Jerry Rice compares pro golf debut to pro football debut

Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice is trying his hand as a professional golfer this week, playing a Nationwide Tour event at the TPC Stonebrae course.

His first day did not go well.

I got killed out there today,” Rice wrote on his guest blog at “Right from the first shot, I found trouble and was unable to regroup. But I am not surprised. I know how tough the game is. Shooting 83, that score is really up there. And it could have been worse.”

The first shot Rice refers to landed in knee-high grass about 20 yards off the fairway, leading to a double-bogey on his first hole — one of four double-bogeys in the round.

Still, Rice says he’s serious about getting better at golf, and that he doesn’t see his pro golf debut as much different from his NFL debut.

“I remember how my first NFL starts were bumpy,” Rice wrote. “I was dropping footballs all over the place. This is a little bit like that: bumpy. And my putter is toast. I am going to melt it down. You won’t see it again.”

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  1. I don’t know how good a golfer he is, but if anyone can pull this off it would be Jerry. That 83 kinda sucked though.

  2. Was this a celebrity pro-am or did a legitimate pro golf debut? Either way I’m sure he drives better than Donte Stallworth.

  3. I read an article that said is best ever score is a 68. That is NOT going to cut it on any tour. You need to have the ability to shoot in the low 60’s and average a couple under to be competitive.

  4. This is an absolute joke, who let this hack on pro event? I understand its the nation wide tour, which is a step down from the PGA, but this is like Shaq being allowed to play professional soccer because he is a good athlete.
    I admire your aspirations Jerry, but leave it to the true professional on the golf course.

  5. For a debut round in tournament conditions that is really not that bad. Those guys on the Nationwide Tour are really good. He did alright.

  6. lol good one duck fallas..Even I had to chuckle at that even though Donte did what a lot of us guys do, and thats go crash somewhere for a little while to let the alcohol wear off. Wake up early in the morning and bounce. Unbeknownst to my ignorant ass, I guess alcohol doesn’t wear off over night after sleeping for a bit. Donte gets caught because some dude walks out in front of his rig and boom. Anyhow whatever. An 83 is a good day for me on the golf course

  7. PurpleIsForGays says:
    April 16, 2010 10:23 AM
    This is an absolute joke, who let this hack on pro event? I understand its the nation wide tour, which is a step down from the PGA, but this is like Shaq being allowed to play professional soccer because he is a good athlete.
    They did that, didn’t they? It was called “Shaq Vs.”

  8. For his first pro tournament to put up a 83 with four doubles is solid. Shoot, John Daily was putting up numbers like that on the regular for a couple of years. If Rice puts the same amount of practice in golf as he did football I think he could get really good. No one has a better work ethic than Jerry Rice.

  9. Jerry is a great athlete but golf requires a different skill set. Jordan has been at it for years but at least he has the humility to know that he can not compete with those guys.
    Jerrys foundation was hosting the event so Im sure the tour had some inhibitions about turning him away.
    They should have given the sponsor exemption to Charles Barkley instead.

  10. I used to make fun of golfers until I got serious and started really trying to play it…it is such a great day when you go golfing even if you suck. Go Jerry.

  11. Wow, reading some of the comments you guys have put up here you’d think Jerry just raped your dog and raided your fridge! Lighten up will yah. If any sport or public figure matters this much to you it’s time you get a life (who knows you might even get lucky and get a girl).

  12. I truly admire Jerry Rice. He was the greatest wide receiver in NFL history. Bar none! But I have to agree with several of the posters here. This is a pipedream Jerry. He is not nearly good enough to win even on the Hooter’s Tour. I saw Jerry play a Donald Trump golf competition against Lawrence Taylor on the Golf Channel. LT beat him and completely pysched him out. LT’s defining comment was “in golf, Jerry knows how to really play. But I know how to win”. And he proceded to do just that! JR. If you can’t beat LT, (who surprisingly is a very good golfer). You have no chance on any of the Pro or PGA Tours.
    But I give him huge props for trying. My advice to JR would be to play in the USGA Amateur tournaments to see if he can develop the game against the very best amateurs. Right now, he would get his clock cleaned by taking dead last on the LPGA Tour. HMMM! That would actually be an interesting watch.

  13. he’s as big a joke as a golfer as he was a star in football. He cant break an egg. Hosting should have been the end of the road at this tourny for him. because of his overinflated self esteem some real professional golfer was left out of the field this week in San Fran.
    Jerry, you sucked on Sirius NFL radio, you suck as a ‘pro’ golfer.
    quit screwing with our memories of you and stick to football and hosting.
    gawd man

  14. Two of my former students were and are on the Nationwide tour. Outstanding golfers, they probably will never make it. One did get his PGA card last year. Having said that Rice stand no chance whatsoever. These guys are good. Jordon thought he was a baseball player also. Some athletes have huge egos.

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