Mayhew's running back comments raise eyebrows

On Friday, Rosenthal posted an item regarding comments from Lions G.M. Martin Mayhew suggesting that the team has an interest in running backs.

Not long thereafter, we began to hear from league insiders who thought that Mayhew possibly had admitted to communications that would constitute tampering.

“I’ve talked to agents for several players,” Mayhew
said at a pre-draft press conference.  “We’ve talked about trades.  We’ve talked about trading for some players.  We talk
about the draft.  We’ll see how we come out of this.”

Though we love a good tampering story, we’re not prepared to conclude that Mayhew meant that the Lions had talked to agents about trades.  Without permission from the club that currently holds a player’s rights, such discussions constitute tampering.

That said, it’s an example of the accuracy required when speaking on these matters, because comments like this will be scrutinized and analyzed and, if possible, criticized.

30 responses to “Mayhew's running back comments raise eyebrows

  1. If I am not mistaken there are still free agent running backs on the market .
    He is not allowed to their agents ?

  2. what a non story..he was speaking about agents then switched to talking about trades with other teams. Mike you know he needs the other teams consent to make a trade right?

  3. And if he did talk to agent about players under contract with other team, who says Mayhew didn’t have permission from the team that currently has the rights? Sounds like a made up issue here.

  4. We’ve talked to agents (probably guys who represent LT, Willie Parker, and the rest of the UFA class).
    “We’ve talked about trading for players. We talk now about the draft.”
    Translation: We’ve had internal discussions about trading for guys who are rumored to be on the market (like Ronnie Brown) and we’re having internal discussions about drafting a RB.
    Context, context, context.

  5. “Though we love a good tampering story, we’re not prepared to conclude that Mayhew meant that the Lions had talked to agents about trades.”
    Sure you are.
    This is your standard M.O.
    You trot out an absurd implication, then in the next paragraph, deny that’s what you were implying.
    You’re such a hack.

  6. Even if it were strictly agents he referred to, agents are given permission to seek trades for their clients all the time. There’s no reason to assume that the contact and discussions were against a team’s wishes without knowing a lot more about the situation.

  7. Considering it is the Lions it is probably worthwhile to see if the player wants to play there at all before trying to work a deal for him.

  8. Could he not be talking to the agents of players who are RFAs with unsigned tenders? At that point, had LenDale White, Leon Washington, et all signed their tenders?

  9. Lions have actually brought in several good RB’s since Barry Sanders retired, but they’ve all had their careers stunted prematurely by serious injury – not unlike Billy Sims back-in-the-day! Lions are cursed – by a terrible owner.

  10. could it have been a word slip… “agents err general managers” etc. LOL in all the excitement.. i think most football fans know we need a RB… who? I can’t wait to see… one should be drafted! The lions of old are GONE!

  11. This site is a joke. It has gone so far downhill from when it started. PFT is a tool…and it is even good at that.
    This is a story?? Did he blink too many times when he spoke, or were his fingers crossed?!! “Ooooh, fine reporting going on here!”

  12. Get serious and read THE story. Mayhew Mayhew was talking about filling holes through free agency (agents), trades (teams) or the draft.
    Tampering should not be associated with the article.

  13. I’d like to hear a recording before passing any judgment. Media is notorious for misquoting and/or quoting out of context.

  14. League insiders “thought” that Mayhew possibly had admitted to communications that would constiute tampering? When did thought overtake fact in reporting the news, or sports for that matter?

  15. Amazing that you are the only one reporting this seeing as so many league “insiders” (most likely just people from rival teams using you to put heat on a rival team) are so concerned about it.
    Maybe no one else is reporting it beacause it is so obvious what he meant and they don’t want to look stupid for publishing it.

  16. I still believe in you, Mayhew… you have inherited the most difficult job in the world. Yes, the most difficult job in the frickin world!

  17. I could see the Fins parting with Brown due to injury concerns. With Ricky getting older and not wanting to play for too much longer, they may draft Spiller if he’s available …if they get rid of Brown.

  18. LOL everybody is bashing Florio for this…not me, cause I understand how little news there is to write about the Lions. He picks up this info and its like a 16oz T-bone of Detroit news. Nothing to see, hear or drive anymore in Detroit, move along. Stop bashin the man for trying to get a dead fan base excited/pissed/breathing lol. This is a rumor/NFL news site after all.

  19. again, We should have gone after Thomas Jones, or Chestor taylor, mayhew has done well, but he knew he was gonna need a RB, he shoulda have gotten one inFA so we can use our 34th on OT
    G Mack420:

  20. Raise Eyebrows???????? This post is raising my eyebrows, who the hell gave Mike Florio a job???? Someone please give me that info and ill send my resume to them and ill even write “im brainless” on it before i send it!

  21. if this isn’t a tampering story then what the hell kind of story is it? “this just in, the lions thought about the draft today”

  22. Look, you dumbasses. This is the offseason. NFL news is slow.
    PFT is a rumor site. It’s always been one. Florio et al don’t claim to be or try to be beat reporters. Buy a newspaper if that’s what you want (your local paper will appreciate it.)
    The constant “yur a bad reportr” and “y is this even newz” posts say a lot more about you than they do about the people running this site. I’d like to see you try and run 10+ posts a day about the NFL in April.

  23. news is slow? you’ve got free agents, the draft, and camps already starting. and what does calling people names on the internet say about?

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