Jets were ready to give up first round pick for Marshall

The Broncos nearly got the first round pick they wanted for Brandon Marshall.

As recently as the league’s annual meetings, the Jets were reportedly the favorites for Marshall, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post.

New York was comfortable giving up their first round pick for Marshall, and tried to sign the now-Dolphin to an offer sheet.  The Jets, however, couldn’t come up with a contract that made Marshall happy.  The offer sheet never came, the Jets moved on, and the Dolphins began to show interest about one week later.

Klis reports that the Seahawks were the most aggressive team throughout the process, but the Bucs also showed serious interest. 

It’s not like the AFC East needed any more subplots, but keep this news in mind if Marshall starts rampaging through Revis Island this year.

84 responses to “Jets were ready to give up first round pick for Marshall

  1. Preface: I hate the Jests.
    That out of the way, NObody rampages through Revis Island. That kid is for real. He doesn’t make the big plays Woodson does but he’s younger and more of a shutdown type of guy. Plus Marshall doesn’t exactly have a top level QB throwing to him.
    Marshall will have a productive season but he isn’t going to toast Revis.

  2. The two 2’s are better than the Jets 1. I wonder what the other teams were willing to give up?

  3. Everyone keeps questioning Henne skills. They are going to be very surprised when this kid steps up. I watch and follow all NFL teams and not just look at the box score. Henne is no slouch and Marshall will make him look even better.

  4. The most exciting part of all this is they will face off twice a year for many years. Those will be some fun games to watch!

  5. guys like marshall dont need top level qb’s but i agree i doubt he will ruin revis’ season

  6. The Jets are idiots.
    Now, they have a receiving corps full of #2 WRs.
    Welcome to what the Redskins have dealt with for the last few years (sans the one breakout year Santana Moss had).
    Kinda poetic, since this year’s Jets are trending towards the 1999 Redskins Mercenary Squad.
    Marshall is a top WR in the league who harbors the same attitude and behavior as a large chunk of great WRs of the past. It comes with the territory.
    Except, now they have SanTurdio. So…what gives?

  7. “NObody rampages through Revis Island”
    “NObody not named Ted Ginn rampages through Revis Island”

  8. Does anyone else think it was a mistake to let go Ted Ginn? He could of opened up the field, especially being single covered.

  9. the revis marshal duel will be fun to watch. Just throw it up and let the best man go get it

  10. I haven’t been crowing the Jets as AFC Champs like everyone else has lately…but if this trade went down I might have.
    Marshall, Holmes, Edwards, Cotchery, Keller, Greene…
    That offense would be tough to contain…even with Mark Sanchez and his 60 QB rating.

  11. It’ll surely be an interesting matchup, but I don’t see Revis Island being rampaged by anyone. Could he possibly get burned by Marshall occassionally, sure, but let’s face it Revis is the best young corner in the league period. Show the kid some respect.

  12. “NObody rampages through Revis Island”
    “NObody not named Ted Ginn rampages through Revis Island”
    You mean that fluke TD? How about the next game they played where Revis held Ginn to 0 catches.

  13. A bunch of Dolphins homers responding to a Jets article?!? What a shocker!! Look…you guys ride the Jets jocks more than any other fans in the NFL. If the Jets picked him up you Fishheads would be screaming about how much of a stupid pick up it was.
    Revis has shut down….Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, Steve Smith, Ocho Stinko, Vincent Jackson…etc, etc. But of course since Marshall is a Dolphin he is now the best WR in the league.. in your eyes.
    You guys are so predictable…whatver WR you picked up you would have been blabbing….
    “(insert WR name here) is the best WR in the league. Revis cant hold him!! Rex is fat!!”
    Plus…your boy Henne has a starting record of 7-6…with the help of the WildC**T when he sits on the sidelines…you probably shouldnt start rubbing yourself just yet.

  14. By the way….Marshall already matched up against Revis two years ago. When he had a Pro Bowl QB not some slouch with a tat of one of Siegfrieds tigers on his arm.
    5 catches….55 yards…LOCKED DOWN!!

