Lions considering a trade for a running back

When looking for a possible suitor for available running backs like Marshawn Lynch, LenDale White, or even Ronnie Brown, look no further than the Detroit Lions.

“I’ve talked to agents for several players,” Lions G.M. Martin Mayhew said at a pre-draft press conference. “We’ve talked
about trades
. We’ve talked about trading for some players. We talk now
about the draft. We’ll see how we come out of this.”

The Lions have a desperate need at running back.  Kevin Smith is coming off a disappointing year and December surgery for a torn ACL.  Maurice Morris is just a guy.  Basically, the Lions need to see how the draft falls to them and react from there.

Mayhew doesn’t have a fifth or sixth-round pick, which could limit flexibility.  They have three seventh-rounders.

77 responses to “Lions considering a trade for a running back

  1. Ronnie Brown would be a perfect fit into that offense and would give them the opportunity to add the wildcat into their mix. Don’t forget that thier OC is the guy who was the OC at Miami when Saban drafted Brown.

  2. Deangelo Williams to the Lions for their 2010 2nd rounder and 2011 2nd rounder? That’s similar to the Brandon Marshall deal for an equally talented player.

  3. Joe Flacco said he would be willing to trade you Ray Rice for Calvin Johnson straight up!

  4. I would love tosee the Mighty Patriots trade Lawrence Maroney to the Lions for a third or fourth round pick. I think he can still be a great back but needs to be in a different system.

  5. If the Lions could get White for a 4th, they would be crazy not too. The kid has no wear on the tires, has a nose for the end zone and after last year he really feels like he has something to prove.
    Bring in LenDale White and let him compete for the starting job. I think you could get 1,100 yrds and 9 TD’s out of him.

  6. If Detroit doesn’t fix their offensive (both meanings) line, they will continue to have disappointing years.
    They should trade for Gaither with their second or even sign Flozell Adams. Although, this way they are still automatic wins for the beloved Green Bay Packers!

  7. why would the dolphins trade Ronnie Brown? I thought he had a good year for them before getting hurt..and Ricky Williams is not that young.

  8. So from Mayhew’s recent statements:
    * The Lions are currently planning on staying at #2, because the right offer hasn’t come up.
    * The Lions currently have NO IDEA who they’re going to draft at #2, because everyone grades out so tightly.
    * The Lions would really like to upgrade at runningback, by the way.
    * Just in case you might happen to have one.
    Sounds like if you can get a running back and a high pick to the Lions, the Lions might not draft whoever it is you covet at the top of the draft.

  9. Yes, Miami, please trade Ronnie Brown!! That f’ing Wild”shat” offense wreaks havoc for Brown on my FFL team. One week it’s great and next it’s nothing and Ricky Willams gets the stats. So please, for me, trade Brown to a place that’s conventional, likes to run, and where he can start and get all the carries. F’ the wildshat!!!

  10. Why the heck would you mention DeAngelo Williams? He is not up for trade. He is worth WAY more than Brandon Marshall, and your comment is all around stupid.
    This coming from someone who doesnt care about either division(NFC NORTH or NFC SOUTH)

  11. Yes, Ronnie Brown for their 1st round pick.
    Then Miami trades down that pick for later 1st rounder plus early 2nd rounder.
    Should be able to get CJ plus 2 key defensive starters!!

  12. This is blown out of proportion. The news comes from the Mayhew crap about they will consider all options. They are also considering drafting a RB and signing a FA. They are probably considering converting another player to RB as well.

  13. I think Maurice Clarett will be available soon. He rocks baby, or is it smokes rocks baby? The Lions are cursed and there is nothing that they can do about it.

  14. habibfromnewdehli your an idiot trading Ray Rice for a wideout when the Ravens have Boldin, Stallworth and Derrick Mason.
    The Lions should trade two 3rd round picks (one this year & one in next years draft) to the Bills for Marshawn Lynch. He would be a great complement to Kevin Smith.

  15. smith isnt as bad as you are making him out to be, he was a workhorse behind a horrible line and that surely played a role into his performance last season

  16. I say BULL$HIT!
    There is no way they will trade away the few draft picks we have left, for running backs that clearly SUCK!
    We might draft someone with fresh legs and no weight issues (like Lenny has) in the second, third or fourth round.

  17. Brown is a gonner!! Well maybe he won’t get pulled over for DUI there, the residential neighborhoods have been abandoned..

  18. Chiefs2010 says:
    April 16, 2010 11:20 AM
    his name’s CJ – CJ spiller from Clemson
    Draft him.
    This won’t happen considering the Lions have picks #2 and #34 in the draft, and spiller is going to go between picks #10 and #20.
    They would be overdrafting him at #2 and there is no way he falls into the 2nd round.

  19. Clearly the Lions will get a steal for a RB with mayhew on the job.. if a trade happens.
    Thomas Jones…. too late… damn!

