Browns running back arrested

Just as the “Days without an Arrest” meter crept back toward double digits, an NFL player has caused it to go back to twin zeroes.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, police arrested Browns running back Chris Jennings on Saturday.  He allegedly “ran into trouble” with the doorman at The Velvet Dog, and he was jailed on suspicion of assault.

Jennings, who rushed for 220 yards last year after joining the team as an undrafted rookie, has not yet been charged with a crime.

Reached for comment, Jennings said, “I’m just trying to get traded to the Jets.”

(OK, that last line was made up.  And yet we’ll still get a slew of e-mails and comments asking, “Did he really say that?”)

67 responses to “Browns running back arrested

  1. He’s innocent. It was all the fault of gold digging women!
    Oh, I forgot. The only star that gold diggers in America go after Big Ben. They ignore every other star.
    These women probably don’t even know who Brady, Manning, Iverson, Clooney, Crowe, Jeter, A-Rod, etc, etc, etc, even are.
    All they know if Big Ben.

  2. Real question is wtf was be doing at the Velvet Dog?!?!…..Real men do not go to that bar…unless ur g/f drags ya there

  3. Meh. Jennings showed flashes, but won’t get any significant playing time in 2010 stuck behind Harrison, Hillis, Davis, and any possible draft picks on the depth chart. This is a non-story. There are probably a dozen similar arrests on any given weekend night on West 6th Street in Cleveland, where The Velvet Dog is located.

  4. I wish you didn’t count players who last less than 2 years as well as have made no impact large or small on the team as “players.”

  5. This is weak. Some douchebag doorboy who wears his Security/Staff t-shirt with pride had a ego clash with the douchebag 4th string running of the Browns. This I expect. Better than the murders, DUI, wife beatings, and rapes.

  6. The Browns need to cut him before he is charged so they can let the squeelers know how you handle misbehaving players. Maybe then, the squeelers will cut the rapist.

  7. You got me Florio. Not on the Jets part, but when I read “Browns Running Back Arrested”, I thought you meant Jerome Harrison got busted. No offense to Jennings but if it were Harrison, I would be a lot more upset right now.

  8. Maybe the “Doorman” was really one of Ben’s “Body Guards” trying to keep him from using the restroom.

  9. So you can be held on suspicion of assault, but suspicion of rape?
    That first cop down in GA, derailed the case. I wonder if getting to rub elbows with the rich and famous and losing your job was worth it to you?

  10. Well, there goes one of our amazing backs! So much for the 4 Prong Attack!!!!….. who cares? lol

  11. This is clearly a case of a gold digger at work. Braylon Edwards assault of a midget outside a Cleveland club has placed a target on the back of all Browns players to be falsely accused of the same thing. That doorman was probably LOOKING to be assaulted by a Browns player so he could cash in. LIES!!!!! GOLD DIGGERS!!!! WH-RES!!!!!!!!!!
    (any of this sounding familiar?)
    Seriously, if he’s charged with assault, they might as well just cut him. Peyton Hillis will be taking his carries away this year anyway, and what better way to send a message to the rest of the team that the culture that Holmgren/Heckert/Mangini are instilling will NOT put up with shenanigans.

  12. (Insert NFL player name here) has not yet been charged with a crime (and likely won’t be).

  13. Geebus…and some people think the players should get MORE time off in the offseason. If you are working your behind off to get better, you are too tired to assault peeps. 😀

  14. Yes, the Browns need to CUT a very capable backup RB (from what little we’ve seen) just because he *may* have had a minor incident with a doorman.
    Overreact much?
    Now I’m waiting for all the Steeler fans to equate Jennings’ actions with multiple sexual assaults/rapes. Go for it.

  15. velvet dog?
    that was my nick name in college. they all had a good laugh, even though i never fully understood it.