  15. to djt…are you serious about henne? what a waste of talent his was and is. all of the tools but a heart of a wimp. i am a michigan fan so i saw this goof ruin michigan all most as bad as rodriguez. he took a knee when gholston was coming around the corner,was booed as his own home game, and had happy feet whenever he was rushed. he is a coward that no amount of practice can fix

  16. mario says:
    April 18, 2010 9:14 AM
    Does anyone else think it was a mistake to let go Ted Ginn? He could of opened up the field, especially being single covered.
    Hey im assuming you watched the dolphins play last season like I did every game, so i can’t understand this comment.
    Ted Ginn NEVER got double coverage. The closest he got to having 2 guys pay attention to him was blown coverage by a corner that a safety would have to help out. Never once did a team straight double him like REVIS ISLAND did to Randy Moss all season and then claimed he was going at him single coverage. BS Darelle. You couldnt even hold Ted Ginn in check.
    And all you Dolphins fans giving Ted Ginn a had time still. Get the F*** over it. Every team has draft busts look at the Bengals. Everyone here remembers Akili Smith and Kijana Carter. Give Ted Ginn a break he doesnt drop the ball on purpose.

  17. I suppose I shouldn’t expect any of you people to know football well enough to understand that the deep play was NOT Revis’ responsibility on that Ginn TD that makes all you knuckleheads so giddy.
    Revis was in a short zone and Rhodes was deep, but Revis saw Rhodes was late and tried to cover the bum’s butt. Since he was out of position due to the fact that it WAS NOT his responsibility, he could not catch up to Ginn in a straight sprint, since that’s the only real skill Gin possesses.
    Maybe at some point, people will get that.

  18. Wildcat???? Didn’t the Jets copy that in the playoffs? Everyone seems to discredit the wildcat, but copy it at the same time. It’s just so funny when teams now know that the Dolphins will use the wildcat and still can’t stop it.

  19. Revis will rock Marshall all night long. Henne isn’t that good, he only plays 1/2 the game because Ronnie Brown is just as good a QB. NY Jets are the top team in the AFC East, end of discussion.
    I’d take Holmes over Marshall. One more screw up and their both done. The difference is the Dolphins have to eat $24 million, the Jets $550K. Who has the smarter front office????

  20. For all you Dulphins fans see fishfan response!!!
    I know is easy to hate the jets because of the swagger that Rex Ryan has brought to the team!
    What he has done in only one year to that defense has everybody salivating in NY.
    Add 2 early picks to that and a proven pass rusher ie Jason Taylor or Adalius Thomas,
    I can see why you people envy us.
    I rather have Holmes( $2.5m/yr) & 1st rd pick( odrick, Hughes or Mays) then Brandon Marshall ( $10m/yr )

  21. Brandon Marshall for two 2’s or Santonio Holmes for one 5?
    Yeah…I’ll take the latter please.

  22. I’ll keep this news in mind when Revis makes a Marshall an afterthought like all the other AFC receiving superstars.
    Yeah and like Gin ” Rampaged” on Revis = whatta moron !

  23. Sanchez sure showed the world he is going to be a great QB…..Yeah right!!! MR INTERCEPTION!!

  24. Gregg Rosenthal said:
    ” and the Dolphins began to show interest about one week later.”
    Sorry Gregg, but this statement is inaccurate…Miami had been in the Marshall mix earlier and held the trump card all along.

  25. @kalamari: Ted Ginn is garbage, and its an insult to football fans everywhere to say that he ever got the best of Darrelle Revis. Two different classes of football player there buddy.
    List of (notable) Wide Receivers that Revis held to under 40 yards this season: Ocho Cinco (twice), Randy Moss (twice), TO (twice), Andre Johnson, Steve Smith, Roddy White, Marques Colston.
    The ONLY thing Ted Ginn did to the Jets was pull off those 2 bull shit plays in the 3rd quarter to win a game that the Jets were otherwise destroying the dolphins in.

  26. It is simple math when you really think about it.
    Holmes for 5th round pick > Marshall for two 2nd round picks.

  27. Meathead jets fans… They’re becoming like Rex Ryan, losing games vs the Fins and still convincing themselves that they have a better team than us.
    PFT must be Fin fans, loves to make the jetsies fans suffer.. LOL Did I say Brandon Marshall is a Fin now?
    By the way, Sanchez is not better than Henne.. you guys can argue all you want, but take into account that Henne had no No.1 or No.2 WR, nor had the OL that NY had last year; and still the Fins were able to beat them twice.