  20. Two third rounders for Lynch is ridiculous. I wouldn’t offer any more than a fourth rounder for Lynch with all his off-field baggage.
    And the #2 pick for Ronnie Brown? Get a grip on reality…..that won’t happen. Brown plus Miami’s #12 pick still wouldn’t cut it. And don’t mention Ted Ginn as part of the package….not interested.
    LenDale White could be of interest, but again, nothing more than a fourth round pick…likely with a late round pick coming in return…like a sixth rounder. Or perhaps they ship us White for swapping third rounders……

  21. lendale for a fifth round pick sounds about right . Maroney would be a 3rd rounder which the lions cant afford for a 2nd stringer right now , they are trying to build from the ground up and at 25 Lendale is young enough to give you 5 – 6 years . Lions are going to be a good team , however its not this year but maybe if they can get some more help on the lines they’d be alright …

  22. Last season Kevin Smith was horrible, and admitted as such. He was hesitant, not hitting the hole with authority and all in all made the line look worse than it really was. I don’t know what happened with him, but he looked like a completely different running back from his rookie season. His injuries happened as a result of him stopping behind the LOS when he shouldn’t have. If there is no hole, keep the legs moving and take what you can. He’s no Barry Sanders, he can’t work that magic.
    Smith needs to get his head together to make a comeback. If he comes back and runs the same way, his career is all but over.

  23. Enough with the Ronnie Brown trade talk. I just don’t f*%@$ing get it!
    Because of his injury history there is no way we will get back what he’s worth. Ronnie is one of the 5 best RB’s in the league when he is healthy, and “injury prone” doesn’t really fit with him considering NONE of his injuries were recurring. All of them were isolated, sort of like what happened to Fred Taylor early in his career and he got over it.
    Also, Ronnie Brown is my favorite Dolphin since Zach Thomas. Parcells, Ireland, Sparano, please, please, please don’t trade him away. Please.

  24. Brown aint going anywhere, so just settle down. If Miami trades Brown, they must throw out the wildcat because no one else is nearly as effective……..aint happening folks.

  25. O-Line should be better this year with Sims, even without drafting Okung. Sadly even when Kevin Smith had holes last year (which wasn’t often), he still could not break the key tackle to take a three yard gain to twenty. Sadly he hasn’t panned out into a good back, just average at best.
    I say draft a running back in the 2nd or 3rd round…Best or Gerhardt.

  26. The Titans like Ringer better than White, but they’d want a high 4th for him I think. Marion Barber make a ton of sense, seeing as Dallas wants Felix as the starter and Choice is a solid backup. Marshawn Lynch might have a higher asking price. If Seattle adds C.J. Spiller, they could probably get Julius Jones on the cheap as a backup to replace “the guy.”

  27. Why not just sign one of the million veteran RBs that are still available? The lions aren’t going to be competitive for at least another couple years, so get a stop-gap player for now and wait for a good RB to be available when it’s their time to pick in one of the next couple drafts.

  28. The Lions arent trading their first round pick for Ronnie Brown. In fact, I don’t know if they’d trade it for anyone other than a select few of the elite RB’s in the league.
    The Lions should draft Suh, take a safety in rd. 2 and then look for Gerhardt in rd. 3.
    The only exception to that is I would trade next years 5th round pick for Lendale and throw in some escalators to make it the 4th rounder if he meets certain goals.

  29. Theres a little known RB named Joiqui Bell outta little known Wayne State U in Deeeeeetroit. He’s gonna be a superstar yall! just wait! fastest shuttle run in the combine!
    Lions should take Bell in round 4.

  30. The Roon I like the idea! I think they could do a 2 rd this year and a 4th or 5th next year to make it happen though.

  31. Don’t sleep on Mayhew. He will fleece one of your teams for a RB. Just ask the Cowboys how much they love Roy Williams.

  32. Tampa has two second round picks. It’s possible that the Lions could trade down from the 2.2 pick to Tampa’s 2.10 pick if Tampa offers their 3.3 pick plus other sweetners for the Lions 2.2 pick. The Lions would still have a high second round pick and two very high consecutive third round picks to get some decent RB, OL, DE help, or use the additional third round pick for trade bait.

  33. Ok, I will continue on this Ronnie Brown thing since ya’ll felt it was worth commenting on.
    m2karateman – ok what would you want as an add-on to the trade? Smiley?
    finsbooyah – I love ronnie too but we need to possibly upgrade
    5 fingers – with all due respect the wildcat hasn’t won us any titles
    Sooooooo the beat goes on!!!

  34. The Lions should give Baltimore a call for Willis, He still has very good wheels, and knows how to get into the end zone.

  35. Deangelo was mentioned about a month ago as a possble trade becasue they already have Stew, and they have no early pick(s) in this deep draft.
    Brown is too busted and will be too old by the team makes a real run….not a chance.
    Derick Ward and Julius Jones are just guys.
    It’s ‘Beast Mode’ for the second pick in the third round…and maybe a late conditional next year.

  36. @habibfromnewdehli
    Joe Flacco said no such thing. Ray Rice has done more in 2 years than Calvin Johnson has done in 3 years.
    Ray Rice = Marshall Faulk
    Plus, if we just draft Demetrius Thomas we all set
    And if Ben keeps whipping out his strap-on, the divison is already ours!!

