Jahvid Best still concerned about concussions

Our friends at Rotoworld have spotted in a pre-draft feature from Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel a quote that serves only to strengthen our belief that Cal running back Jahvid Best could be the last of the 16 guys who’ll attend the draft to wear a team hat and hold up a jersey with the number 1 on it.

Per McGinn, an unnamed scout said that Best remains concerned about a history of concussions.

Yeah, he’s worried about it,” said the scout, who has spoken to Best.  “Plus, he has a muscle going down from his neck
to his leg that bothers him.  That’s my reservation on Best.  He’s coming
in all beat up.”

And if a guy is emerging from the college game “all beat up,” there’s a chance he won’t last too long when he’s getting beat up by grown men.

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  1. The hit he took getting upended on the goal line was scary at any level of play. The comment about neck muscle bthering him is going to push him to 2nd round at least.
    Still a beast RB though. Nice to see him recover from that injury. He was out cold for what 6 minutes?

  2. “Best remains concerned about a history of concussions.”
    They hit MUCH harder in the NFL.

  3. Dude it’s after midnight and Florio Jr is asleep! Your wife shold be DTF! Put some Barry White or Prince on and you are good to go!!

  4. As a member of the medical field, I can say that it was idiotic for him to try and come back from that horrific first concussion– he went back to playing relatively quickly, and boom, got another one. Once a player gets a first concussion, its a good idea to wait a long time before coming back, especially so at the running back position.
    The guy has phenomenal skills, but getting those two concussions is potentially going to be a serious detriment to the rest of his career.

  5. CE11 – The first concussion was not the horrific one. The first one was barely noticed during the course of the game. It was the second concussion that was horrific.
    Either way, here’s hoping a new helmet and a stop to his high flying heroics will help him with the concussion issues.

  6. Lions @ #34
    Best will be a beast. They can also use a 5th and grab someone like Deji Karim to make a nice two headed monster, this way he is not carrying a load.
    The worst to worry about is probably the best pure RB behind Ryan Matthews…. Anthony Dixon was a 30+ carry guy for quite sometime @ MSU. Look for him to slip possibly into the 5th round due to the SEC pounding that he took….. Though no injury history from it. Dixon will be a steal and if people start passing on Best because of the concussion, someone will get a nice 3rd rd RB.

  7. CE11 — his first concussion occurred during practice. It was the second one that was “horrific” (going head-over-tails in the end zone against oregon state).

  8. As a member of the medi-cal field, I can’t state that it was ironic for him to fly and come back from that terrific first concussion– he went back to playing relatively sickly, and *boom*, got another one. Once a playa gets a first concussion, tits a good idea to fake a long time before coming back, especially so at the humming back position.

  9. If the “muscle” that runs from his neck to his leg is actually muscle pain and numbness from his neck to leg, it tells me he has nerve damage in his neck. I have sciatica which was greatly exacerbated by a jammed neck a couple years ago, and it still hurts and gives me problems now! Jahvid is young and will be able to heal and overcome the damage easier, but one wrong top of the head hit could end his career if I’m right.
    In other words, I would not risk picking Best in the draft and would look at other RBs.

  10. McGinn is the best football writer. The JS is lucky to have a guy that blows away the amateurs at the national media outlets like King, Clayton and the others.

  11. Sounds like a lot of pre-draft rumor mongering to deflate his value. I bet he goes higher than expected.

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