Roethlisberger should submit to a no-holds-barred interview with Terry Bradshaw

tb.jpgSomeone recently asked for the advice I’d give to Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.  Since I took the time to actually ponder the matter, it made sense to summarize the key points here.

First and foremost, Roethlisberger needs to heed the message that Steelers chairman Dan Rooney sent on Wednesday night, when he lauded quarterback Charlie Batch’s charitable endeavors in Pittsburgh.  Though it would appear contrived if Roethlisberger suddenly began to give a lot of his money away locally, contrived charity is always better than no charity at all.

More importantly, people need to hear something from Roethlisberger other than a recitation of words written by a lawyer and revised by a P.R. expert.  Really, that’s all the public has seen or heard from Roethlisberger in the wake of the Nevada lawsuit and the Georgia investigation.

Steelers Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw has been vocal in his contempt for, and growing dislike of, Roethlisberger.  Most recently, Bradshaw appeared via phone on NFL Network’s Total Access and told host Rich Eisen that Roethlisberger should be suspended two or four games, that Roethlisberger has embarrassed the franchise, the Rooney family, and the city of Pittsburgh, and that Roethlisberger should get out of bars and stay out of college towns.

For the most part, Steelers fans agree with Bradshaw.  And with Bradshaw making it clear that Roethlisberger has no regard or respect for the man who came before him, Roethlisberger’s best move would be to mend fences with Bradshaw — and then to sit down with Bradshaw for a one-on-one, no-holds-barred interview televised either on FOX or on NFLN.

The primary impediment to such an exchange is the pending legal proceeding in Nevada, and the possibility of a civil case in Georgia, if a confidential settlement hasn’t already been reached.  After all, anything Roethlisberger says can be used against him in those actions.  But if, as it appears, Roethlisberger has a strong defense to the case in Nevada, he should be willing to talk about the situation in Georgia.

Of course, Roethlisberger would first have to be willing to embrace the truth.  Even if he did not have sex, consensual or otherwise, with the alleged victim in Milledgeville, Roethlisberger needs to talk openly and candidly about a lifestyle that seems to suggest the following pattern:  (1) go to bars with an entourage that includes at least two off-duty police officers who serve as bodyguards; (2) congregate in the VIP room; (3) let only girls into the VIP room; (4) ply them with drinks; (5) eventually pick one of them for a possible encounter in a more private area of the club; (6) point her out to one of the bodyguards; (7) allow the bodyguard to take her to the more private area of the club; and (8) rendezvous with her there.

This approach invites the possibility that a girl who is infatuated by the presence of a pro athlete acquires misgivings when her efforts to get his attention have a degree of acute success that she had never wanted nor intended. 

The problem is that, with Roethlisberger and his bodyguards attempting to apply their Fifth Amendment rights beyond a Court of Law, the vacuum in the Court of Public Opinion has been filled by the witness statements and other accounts provided by the alleged victim and her friends.  Despite the inconsistencies regarding whether Roethlisberger and the girl has sexual contact and whether it was consensual (which, in all fairness, the media generally has not always pointed out), it’s fair to conclude based on those statements that Roethlisberger’s modus operandi tracks the eight steps outlined above — especially if Roethlisberger chooses not to talk.

To reclaim the affection of Steelers fans, he needs to talk.  He needs to tell the truth.  And if anyone is going to believe that he plans to avoid putting himself in a position where false accusations can be made, he needs to be honest about the circumstances that resulted in accusations, false or otherwise, being made in the early morning of March 5.

Unless and until Roethlisberger talks to someone who can draw out the truth and at the same time rough him up a bit, the general public won’t be prepared to forgive and forget, primarily since they don’t know what they’ll be forgiving and/or forgetting.

In this regard, he may be inclined to sit down instead with his former teammate and friend Jerome Bettis, who has been on his own “suspend Ben” tour, expressing that view both on CBS and on The Dan Patrick Show.  To truly begin the process of restoring his image in Pittsburgh, Roethlisberger needs to show a higher level of courage — and he needs to take a bigger dose of medicine. 

Bradshaw is the best one to give it to him.

126 responses to “Roethlisberger should submit to a no-holds-barred interview with Terry Bradshaw

  1. I can’t believe Im saying this but I totally agree, and I’d respect Ben a lot more if he did it.

  2. Why does everyone care what Ben did? He is SINGLE! Everyone does nto care about Tiger Woods cheating on his wife with porn stars and disrepectiing his kids! Oh wait is it becasue he is black?

  3. You are barking up the wrong Tree, his hands are tied in what he can and cannot say by the hush money he paid so that he would not be charged for Raping and assaulting a 20 year old.
    As for your 2 or 4 game sitting out for this all to go away, the Steelers, Ben and Bradshaw would settle for that in a Heart beat. That is why they are pushing that, they know it could be over.

