Josh McDaniels says Dez Bryant is on the Broncos' board

With receiver Brandon Marshall finally getting his long-coveted ticket out of Denver, the Broncos need to acquire at some point another dominant receiver — a project that is far easier said than done.  Some think that the Broncos will simply pounce on Dez Bryant with the No. 11 pick in the draft.  At Friday’s pre-draft press conference, Broncos coach Josh McDaniels talked both about Bryant — and about the 11th overall selection.

“We had Dez Bryant here the other day, we spent time with him at the Combine, we spent a lot of time with him actually,” McDaniels said.  “I’m not going to comment on Brandon, but with Dez Bryant, I think you need to be careful confusing character issues with some people who have made some mistakes.

“This guy has never been arrested, never had a drinking issue and never done anything to put himself in that position.  I think he’s made a few mistakes that he wishes he hadn’t made but I think there’s a difference.  You can say well, ‘This guy has made a couple mistakes that have been really glorified,’ and made a big deal of it and all of the sudden turn him into a really bad kid.  That’s the farthest thing from the truth relative to [Bryant].  We enjoyed our visit with him and he did everything we asked him to do.  He had a smile on his face and he did everything well.  I’ll tell you this, he’s on our board — there’s no question.  I know there are other teams that may have taken him off their board but he is not one of the players who is off our board.”

Of course, everything a coach says less than a week before the draft is subject to a very thick B.S. filter.  Given that McDaniels also mused about trading down, it could be that his comments about Bryant were aimed at persuading someone to move up to get him if Bryant remains on the board at No. 11. 

Really, why gush about the guy if you truly want him?  Indeed, there’s a chance that such talk could prompt one of the teams sitting at No. 3 through No. 10 to take him.

Though we think Bryant’s story has the potential to be an inspiring one, the problem with taking him is that, if he becomes a problem at the NFL level, it will be hard for the G.M. and/or coach who takes a chance on him to explain his way out of the situation when the guy who signs the checks wants to know why both a first-round pick and so much of the owner’s money was spent on a guy with more red flags than the parking lot at a Nebraska game.

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  1. Dude, I was a college athlete who got in trouble a couple times, but I can honestly say it was one of those wrong place at the wrong time types of things. And, none of us ever wanted to go to class. I don’t think anybody who knew me could honestly say I had any character issues, everybody knew what I was all about. I worked hard. I feel bad for this kid if that’s what he’s getting pushed into.

  2. @smithopher: how can you say that “I worked hard” and you “[never] had any character issues” but “none of us ever wanted to go to class”?
    If you are a COLLEGE (operative word) athlete then you should GO TO CLASS or you are stealing somebody’s tuition money: your parents, the school, the government, etc.
    I think you should go back to school and learn the meaning of RESPONSIBILITY.

  3. I think this kid can help a lot of good teams. It’s a blessing for him that he’ll fall to a team with a winning record, which usually accompanies character guys in the locker room to help him.
    He’ll catch 75 balls next year and be a star in the NFL.

  4. “Really, why gush about the guy if you truly want him? Indeed, there’s a chance that such talk could prompt one of the teams sitting at No. 3 through No. 10 to take him.”
    Really, Flo? So other GM’s are going to make million dollar draft day decisions based on what Josh McDaniels says or thinks about a guy? If a GM wants him, he will take him.

  5. FireJerryJones said: “I think this kid can help a lot of good teams.”
    Which would mean he can’t help my McDips**t-led Broncos.

  6. So they work hard to get rid of one POS in order to replace him with a newer POS?
    You’d think that these GMs would learn something over the years.

  7. RT: milehiclown
    “you are stealing somebody’s tuition money:”
    Not all college athletes are scholarship athletes … and any college kid can say they’ve gone through some ‘party-times’ …
    Not that I’m defending smithopher … but don’t pounce on him … I earned my BA, paid my way and quite frankly I was in the same boat … everyone goes through Life-Learning-Experiences

  8. Let me get this straight:
    Dez Bryant is a risky pick for a GM.
    But Sam Bradford, whose shoulder separated on the viery first hit he took thjis year, after his shoulder had finally returned to its socket following the prior hit he took, is a “can’t miss” pick?
    The racism by Florio is disgusting.

  9. Drafting WRs is a crapshoot. Just because this guy is talented, it doesn’t mean he’ll pan out to be a “special” player. Quite the contrary. He may become a good player, but that may not happen until he’s on another team. He sounds as just a much of a risk as Marshall. Why spend a boatload of money on a huge question mark? Rather spend it on a know commodity.

  10. What makes me laugh are the ones who are so critical of the guy. As I said before, my best friend teaches at OSU and we’ve fought for the last year or so over Dez but ONLY as to whether he was better than Crabtree and NOT his character. He’s really an old-school guy (and I’m not) and he’ll tell you which Cowboy player is a turd and worthless without hesitation and he’s never had anything but good things to say about the guy.
    Bryant has overcome a checkered past by OTHERS and there seems to be a guilt by association that guys like Jim Rome like to bring up when they try to tag guys like Dez as a player with issues. The guy has far fewer PERSONAL issues than Randy Moss did and I think that he’ll be a great player. You can dump on him for lying to the NCAA but I think that a lot of guys would have done the same thing to save their careers (USC can attest to that). Teams that pass him up will end up regretting it.

  11. I’m a teacher…and I can’t honestly say I ever “looked forward to going to class”. I know my students “don’t like going to class” though I do my best to my class as enjoyable for them while getting the most done at the same time… that being said, Bryant’s biggest problems are that he is extremely immature and has yet to own up to his mistakes, and problem number two is that he continually makes the same stupid mistakes. He could grow up some day, given the idea that he’ll get lots of money and that will motivate him to grow up is a ridiculous notion, just ask Roethlisberger, Ochocinco, and others. Like I said, Bryant may grow up someday, it is doubtful that once he has a lot of money in his pockets that he will, unfortunately there is no cure for stupid.
    It wouldn’t make any sense for McDaniels to publicly say that Bryant was off his board if he actually was. Teams that don’t want a player constantly feign interest in that player to puff up his value to other teams in hopes that they select the player before they are on the clock… which allows a player that they value more to fall to them.
    On the other hand, if you are interested in a player, it would be wise to talk about how poorly you view a player so teams will believe you will pass on him and not trade up in front of you to take the player and also to diminish the player’s value. Word is that Tampa Bay leaked the news about Warren Sapp’s failed drug tests back in 95 BECAUSE THEY WANTED HIM.
    My translation for what McDaniels said: We don’t want him!

  12. Bryant is a beast. If he is not as big a head case as advertised then he will be very good… maybe even as good as BRANDON MARSHALL…WHOOO HOOO!!

  13. brasho – Dude!
    Get the marbles out of your mouth. Hard to believe you’re a teacher if that’s the best you can do with sentence structure and organization of thoughts and information. Might want to go back to school as a student (English Composition & Grammar would be a good place to start) and try again.

  14. Brandon Marshall- headcase that produces with a high price-tag.
    Dez Bryant- headcase that hasn’t produced in the NFL with a high price tag.
    Hmm….I wonder which one I’d rather have on my team?

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