  28. You mean that fluke TD? How about the next game they played where Revis held Ginn to 0 catches.
    you mean the game where Ginn scored two TDs on special teams?
    way to keep him locked down!!!

  29. Revis has issues with taller receivers. Jackson with SD had over 100 yards against him, although no TD’s.
    Marshall has an inch in height and few more inches on vertical than Jackson.
    Bright side for Revis is Henne is throwing the ball.

  30. haha Revis was the one responsible for Ginn on that play. He tried to jam him at the line but Ginn got away from it, and then Revis couldn’t keep up. I’m not saying that makes Revis a bad corner or Ginn a good WR, but Jets fans have to admit Revis was burned on that play. It’s not something that happens often, but it happened.
    And Jets fans should stop calling their team the best of the AFC East until they actually, you know, win the division. Something they’ve only accomplished 4 times…

  31. GINN is the biggest pu$$ee EVER to wear an NFL uniform
    marshall will make Henne a better player
    the jets have made some moves this offseason that everyone thinks will make them better… an over the hill running back and a guy that is one bong hit from a year off… questionable imho

  32. all number 2 receivers? Just because the jets don’t have an elite WR like Marshall doesn’t make them number 2 type guys. All 3 of the WRs on the Jets have been number 1 guys at one point or another. Holmes was ranked 7th last year out of all the receivers.

  33. Oh, I think Marshall will get lost on “Revis Island” like most. Not really worried about him finding his way around.

  34. Doesn’t make sense. With an uncapped year and PSL’s to sell why wouldn’t they sign him and front load the contract. Even if it was more than they wanted to pay.

  35. Loook at the video stupid one on one.
    I’m pretty sure he was responsible. All you jets fans r haters cause we beat that ass twice. Oh yea Revis is Ted Ginns Bitch!!!!

  36. With the defense the Jets are going to have built this year… a team could have Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, AND Brandon Marshall, and it won’t matter.
    With Cromartie, Revis, and whoever they get at safety in the draft (I’m guessing they trade up for Eric Berry or Earl Thomas… unless they decide to sign Darren Sharper if he’s healthy) the Jets are going to blitz like crazy. No receiver is going to have enough time to get down the field.
    They’re expecting Kris Jenkins back, too.
    Brandon Marshall will definitely help the Dolphins, but not against the Jets.
    Oh, and I LOVE how some idiot tried to compare the receiving group of Santana Moss and Antwan Randle El… to Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, and Jericho Cotchery. Child PLEASE. Those two groups are nothing alike.

  37. all respect to marshall but revis is the best cb in the league. is marshall? andre johnson/larry fitzgerald before marshall i say. but i’d take revis in this one.

  38. “Plus…your boy Henne has a starting record of 7-6…with the help of the WildC**T when he sits on the sidelines…you probably shouldnt start rubbing yourself just yet.”
    And Mark Sanchez was 9-7, after 2 playoff teams layed down for the Jets.
    Cant wait to see another 20 INTs and 10 fumbles

  39. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Trent Edwards Brian Brohm = 15 TDs, 19 INTs, 62.23 rating last year
    Mark Sanchez =12 TDs, 20 INts, 63.0 rating
    So PLEASE dont talk about other team’s QBs

  40. Jets and their fans are still mad because the Fins beat them twice last year. Not to forget the December 28, 2008 win in NY to seal the AFC East championship. So much accomplished with supposedly such little talent. Makes you wonder what the Fins do when Parcells’ big boys mature and start pounding. Keep crying Jets.

  41. I’ve been reading this site for the last 4 years and I must say HOI is easily becoming the biggest Troll on this site.
    He can’t stop gushing about the Jets.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was really Vox making a new name so people won’t know he jumped on the Jets bandwagon.