  4. Roflcopter should submit to a no-holds barred, anything goes cage match to the death with Terry Bradshaw.

  5. Hey BuckFigBen…!
    I know you’re here since you can’t control yourself when it comes to spewing your mindless garbage in every Steelers thread…
    But C’mon dude, you gonna dodge me and run & hide forever?
    You posted some garbage earlier questioning the integrity of the Steelers organization.
    All I did was ask you who your team is.
    I already called you out on it twice today.
    Are you that big a coward? Seriously??

  6. Florio,
    The truth is that Roethlisberger is a serial rapist. If you believe telling that truth will ingratiate him to fans, you are quite the innovative public relations guru.
    Roethlisberger’s problem is not substandard communications skills. His failing is that by the standards of our civilization he is a degenerate, and the less he talks about it the better off he will be.

  7. It’s a good plan, if he is innocent of being nothing more than an asshole. Otherwise, it could backfire tremendously.

  8. …or a no-holds-barred cage match with the Klitshko brothers. That would get better ratings I think.

  9. Just like Vick and his no holds interview worked right?
    Oh wait, that was a powder-puff interview that he had prepared statements for.
    Bradshaw interview won’t happen for the same reason. Bradshaw will go after Ben as bad as anyone and Ben might crack and walk off.

  10. Can’t think of any previous athlete who has done this. They are used to being coddled too much. Should happen, can’t wait for Bradshaw to call him a Dumb@$$ to his face.

  11. I’ve posted a few times that he needs to do a sitdown, no-holds-barred interview, but not with Bradshaw or Bettis. Nothing against the players, but it needs to be a serious interview with a skilled interviewer like Matt Lauer or Steve Kroft. 20/20, 60 Minutes, or Dateline. And without his lawyer. One-on-one.

  12. Chances of that interview ever taking place are below 0%……any lawyer that would allow him to talk about a case while being in the middle of a trial in one or possibly facing a second one in the future deserves to be disbbared on the spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 99.9% of the “advise” you have given roethlisberger makes it look like you bought your law degree for $20 online

  13. Roethlisberger is still stuck at 12 years old when his Mom died, and still angry at her, or his stepmother, or whatever.
    You may go now, and that will be $700 please.

  14. Last time I checked the court of public opinion has no jurisdiction over anyone or anything. Until he is charged, prosecuted and found guilty by a jury of his peers, he doesn’t owe you, me, or anyone else anything. It’s that whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing….

  15. Bradshaw? Bettis? Please, if Roethlisberger has any kind of spine at all, he’ll take his licks against a Jim Rome or a Stephen A. Smith. Which means it won’t happen, of course.
    Somebody in his entourage needs to take away this guy’s Girls Gone Wild videos.

  16. Why talk to Terry? He has already passed the torch to Ben. One dumb, rowdy drunk Superbowl winner to another? It is funny how Terry is calling him out considering all his past problems. I guess if Ben says he’s depressed…..all will be forgiven. Why do certain people get free passes? Brett Favre is a hero, but common people addicted to painkillers are treated like junkies. Terry was a drunk who failed off the field miserably in his personal life (married 3 times), but yet he is now the voice of reason? He needs to just shut his big trap on this one.

  17. I completely agree. But I have a hard time believing the interview wouldn’t go something like this:

  18. Of course Bradshaw should also mention when he was in Pittsburgh he was a perfect angel whose never ever been accused of anything, and led a perfect life. So funny burghers only remember the 4 trophies and not that they had “issues” with Terry himself!!!!

  19. I disagree Mike.
    What exactly would be the point?
    Should President Obama sit down to be interviewed by former President Bush? Should Bush have sat down with Clinton? Etc, etc.
    Look just because men dont like each other or get a long, doesnt mean that because they played the same position or wore the same color jersey that they automatically have to give and take advice from each other.
    Good football players are preceeded and succeeded by other good football players every year. This does not constitute automatic wisdom.
    Bradshaw by all accounts was never involved in the same predicaments that Ben has placed himself in. But his personal life is not exactly one filled with great decision making. Three divorces sound like a man of great personal judgement?
    I get that Bradshaw is renowned public figure and loved by the Steeler fans. But that in itself makes him no more qualified to guide the career and personal life of another.
    Only Ben can change his life, not provocative interviews.

  20. I agree that it could be a good PR move, but think what he’d have to say to be totally honest:
    Roethlisberger: Yes Terry, I have a pattern of engaging in behavior that’s just a bit shy of coerced sex or rape, with “helpers”. I’ve shamed myself and my sport, and I deserve whatever punishment the team and/or league thinks is appropriate because of my misguided behavior.
    Bradshaw: Including being traded to Oakland?
    Roethlisberger: F*ck no! I wasn’t actually >i>convicted of anything! What the f*ck is the matter with you?

  21. big ben just needs some guidance he is a good QB
    if people are willing to help him then this can help
    ben. i like ben as steelers QB in other words i like
    ben but i didn’t like what he did to tarnish himself
    in reality the man needs the right kind of help so he can stop these behaviors

  22. Love tylerdurden response too….love florio as well, but as a lawyer I’m sure he knows this!

  23. Same here SteelCurtnDee. I rarely agree with Florio, but this would be a great move. Bradshaw would be perfect and honest and would not pull any punches. Ben will have a chance to defend himself and give his side of the story…something he has not done yet. Stupid. Him not talking at all is the same as admitting his guilt. Ben needs to talk and talk NOW!

