Dolphins call off meeting with Jason Taylor

Well, it looks like it’s time to start spreadin’ the news.  Jason Taylor could be leavin’ today. 

Maybe not today, but soon.

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins decided to cancel a meeting scheduled between coach Tony Sparano and Taylor.  It appeared that the meeting was aimed at being either a last-ditch effort to persuade Taylor to stay — or maybe a chance to tell Taylor, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Per Darlington, Taylor is becoming increasingly aggravated by the lack of communication.  Still, while agent Gary Wichard has been pushing Taylor to leave for the Jets, Taylor has not yet decided to make the move.

By all appearances, Taylor has been dragging his feet in the hopes that the Dolphins will wake up and realize that he’s serious about leaving.  Maybe the Dolphins simply don’t believe he’ll do it. 

Given that he hasn’t done it yet, maybe the Dolphins are right.

28 responses to “Dolphins call off meeting with Jason Taylor

  1. I will always be a Jason Taylor fan. I don’t want to see him with a division rival and get half of whatever his season sack total (@8 i would guess) is against us. You know it will happen if he leaves.

  2. As a player, you want to feel wanted wherever you play. JT has taken pay cuts, by all accounts done everything asked of him and given the Dolphins every chance to re-sign him but they don’t seem much interested in making him feel wanted. The Jets do.
    As much as it pains me to say it, my advice to JT would be to F the Dolphins front office and sign with the Jets. After they use him properly and he gets another 10+ sack season while the Dolphins plugin Charlie Anderson, Quintin Moses, Cameron Wake, Erik Walden and some rookie whose never started a game (combined sacks 36 vs 127.5 for Taylor), then he can give the (ring) finger to Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano and tell them that where the HOF ring is going. He doesn’t deserve to be treated the way he’s been by the current front office regime.

  3. Its more fun to hate Taylor on the Fins than root for him on the Jets. Stay in Miami meat head.

  4. I pray to the football gods… Let this a-hole stay in Miami
    being a life long jet fan, I don’t care if this melon head gets
    20 sacks.. He should be hated by all jet fans ..

  5. Please No! JT Cant Go To The Jets!
    JT Please Rsign With Miami!
    We Need/Want U!
    If U Leave Please Go To A Team Outside Of The AFC East Division!
    Please Dpnt Go! 😦
    We’ll Miss U!

  6. He’s Jason freaking Taylor!
    likewise, he’s Bill freaking Parcells!
    If Bill says he’s going to wait till after the draft to address the issue then believe him, JT, and be patient.
    JT is, was, and will be an amazing player. He will land with a team, and he doesn’t NEED to get anything done before the draft. So if you want to be a Fin (and I’m so glad he does cause I want him back) then be patient and wait till after the draft. It’s 5 days away.
    If a talented defense like the Jets wants you today then why wouldn’t another talented team want you after the draft?

  7. I see Florio hasn’t reported Chris Jennings arrested for a bar fight in cleveland. I guess there will be a fine for the team and a suspension from the nfl for conduct “tarnishing” the nfl shield. Oh thats right, he’s not white and rich even though he was arrested by the cops. Ben gets run thru the mud all day for a “he said she said” and he’s never been arrested or failed any drug testing. Whatever sells hits on a website.

  8. … and he’s not going to get an answer from the team or parcells for two reasons. #1 don’t even dream of pushing Parcells back aginst the wall to make a decision about you because if you do you’ll become dead to him. #2 As an added bonus to him if it can somehow screw up a division rivals draft choice all the better. Miami will not make a decision on JT until after the draft. If JT has the balls to pull the trigger and play for rivals, which I highly doubt, fine I’ll grit my teeth and agree with Rex’s decison. On the other hand if Taylor waits till after the draft screw him, who needs him.

  9. No Jets fan can EVER root for this clown after all the s**t he talked about us. I find it insulting that the front office would even entertain him, let alone pursue him as hard as they are.

  10. If I were the Jets, I’d tell Taylor to go F*** himself. They’re the only team to show interest in him and the Dolphins want nothing to do with him. The Jets are showing him love and he’s making them wait.

  11. Jason Taylor is the BIGGEST HAS BEEN in sports. He should go stick his bald head in a toilet….And flush

  12. Have you counted how many stories you’ve written about this over-the-hill player?
    Who cares where he goes next season?
    He’s done, finished, nothing left.
    The only pertinent question to ask is why you think he’s worth all this coverage? Is it really that slow?

  13. This is terrible, but I had a scary picture run through my head of Bill Parcells as Keith David’s character in Requiem for a Dream, Jason Taylor as Jennifer Connelly’s character in Requiem and the rest of the Dolphins “regime” as the party animals, humiliating JT and making him feel like the lowest of lows.

  14. So last year Jason Taylor can’t play for the Pats because he feels like he would be hated by the Dolphin fans for going to a division rival. But now this year he is willing to go to a different division rival whom he has said he “hates” in the past.
    Get over yourself, Jason. It’s about the cash, and nothing else. If Bin Laden owned a team, you’d sign if they threw enough money at you.

  15. lizardhead says:
    April 17, 2010 5:59 PM
    I see Florio hasn’t reported Chris Jennings arrested for a bar fight in cleveland.
    You sure about that, numbnuts? I mean, just search for his name on here or click over to page 2 of the site and it’s right there.
    You think you’d spend 15 seconds researching this before you typed your diatribe accusing people of racial bias.

  16. This is such old news….Let’s move on This was reported by the Palm Beach post 3 days ago!!!

  17. Jason is vacationing now and possibly mulling retirement, I hope, over playing for the Jest. He is 35 and has lost his step but can possibly get you 8 sacks now which is not too bad.
    I wish he would retire as a Dolphin and not become one of those player who finish non-descript careers with other teams, like Montana, Rice, and so many others. His brother in law, Zack Thomas is the perfect example.
    Also, suppose the Jest tank this season with all their new acquisitions. You know those jackals in New York will be looking for a scapegoat and JT will be the perfect fit for that.
    PS, he truly hates the Jets. How can he possibly do this?
    And finally, Bill needs to get over himself and bring this guy back at minimal vet salary. He can help the youngsters and transition as linebacker coach later on.

  18. Perhaps the Dolphins don’t care what Taylor does. They will most likely be going after some linebackers/defensive ends to insure that they get a pass rush. This years draft is deep in linebackers so Jason, great career, take your 36 year old body to the New York Jets.

  19. “Mean D says: April 17, 2010 5:29 PM
    He’s a has-been.”
    He had 42 tackles, 3 forced fumbles, an interception, and had 7 sacks last year…. and that was playing part-time in a rotational role.
    yeah, those are has-been numbers all right.
    Jet fans shouldn’t want Taylor. Dolphin fans don’t want him in New York. This deal should have never even been considered, seriously. This would ruin all sorts of everything for a lot of fans.
    Miami, just sign him already, sheesh. If you’re going to keep Pat White on the roster…..

  20. “johnny1979 says:
    April 17, 2010 6:19 PM
    If I were the Jets, I’d tell Taylor to go F*** himself. They’re the only team to show interest in him and the Dolphins want nothing to do with him. The Jets are showing him love and he’s making them wait.

    I’m a Fins fan but I totally agree.
    Dude, do what you are going to do and stop the fricken drama.
    Be a good little DE/OLB and STFU until they offer you a contract after the draft or go sign with the Jets. I really could care less.
    How did it do when you didn’t want to play here because we were 1-15? Yeah, the Redskins were a better choice.

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