Downtown L.A. stadium would have a roof

There’s an emerging chance that Jerry Jones and the Cowboys will enjoy the premier football venue in the world for only a decade or so.  Maybe less.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times reports that the proposed downtown Los Angeles Stadium would come with a lid.  Not only would that feature distinguish the idea from every other plan that has been floated for a new L.A. stadium, but it also would create a multi-use facility that could host events like the Final Four, conventions, and major boxing/MMA/wrestling cards.

Casey Wasserman approached Tim Leiweke of AEG with the idea in October 2009, and it has progressed from there.

“This is the final piece to the downtown puzzle,” Wasserman told Farmer.  “It’s the only
chance for the city to benefit from the economic power of a stadium of
this caliber.”

The vision for the facility also includes hosting the NFL draft in a rotation with New York, hosting the Scouting Combine in a rotation with Indianapolis, and hosting the finals of the 2022 World Cup.  And, of course, staging multiple Pro Bowls and Super Bowls.

Our pal Brooks, who has plenty of sources in that neck of the woods, explains that the political landscape has changed dramatically since Leiweke and Wasserman attempted to put together a downtown stadium eight years ago.  Between Staples Center, L.A. Live, and a new 1,000-room hotel, Leiweke and his Anschutz Entertainment Group have made things happen in Los Angeles, giving them plenty of juice moving forward.

So, suddenly and almost out of the blue, an incredibly viable and intriguing project has emerged. 

To the immediate dismay of Ed Roski — and possibly the eventual chagrin of Jerry Jones.

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  1. Man, they’re really trying to woo the Vikings. A roof and everything? Now if they can just guarantee them a bunch of fair weather fans that won’t even buy tickets for playoff games they’ll be a lock.

  2. Come on Florio, how soon do you think they can get an environmental impact report and approval to build this stadium. Roski’s project is shovel-ready and just waiting for a team (probably has one lined up but doesn’t want to effect ticket sales for this season). Plus, more people would rather attend games at Roski’s site than have to head into the L.A. quagmire.

  3. Poll: If there are two games on at, say, 1 o’clock, of teams you don’t really care about. One is in a dome and one outside…do you watch the one outside because it’s just better on the eyes to see? I know I do…but maybe I just hate domes.

  4. Hey Mike, Shifty here. Why don’t these guys just come to Minneapolis and build it? Then we can quit reading about this L.A. Stadium the Vikes are moving too. Skol Vikes.

  5. They better make it a multi use staduim. That waty when 4th team leaves L.A. they can still use the place.

  6. So you think the same state who writes IOU’s for tax refunds and is out of money in June is going to write IOU’s to contractors to build a stadium in a Bankrupt city. What journalism school did you go to?

  7. Brilliant idea. Downtown NFL stadiums invigorate the cities: New Orleans, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Indianapolis, St. Louis. Adding a dome would add to the cost effectiveness of an LA project. Don’t be surprised to see an LA team shortly after the new NFLPA agreement is in place – and don’t be shocked if there’s expansion to LA and London in the works.
    Laugh at armchair QBs like GoBrowns19, who disdain domes while watching TV. Why would anyone not buying a ticket to the game care about fan comfort inside the stadium? It’s still played on 100 yard field. Ask the fans who actually pay to watch the games indoors if they are troubled by sitting in comfort.

  8. Don’t forget AEG is so smart they will have multiple teams play here like the Staples Center. USC will also call this Stadium home. There will be an NFL team (prob Jacksonville), USC, Superbowls, a College Bowl Game, and concerts….
    The new expo line should be open in a few months which will help to transport people from the westside. Goldline is open and transports people from the eastside….Redline will bring people in from the valley….Sunday morning there is no problem with the 10/110….
    Great location….with LA live open no problem with places to eat…..Never doubt AEG….

  9. The rain or lack of it has nothing to do with needing a roof in LA. Its to keep the fans warm, of course. Any temperature under 70 is too cold for LA fans to sit and watch a game.

  10. Agree with Mista T – who cares if a stadium is indoors or outdoors when you are watching on your TV from your couch. Being from LA, I am actually interested to see how this ends up. Slowly but surely, downtown is becoming more vital. This would slingshot their efforts to revitalize to a new level. I never understood the City of Industry location. People would go no matter what because of the product but who wants to drive out there? Downtown is way more central and exponentially more viable.

  11. How would a London team work logistically? Think of the flight time each team would have, what if they played a west coast team?

  12. Los Angeles is bankrupt.
    The city is reducing the hours government buildings are open, and increasing class size in public schools.
    And the worst is yet to come.
    LA taxpayers consistently rejected public financing even during boom times, so this billion dollar project will have to be privately financed.
    That’s not to say it can’t happen.
    Groundbreaking will just probably have to wait until the second term of President Prince Michael Jackson.