  24. Yeah, Bradshaw would be the perfect choice — as a role model. Because nobody was a bigger jerk to the people of Pittsburgh when he played than Terry B. was.
    He admitted it himself.
    I suggest a two-way interview, to eliminate the “glass houses” aspect of this whole idea.
    First question: “Ben how do you feel about being found innocent of all charges, but guilty in the court of the Internet?”

  25. Ok, maybe it is time for Coach Dungy to take this wayward soul under his wing. Looks like Ben needs a good mentor. Tony may be just the ticket. How about a soul searching interview with Dungy and Ben on his knees asking for forgiveness! Maybe some real tears too. I would watch that. I would!

  26. A “no holds barred” interview BUT with either Jillian Barbarie if on FOX or with Erin Andrews if on ESPN.

  27. In defense of Ben Roethlisberger. I won’t argue that Roethlisberger’s behavior is/was crude and boorish. We ALL know that it is/was. Here is why he deserves to be able to leave this behind and move forward. I would like to make four points to support this.
    1) ALMOST ALL CELEBRITIES ARE A____HOLES —– The curtain has been pulled back for the general public to see just exactly how big of an a—hole a celebrity can be. Anybody who has been even in the remotest, tangential, behind the scenes, real life company of celebrity or stardom or whatever you want to call it ALREADY knows this.
    I would guess that a solid 80% of celebrities act like arrogant, self-absorbed, rude, whiny, cowardly, a___holes. Why? Because they CAN. I would also guess that a solid 80% of the posters on this board would act EXACTLY the same way if they could. The only reason they don’t … is because they CAN”T.
    Almost every celebrity acts this way to some degree. They get your unconditional love and admiration and in return they wouldn’t pee on you if you were on fire. Sad to say it is just human nature to take even the most lucky and exalted of circumstances for granted and think that you TRULY deserve your good fortune and are TRULY better than everybody else.
    2) What if the college girl in Georgia were your daughter —– The answer to that is very simple – and this is what Michael Dukakis should have said when the slimy Roger Atwater played the dirty lowdown race card (in reverse) and asked Dukakis if he would have pardoned Willie Horton if Horton had raped Dukakis’ wife:
    But …….. and you better thank God for this … we live in a country whose creation was BASED on civil rights, civil liberties and civil LAW so I can’t. If Roethlisberger broke the law and was charged and was found GUILTY then sentence him and lock him up and have him pay his debt to society. But if he has simply done something that you DISAPPROVE of but he has not been found guilty of breaking the law – much less not even been CHARGED – then that is YOUR problem and not his.
    3) Gut check truth and honesty time. —— In your heart of hearts think back to the VERY WORST that you have ever behaved in your life. While it might not have been illegal (although it well MIGHT have been) it is DEFINITELY not something that you would want splattered across the headlines. I am sure EVERYBODY here would disapprove of what you did.
    4) BOTTOM LINE : ——- There is not one of us here who can honest to God cast the first stone. We all have our shameful moments.
    As far as Roethlisberger’s behavior and the incident in Georgia like the old saying goes::::: No matter how thin the pancake there are ALWAYS two sides::::::::::
    The defense rests.

  28. One thing that is very obvious to me is this; people outside of Pittsburgh still don’t know what a complete a$$hole Ben really is. The people of Pittsburgh know it all too well.
    As a Steelers fan and Pittsburgh resident, I don’t want to hear a single word from Ben’s mouth unless it is said wearing another team’s colors. You can’t unscramble eggs no matter how hard you try.

  29. All hating aside, at the end of the day, I really think Ben will be out of the NFL completely soon.
    They simply cannot allow him to keep playing, representing the NFL.

  30. No Holds Barred Interview = Terry Bradshaw getting raped. Is that what you want Florio?

  31. Hey, some nice comments there, Citizen Strange. Didn’t know such objective rational thinking was possible here.
    As for Bettis, he’d be an even better choice — as someone himself who has been accused of sexual assault. Gimme a break, Jerome. Maybe you could’ve taken your own advice about staying away from “bad situations” like the one you were involved in that night?
    The more you read about this, the more hypocrisy and holier-than-thou you find.

  32. I don’t think Ben needs to do anything other than stay out of trouble, which obviously for him is no easy task. In this case, an interview will only lead to more questions of that night. Even if he is innocent he still acted immaturely and incorrect to some degree that night so an interview will still cast him in a negative light. As a life long Steeler fan Bradshaw would offer little for me. For all of Bradshaw’s comments to me its ironic. He acted immature himself and had strained relationship with Pittsburgh for many years.

  33. Florio… You actually believe this shit you write don’t you!
    How long do think it will take before people get tired of your act?
    How many comments would you have if…you deleted all the comments that talk down on you?

  34. Maybe Bradsahw should tell Ben that in order to stay out of trouble, Ben should get married.
    It’s easy, Terry would say. I’ve done it many times.