  16. By the way, you gotta love how a *black* NFL player actually gets locked up, behind bars, on the **suspicion** that he was involved in a fight with another MAN, while the precious *white* NFL player for the former SB champions never sees a jail cell for a second after at least 3 WOMEN have accused him of sex against their will.
    Ah, ya gotta love “justice”.

  17. I’m no rocket scientist – only have a Bachelor’s, so maybe that explains why I’m incapable of understanding – in light of everything that’s been going on – how ANY player could go out to a club and allow himself to get into ANY kind of confrontation.

  18. OMFG, a Browns player arrested?
    Say it ain’t so Florio!!
    Well, there’s at least one NFL player more guilty than Roethlisberger…
    Are you gonna write 15 f*ckin articles about this dirtbag every day from now on?

  19. No worries…Jennings was just participating in Mangini oppertunity drills…All is well in the Land

  20. Wow, Florio-that was actually funny for once. I mean, I laughed out loud. And I will laugh harder if he does end up as a Jet this season.

  21. At least our guys hit other men. If he lived in Pittsburgh he would hit women
    ya cause that guy that “hands” edwards hhit was what? like 160 lbs?… oh and ur other stud, antonio cro[creation] martie just abandons his kids… thats much better really..
    as far as hits women, big ben never hit her, he only raped her….. so if ur gonna criticize pig pen, er i mean big ben get it right

  22. oh and dont forget the sexual assualt charge that was dropped against the sanchise probably as a result of being a qb at usc

  23. Adding up all of the Jets arrests this year: total – 0
    Adding up all of the Dolphins arrests this year: 3 (McDaniels, Allen, Brown), plus they just traded for Marshall.
    Hmmm, perhaps your jab would have been better suited for the Dolphins, but I know you Florio, you never let facts get in the way of your opinion. Keep up the shlocky work.

  24. Undrafted rookie, barely hanging on to his career, and he impresses the new sheriff in town by doing this. What an idiot!

  25. DGNR8…Agreed. Hillis will take his carries anyway. I was worried it was Harrison when I saw the headline. Chris Jennings? Who cares. Bye Chris. Enjoy Montreal and your new gig with the Alouettes

  26. Hello DGNR8… you are everywhere…
    Good Bye Chris Jennings..
    Eric Mang*** won’t put up with this and neither will Happy Homgren or Heck…

  27. This bar is the biggest scam in cleveland! The doormen are the same dirty cops, that run the same scam every weekend. This is a warning to all professional athletes, and all people of cleveland for that matter: STAY AWAY FROM THE VELVET DOG! The city needs to do something about this place. Its been goin on for at least 6 years now, as far as i know. I feel for you, Chris Jennings.

  28. Did he really say that?
    That must be a bad quote from the AP…
    …or something MSNBC reported as factual opinion.
    Still, did he really say that?

  29. I love how the justice system works. He would of been better off in the short term if he sexually assaulted/raped a women and played for pittsburgh

  30. I got a pretty good kick out of the made up quote from Jennings. Well played, Florio.
    This guy really isn’t a known player unless you live in Cleveland, or follow the NFL close, so this isn’t real big in my opinion.

  31. He didn’t punch out a midget or get fined not paying for his water bottle bill ? No trying to carry a loaded gun through an airport? Just some rent-a-dude at some dive night club ? I don’t think this one is going to garner you that Pulitzer prize for yellow journalism Mr. F 😦

  32. Followup- upon full cavity search by cleveland Police, it was determined that suspect was not Jennings, but rather Benny “business in front, party in my pants” Roethlisberger dressed in drag, attempting to get his fix from a new class of victims who tend to fight less. Statement-released by Benny-“After this latest round of accusations, I have decided the straight or gay bar scene is not for me, therefore I will be spending my “down time at home working out, punching my midget, and performing rapid one arm pullups. Thank you and God Bless!

  33. “These women probably don’t even know who Brady, Manning, Iverson, Clooney, Crowe, Jeter, A-Rod, etc, etc, etc, even are.”
    More like those guys don’t give that type of women the time of day. Well, maybe Iverson does.

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