  13. Why is everyone here presuming public financing? It’s pretty clear that’s not going to happen. Just ’cause you’ve been taken to the cleaners doesn’t mean LA will.

  14. “Lothar obviously does not live in LA. Sunday morning traffic is a breeze.”
    I do. And I wouldn’t drive to (city of) Industry any time or any day. It’s a pain the ass. Downtown however, is awesome. Go to Staples often, and LA Live is great. Plus, there is the new metro rail that gets fans downtown.
    If they build a downtown stadium, fans will fill it every Sunday. Anaheim is not LA. Industry is not LA. Anywhere in the LA Basin is fine, but downtown is the absolute best option for fan accessibility. I hope this one flies.

  15. Nuckin brings up a great point. I know you’ve often heard this kinda talk before, but it never rains in southern California.

  16. And this is where our country is at.
    We build a covered stadium in what is suppose to be one of the best places to live because of the hot sunshine and the hot people. We build it for a team that has already left twice because you got bored with that and went on to botox. We built it in a state that already has more choices for pro sports than any 100,000 illegals could ever want.
    LA does not need a team but the stars want the party that New Orleans had last year. I think they should name it Kim Kardisian Stadium.

  17. I understand a retractable dome would help the stadium host non-football events and help pay for it. But the problem is, stadiums with retractable domes NEVER OPEN THEM. I went to the NFC Championship Game in Arizona two years ago. It was 70 and sunny, and they had the damn dome closed. Same thing happens in Detroit and Houston.

  18. It is so annoying that Florio sticks these articles in Vikings threads. We don’t give a crap if a proposed LA stadium will have a roof. The chances of this stadium even being built multipled by the chances that the Vikings ever move there are so incredibly remote they are not worth mentioning.
    These threads are just shameless Packer troll baiting. And here I am feeding right into it. Us Vikings fans have the most annoying and idiotic rivals in all of sports. Well, at least the “internet ones” are that way. Being a midwestern state I suppose I have to assume their main population is just a drunker, slurrier version of ours.

  19. Ive never seen more negative comments and whiners in my life than on this site… advice to you pathetic people…GET A LIFE…and then GET A CLUE!…….take a long look at yourselves and maybe ….just maybe….you will see where the real problems lie…..pffft!

  20. I find it funny that Florio puts all independant LA stadium stories in the Viking team area. LOL Great journalism Mike!!! Good stuff!!

  21. Supersuckers says:
    I find it funny that Florio puts all independant LA stadium stories in the Viking team area. LOL Great journalism Mike!!! Good stuff!!
    sand0 says:
    These threads are just shameless Packer troll baiting.
    As you can plainly see, it’s very effective Packer troll baiting however. Florio, like any other successful businessman, is more than up for bashing his own favorite team if it means getting the site hits. I can’t say I blame him.

  22. I’m a resident of Los Angeles County and it’s very simple. AEG would privately finance this, I’m sure right now they’re getting a model made to present like Roski did.
    They’re planning to tear down the west hall of the convention center to build the stadium. That would be followed by building a new west hall around the area.
    It would be a retractable roof. They’ll be able to host 2 NFL teams, USC & UCLA football, College Bowl Game (Maybe the Rose Bowl), Final Four, Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, NBA All-Star Game, WrestleMania, UFC, Boxing, Soccer Events, Concerts and Conventions!
    You also have to think about the HUGE naming-rights deal they would get. AEG can make deals happen. Teams like the Raiders, Rams, Vikings, Jaguars, Bills and Chargers all have to like the idea.
    To me, the Raiders will move to Santa Clara with the 49ers or if that fails, the 49ers will work with the Raiders to completely remodel the Raiders current stadium once the A’s leave Oakland.
    The Rams will most likely stay in St. Louis, no matter what unless Kronke has other motives. The Jaguars would probably move to Orlando if Jacksonville didn’t work out. The Bills seem Toronto bound if they can’t make it work in Buffalo.
    To me it’s all about the Vikings and Chargers. To me the Vikings could be a logical fit if Minnesota doesn’t pony up the money for a downtown stadium. The Chargers seem to be moving along with San Diego and have flirted with San Antonio of all places.
    At the end of the day, it’s the Minnesota Vikings that look like target #1. AEG knows this and it’s perfect branding if they can’t get the Raiders, Rams or Chargers (all have established fan-bases in Los Angeles). The Vikings make the most sense, look at the color scheme. It’s quite easy to build a fan-base in Los Angeles.
    The best option for Los Angeles, the Raiders. ‘Nuff said but I just don’t see the NFL allowing the Raiders to leave Oakland for Los Angeles again.

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