  35. I read that the woman who accused him has dropped out of school and is undergoing therapy.
    So, it’s doubtful that Roethlisberger says a thing until any civil actions are dealth with. Which is more likely to involve years than months.

  36. If this interview were to actually happen (which it never will because Roethlisberger has absolutely nothing to gain by it), I think the first thing out of his mouth should be “T”. Then, when Bradshaw asks what he is talking about, Roethlisberger should reply that that’s the letter Hollywood Henderson forgot to supply when he claimed that Bradshaw couldn’t spell “cat”.
    But this is all simply woolgathering and speculation – there is no way that Roethlisberger could help himself by agreeing to a no holds barred interview, with Terry Bradshaw or anybody else. Those who think he’s an out-of-control rapist who would screw a convent full of Carmelite nuns if he could figure out how to get them out of their penguin suits won’t change their minds about him, while those who would defend him if he robbed Fort Knox while holding an orphanage full of infants at gunpoint won’t change their minds either.

  37. You’re right, it is a good idea and like twinkletoes said it ought to be with a guy like Rome or Smith not someone who will take it easy on him. I am a lifelong Steeler fan but Ben and his silence is making him look like a real asshole who needs to be put in his place.

  38. I can never watch this creepy pervert play another game.
    I will always watch another game or turn the TV off until the arrogant, slimy scumbag is finished disgracing my Steelers team.

  39. @fumblenuts…..then again,maybe big ben thinks that barbara wants”it”.

  40. let’s be realistic here,the rooney’s are the ones in control might not be to their best interest to roll out this oaf/moron at this time,if ever.
    anything that he does now is going to be looked at with will look like lipstick on a pig.

  41. I KNEW from the headline it was you FLORIO, who wrote this, b/c it would give you yet another reason to talk about Ben, …does FARVE get jealous about your infatuation w/Ben? …WHO was the SOMEONE who asked YOU what advice you’d give to Ben? It sounds like coming from you, that you probably made that up as well. Your comment that he should talk to Bradshaw is interesting because Bradshaw can identify w/pissing the people of Pittsburgh off b/c of comments he’s made after he retired about not going back to Pittsburgh, about a “fued” he thought he had w/Chuck Noll, about a recent interview he gave to the Sporting News, where comments he made about his role on that Steelers team of the 70s were sharply contradicted by Jack Ham, …how about an interview w/TIKI BARBER? While you don’t want to discuss that DOUCHEBAG, because you both work for NBC so you don’t have the nuts to discuss it, the tabloids are all over it. I hope for your sake FLORIO you’re making a lot of money off Ben, otherwise you’ve got a serious MANCRUSH on the guy. At least when Rosenthal writes about Ben, he sticks to the facts, w/you FLORIO it becomes a guy w/ a infatuation/mancrush.

  42. Roethlisberger is 6-5 and probably close to 300 pounds at the moment. Which makes him roughly twice the size of the woman in question. Probably easily twice as strong in terms of the amount of weight each could lift.
    So we just need to find a 7 foot + , 600 pound sexual deviant with a roughly 18 inch penis. Then get him drunk and make him mean.
    After which a 10 minute no-hold-barred interview will be conducted in a small locked room. Oh hell, make it a 20 minute interview.

  43. “BOTTOM LINE : ——- There is not one of us here who can honest to God cast the first stone. We all have our shameful moments. ”
    But for some of us the shameful moments involve eating the bean burritos shortly before walking into church, and for others of us the shameful moments involve raping women from coast to coast.
    There are gradations of shame.
    Just exactly how many women have you raped, Citizen Strange?
    I am still at zero, but admittedly I am an underachiever.

  44. Well said Mr. Strange.
    An interview of this type right now won’t help fix anything for Ben. It will not make anyone believe anything different than they already do. It will strictly appease the masses need for feeling like he owes them something. Ben obviously f*cked up. I would hope that he knows that by now. But how would him divulging facts about that night help him. All it would do is confirm that he made a huge, stupid mistake that night. I think we all know already know that. Just like Tiger, everyone was bitching because his first interview was very controlled when all people wanted to see was him be embarrassed for his admitted mistakes. Time heals all wounds and I’m sure when Ben starts winning some games for whatever team he plays for in the future, the hatred will all blow over. I can’t believe the hypocrites that want to stop watching and rooting for the Steelers forever because of Ben. The NFL has a lot players in the league that have done bad things. Hell Florio, you have an arrest meter on this site for Christ’s sake. Everyone wants to throw the first stone. I’m am tired of the “oh, if it was you sister, daughter, neice bull shit”. Teach the females around you to act better and not wear DTF on their shirt while illegally drinking in a bar after showing a fake ID. The DA acted like a preacher that day down there in the bible belt. It is not his job to publicly advice Ben. He was obviously grandstanding for his own cause. If he really gave a shit, he would have asked to sit down with Ben in private and then give him a lecture / advice. I’m not condoning rape and I have yet to see / hear / read anything that shows he has raped anyone. If I were a Steeler player right now, I would be pissed at Ben because has probably changed all of their futures due to the possible of a suspension / trade. But as far as football fans, Ben doesn’t owe you shit. He owes you a great effort on the football field. Burn his shirts, stop watching football, stop buying tickets to the games. None of you will. You will all hide behind your screen names and continue to hate based on limited facts. I hope none of you serve on a jury because the jails will overflow with innocent people. I am so amazed at how many of you form such a strong opinion based on limited information.
    Last thing, Ben being called a “serial rapist” is a sad joke. Show me proof of the first one.
    I hold my head up high to be a Steelers fan and will always. Ben’s actions have tainted the Steeler name but he is one player out of 53 on the team and the Steeler organization has a great tradition that will continue.

