Kyle Shanahan hints that the Redskins will keep Portis, Johnson, and Parker

When veteran running back Willie Parker joined the Redskins after the acquisition of Larry Johnson, it was believed that one of the two men could end up being cut.  Though that could still happen, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan seems to be willing to use three running backs.

“Give them all the ball,” Shanahan said as to his plans for using the three players.  “Can’t do it at the same time but when you have three backs — it’s very rare that you have just one back that the one back plays in all 16 games.  So to have three backs, it’s going to make all three of them better and it’s a matter of time, but all three of them will help us.”

Of course, Shanahan also said he’s confident in the left tackles currently on the roster.  So basically he’s learning well from his father.

35 responses to “Kyle Shanahan hints that the Redskins will keep Portis, Johnson, and Parker

  1. @ Orton Hears A Who
    No. You’re right. It’s another slow day in the office and people in Washington finally have something to talk about so we get to have new headlines on the burgeoning awfulness every two minutes.

  2. Orton Hears A Who says:
    Is it just me or is there too much Washington
    Isn’t there always this time of year?

  3. Talk about a three headed monster way past it’s prime….
    I can see any given defense being able to be Beowulf

  4. SKins For life…The funny thing is, even though the skins have sucked for about 17 out of the last 20 years, they are still a huge team and factor in the NFL..this can be proven by the number of prime time games they have every year and the fact that until jerry built that stadium they were the richest franchise (even with all the losing) Redskins talk will always be BIG..sorry for some of you with those small time teams that just dont

  5. Florio you are suggesting that he is lying too right? You really should be less subtle on the internets. Dumb people use computers nowadays too.

  6. Agree….This is our time of the year. I, as a Skins fan, really only like the pre season stuff…I am used to the regular season blowing up in my face…

  7. Funi-
    you are stupid F’n stupid you have to be a Pens fan. Who won the president’s cup this year? Who was the highest scoring team this year? Who is a number 1 seed? Go Caps, Skins and Nats

  8. PFT = All Skins all the time chumps! Especially when it comes to Florio trying to work in some ridiculous tampering angle.

  9. Wallacej says:
    April 18, 2010 9:41 PM
    He has to keep all 3 because Portis will get hurt as usual.
    LOL do you guys even watch football? Clinton Portis has been injured two years out of his career so far. All the others he has rushed for over 1300 yards besides 1 where he rushed for 1270. He was put on IR last season for a concusion. He is a top back in the NFL any which way you look at it and was still top 10 in the league rushing when he got injured.

  10. there’s NEVER enough Washington talk. This is why PFT is my home page. Ohhhh yyyyeeeaaahhhh brother!

  11. # nfcbeast says: April 18, 2010 9:36 PM
    Talk about a three headed monster way past it’s prime….
    I can see any given defense being able to be Beowulf
    You may be right beast, but when is the last time philly had a 1500 yard rusher? Portis has shed 10-15 pounds and is ready to run in that zone blocking system. With the loss of the weight he is less susceptible to injury, and having fast Willie as an alternate to Portis, and Johnson as a 3rd down back don’t seem like bad options to me. Perphaps if fat ass Reid had gotten a better running game and hadn’t thrown 70% of the time philly finally would have found their first super bowl. Unfortunately your team is mortgaging their future on an unproven QB who is going to be put under a ton of duress and is going to show that he isn’t the QB of the future and you all should have in fact kept McNabb. Can’t wait for the season to start.
    Cheers, and HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!

  12. agree with filthymcnasty, more skins talk the better.
    and to whomever said caps suck, you probably are a pens fan. Can’t wait to see you in the playoffs again, this year will be different.

  13. The Redskins have just had a minicamp; so, there are a lot of quotes out there and nothing much else is happening. It’s the same reason why the Little Ben stories keep on going on. I am just waiting for the next, “Favre, still retired,” headline.

  14. There may be a lot of skins talk but it is far better than a recycled Fat Ben story over and over and over and over and over and over….

  15. i can’t believe that Shanny (either of them) is happy with the OTs on the roster. They need to be signing every available lineman out there to 1 year deals and saving picks for next year, not trading them away.

  16. I don’t mind all the Skins talk as a Skins fan, but seriously we could put any of those three guys in the backfield, put the other two on the offensive line, and still have a better offensive line than last year. Unless the line improves, we could have Gale Sayers, Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith in their prime, and none of them would reach 1000 yards.

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