Report: Clausen won't fall past 49ers at 13

Mock drafts are all over the map on where Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen will end up, but one report out today suggests that any mock draft having Clausen going lower than 13th overall is mistaken.

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News reports, citing an NFL source, that there’s little doubt the 49ers would select Clausen at 13.

The 49ers have indicated that they’re sold on Alex Smith as their starter, David Carr as their backup and Nate Davis as the young quarterback they’d like to develop, but those plans would apparently get a shakeup if they can get Clausen.

San Francisco’s acting G.M., Trent Baalke, said today that Smith was the 49ers’ quarterback. But he also wouldn’t rule out drafting a quarterback at 13, and the only quarterback who would make sense there is Clausen.

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  1. I doubt he get’s past Cleveland or Buffalo. If he’s available at 10 I think the Jags will take him unless a team is willing to give up a bunch of picks.

  2. Please don’t turn yourself into ESPN. There are other players being drafted too. Some of them even before Clausen! Please don’t make this all about the marketable Notre Dame guy like they ar.

  3. Well, the 49ers are doomed for another 10 years..
    Just because Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen are apparently the best in this draft, doesn’t mean their worth these high picks..
    Both of these guys are extremely overrated..
    How can a front office want Jimmy Clausen.. pedestrian player for a non-conference team that won SIX GAMES last year.

  4. “acting GM”? Earlier this offseason, the actual head coach and actual GM for the Skins said that Jason Campbell was the Skins QB.

  5. Kawakami’s been anti-Smith for years now, so this isn’t exactly shocking. I doubt his source. The Niners’ current regime is on thin ice. If they don’t make the playoffs, they’ll probably bring in a whole new front office with a figurehead football czar, a la Cleveland or Miami, who would bring sweeping change. Drafting Clausen wouldn’t give the current staff enough leeway to survive another season. They’d be better off — in terms of job security — drafting players that will help them WIN NOW, like an OT or playmaker.

  6. Isn’t it possible that the 49ers are just using something called STRATEGY to help them in the draft. If a team such as the Browns, Raiders, or Bills think the 49ers want Clausen and they think they can trade down to get him, then they will be more likely to take him at their original spots in front of the 49ers, and thus pushing a player the 49ers covet more to them. Also, it could force a team that likes Clausen to jump in front of the 49ers and get the same result.
    Also, this could make the 49ers be a more inviting trade partner for teams that want to acquire Clausen if the 49ers want to trade down.
    You can’t believe a word that comes out of any GM or coach’s mouths right now.

  7. Hahahaha…suckers! take him 13 and see where it gets ya!….and why the hell would u considering u already have nate davis?

  8. I don’t buy this for one minute, Kawakami is a complete hack. He probably got the idea from Don Banks, who has absolutely no pulse for this team or its needs.
    We’ll be in the market for a QB next year if Smith fails. This isn’t the year to be dropping a R1 pick on one.

  9. Considering who the Niners have at QB now, drafting Clausen might be an improvement, but that’s not saying much at all. They can accumulate all the WRs they want, trading for Ted Ginn and drafting Crabtree last year, but if they do draft Clausen, none of those 3 will be able to get it done next year.

  10. Everyone is on Bradford’s and Clausen’s nuts, but lets be realistic here. If Locker would have come out, Bradford would have slid to 9 or 10 range. Then there’s the Colt McCoy injury that had it not happened could’ve changed everyone’s perspective between him and clausen. The only thing that would have been clear cut is Locker was the best of the 4

  11. Drafting Cluasen would be the worst possible thing that could happen in my sports life.

  12. Alex, Carr, or Davis might not be the answer… but Clausen sure as Hell isn’t, either. They need OL, OL, OL!

  13. He’s going to slide to Green Bay and Ted Thompson won’t be able to resist, even with the miserable failure that was Brian Brohm. Brohm will be in jail within 3 years. No college QB star is as dumb as he is in the NFL without being on something.
    Clausen is the one that will fall this year.

  14. Any of you maniacs bashing on Clausen, need to stop drinking the Todd “I tan to much” Mcshay Koolaid, look at the kids numbers (not the win column of course) from last year. He may bust, he may not, but to call him pedestrian at this point is crazy.

  15. that bang you may hear on thursday night is me discharging a round from my 9mm into my cranium if he falls past #9….

  16. He’s going to slide to Green Bay and Ted Thompson won’t be able to resist, even with the miserable failure that was Brian Brohm. Brohm will be in jail within 3 years. No college QB star is as dumb as he is in the NFL without being on something.
    Clausen is the one that will fall this year.

  17. I call wins over primarily Military schools and soft Pac 10 teams pedestrian performance..
    /In the conteext of college football of course.. I’m a mere fan.
    But Clausen’s overrated big time, and is definitely not a leader..

  18. why would the Bills let go of him unless they decide they need an offensive line to save their QB in the first place!

  19. Another Notre Dame QB from the SAME system was drafted by thee browns a while back.
    How did he fare?

  20. Am I the only one who remembers Clausen’s first interview after deciding on Notre Dame? He was asked about his career at the school and he was arrogant enough to say that he was going to help bring 4 National Championships to them…funny, I do not remember them winning over 7 games in his three years at the school, and he had an extremely talented team around him as well. Mark my words, any team that decides to draft him is getting the second coming of Brady Quinn or Ryan Leaf…he will never succeed in the NFL, and he is a piss-poor leader with enough arrogance to sink a cruise ship!!! GOOD LUCK TO WHOMEVER SIGN HIM!!!!!! You will need it!!!!

  21. Jimmy Clausen will be a goo addition but he isnt needed this year. We need players who can ball out this year for our playoff run babii !! Woot woot !

  22. WHY THE HELL WOULD GREEN BAY TAKE JIMMY CLAUSEN?!?! sorry i had to use captials so “Mel Kiper IV” can see how stupid that comment sounds!

  23. SF’s better off waiting until next year. They’re in position to win the division right now, they need to load up as best as they can. They need to go OL/OL, OL/OLB, OL/FS, or OL/CB in round one.

  24. I don’t understand why people hate on Clausen. They either don’t like him because…
    1.) He went to ND: This is ridiculous. You cannot say a player shouldn’t be drafted at a certain spot just because you hate the school he went to.
    2.) He comes off as arrogant: This is ridiculous. He was very arrogant when he came to ND as an 18 year old. He has grown up a lot over the past 3 years, enough to be unanimously voted team leader his junior year.
    3.) He didn’t win enough games at ND: This is ridiculous. How can he win games when his defense was giving up 50 points per game? He was the one who kept them in the games.
    A few more things…Green Bay would never draft a QB in the 1st round Mel Kiper IV. Why would they? That might have been the worst prediction I’ve ever seen….Nate Davis is retarded…Alex Smith is a bust. He will never take SF deep into the playoffs.

  25. Clausen going this high just shows how desperate people are for a new QB and how bad the talent is coming into the draft
    Clausen is an average at best QB who has shown little leadership, little ability to toss the long-ball with a spiral, and little arm-strength

  26. McShay is the worst evaluator of talent in the history of the draft. I watched the whole workout and for what he did he looked better than Bradford. He didnt do any boots or roll outs due to the foot issue. The only thing I would say is the guy put up 28 tds and 4 picks with no running game playing hurt all year. What does he do on a team that has a defense and can run the ball?

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