  45. Roethlisberger should submit to a no-chokeholds-barred interview with Michael Vick………………………………..’s meanest pit bull.

  46. @Citizen Strange.
    At this rate, you’re gonna pop a blood vessel. Chill dude. Take in a bar and a few drinks tonight – you might get lucky.
    BTW, assuming your count is right, how come 80% of celebrities aren’t in the kind of doo-doo Big Ben is in?

  47. Anyone with half a brain should stay as far away from Rapistberger as possible. I’ve been intensely critical of the Rooneys because they have not distanced themselves from this. ANY reasonable person who reads the police reports will conclude that Ben raped that girl. Why would Bradshaw want anything to do with that?
    I’m not sure you Steeler fans (including you, Florio) have ANY idea how bad this is going to get. Pandora’s box has been opened and there is no way to close it. If I was Bradshaw, I would distance myself from Rapistberger as much as I would with OJ Simpson.
    And I still can’t believe the Steelers organization is willing to put their fans (and other fans) into this situation. Rapistberger is being protected by the Steelers, but what about the fans? ANYONE wearing a Steelers jersey for the next few years is going to be harassed endlessly about Rapistberger and the woman-hating Steelers. How many fights are going to be started by this? Does the Steelers organization even care about the safety of their fans?
    And do you really think an interview is going to make people suddenly think Rapistberger is an okay guy? We all KNOW he is a rapist, and the majority of the population is IRATE that he got away with it. If ANY OF US had done this same thing, we would be looking at serious prison time (and deservedly so). The NFL needs to banish Rapistberger for the good of the sport.
    The Rooneys continue to prove that money is more important to them than the safety of their fans, the safety of young women, their reputations and the city of Pittsburgh as a whole.

  48. Good idea, won’t happen, and I wouldn’t watch if it did.
    I’d watch if Holmgren sat down with Ben. “You didn’t really win that Super Bowl.” “Yeah I did.” “No, you didn’t.”
    That would be entertaining.

  49. Oh my, now all these athletes “have to talk.” Tiger Woods has started an industry. Florio has adopted the touchy feely world.
    No they don’t. They have to change their behavior to be reponsible citizens and stay out of legal trouble. They need to perform well as athletes.
    They don’t need no stinkin’ talk.

  50. I don’t think there is anything at this point which can save Bens image. The only celeb that is creepier is R Kelly. It wouldn’t surprise me if a new law was named after these two, douchebags. Let’s see, BenRKelly Law, no one over the age of 21 is allowed to be alone in a bathroom with any girl under the age of 21. Yes Mr Kelly even if you have to pee.

  51. Just tell the truth, Ben! That you are the sacrificial lamb over the way the Steelers do business, and that by removing you, it helps prevent them from getting number 7! Just say it! We all know! No one REALLY cares about the girl, the justice system and/or the constitution! LOL

  52. C’mon BuckFigBen…
    How many times do you have to be called out?
    Ya yellow chickenshit coward…
    Bwwaaawwwwk bwaaaaak bwaaaakkkk…
    / at least Ben’s got a d*ck…

  53. Ben will agree on one condition–they both have their wangs hanging out during the interview.

  54. Michael A. Florio, Roethlisberger in a no holds barred interview with Bradshaw is the dumbest idea I’ve ever read from you.
    If Bradshaw has innate disdain from Roethlisberger he could make him look like an absolute moron (which he is, so the truth would really come out).

  55. Big Ben should just grab his ankles…in prison!! That would be the best punishment for this donkey.

  56. Big Ben has nothing to gain from something like that.
    It’s not like they’re even threatening to cancel his contract, and if they did, they still can’t get the $30+ mil they’ve already given him.
    Stop pretending he has a reason to care. If he cared about his image, he wouldn’t be Big Ben. He’s a douche, but that’s irrelevant, and the Steelers only care right now because their hypocrisy is in danger of being exposed.
    Wise up, Florio.

