Stephen Gostkowski signs his tender

Patriots fans, you can now sleep soundly.  You have a kicker again.

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald reports that Stephen Gostkowski has signed his restricted free agency tender.

Offered a contract at the second-round level, Gostkowski will earn $1.759 milliion in 2010.

Two Patriots restricted free agents remain unsigned:  guard Logan Mankins and linebacker Pierre Woods.  Woods has signed an injury protection letter and he is working out with the team. 

Mankins is doing something with cows, that apparently doesn’t involve his friend stealing a cow and then trying to make it with the cow.

3 responses to “Stephen Gostkowski signs his tender

  1. This guy deserves more than one lousy comment. He’s the one guy who could replace Adam”past my prime” Vinitari without missing a beat!

  2. Gostkowski is definately one of the better kickers in the NFL – more to the point, in an off season where the Pat’s have done relatively little, it is great news for Pats fans.
    At this point, I don’t see what Mankins is waiting for. If any other team was going to sign him and give up the pick, they would have done it by now. He’s starting to sound like a cry baby – everyone else is subject to the rules of free agency he is. I’m looking forward to some good analysis on the subject on PFW this week.

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