Different teams have different opinions on Gronkowski's back

col_gronkowski_250.jpgIn response to our blurb from earlier in the day regarding the disputed status of tight end Rob Gronkowski’s back, we’ve heard from multiple league sources regarding the opinions that currently are floating around.

For starters, the notion that Gronkowski “passed his physical” at the Scouting Combine misses the mark.  There’s no pass/fail.  Teams rate injury concerns on a scale. 

We’re told that the original back injury occurred while Gronkowski was lifting weights.  It was bad enough to require surgery and knock him out for the entire season. 

One team has him rated as potentially having a shortened career.  Another team says there’s no issue.  “He had surgery to repair a problem,” the latter source said.  “It was repaired and he is ready to play.  Only a team that wants him to drop would put out anything negative about the kid.”

The point here is that every team will have its own opinion, and there’s no right or wrong answer.  Eventually, the matter will be resolved via hindsight, based on whether and to what extent Gronkowski is able to play pro football.

16 responses to “Different teams have different opinions on Gronkowski's back

  1. Why didn’t this kid stay in school for next year? Playing good would answer any questions about talent and would mostly eliminate questions about his back. Plus, if he is as good as he thinks he is he should then be a top-1/2 first round pick.

  2. He just missed an entire season with a nonexistent problem? Back problems are notorious for becoming chronic. Why chance it in a draft with quite a few good tight ends?
    Making high risk/high reward selections are a good way to become the Raiders.
    I’ll take Pitta, or if I want to be aggressive I’ll take Graham.
    You can have Gronkowski.

  3. Isn’t that last paragraph a sentiment that could be applied to practically every single draft-related story?

  4. There were Also people that said Big Ben’s only crime was putting himself in “these” situations. Now it turns out he’s a serial rapist, so you can never really know who to believe.

  5. Like all athlete surgery, it’s “stronger than it was before the injury”.
    But not as strong as it will be after the next surgery, I suppose.

  6. PhillySportsYesPlease says:
    April 18, 2010 10:20 PM
    Does anyone care about about Rob Gronkowski?
    Seriously, anyone?
    Actually, teams w/ a need at tight end do. Due to his blocking ability, he’s considered by some to be the most complete TE in the draft. So people probably care. This is more newsworthy than most posts on PFT.

  7. Does anyone care about about Rob Gronkowski?
    Seriously, anyone?
    As much a people talk about how there are so few newsworthy articles at PFT, the bigger problem in my mind are the idiots who post just for the sake of posting.
    Who care about Gronkowski…hmmm….perhaps it’s the NFL Decision makers who are looking for a Tight End who see a 1st-2nd round prospect with a medical concern. I’m thinking, when you factor in the value of a #1 or #2 pick, add the financial investment attached to those picks, you’re probably looking at 30-40 men who care very much about Rob Gronkowski.

  8. Well, I think I speak for the majority of the readers, and the # of comments on every GRONKOWSKI post speaks for itself. No one cares. So please move on to something else.

  9. Rob Gronkowski is a terrific talent and will have a great career in the NFL. College TEs with his game don’t come around very often. Any team that passes on him because of this overblown injury concern will regret it.

  10. Name one player that has ever missed his final college season with back surgery that has been successful—Its not worth risking your career as a GM or club physician when other comparable players are on the board.

  11. PhillyYesYou, the thing no one cares about is YOUR opinion. Gronkowski’s “surgery” seems to be a made up fantasy to cause controversy. I read all about his “surgery”. It’s an outpatient procedure that consists of shaving some bone off a disc. It has a 95% success rate with the majority of people going back to work the next day. Gronkowski’s recovery time was extended because he is a football player, not a regular person with a normal job.

  12. Back injuries are tricky…there is a school of thought that once you injure a back, it will always be a problem…I am not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!

  13. This kid is a great talent. I predict that by his second season, he’ll be leading the league in touchdowns and break the TE yardage record.

    Hey, what are you doing? Stop looking at the date. Stop that!

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