Video evidence of PFT's msnbc invasion

I watch only a handful of channels.  The primary rotation is NBC (you knew that would be first), ESPN (yeah, I’m as much of a hypocrite as the guys who complain about PFT in the comments but keep coming back), and msnbc.

I’ve been on NBC and I’ll never be on ESPN, unless covering a hockey match between Team Hitler and the Jimmy Hoffa Cementheads.  Today, PFT finally invaded msnbc.

Before rolling the clip, I must publicly address — and dispute — Rosenthal’s suggestion that I put on my best toupee heading to the PFTV studios.  The truth is that I forgot my best toupee.  But at least I brought six others.  (I chose the one that looks like I just visited a legally intoxicated Edward Scissorhands.)

So here goes nothing.  Literally.


19 responses to “Video evidence of PFT's msnbc invasion

  1. Alot of the people who complain about pft aren’t complaining about the whole thing, but telling you what detracts from the experience. There are things you guys do that you should stop doing. Take it as constructive criticism.
    In terms of your articles, sometimes it seems that you think more is better. And maybe it is in terms of page views, but it takes away from the quality of the site.

  2. @mmcnulty: Yeah, he’s built a blog that gets millions of page views a day, makes so much money he can quit his job…so yeah, he should listen to your advice.
    @Florio: Great job! Though the linkup delay made you seem a little retarded. But at least the toupee looked good. 🙂

  3. “yeah, I’m as much of a hypocrite as the guys who complain about PFT in the comments but keep coming back”
    I take offense to that remark since I consider myself to be a “constructive criticizer” and not a PFT complainer……
    In spite of the aforementioned, I am going to toast your invasion of msnbc……….please don’t ruin one of my favorite channels……with a nice frothy, malted adult beverage toot sweet!!
    Yup, it’s Friday and all is right with the world……except for that dead animal on Florio’s dome!

  4. @mmcnulty: Congratulations numb nuts, you just figured out the internet blog business model. duh.

  5. So, Florio, how much practice did it take for you to be able to look straight into the camera the whole time and how freakish does it feel?

  6. Don’t forget as an MSNBC correspondent you are not contractually obligated to accuse someone of racism.
    Why have Ben’s accusers only been white girls?
    That’s a good place to start.

    MS-NBC needs to teach Alex how to read before letting her on the air again – Milledgeville is not a tough name to decipher –

  8. Mike, glad you put this clip on PFT. Nobody would have seen it if it had only played on MSNBC.
    Just wondering, how long will it take Comcast to either clean house over there or shut that “network” down completely? My over/under is six months.

  9. Nice job Mike. But wear your Riggins Mohawk-mullett rug next time. Announcer-babes like Alex love that look. Hey, works for Ben!

  10. That’s not something to be proud of, Florio. Its like saying, “yay, I have chlamydia!” Might want to keep it to yourself…

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