  42. For those who say they’ll take Holmes over Marshall your just plain hating obviously stupid and know nothing about football…Holmes would never be close to what Marshall is now or ever will stinkin jet fans talk about Henne sucks like a bunch of babies…it must hurt to get swepted by the Dolphins..
    to get beat be the “wildcat” who your crybaby LB bart scott talk so much crap about that someone should have givin him a napkin to wipe his mouth with everything coming out of it..and yet the jets use it(nowhere near as good as miami) in the playoffs..
    you fans make more sense when you just dont talk…

  43. “Plus…your boy Henne has a starting record of 7-6…with the help of the WildC**T when he sits on the sidelines…you probably shouldnt start rubbing yourself just yet.”
    And Mark Sanchez was 9-7, after 2 playoff teams layed down for the Jets.
    Cant wait to see another 20 INTs and 10 fumbles
    And he has two road playoffs wins…while Henne was at home playing golf.. 😦

  44. One thing I would like to comment on.
    I could not in, my wildest imagination, see myself perusing any Jet’s site with all their inebriated, moronic idiot fans frothing at the mouth unable to put a sentence together.
    Got to give credit to the Jet fans commenting on our site. I can only conclude we have must have a more interesting site with fans that have something positive to contribute. Those Jet fans seem articulate and well versed and proud of their team. Welcome to our site!!
    I just wish they were the fans infiltrating Fins stadium during Jet home games. Maybe then the average IQ of the stadium wouldn’t drop 80 points at that time.
    Jets go down twice next year to Fins—deal with it!!

  45. Dear Jets apologists…
    1) The Jets won in 2009 DESPITE dirty sanchez, not because of him — get it straight. The guy wasn’t even allowed to throw but, what, 9 passes? At least Henne won games for us with his passing. Don’t recall dirty sanchez doing that.
    2) Revis toasted by Ginn last year is a slap in the face considering Ginn toasted NOBODY else all year. Well, except the entire Jets special teamers….twice….in the same game…
    3) The Jests ARE the new Washington Redskins, and we already know how the story will play out.
    4) Saving the best for last, you have no right to even address a Dolphins fan until your team earns that right by…you know…beating us. By the start of 2010 season, it will have been two years since that has happened.

  46. Ted ginn is THEE SOFTEST PLAYER I HAVE EVER WATCHED IN MY LONG LEGGED LIFE! that guy wouldnt take a hit in a game if it was crack and he was a crackhead! A softer more sorry version on des howard! ( remember him fellow skins fans)! B Marshall is def a top ten wr in the leage tho he’s a lot more possesion reciever than deep threat (unless carlos rodgers is defending him) considering having cotchery at poss reciever alread they r better off with deep threat Smokey Holmes especially for a 5! Afc east is undoubtedly gonna b a must watch this year!

  47. @ Big Papi
    Thank You for recognizing that I respect what Revis brings to the table. It’s not my fault that Rosenthal either doesn’t or he just wanted to stir the pot between Jets and Dolphins fans. I believe that it’s the latter.
    @ HOI
    It seems to me that the Jets wanted Marshall as well. That IS afterall what this article is about. It states that they were ready to give up a #1 for him but I guess that’s because he sucks so bad right? If you think that I’m “riding the Jets jocks” just because I can appreciate Revis as a player it pretty much proves to me that you’re delusional. Finally not that it matters but in case you haven’t noticed Rex is fat.

  48. Quote from VAARK on Finheaven
    Had they signed Marshall, we’re the ones who could well have ended up with Holmes. As pointed out in another thread, and referenced here, our captologist Dawn, apparently did a good job and his contract is nowhere as stifling as was believed.
    While both these guys are 1 infraction away from suspension as far as the risk goes, when it comes to gain: they’ve rented for 12 games a slightly better than average 5’11” WR who had a very good QB (with a rapier arm, so to speak) throwing to him before he arrived in NJ and we’ve got one of the top 2 or 3 most elite man-sized WRs for the next 5 years who caught over 100 passes with Kyle friggin Orton throwing at him!
    I’d say we came out much the better in the end.”
    He said it all.

  49. I love it how Jets fans talk trash about Henne and the wildcat, especially knowing we won’t really be running that type of offense this year. Even so the sorry ass Jets couldn’t stop it!!! What gives? If I were a Jets fan the last words out of my mouth would be “wildcat” as to not remind everyone in the league that we couldn’t stop it even though we knew they were going to run it on us!! Just like dougboy Rex couldn’t stop crying!