  37. jcjet hit on a vital point. I’m sure the Dolphins wouldn’t mind parting with Ricky Williams before Ronnie Brown.

  38. Lendale White, please pick up the blue and silver courtesy phone…MR LENDALE WHITE please pick up the blue and silver courtesy phone….

  39. Deji Karim and Stefon Johnson should be available in the middle to late rounds, and would be better than the veterans mentioned above. Johnson was a more reliable college back than his teammate Joe McKnight, who supposedly is a 3rd-4th rounder.

  40. Take Portis for your three seventh round picks and Haynesworth for your 1st round pick this year.
    then we can trade Philly our #4 pick for their two second picks (getting back our pick!) and a fourth round pick.
    Then the Skins would have a high 1st, two 2nds, 2 fourths, a 6th and four 7th’s!

  41. no way they would trade their 1st round for ronnie brown. But I bet they would trade their 2nd rounder. I hope the phins don’t trade ronnie. He’s better than anything in this draft.

  42. There are rumors the Seahawks are interested in trading #14 for a 1st rounder next year and 2nd rounder this year. They obviously want to be picking high, so maybe the Lions would fall into that category if CJ Spiller is still there.

  43. I’d be happy with Marshawn for this years 3rd or Deangelo for this years 2nd pick (although the 34th pick is pretty high for a running back). I see them drafting J. Best in the 2nd round if they don’t make an RB trade but I don’t think he’ll be better than Marshawn or Deangelo.
    Also, Marshawn Lynch is the ugliest player in the league and I’d like to laugh at him on Sundays.

  44. Some of these trades people are throwing out here are completely retarded. Detroit won’t give up any more than a 3rd rounder for a running back, assuming they don’t grab Best in the 2nd. Won’t get Ronnie Brown. Won’t get DeAngelo. Barber is dropping off fast. Belichick won’t dump Maroney.
    LenDale is fresh and he and Kevin Smith would complement each other well. LenDale for a 4th.
    One name I haven’t seen is Ahmad Bradshaw. New York should capitalize on the year he had last year. With a healthy Jacobs and Danny Ware complementing, Bradhsaw is expendable. Bradshaw for a 3rd in 2010 and a 5th in 2011.
    Tim Hightower for two 3rd rounders. Arizona wants to commit to Beanie and can grab a Joe McKnight in the 3rd to complement. Hightower becomes more than just a dump off guy for Stafford.
    Buffalo is saying they want a 2nd rounder but they would 2 3rds. Lynch is a possibility.
    Here’s the home run: Michael bush for a 3rd and a 4th. For some reason the Raiders don’t want to give him the opportunity. Is he as athletically gifted as McFadden? No. Is he more suited for the NFL? Yes. If they could get Bush it would be an instant shot of adrenaline in their asses.
    As a Packer fan myself, I’d like to see them get Barber and watch him get pwned behind that line. But, if I were a Lions exec, I’d list the running backs that we can get for no more than 2 3rds as the following:
    1. Michael bush
    2. Tim Hightower
    3. LenDale White
    4. Ahmad Bradshaw
    5. Marshawn Lynch

  45. Hey Packer fan, there is no need to give up third round picks for guys like Michael Bush or Tim Hightower. Third rounds are full of good running backs – check the latest drafts. I say Lions can just take Toby Gerhardt and be good to go. Then they have they have the big back to go with Morris and Smith. Felton is not a bad fullback and the guy they picked up from the Las Vegas team (MVP of whatever that league is) could be OK too. This is the year the Lions get some wins! Watch out NFC North, you can not count on two wins vs. the Lions this time around (Vikes have barely escaped including twice in the 0-16 year)

  46. Their OL will be improved but they need another RB badly
    No running game will see Stafford get KILLED again and he may not get up this time

  47. MCK is right. Mayhew is like a ninja. One minute you’re sitting nice and comfortable thinking about how your team is going to do this year, the next he’s got one of your starters and a draft pick for peanuts.
    Detroit is rebuilding, but Schwartz has said all along that just because they’re trying to build a team the right way for the long term does not mean he does not want to win on Sundays. Mayhew is doing all he can to help him with that.

  48. no guys how about the lions trade maurice morris and a seventh round draft pick to washington for portis and haynesworth then trade their other seventh rounder to miami for brown then they can trade their first rounder to the buccaneers for their first rounder plus their second and third and next years first. (I’m hoping you pick up on the sarcasm). I think it’s funny how everybody seems to think that their team can trade their players and get a ton of value in return. Some people on here have the right idea as to what players are worth but a lot of people need a reality check.

  49. LOL @ outfoxed, Our 1st round #2 pick for ronnie brown……LMAO. You must be on somethin.He might be worth a 5th rounder if that.And to the op that said ” we will throw in Roy Williams to sweeten the deal”, what are you guys on?? We dealt that bum to you for a 2nd rounder??? Man you guys got screwed on that one!!! Oh i forgot you got Kitna too LMAO.You wanna give him back to us too, we will give you a bag of peanuts and a whiffle ball bat, that should cover Mayhew is doin a fine job and we might not suck complete ass in 2010-2011

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