  57. # .RebaTe says: April 17, 2010 7:23 PM
    Hey BuckFigBen…!
    I know you’re here since you can’t control yourself when it comes to spewing your mindless garbage in every Steelers thread…
    But C’mon dude, you gonna dodge me and run & hide forever?
    You posted some garbage earlier questioning the integrity of the Steelers organization.
    All I did was ask you who your team is.
    I already called you out on it twice today.
    Are you that big a coward? Seriously??
    Ah well.
    Clearly the limp-dick known as BuckFigBen has shown his true colors (it’s bright yellow, and about 12″ wide right up the center of his back..) – and I’m sure he’s not alone.
    Most of the posters here are just like him.
    Spineless cowards.
    Jump on the bandwagon and spew your hate folks, all from the safety of your keyboard.
    Come here and talk the kind of shit that would earn you a punch in the mouth on any street corner – then run and hide like BuckFigBen’s doing right now.
    What gutless punks, all of you.

  58. Maybe he can get a chance to ask Terry Bradshaw what he REALLY knew about all that illegal steroid use during the 70’s and how roid rage cost him his marriage.
    We all have our dirt.
    Rocky Blier admitted they almost all used them.
    Google “dead Steelers steroids” and see what pops up.
    He without sin cast the fist stone.
    Having said that… Rothlisraper isn’t sitting down with ANYONE !

  59. I see the usual “Lynch Mob” is posting tonight. I actually like the idea of Ben talking with Tony Dungy. Dungy’s reputation is beyond question. But the interview should be later not now. Maybe this summer?
    Perhaps to bring all this to closure, Ben could post an open letter in all the newspapers in Georgia. He could ask that anyone come forward to injure his reputation with some salacious story. The person need not give their identity. It isn’t needed or wanted.
    And what ever the story is it will have just as much weight as everything else that’s been said in the passed month. Hearsay and conjecture from drunks who are trying to salvage their own reputations. Worthless. Let’s not forget the prosecutor that also wants to get reelected.
    There is a story about how the press is trying to destroy Ben’s reputation. I believe that includes you, Mr. Florio. I would have put in the URL had I remembered.
    Incidently, the Steelers play the Falcons this year. I sincerely hope Ben is playing and he absolutely torches the Falcons!!

  60. Flori stop lumping all steer fans together…
    You are going by the 20 people that post on here and call in talk shows which is a pretty lame attempt to push your agenda!
    Most steeler fans actually work and don’t hang out on hold for an hr to talk on a radio show or spend the day posting on a message board in the off season..
    The fans I talk to only care about how long the suspension is going to be and how that will affect our drive fro ring number seven.
    Stop trying to make a allegation by a drunk women into a charge and conviction.

  61. This is a really good idea, and if done right/respectfully, could bring back a BIT of respect for Rothlisberger. However, I don’t see the prick agreeing to it. Even if he did, I see a heck of a lot of sparks flying. I think Bradshaw would light him up.

  62. funi says:
    April 17, 2010 7:15 PM
    Why does everyone care what Ben did? He is SINGLE! Everyone does nto care about Tiger Woods cheating on his wife with porn stars and disrepectiing his kids! Oh wait is it becasue he is black?
    Being single means its okay to rape/sexually assault people?

  63. # funi says: April 17, 2010 7:15 PM
    Why does everyone care what Ben did? He is SINGLE! Everyone does nto care about Tiger Woods cheating on his wife with porn stars and disrepectiing his kids! Oh wait is it becasue he is black?
    Really? You must be some kind of special idiot to try bringing race into a comparison of two issue that can’t even be compared. Go back to sipping your juice box and watching Judge Wapner.

  64. # stillayinzer says: April 17, 2010 7:58 PM
    One thing that is very obvious to me is this; people outside of Pittsburgh still don’t know what a complete a$$hole Ben really is. The people of Pittsburgh know it all too well.
    As a Steelers fan and Pittsburgh resident, I don’t want to hear a single word from Ben’s mouth unless it is said wearing another team’s colors. You can’t unscramble eggs no matter how hard you try.
    I’m glad to hear a lot of sentiments like yours from steeler fans. No matter how much you love your team and seeing it win, it becomes meaningless to those with consciences when someone like this is the face of your team. Do the right thing steeler fans and make sure the Rooneys dump him.

  65. Florio, did you already forget you were an attorney?
    There’s no *uckin way any attorney would advise Roethlisbereger to do what you suggest he should do, talk openly to Bradshaw, with litigation pending against him.
    Positive PR is good, but not at the expense of possibly doing time because of what he says to Bradshaw.

  66. Unnnncle Leo???
    That punishment you suggested for ben is a little harsh isnt it??? There is such a thing called civil rights….maybe a week instead of a year….

  67. Ben’s critical PR problem is in Pittsburgh right now more than his National image but not far behind. Bradshaw lost his credibility with Pittsburgh fans along ago and the questions would not be his but on some index cards from someone else. Let’s face it questions would need screened which any public figure in the same situation would. Your man for the job would be Pittsburgh’s most polarizing talk radio guy Mark Madden he has the jouranlistic capability of asking probing questions, and I believe Ben and his people would trust him. And Mark being a Pittsburgh guy he who knows if that would help

  68. Terry Bradshaw of all people, wow, that is one A-HOLE trying to have standards that he himself lost years ago. Hello JoJo Starbuck, and ex-wives #2, #3 Bradshaw you have similiar traits, your a low life and womanizer. The only reason people like Bradshaw is because it makes us feel good about ourselves knowing that he is less intelligent and a slobbering idiot.

