Ted Ginn's Twitter misadventures

In the past five days, two former first-round receivers were traded for fifth-round draft picks.  One of them, Santonio Holmes, engaged in some Twitter misadventures before he was traded.  The other one, Ted Ginn, stepped into a deep pile of Twit after the deal was done.

As pointed out to us by Robert Littal of BlackSportsOnline.com, Ginn directed a three-pack of hostile and inappropriate terms at a Twitter user who said, “thank goodness you are gone!”

The problem with Twitter is that it allows folks to respond to provocation before thinking.  Or without thinking. 

So maybe Jim Rome was right when he recently suggested (tongue in cheek) that folks should be required to pass a test before using Twitter.

For Ginn, he should be required to complete a one-question exam before logging back onto Twitter:  “Have you lost your mind?”

41 responses to “Ted Ginn's Twitter misadventures

  1. good riddance… ginn cant catch and is the largest vagina to ever put on an nfl uniform. i dare anyone to find a bigger pussy!!! glad this bum is gone!!!

  2. I think the important thing here is that this is now part of our Nation’s heritage, history and legacy as all public tweets are now officially kept in the Library of Congress.

  3. blacksportsonline.com has Peyton Manning’s pic huh ?
    is there something we don’t know Florio ?

  4. Twitter is lame. If it wasn’t for media hacks striving for online attention, twitter would be dead and socially challenged athletes wouldn’t keep getting in trouble. It only takes 140 characters to look like a 245 character douchebag these days.


  6. no what they should be required to do is not say they are sorry after they post. and people need to stop being so damn sensitive about it.unless you are the one who said what set them why do you care what they say?personaly I like the honesty in what they say just hate when the pc police call them on it.

  7. Glad to see him go. He was going to take a roster spot from someone who actually wants to play and man-up in football.

  8. people talk crap to ya, dish it back. people moon ya, pull a randy moss. Ginn needs more of a charismic personality anyway.

  9. That shit is funny so what. I remember the time Darnell Dockett said someone should get 10 for sanitchen. Then I tweeted him back, ” even if they have info on your mothers killer? He said,
    ” yeah thats prolly why they didnt catch, WE still dont like snitches, you probably tell everything you sucka.”
    DARNELL DOCKETT ddockett
    @safetyianb I still don’t like snitches, maybe that’s why they haven’t found cause we don’t snitch u damn sucker, u probaly tell it all ..
    @safetyianbAnd stop following me u snitch matter of facct I’d block u, u damn chump

  10. made me want to join TwitTwit just to bust his balls
    … then I remembered how many times last season I said he needed to grow a pair ….
    naaahhhh … I leave the twitting to the twits …

  11. Jim Rome:
    They need to drop…..the passing score….to rip….. the twit…….HA—Larious.
    Text just in, Rome you are making me urinate myself all over the desk. Your take on the twit was epic. War depends.
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  12. Sorry but Ginn has been a class act the entire time he was with the Dolphins. He didn’t live up to his high expectations but that blame is solely on Cam Cameron.
    As a Miami fan I hope he succeeds with the 49ers. I hope that he can contribute to their team and be in the NFL for many years to come. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for him in Miami but hopefully he gets a new beginning in San Fransisco.

  13. OK. He has a right to get an attitude because he has been wronged. Catch the ball, Ginn, and the bad men go away.

  14. “For Ginn, he should be required to complete a one-question exam before logging back onto Twitter: “Have you lost your mind?””

  15. I work with an old Dolphins fan… he’s never been happier than he was today. It had nothing to do with it being Friday.

  16. But, it wasn’t just Ted Ginn Jr. who called that guy a ***** ***** on Twitter. It was the entire Ginn family.

  17. You should have said;
    In the past five days, two former Buckeye first-round receivers were traded for fifth-round draft picks
    Or not..your call Florio

  18. two former first-round receivers, from The Ohio State…
    Let us not forget “Bust U.”…

  19. TexansMike says: April 16, 2010 9:56 PM
    Some teams just ignor the wonderlik test.
    HOW IRONIC…Is texans mike
    Ted Ginn Jr?

  20. This is great pick up for San Fran.. Ginn is a GREAT 5th round pick.
    Phins could have took him in the 3rd. oh well the last of the cameron picks

  21. I doubt Ginn can even spell his own name. San Fran should give him a pink ballerina dress on game day. That’s what a wimp the guy is.

  22. Well Ted relax, it’s not your fault that former GM Randy Mueller drafted you #9 overall. How was he to know that you suck, can’t catch or were afraid to go over the middle………and so it goes when fans expect the ninth player selected in the draft to be much better.

  23. Another blessing had been bestowed on the Dolphins. And whats all this crap about Ginn being a great return man? Sure, he slithered his way to two touchdowns that one game, but the rest of his pro career he could barely get to the 20-yard line. SCARED TO TAKE THE HIT.

  24. white caveman says:
    April 16, 2010 10:26 PM
    today is ted ginns birthday he will be 25 years old
    More like 5

  25. Facts:
    1)Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller were idiots….Their first four draft picks are no longer on the team..Ginn, Beck, Satele, and Booker.
    2) Ginn should indeed never have been picked that high..that’s not his fault..but he’s still not a number one receiver..he’s faint of heart and slightly built..not a good combination.

  26. Ted Gin………oops looks like i dropped a letter of his name !!!…………….im just getting him back for playing with broken fingers his entire career in Miami.

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