Lions' front office hasn't reached a consensus on No. 2 pick

Last year the Detroit Lions knew well in advance that they’d use the No. 1 pick in the draft on quarterback Matthew Stafford, and all of the franchise’s key players were on board with that decision.

This year the Lions have the No. 2 pick in the draft, and with five days to go the front office hasn’t yet reached a consensus.

“In this situation here, I think we still have time to get to that point,” Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew said, per John Niyo of the Detroit News. “We’re not at that point right now.”

Assuming Sam Bradford goes first overall, most observers think the Lions would want one of the top defensive tackles, Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy, or possibly offensive tackles Russell Okung or (the long-shot choice) Trent Williams.

Mayhew, who is also reportedly open to trading down, says his mind isn’t made up and might not be made up for five more days.

“We don’t have any choice,” Mayhew said, “but to be decided by Thursday night.”

38 responses to “Lions' front office hasn't reached a consensus on No. 2 pick

  1. Here is what the Lions should do..
    1. DRAFT SUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Trade for Haynesworth and draft Russell Okung.
    End of discussion.

  2. JUST STAY PUT! Unless you get some stupid Jerry Jones type trade offer, then definitely consider it! Otherwise take Suh!

  3. They are huffing the silver spray paint if they do not pick Suh. Saffold will be there at 33 and they should have more than enough ammo to move up for a decent OT if they so choose. Suh is just what they need to face the up and coming offenses in the NFC North. I’d love to have the opportunity to get Suh on the Falcons Dline alongside Babs and Abraham, we just don’t have the picks or tradebait to do it reasonably.

  4. you know, just because the team’s located in detroit doesn’t necessarily mean that every general manager of the lions has to have the initials m&m. just sayin.

  5. Backus is still serviceable at LT, the depth at DT is non-existant. IMO, the bigger need isnt really debatable…Please draft Suh!!!!!

  6. @ RavensFreakoo
    The Redskins wouldn’t just trade Haynesworth to Det for a 2nd or 3rd rd pick with the thought that they could now draft the OT that they may want.
    Any trade involving Haynesworth to DET would involve the swapping of the #2 overall and #4 overall pick.
    So Washington would select 2nd overall (Detroit would then select 4th overall) with the option of drafting Suh, McCoy, Okung, or T. Williams
    The only way the Lions would be able to draft Okung is if the Redskins passed on him.

  7. Detroit is not trading for Haynesworth, I think for them to even consider it Washington would have to let him go for a 3rd rounder, and maybe a 7th…he isnt worth a 1st round swap, even just 2 spots

  8. @Dr.Redskin
    No way that a team would trade the number 2 overall for the number 4 for a guy who’s overpaid.If I was Detroit I would say 2nd rounder for Haynesworth AT BEST otherwise you can keep his ridiculous contract

  9. I’ve been saying consistently for two weeks that the Lions are going to take an offensive tackle, and you can write that down. Book it and lock it.
    Not saying they should or should not. Just saying they will.

  10. This is all posturing by Mayhew to see if he can get a rise out of Washington or someone else. Detroit’s choice will be Suh.

  11. The best way for the Lions to succeed is to pull a “Costanza” and do the opposite of what was being done. Hire Matt Millen to make a decision and then do the opposite. If everything Millen did was a mistake (and we all know it was), then have him make choices and do the opposite. It’s Foolproof.

  12. Without Matt Millen’s help they are having trouble coming up a draft pick as bad as their past picks.

  13. Lions would far prefer to trade down 2-3 slots and take Okung. They need the OL help to protect their investment in franchise QB Stafford far more than a DL.

  14. best available or greatest need–ok, drafting an OT makes sense but with the worst defense in the league for way too long now how do you pass up the chance to hang in (and maybe even compete) with our own division? I think there is only one option and it’s to take a dominant defensive tackle with the 1st pick and if one of the top corners is there at the second take him, otherwise a running back or an OT. Would be nice to keep going in the right direction for a change. I like most of the moves that have been made post millen and hope it continues………GO LIONS!!!!

  15. They have all the money invested in Stafford so this is a no brainer…use that pick to protect your investment and draft the best O lineman available…this is a deep draft for d linemen use your later picks to address that need…Stafford is going to be a star but that won’t happen if he keeps getting blasted like he did last season….