  69. I love Bradshaw’s Super Bowl performances, but frankly I would almost rather see Ben submit to electroshock therapy than an extensive interview with Terry.
    What’s to be gained? Two of the qb’s who Pittsburgher’s don’t like on a personal basis getting together and swapping sob stories about how the coaches and fans just don’t understand them?
    Is Terry supposed to give Ben advice on how to blame all his troubles on co-dependency, or Adult-ADHD, or depression, or whatever then hell Bradshaw claims he has now, to justify his drinking and bad behavior, while making tons of money selling books and hitting the lecture circuit as a “victim”?
    Or maybe Terry could advise Ben on how to blame Coach Cowher and Coach Tomlin for all his problems for the next 3 decades, and whine about how he “can’t stand” to return to Pittsburgh for 15-20 years after he retires, because he was SO ABUSED!!!
    Cry me a freaking river, Bradshaw. You probably called Florio and begged him to write this drivel, and you are probably reading my stupid post right now, yelling at your computer screen about how right you are and how all your problems could have been solved by a better coach/a better “Born again Christian” experience/a better psychiatrist/a better wife/a better Hollywood agent – etc, etc, etc….
    Poor Terry – no one understood you!! No – you got it all wrong man – we’ve understood you for years and years and years. It’s all about Mr. Dipsh!t wanting to be a Hollywood rock star, and pissing in all of our cheerios when he didn’t get what he wanted.
    Florio – you’ve got no idea what in the hell you are talking about. You are too young to remember what an a$$ Terry was, and how the Steelers and most fans were not sorry at all to see him go. The last thing you would want would be Bradshaw taking Ben under his wing – giving him the idea that he can play victim for all his bad behaviors, and even convince himself what a victim he is. Ben will never grow up under tutelage like that.

  70. Right, Mike. I’m sure Von Rapistburg will vastly improve his public image by doing that OTHER thing he does sloppily and with criminal abusiveness – trying to form coherent sentences.

  71. twinkletoes you are moron. He could interview with anybody but Jim Rome does not interview, he talks sh*t about you and if you come on his show he s*cks you off. Hey, I listen to Rome everyday but his takes are good his interview skills are for sh*t. Steven A. is about the same, thou everybody who comes on his show, is his BOY. That’s crap. Interview with a network, Matt Lauer will grille his ASS. As a Steelers fan, I have no problem with him getting grilled, he needs to suck up and take it like a man. For all you Raven fans, this crap will be a distant memory in 6 months. Remember, Ray Lewis was helping covering up a murder years ago!!!!

  72. Ben will follow the template laid by Tiger Woods. He’s already done the prepared presser with no questions from reporters. Next step is an exclusive, time-limited interview with ESPN/NFLN/Tony Dungy. He will take his suspension ‘standing up’ and that will be the end of it.
    I’d love to see him face off with Bradshaw, but that is unlikely.
    I got to know Roethlisberger a very little bit when he was QB’ing the Findlay Trojans as a high schooler. I never imagined this kind of garbage in his future. Damn shame. He was a nice kid. Nice family. I hope he wakes up.

  73. I’m sure that Ben will be taking advice from a guy that dedicates most of his time to smearing his name.

  74. Pittsburg need to look at bringing on Jason Campbell good and plenty of upside for a good backup and starter. Great arm young and eager to prove what the redskins ruined for this QB. Worth the chance and should come reasonably with late 3rd or early 4th round pick. Could be a win win for the Rooneys

  75. If you honesty want to watch Terry Bradshaw interview anyone, much less Big Ben then you are TRULY a SADOMASOCHIST.
    You just outed yourself… 😛

  76. People only submit to “no-holds-barred” interviews when they’re innocent… unless they’re stupid.

  77. Gimme a break. Rapistberger is too f&cking stupid to be interviewed by even a retard like Bradshaw. Rapistberger would admit he raped a woman in an interview, because he is that stupid.

  78. robert ethan says:
    April 17, 2010 8:27 PM
    Roethlisberger is 6-5 and probably close to 300 pounds at the moment. Which makes him roughly twice the size of the woman in question. Probably easily twice as strong in terms of the amount of weight each could lift.
    So we just need to find a 7 foot + , 600 pound sexual deviant with a roughly 18 inch penis. Then get him drunk and make him mean.
    all right, all right, you found me.

  79. A girl went to Roethlisberger’s house and asked for a double entendre, so Big Ben gave her one.

  80. But Terry cant read if he can he would read the police report and see what realy happen like most ppl on here should .
    The press is smearing Roethlisberger. Can we please make sure that, if we abuse him, it is for the FACTUAL THINGS and not a public lynching?
    There was a stool outside the bathroom. The club manager, Duncan, told police that he saw “a young lady sitting outside of the stool, talking to Ben
    12. THE ACCUSER NEVER REPORTED A RAPE. It was never the accuser who said it was a rape; it was her sorority sisters who felt she was too drunk to be fraternizing with him. So they acted based upon that judgment. THEY are the ones who told the police that it was a “rape
    If ppl would read the police report that would change the public mindset

  81. still trying to get all of those hits on your web site using the Roethlisberger name. it’s getting old.

