will suck.
    2. They don’t draft Tebow, they move, but they will have more of a chance of being good.
    Wouldn’t they have a better chance of staying in Jax if they were good?

  11. Wow, now there’s a relevation… A team wants to move down… Hop in line behind roughly 2/3 of the league.
    Smith: “Teams have said they’re willing to be trade partners, and we think it’s a good thing if we can help each other….”
    Translation: “We’ve gotten offers for the pick, but the best one so far is our pick for a Walmart coupon. We think it would be good if someone would be dumb enough to move up and bail us out”.

  12. Given Jacksonville’s interest in Tebow, and the fact that he won’t be at the draft, is the NFL going to put a tarp over Tebow’s seat in the waiting room?

  13. Only team I know of even being “RUMORED” to move up is Cleveland … so this is no revelation unless Jac. is basically saying that they are willing to move down at less than the “goin-rate as to the trade chart” …

  14. I’ve been mocking this trade for close to two months now… here it is again.
    Jax 10th for New England’s 22nd+44th. The points work (60pts NE is short will be made up in a late pick next year).
    New England moves up to land a true blue-chipper like Spiller or perhaps Haden (the AFC East is getting good across the board). Kindle could also be the pick but it might be a bit high for him. Sadly, Morgan isn’t good at dropping back into coverage and JPP is perceived to be a bit “short” in the brains department.
    Jacksonville can draft Tebow at 22, since 44th might not be high enough, and then get a good WR at 44.
    For all of you saying that Tebow won’t make an impact on the franchise remaining in Florida… you obviously aren’t familiar with his standing within that community. He’s the “Jacksonville Jesus.”
    I agree that he won’t suddenly transform that franchise, but you will have to agree that if Jacksonville doesn’t get him then it certainly won’t help it survive much longer due to the disappointment.

  15. anyone who thinks drafting Tebow won’t drastically affect ticket sales in Jax must not live here in town. the guy is the most famous PERSON, not athlete, in north Florida. he would bring people to games who aren’t even football fans.
    furthermore, its ridiculous to compare the drafting of Tebow to Reggie Nelson or D Harvey just because they’re all gators. Tebow is FROM JACKSONVILLE. he played high school football IN JACKSONVILLE. his whole family currently lives IN JACKSONVILLE. he is a member of the largest church IN JACKSONVILLE. the guy is the epitome of the hometown hero, the local kid who went 60 miles down the road and became one of the most decorated players in the history of college football. from a marketing/ticket sales standpoint, drafting Tebow is can’t-miss for the Jags.
    it might only be a short term solution to the ticket sales problem unless they start winning, but if Jacksonville doesn’t start finding some short term solutions soon there won’t be a long term to worry about.

  16. Any interest linking the Jaguars to Tebow is media speculation. The Jaguars have not scheduled any workouts, meetings or visits with Tebow. They have shown much more interest in his teammate Joe Haden.

  17. Rorydog says:
    April 16, 2010 7:47 AM
    The eagle will make the trade and draft Eric Berry.
    Too bad Eric Berry will be long gone way b4 10…and he’s def not getting by the Browns at 7…

  18. Most former players I’ve seen interviewed about their pre-draft interviews, were drafted by a team who didn’t schedule any workouts or interviews.
    In a way I guess it’s a smokescreen, or the simple fact the team saw enough game tape and the player had a low key profile, they figured he was worth the risk of taking “blindly”.

  19. Pouncey? HoFer? Seriously? You sound like Kiper with Mike Williams. There are football players more than 60 miles away from us. Good ones too.
    I too thought about seeing the Pats trade their 2nd rounders for the 10 pick and I am sure the Jags would be all over that. However, and I cannot say this enough, if Tebow does get drafted, and as it appears he’ll be a second rounder, by the Jags, then he’ll pretty much have to start opening day barring an injury. I say this because it would be clearly evident that the Jaguars organization let the “JaGators” run their draftboard, so now they’ll let them manage their depth chart. Garrard will not stand a chance, even if he has a Trent Green circa 2000 like preseason, minus the ACL injury of course. This town is still angry over the way Del Rio handled the inevitable departure of Mark Brunell and passed the blame from Leftwich to Garrard. And these Gator fans here still give Tebow credit for leading them to the championship instead of Chris Leak. Take it for what it is.
    All of these Gator fans saying they’ll buy season tix are full of crap. They remind me of a bunch of guys drunk at a bar talking about a bachelor party in Vegas and how they’re all in. Then the time to scratch the check comes and they disapppear like the Schlitz Malt Liquor bull is about to run them over.
    You guys really think 10,000 Gator fans will flock to the ticket window to see Tebow ride the bench, as he needs to for a couple of years? The new motion is great, but that is a simulated environment. When the lights come on and there are real men not wearing Charleston Southern jerseys running at you, you go back to what you know. It’s called muscle memory. he ain’t bulldozing anyone in the pros.
    manoleisure, Rashean Mathis is from Jax too, as are Riley Skinner and Rusty Smith. I think there is a huge difference between plunking down $1000 plus for season tix and parking and $150 for his autograph at the Avenues Mall. You Gator fans have really done your team a disservice by seeming to only credit Tebow for all of the success they’ve had the past 4 years.
    Bottom line, I’ve seen Tebow’s act before. His name was Dan Kendra. the whole “but he’s a winner” garbage is just that. Colt McCoy is a winner too as are most players in the draft.

  20. Why would the fans in J’ville get excited about coming out to Jags games and watch Tim Tebow carry around a clipboard? This has never made sense from the first time it was suggested. He will be a wasted pick if he is drafted any higher than the fourth round. He was a nice college player, but he can’t throw, and will never be a pro QB. There aren’t even 32 guys on the entire planet who can play the position. TT isn’t one.

  21. @TheDP
    Then you need to get contacts.
    88.9 passer rating, 21 tds, 3613 yards, 63.1 cp
    83.5 PR, 15 td, 3597 yards, 60.9 cp
    One of those guys is going into his 3rd year and still growing and the other is 32 with 8 years under his belt.
    Which one do you think the Jaguars would rather have right now AND going into the future? You can bet your bottom dollar its Flacco.

  22. Garrard has been a starter since 2007. He did get in the Pro Bowl (sad but true). Factor in a real 4 years of NFL experience per se, and the numbers are closer than you think, with a crappier offensive line.
    Obviously Flacco has the potential for a longer career, but Baltimore fans need to remember history.
    Bert Jones was a hell of a qb as well and then the shoulder went.

  23. A guy who has been in the NFL for 8 years does not have just “4 real years of NFL experience”. Sitting on the bench for 4 years still gives you an advantage over a guy coming right out of college, a D1AA college at that. And learning on the bench isnt neccassarily a bad thing, see Aaron Rogers.
    Either way you slice it. Flacco is the better QB now and he’s going to be the better QB down the road. An injury can happen to any QB or any player. Hell, Flacco played through an injury to his right leg the entire second half of the season. So banking Flacco’s possible failure on “history” is assanine, especially when he’s already deviated from the path that most draft busts take. At best he’s going to be a great NFL QB and at worst a consistantly solid starter. Jaguars fans just need to accept the fact that the Jags F.O. screwed up.

  24. But Aaron Rodgers was behind Brett Freaking Favre. Garrard had Byron Leftwich. A big difference.

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