  16. @steelwarriors55
    Fat Albert’s contract is no longer “ridiculous”. The Redskins have paid most of it so now the contract is a very reasonable 3 years/$16 million

  17. @steelwarrior
    The Skins have already paid Haynesworth the majority of his guarenteed money … if the lions decided that they didnt want to drop a ton of money on the 2nd overall pick they could easily slide down to the 4th overall but trading their number 2 pick for Haynesworth and the skins number 4.
    with that said …. the skins would be dumb to pull the trigger on that deal.
    From what I understand, the skins are going to go with 3-4 base defense but they arent cutting the 4-3 out of the picture … they also signed the panthers nose tackle. it would make more sense for the skins to use haynesworth at DE in the 3-4 and DT in the 4-3 … than hopefully trade out of the 4th overall pick bc Trent Williams (whos style fits shanahans zone blocking scheme) should still be availble in the mid first round.

  18. we still have Backus 2 more yaers Suh has to be the pick take a OT later and hope he develops.
    Jim Schwartz
    ” You can’t pass on talent”

  19. To all of those “pick an OL in the first round. Must protect the investment”….. Face reality. Ain’t gonna happen. Suh is just too great of a football player. He has all of the intangibles as well. The Lions will choose Suh, then DB and RB. OL will just have to wait until later in the draft. Most likely a stud OL next year as a priority as well. The Lions have a chance to really transform the defense which has been a laughingstock for too many years. They were the absolute worst last year. And I don’t want to hear how Stafford will be killed. Sims will really help upgrade the OL and I think we’ll all be pleaseantly surprised as to how well they’ll play together.

  20. LIONS WOULD BE STUPID TO DRAFT SUH WHEN YOU CAN DRAFT OKUNG!!!!! Why would you spend money during the off season on a DT and spend a couple million and then draft one and spend more millions when you know you need an OT. I feel bad for Matthew Stafford if the Lions leave him out to dry…that is just dead wrong!!!!!

  21. Stafford’s young he can handle another season of getting rocked..
    Stafford was a great pick, and is a good NFL QB – for Detroit’s sake I hope their line gets better.. But he can hack it.

  22. Suh just donated $2 million to Nebraska
    He knows he is the #2 pick & no possibility of sliding even a little

  23. This is likely smoke & mirrors and if it isn’t my front office really hasn’t improved much since the village idiot left town. I prefer to not think that Mayhew & Shack Harris are that bad and know who they are selecting barring a blockbuster trade deal. Take Suh. This was one of the worst defenses in the modern day history of the NFL. Suh with Sammie Lee & VandenBosch, Peterson & Avril coming off the edge might very well make for a fairly formidable offensive line. I DO NOT want Haynesworth. Although his contract is better now than the ridiculous numbers that the Skins initially signed him to give me the rookie. As far as protection for Stafford they can still get a good LT prospect at #34. This draft doesn’t have a Joe Thomas in it (an immediate pro bowl caliber LT starter). They will also likely be drafting some CB’s which are badly needed. We just cut 3 more from last season. Pacman & Lito Sheppard could fill some holes for us too. Bottom line take Suh and keep it moving.

  24. The Lions have made good decisions so far during this off season, but indecision over who to take at number two is ominous. Suh is the best player in the draft, and it is not close.

  25. I believe the Rams will take Suh, unless they can work a trade with Cleveland. It will be a shock since they released their QB. I believe they would then take a shot at Colt McCoy later in the draft or maybe get Delhome as part of the Cleveland deal.

  26. It hurts picking a DT soo early in the draft but I think Suh is one of the best DT prospects to come out in recent memory. The guy is a monster, I think the Lions would be dumb not picking this guy.
    There will be plenty of solid OLinemen later on in the draft

  27. @steelwarrior55
    I didn’t say the Lions trade the #2 overall pick for Haynesworth. I was saying if the Lions traded for Haynesworth, it wouldn’t be just a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Here’s my proposed trade
    Detroit gets: #4 overall pick and DT Albert Haynesworth
    Washington gets: #2 overall pick and 2nd rd or 3rd rd pick
    All I’m saying is if the Skins traded Big Al before the draft to the Lions, it’s going to involve the swapping of their first rd picks. The reason being. Say the Redskins trade Haynesworth to the Lions on Wednesday night. The Redskins biggest need is at LT…no question. If the Lions were to trade for Haynesworrth, they may not take Suh or McCoy, but rather Russell Okung from Okla. St.
    Now say the Skins want Okung, with or without Haynesworth. They would have to swap first rd picks with Detroit to make sure they were in position to draft him. Hopefully this makes sense.

  28. howboutdemmorons-it wasn’t the ot that gave up all those sacks.why do ya think they was playing musical guards?

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