  50. Meathead jets fans… They’re becoming like Rex Ryan, losing games vs the Fins and still convincing themselves that they have a better team than us.
    Why would we still need convincing?
    Jets 2nd in the Afc east — Dolphins 3rd
    Jets lost in afc championship—- phins didn’t qualify for playoffs

  51. do Dolphins fans not watch football games? Short Zone does not equate to man on man. When Revis let Ginn go after the bump, he fully expected Rhodes to be there to cover him deep (that’s how football works), but he wasn’t, and he tried to chase him down and ultimately hurt his own reputation.
    And if anyone saw the second game that the dolphins won ( I will admit that the dolphins completely outplayed the jets in the first game), you would know that the dolphins were basically stomped on both sides of the ball. 3 of the td’s came from the kickreturns and a fumble recovery. Statistically and rhythmically, the jets stomped both the wildcat and the passing game.
    Jets had 340 yards total, dolphins had about 104 yards total. It took fluke plays to win. I’m not denying that a win is a win, but to think that for some reason that the dolphins will be able to move the ball against the jets at all is ludicrous.
    also, just commenting on someone’s uneducated post earlier. The Jets are a NY team, and it would be kind of nonsensical for a team located in the state with the third highest IQ in the country to have fans that were as stupid as people in say Tallahassee or Miami.

  52. @ harloeisdead
    You’ll take Holmes over Marshall because you have no choice! LOL
    Other than 40 time and cone drills, Holmes is not better than Marshall at ANYTHING football related.

  53. this is so ridiculous thinknigt we are actually mad that you guys beat us twice last year…we were in the afc championship game. enough with the “nuff said” bullsh*t

  54. Brandon Marshall is a 26 year old 6’4 230 lb wide receiver in a pass happy league. He is arguably a top 3 wr and will make the entire Dolphins offense better. Simple. As for the Santino vs Brandon comments, it’s not even close. Brandon Marshall is apart of a rare breed of receivers that possess size, speed and tremendous playmaking ability (I.e fitzgerald, Johnson, moss, c . Johnson), santonio holmes is a good wr but has never needed to be anything more than a #2 wr which fits the jets wr roster eventhough I think Braylon Edwards is better than most people give him credit for.
    As far as darelle revis, he is an elite cornerback but it’s going to be hard covering a dude that’s 5 inches taller and outweighs you by almost 40 lbs and is also elite at his position in a pass happy league.

  55. Ramshakler said:
    “also, just commenting on someone’s uneducated post earlier. The Jets are a NY team, and it would be kind of nonsensical for a team located in the state with the third highest IQ in the country to have fans that were as stupid as people in say Tallahassee or Miami.”
    The high IQ people from New York are Giants fans. Jets fans possess borderline infantile intellect. Tell me how dumb Floridians are in January and February when New York Jet Fans ( yea that is you Fartman Ed) are sacrificing brain cells in their local drinking establishments to entertain themselves.

  56. Dumbphin Fans are all the same.
    In the words of the immortal Jack Nicholson,” you can’t handle the truth”.
    The Jets own the overall head to head series. The Jets have owned Miami for the last 10 years.
    Last year was too much for the Dumphins fans to take and now the Jets are making much smarter moves in the off season. The Dumphins fans are living in the past or to quote Jethro Tull they are “Too old to Rock n Roll but too young to die”. Give me a break. Poll the entire NFL fan base and you would find that they would agree by a large margin that the Jets are leaving the Dumbphins in the dust.
    Better coach, players, fans, stadium and management. Deal with it douchebags.
    Jets 12 and 4 Dolphins 7 and 9
    No one wants to hear about what you did over 30 years ago. It’s what have you done lately and I know you beat us twice last year, but I was enjoying a nice playoff run while you were reminiscing about Shula and Marino.
    I also made good money bettin against Dumphin fans last year. Paid for my THREE playoff game shindigs. NICE !!!!!!!!!