  82. To all you Ben supporters. Go back and read Florio’s 8 point description of Ben’s lifestyle. Even if he didn’t rape anyone, is that something that a GROWN MAN should be doing. Having Ben-a-palooza T shirts printed up and then taking a party bus from Pittsburgh to Georgia in order to once again begin the 8 point pattern. Do any of you guys have daughter’s or sisters? I’ve been a Steeler fan since 1968 and I wouldn’t be able to stomach watching Steeler games if that idiot is still on the team.

    Has anyone ever looked at his life?
    Has anyone ever talked to the people that currently work with him now?
    Coach, coach thyself.
    Ben R. needs professional help, not an interview with a marketing “tool.”

  84. “Deb” says ” a skilled interviewer like Matt Lauer”.
    He is the the ultimate intellectual light weight, even Ben could out wit him.

  85. Citizen Strange says:
    In defense of Ben Roethlisberger. I won’t argue that Roethlisberger’s behavior
    Yes, eveyone here has been accused of raping women at least twice and had one or more suppressed because their vicitims were talked out of accusing him. You’re right, we all have something like Ben’s that we’re ashamed of and we’ve all felt a sense of entitlement that makes us do this to women and try to take off and not pay our food and drink bills.
    Let’s get real. Most people in this country don’t have this kind of crap in their background but you try to embarrass them into shutting up about this. Yeah, people live in glass houses, I get it but Ben lives in one made of straw. The city stood behind him after the first one but the second one in less than a year keeps this stuff in the news and they’re tired of it and some of them are probably worried that their daughter might be next.
    I have to wonder how Ben would respond if one of his teammates were to pull out his prick and shake it in his sister’s face. Would he laugh it off and let his sister deal with the guy, even if it meant that he took her into another room and tried to have his way with her or would he just kick his ass right then and there?
    Oh and as for the worst thing that I’ve done: I’ll let you see if I’m embarrassed about it (It’s the 6th story down):

  86. I would gag if this happened– we already heard what he had to say at his well thought out (sarcasm) little presser last week. And if I dig into my memories and recall something outside the hair and the ‘God bless’ ending, Ben said this was the last time he would discuss this matter- or to that effect.

  87. IMO people who are not that bright (like BR) and often say nutty things (again, like BR) shouldn’t submit to “no holds barred interviews”. That is…if they want to make their reputation better. I think he just needs to accept quietly and without challenge the punishment that is doled out to him by the team or the NFL, stay away from ANY mixed company in public for awhile and definitely avoid public drinking & knuckle down and concentrate on his career. I believe that is the best path for HIM to try to rebuild his image the best that can be done.
    I do think it’s worth noting that the one poster above who said he met BR in HS or something and BR was a nice kid is the VERY FIRST ACCOUNT IN YEARS I have ever read from someone who was just a regular person who met him who had a positive impression of him. YEARS. That tells me something.

  88. CKL says:
    I do think it’s worth noting that the one poster above who said he met BR in HS or something
    Yeah, Eddie Haskell was a nice kid, too. Quite a few serial killers/rapists have been described as “quiet” and “respeciable” and “nice” but their victims would have a different description of them.

  89. @Peak …
    I was just trying to come up with a name of someone who isn’t an NFL player, Oprah, or a political reporter.

  90. (The hard-hitting, no-holds-barred interview)
    Bradshaw: “Ben, your like the son i never had! First question. Can I smell your fingers?”
    Roethlisberger: “I dunno, Mr. Bradshaw, even though I revere you as a mentor and father figure, I havent bathed since the 5th of March!”
    Bradshaw: “That’s nothing, Buddy-boy! I haven’t bathed since Jo-Jo Starbuck!”
    Got Emmy written all over it!

  91. @Uncle Leo: An entire year? WOW!!! A half hour ought to be more than enough.
    @ItalianArmyDesserter: Last I checked, getting married three times was only stupid, but not a crime. And drinking excessively also isn’t a crime. Bothering and pestering women might not be a crime either, but it’s damn close.

  92. bobzilla says:
    Bothering and pestering women might not be a crime either, but it’s damn close.
    Says the expert.

  93. funi
    Being single doesn’t allow him to mistreat and sexually abuse women. Or, is this your M.O.?

  94. @.RebaTe
    Do you like using my handle and wanting to steal my thunder? Be original you idiot.
    Terry should interview Ben. He should rip him up one side and down the other on live national tv. Terry should also throw it in Ben’s face he has 4 SB rings in 6 years. Ben will NEVER meet that record. Drop your head in shame Ben. You can’t break THAT record.
    Maybe the next woman he meets is Lorena Bobbit. That would tame him down a bit. Well, if she could find it.

  95. Citizen Strange,
    Ben is going to pay the price no matter what the “defense” has to say about it. Ben’s lawyer nor the union will come to his defense when it pertains to the commish or the Steeler’s owner.

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