  57. You guys are idiots…Ted Ginn had one big play against Revis. That’s it…besides…I’ll give Ginn that as long as Revis continues to shut down Moss x2, Andre, Colston, Wayne, White, Owens, etc…

  58. Hey guess what? All of your comments mean NOTHING and have no effect on the Dolphins, Jets and the actual playing of the game of should all shut up with your worthless predictions. Nobody knows shit until it happens, let them play before bombarding the message boards. Also if your team didn’t win the Superbowl the past year what are you doing bashing other teams, what a joke. The goal is to win the Superbowl, and it takes a TEAM and CHEMISTRY, not Darelle Revis or Brandon Marshall, although they contribute.
    PS: Go Fins
    PSS: I love how you don’t see as much Jets Jerseys in south florida lately..Maybe you guys got the hint that we don’t want you down here. Stay up north!

  59. I am not a Jets fan or a Dolphins fan…but like all football fans, I am following what’s going on in your division pre-draft.
    That being said, the Dolphins fans are the new Vikings fans on this site. Last season we got to read countless posts from Vikings fans crapping on every other team, thinking that Brett Favre was their Messiah. And they almost went all the way, and then the Vikings fans grew silent.
    Now Dolphins fans have taken over, calling Marshall their Messiah. Don’t put your eggs in one basket, Miami.
    Jets had the #1 defense in the league last year, and were #1 in pass rushing. Jets fans, you don’t need to defend your team to the Miami fans. Two wins against you are about all they can throw in your face in light of the season you had. Instead of getting upset, just smile and know your team was one of the best in the league last year.
    That being said, my brother in law has been a Jets fan forever, and I’ve watched games with him for years. At times it’s been damned hard to do. The Mangini era is a great example. Last year was great, and I am really looking forward to watching games with him this coming season. The Jets are going to be the team to watch!

  60. @Footballfanatik The bottom line is winning the Super Bowl i don’t care how close they came or how far they went in the playoffs anything short of that means nothing. Defense wins ballgames and the jets had the number one defense on paper and didn’t make it to the Super Bowl so obvious they didn’t have the better defense in the league. 2 wins is all we need to talk about were was that number 1 defense when they played us twice. No one is scared of Revis he is a player like anyone else i can’t wait for that match up
    this year. Remember who took the East 2 years ago u jet fans wasn’t saying a word then and your QB still sucks.

  61. HAHAHA fins fans bringing up stats but forgetting this one….
    Jets – 2 playoff wins (played in 3) all last season
    Fins – 0 playoff wins since 2001
    Stat wise Henne looked better but Sanchez improved lat elast season while Henne was not…
    Look at the last 4 games when the Fins needed Henne the most to come through
    6 INTS / 3 TDs

  62. JetChris says:
    April 19, 2010 8:49 AM
    HAHAHA fins fans bringing up stats but forgetting this one….
    Jets – 2 playoff wins (played in 3) all last season
    Fins – 0 playoff wins since 2001
    Here are more stats they may be forgetting:
    The ‘Great’ Tedd Ginn didn’t even have 500yds receiving last year. For his career he has 5 TDs….and 10 fumbles.
    That TD he scored on Revis? His only one of the SEASON. He had 2 catches in that game. The other catch was for 4yds. One lucky TD means he “rampaged through Revis Island”?
    Stop it.

  63. “Jets had 340 yards total, dolphins had about 104 yards total. It took fluke plays to win. I’m not denying that a win is a win, but to think that for some reason that the dolphins will be able to move the ball against the jets at all is ludicrous”
    A kick off return is a “fluke?”
    OMG, you people are ridiculous. Everything that beats you is a fluke play cause no one can possibly beat you mano a mano. The wildcat is a gimmick formation. Kick off returns and fumble recoveries are fluke plays cause they never ever happen in a game, unless it is against the Jets.
    How about saying this.
    Game 1:
    We didn’t have an answer defensively for their wildcat.
    Game 2:
    We outplayed them in 2 of the 3 phases of the game, but our special teams let us down in the end.
    Is that so hard to admit.
    As a Fins fan, I can give credit where it is due. We were totally outplayed that 2nd game, but Special Teams is still a part of the game. Ask Arizona about that loss to Chicago.
    Also, people talk about Santonio Holmes is almost as good as Marchall. when Holmes can put together 3 consecutive top 10 seasons, then come back and talk to me. He has 1 good year. The other 2 years were decent, but nothing to write home about.

  64. More fun points to antagonize Jest fans with…
    1) They mocked the wildcat as “not real football” (Calvin “PED” Pace) when they lost in Miami last year, but how funny they started running it once it became clear dirty sanchez can’t pass or read a defense to save his life.
    2) They are all excited about winning it all after getting a tired Ladanian Tomlinson and suspended Santanio Holmes, but how is this any different than when you were self-proclaimed shoe-ins to win it all after signing Brett Favre? Same ol’ song & dance. Your team is the new Washington Redskins.
    3) Nobody cares how many teams laid down for you to skate into the playoffs – duh. What matters more is that you cannot beat Miami and haven’t done so in almost 2 years, which burns you up and is an endless source of amusement. Say what you want, but don’t address a fins fan until you earn that right.
    4) As a reminder, we closed our your 2008 season by thumping you in your house when it mattered most, which allowed us to win the AFC East. You know, that division title thingy you haven’t won since….uhm….err….

  65. im gonna agree with tom-ass he just owned all jets fans i was about to go on the same exact rant

  66. Phins fans…you sound like total idiots acting big because of two regular season wins.
    The Phins did not make the playoffs, while the Jets played in the AFC championship. I would think the Jets make that tradeoff every year.
    Ted Ginn caught a long TD against Revis…so? There is not a player on your D that you would not trade straight up for Revis in a millisecond, and you know that.

  67. The Dolphins were not the first team in the world to use the “Wildcat” formation. They adapted it from some college, don’t remember which.
    For all the Dolphins fans saying that the Jets “stole” the wildcat from the Dolphins you should read up on some NFL history.
    The Jets adapted the wildcat formation into their regular playbook 4 years ago because they drafted a RB you may know. His name is Leon Washington. The Jets call it the Seminole offense because that’s the school Leon went to that used that formation.
    Everybody else calls it the Wildcat now because of how well the Dolphins have been able to use it.
    So before you Dolphin fans write about how the Jets stole the wildcat from you be sure to know what your talking about. You didn’t create the wildcat or Seminole or whatever you want to call it. And your not the only team that uses it.
    Every team has that kind of formation in their playbook and they have for years. Some teams just decide to not use it.
    PS: What did the Dolphins do once they won the division in 2008? Just because you won the division doesn’t mean your the best team in the playoffs. There are a lot of other teams that win their division. Most don’t go very far into the playoffs. (2008 Dolphins).

  68. The fact that anyone would say they would rather have Santonio Holmes for a 5th instead of The Beast for 2 2’s is GD ridiculous!!!! This guys is in his prime and is one of the top 3 WR in the league. We ran all over the Jests last year with no passing game wait till they see what we can do now. Bring out the brooms cuz we’re sweeping your fat lap band having azz again Rex Ryan.

  69. Dolphins fans, you sound like you’re ready to resort to the “oh yeah??? Well, your mom smells and your dad is a poopie head” response.
    Seriously, go back and read what has been written. Are you serious? You really believe what you wrote?
    Okay then, well your mom smells MORE and your dad is a SUPER-DOOPER poopie head.
    And pffffttttttttttttt!
    When in Rome….

  70. all I have to say is that NY Jet fans will forever occupy the Miami area and forever drown out Fish fans in their own stadium. Get used to it and Fish fans are big pu$$ies to travel up North, “…oh noooooo, its toooooooo cold” bunch of pansies.

  71. PS – real Jet fans only consider the Patriots as the competition in AFC East and while Brady is there they are the team to beat, end of story.
    Fish have historically been our whipping boys. Congrats on last year you finally beat the Jets, and they still had the last laugh with a rookie QB.

  72. Santonio Holmes + two 2nd round picks > Brandon Marshall + one 5th round pick

  73. And to clarify the Marshall situation, the Jets did not want to give him the money Miami gave him. Good idea in my opinion because they did not want to heavily invest in a guy done for problems. With Holmes they get him for a 5th rounder and a 1 yr contract. Same thing happened with Edwards last season. The Jets dont want to do that and I agree. The Jets are playing it smart. Lets the guys prove they want to play instead of giving them $24M up front.
    While I would have liked to have Marshall, it did not work out. I am just as happy with Holmes as a Jet.

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